Saga: Alida

Name: Alida Richter
Race: Driftin
Class: Agent
Level: 3
EXP: 111

HP: 115/115
MP: 40/40
LP: 10/10
Drive: 10/16 (8+weight)
Initiative: 1d6+8(weight)

R: Earth
W: Fire


Type Name Effect Special Weight Charges & Magical Effects
Armor Medium Armor Reduce incoming physical damage by 3 Gain +15 Max HP 4WGT -
Shield - - - - -
Weapon Dagger 1d8+6 Critical 20 2WGT M-Rush
Weapon Pistol 1d8+6 Ranged, Accuracy 10 2WGT 4 Ammo, M-Pin
Accessory - - - - -
Charm Shark's Charm +5 Critical - - -


[1] Undying Circuit- True Heals +15HP to the entire party. M-Recovery
[2] Paradise Dew- Restores +20MP to a single target. M-Recovery. At the start of your turn, you may use this item without expending an action - but may only target actors with 5MP or less when doing so.

Money: 55G
Rations: 4
Favors Owed:


Agile: Increase the damage die when using weapons by one size, Additionally, anytime you miss with a Technique, Scratch for 1+(Weapon's WGT/2) damage. (Or in the case of Batons, add 1 to its Scratch damage value)
Showstopper: Your Overdrives gain potency. If it's single target, +5. If it targets multiple combatants, +2 instead. Unlike most things that increase potency, this effect works on Overdrives that grant Barriers or Bubbles, too!


Passive Abilities

[P] Speed: At the start of battle after turn order is determined, you can Quicken 2 or Slow 2 yourself. Anytime you spend an LP, you can Quicken 1 or Slow 1 yourself. (Lvl 0, racial)

[P] Agent's Endurance - The Agent gains +20 Maximum HP. Additionally, when not engaged in battle, the Agent may spend LP to recover HP, with each LP spent recovering +15HP.

[P] Situation Assessment: The Agent has a special resource called Intuition - they begin each battle with 0 Intuition. Anytime the Agent takes a turn without using a [D] or [F] ability, they gain +1 Intuition. Additionally, anytime the Agent performs any kind of Overdrive, they gain +1 Intuition. Unspent Intuition is lost at the end of battles.
Whenever the Agent performs an [F] attack with a firearm, they expend all Intuition, selecting an Intuition Bonus.
This grants a special property to the ability.
They start with the two bonuses below:
- +1 Damage Die per Intuition
- The Agent recovers +3MP per Intuition.

[P] Rapid Fire: Rapid Fire grants the Agent the ability to make additional firearm attacks after executing an [M] ability with a melee weapon. Rapid Fire's activation rate is equal to 30 x (Current + 1) Intuition - result checks equal to or below that number activate Rapid Fire. When Rapid Fire activates, the Agent may perform at least one Rapid Fire attack, plus another such attack for each step of 30 that the result check is below the activation rate. (So when the rate is 60, a roll of 60 grants 1 hit, a roll of 30 grants 2 hits, a roll of 00 - say, after Lucky - grants 3 hits.) To make a Rapid Fire attack, the Agent spends 1 ammo from an equipped firearm and True Strikes a target not struck yet by this action for that firearm's potency in physical damage.

-That is to say, after attacking with an [M] ability, if you rolled equal to or less than 30 x Intuition with that attack, you can shoot a number of targets other than the main target - but no target more than once - for a physical True Strike, with damage equal to the firearm's base potency - spending 1 ammo each time.

[M] abilities inflict statuses to one target damaged by that action. Any enemy successfully damaged by that action is a valid choice for that status, including targets added by Rapid Fire.

Number Of Targets Table:
Rapid Fire 0-30 31-60 61-90 91+
0 Stacks 1 0 0 0
1 Stack 2 1 0 0
2 Stacks 3 2 1 0
3 Stacks 4 3 2 1
4 Stacks 5 4 3 2
5 Stacks 6 5 4 3

Action Abilities

[M][T] Demagic: 4MP. 80CoS. Deals weapon damage to a single target. After striking, Long E-Falter a single target you damaged. M-Rush
C Launch: +4 damage.
C Air: Suppress the hit targets by -2 Drive.

[M][T] Synth Venom: 5MP. 80CoS. Deal weapon damage to a single target. After striking, Long Toxin a single target you damaged. M-Pin
C Pin: +4 damage.
C Air: Inflicts Short K-Shatter on the hit target.

