Seashore Setting

There is a kingdom on the astral shore, which has salvage right to it. The detritus of worlds that were and never were wash up on it, changing its geography with each crash of its mighty etheral waters. The astral shore brings it tremendous trouble and tremendous wealth both.

Because it is troublesome, its court is full of strange castoffs - emissaries and nobles and traded heirs and sages and prophets and con-men and such.
Because of its riches, the happenings at this weird court are nevertheless of great interest to foreign parties.

In the Seashore playtests, characters will be members of this court. In a session, something will wash up on shore. They will deal with it. Bring characters as weird and as splendid as you feel like.
We might use the same or different characters in different tests, or I might test Seashore in different settings.
Oh well!

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