Name: Issa
Race: If-Ys
Class: Shifter
Level: 2
EXP: 0 / ???

HP: 77 / 110
MP: 58 / 65
LP: 9 / 10
Weight: 6
Drive: 12 / 14
Initiative: 1d6+6

R: Air
W: Earth


Type Name Effect Special Weight Charges & Magical Effects
Armor Backpack 2 WGT Gain +3 Item Slots. +10 Max MP.
Shield Buckler 2 WGT Reduce all incoming damage by 3. 3 blocks per battle.
Weapon Dagger 1d6+6 [M-Rush] 2 WGT Critical 20
Accessory 0 WGT
Charm 0 WGT


[1] Potion
[2] Rations (3)
[3] Rations (3)
[4] Rations (3)
[5] Rations (3)
[6] Potion

Money: 40G
Rations: 10


Steadfast: +20 Max HP / +10 Max MP.
Cunning: Whenever you activate a combo, regain +2MP


Passive Abilities

[P] New Day, New Face: After you take a Full Rest, you may change form, re-choosing any of your class, your learned abilities and your attributes, as it pleases you.

[P] Shifter's Endurance - The Shifter gains +10 Maximum HP, and +5 Maximum MP. Additionally, when not engaged in battle, the Shifter may spend LP to recover HP, which each LP spent recovering +10HP.

[P] Cloaking: Shifters specialize in finding the cracks in reality and shifting between them to gain an advantage over their adversaries. As such, many of their ability will give them a "Cloak" effect or stance to be under, which interacts with the Shifter and their abilities in a few ways. Shifters are also capable of becoming Cloaked when taking a Defend action. Like most effects, Cloak is removed at the end of the battle.

Anytime the Shifter ends a turn while Cloaked, they gain +1 Drive.

[P] Assassinate: Certain Shifter abilities, called Ambush abilities, are marked with an [A]. These techniques can only be used while the Shifter is Cloaked, and using one immediately ends the effect. Ambush attacks innately have +20 Critical, and deal +2 additional damage when scoring a critical hit. Furthermore, any time an Ambush ability is used, the Shifter may target enemies in any row regardless of their equipped weapon.

Action Abilities

[T] Basic Attack: 80CoS. Deals weapon damage. M-Weapon (Rush)

Defend: 100CoS. Until your next turn, you take -5 damage from all sources. Quicken 1. Additionally, you may Reload any equipped Firearms to their maximum ammo value.

Item: 100CoS. Use an item from your inventory. Targeting, effects and momentum vary from item to item.

[S] Mass Accumulator: 2 MP. 100CoS. Retreat and Cloak. At the start of the next round, grant yourself and an ally Short K-Power. M-Earth.
C Rush: Grant Short K-Power to a third target.
C Air: Grants a Bubble (5) to both targets, as well.

[S] Fissure: 2MP. 100CoS. Retreat and Cloak. At the start of the next round, grant a single target Short E-Power, then grant another target Short H-Power, as well. M-Fire.
C Rush: The Shifter gains Short Focus at the start of the next round, as well.
C Water: The Shifter gains Short Fire Saber at the start of the next round, as well.

[S] Time Stitch: 4MP. 100CoS. May only be used when Cloaked. Restore 1d8+12 HP to the Shifter, and the next time the Shifter uses an Assassination technique, True Heal a single target for +10HP. Additionally, any Short statuses currently on the Shifter will be reapplied at the start of the next round. The bonus is lost if not used by the end of the battle. M-Recovery.
Field: Restores 12 HP to the Shifter.
C Pin: Cleanse all negative statuses from the Shifter.
C Air: Another ally is targeted by the healing effect.

[A][T] Warp Strike: 4MP. 80CoS. Dash, then deals weapon damage +12 with +1 damage die to a single target. M-Launch.
C Pin: Restore +4MP to an ally.
C Water: Increase damage potency by the weapon's potency.

[A][T] Severance: 4MP. 80CoS. Dash, then deals supreme weapon damage with +1 damage die to a single target, and dispels all positive statuses from them. The next time that the target would be affected by a status that was dispelled by Severance, they do not gain the status. M-Pin.
C Launch: Inflicts Long Toxin to the target.
C Recovery: +6 damage potency.

Quick Abilities

[Q] Resonate: If the Shifter becomes Cloaked this round, either True Heal the Shifter for +8HP or True Heal the Shifter's allies for +5HP each.


[OD] Overdrive: War-Body: You gain Long Liberation II, Short E-Power II, Short K-Power II, and Short H-Power II. M-Recovery.

[OD] Stasis Field: 100CoS. Grant yourself or an ally a Bubble (20) and Long Stalwart. M-Recovery.

Dazed Abilities

[D] Lurk: Dazed. Become Cloaked. If already Cloaked, True Strike a single target for 4 physical damage instead.. M-Rush.

[D] No Time For A Present: Dazed. Use an Item from the Shifter's inventory.



You've mastered the known histories of the world's lost civilizations, and are tantalized by their weird mysteries and strange gaps. Whether you are a young hot-shot or a pre-eminent scholar in the field, there is simply no other option to satisfy your curiosity but to descend into ancient vaults yourself.

You have advantage on rolls to understand and employ long-lost technology and magic - including to identify items.

Through your studies, you have learned to masterfully decipher, translate, and possibly even speak one of the dead languages of the ancients, likely arcoscript.

You know the general location of all the great ruins in the world, including those believed only to be mythical.


As student or professor, you're a researching, adventuring member of one of the world's academic traditions. In addition to your mastery of academic lore and minutiae, especially in your field of study, you are connected to an international community of scholars - a network very useful to tap for knowledge, if you can handle the inherent eccentricities of the profession.

You have advantage on rolls related to the field of your study, as well as rolls related to navigating an academic context.

You know four academic experts, colleagues or mentors of yours - feel free to leave them undefined until needed. You may ask each expert a difficult question once (by letter, or in person) - you gain advantage while acting using their information. If you do a big favor for an expert, they probably owe you another good answer.

You can ask a question vaguely related to any of your studies as if you scored an automatic success on a skill check, once. Refresh this power when you spend downtime with access to academic resources, such as any well-stocked library.


Points Skill Description
3 Academics Formal learning and experimental science
1 Charm Likability and social finesse
Coercion Intimidation and leverage
Determination Stamina, endurance, and willpower
2 Insight Seeing to the heart of things, piecing things together
Lying False pretenses, disguises, forgery
Machines Understanding and subverting devices like locks
Mysticism Spirits and the protocols of the unreal
Prowess Strength and agility
Sorcery Solving a problem though magic
2 Stealth Avoiding attention, sneaking into places, detecting alarms, stealing
Streetsmart Fast talking, bribery, underworld politics
Wayfaring Survival and navigation

Character Background

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