[M][T] Flicker: 5MP. 80CoS. Deal weapon damage to a single target. After striking, dispel a single status from a single target you damaged. M-Rush
C Rush: The Agent gains Long Energize.
C Water: +4 damage.

[F][T] Eliminate: 4MP. 90CoS. Deals weapon damage +2 to a single target. M-Pin
C Air: Inflict Long Shock II
C Earth: Inflict Long Curse II
C Fire: Inflict Long Exhaust II
C Water: Inflict Long Chill II

[M][T] Taser: 5MP. 80CoS. Deals weapon damage to a single target, which is air damage rather than physical. After Striking, Long Shock a single target you damage. M-Air
C Rush: +4 damage
C Earth: Inflicts Long Chill on the hit target, as well

[T] Basic Attack: 0MP. 80CoS(Dagger)/90CoS(Pistol). Generates momentum based on to the equipped weapon.

Defend: 100CoS. Until your next turn, you take -5 damage from all sources. Quicken 1. Additionally, you may Reload any equipped Firearms to their maximum ammo value.

Item: 100CoS. Use an item from your inventory. Targeting, effects and momentum vary from item to item.

Quick Abilities

[Q] Flawless: The Agent can opt to have a single CoS roll they make this round automatically roll a 30, rather than actually rolling.


[T] Spinkick: 80CoS(Dagger)/90CoS(Pistol). Deals weapon damage +5 and Slow 3s a single target. The Driftin can then Quicken 3. Scratch 6 on a miss. M-Rush
[T] Multitask: 80CoS(Dagger)/90CoS(Pistol). Deals Supreme weapon damage +5 to a single target, then instantly reloads a single firearm. For each Ammo already in the firearm before reloading, deal bonus damage depending on the type of firearm selected (+2 damage per ammo with Pistols).Scratch 6 on a miss. M-Rush

Dazed Abilities

[D] Advise: Dazed. Grants Short Lucky to a single target. M-Rush
[D] Glare: Dazed. Inflicts Short K-Falter & Short E-Falter. M-Fire


Trait 1: Free Knight- Bounty Hunter

-When you're in civilization, and you don't have a contract, you'll often be offered one: a contract is a job to go out and achieve some heroic task, and return. Pay for a day's work in the direction you were going already (one or two fights) is likely 20G. Work that takes you out of your way often pays more - about 100G - which is good, since you'll have to convince your companions it's worth doing. These rates are for monster-busting or bandit-fighting work — wartime service against the armed force of another nation usually pays about double that.

-When you complete a contract, get paid and gain a point of Respect. Spend Respect 1-for-1 to turn failed dice into automatic successes on Charm or Streetwise rolls to gather information as your reputation as a professional opens doors.

-When you encounter a monster that troubles ordinary people, you can roll Lore with advantage to ask questions about it as if you had studied it - you have a professional familiarity with it.

Trait 2: Crook

-You have advantage on rolls to commit criminal acts, desperate escapes, and get yourself into worse trouble.

-When you beg a boon from the underworld, you'll get something you badly need - hospitality and a safehouse for the night, medical treatment, vital information, or contraband items. Also, gain an Owed Favor.

-When you rest, roll 1d6 for each owed favor. For each 1, a favor will come due - you'll hear about it soon. Ignoring owed favors is unwise.

-Once per expedition per favor you currently owe, when you roll a skill check and dislike the result, you can throw one die away and then reroll the rest, taking that as the new result.


Points Skill Description
Academics Formal learning and experimental science
2 Charm Likability and social finesse
Coercion Intimidation and leverage
Determination Stamina, endurance, and willpower
Insight Seeing to the heart of things, piecing things together
2 Lying False pretenses, disguises, forgery
Machines Understanding and subverting devices like locks
Mysticism Spirits and the protocols of the unreal
Prowess Strength and agility
Sorcery Solving a problem though magic
2 Stealth Avoiding attention, sneaking into places, detecting alarms, stealing
2 Streetsmart Fast talking, bribery, underworld politics
Wayfaring Survival and navigation

Character Background

After a bounty gone bad, Alida Richter had to call in a favor. Now she finds herself at a new start of sorts in the hot and humid locale of Tierra del Cielo, a far cry from her snowy mountain home across the sea. A short Driftin with the features of a spotted, predatory cat and openly carrying both a long dagger and engraved pistol- Alida doesn't exactly blend in to her new place of business, but that seems to suit her just fine. Flashy and chatty, she is constantly looking for a way to beat the heat, find some trouble work, and to get an edge on enemies that might underestimate her.

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