NAME: Yhephestra
CLASS: Mystic
RACE: Alloci Elf
Will: +20 MP. Recover 5 MP upon winning a battle.
Insightful: +10 insight rate


HP: 40 / 40
MP: 60 / 60
LP: 10 / 10
Drive: 0 / 16
Init: 1d6+6

[W]Rifle [Pin]: 3 WGT, 5 POW - Firearm. Ammo 3. Mystic bonus has given this weapon -1 WGT and +1 Ammo.
[I]Grimoire: 2 WGT - Your spells cost -1MP.
[I]Wand: 2 WGT - Your spells gain +1 Power.

[1] x
[2] x
[3] x

[Passive] Mystic Focus, Rifle: Your Rifles have -1 WGT, and +1 Ammo.

[T] Twin Arrow: 2MP. 80CoS. Deals weapon damage -1 to two different enemies. M-Pin.
C Launch: Deal +2 damage with the attacks.
C Rush: Make an additional attack against a third target.
C Pin: Instead of attacking two different targets, attack the same target three times. Each hit embeds a unique arrow into the target.

[S] Lightning: 4MP. 100CoS. Deals 6 air damage to an enemy. Additionally, you can expend arrows in different targets to make them hit by this attack, as well. M-Air.
C Pin: Inflicts Short Shock to struck targets.
C Launch: Deal +2 Damage.

[S] Freeze: 4MP. 100CoS. Deals 6 water damage to an enemy. Additionally, you can expend arrows in different targets to make them hit by this attack, as well. M-Water.
C Fire: Inflicts Short K-Shatter to struck targets.
C Launch: Deal +2 Damage.

[S] Thorns: 4MP. 100CoS. Deals 6 earth damage to an enemy. Arrows inside the struck target can be expended to inflict an additional +3 damage per arrow. M-Earth.
C Water: Other enemies in the same row are the target are embedded with an arrow.
C Pin: Inflicts Long Disease as well.

[S] Four Blessings: 5MP. 100CoS. Grants Long E-Guard to a row of allies. M-Recovery
C Fire: Also restores 6HP to the allies.
C Recovery: Also grants Short E-Power to allies.

[S] Overdrive - Tan-y-Vull, The Foolish Boar: 100CoS. Conjures Tan-y-Vull, inflicting 6 Earth damage to all enemies. M-Earth.
C Earth: Deal +2 Damage.
C Pin: Deal +2 Damage.

[S] Overdrive - True Iron: Choose a target and remove all statuses, good and bad, from them. If target is an ally, grant them a Barrier (4). If target is an enemy, inflict Short K-Falter and E-Falter and 3 Supreme damage. M-Supreme.

[S] Y-Visitor: Dazed. 100CoS. Restores 4HP to an ally. Choose one of: M-Fire/M-Water/M-Air/M-Earth.

DESCRIPTION: Tall, onyx-skinned, with sharp features. Clothes are simply designed but magic-woven, long-sleeved and tucked into explorer's boots- they seem to stay dry and clean no matter what the hazard. Accessorizes with dried, mummified parts of Deep Ones. A university researcher who investigates the whispers at the edge of known reality.
"You don't know how disappointed I am when I interview a subject only to find they're just a regular madman and not irreversibly damaged by something that lives beyond creation."
Secretly wants to be a pirate to endlessly pursue her passion to the ends of the world while operating under relaxed ethical standards, but is suppressing that for the competition.

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