NAME: Yis-k-ly
CLASS: Magus
RACE: If-ys
Steadfast: +15 HP / +15 MP
Bravery: -2 Drive Cost


HP: 55 / 55
MP: 55 / 55
LP: 10 / 10
Drive: 0 / 12
Init: 1d6+4

[W]Pistol [Pin]: 2 WGT, 3 POW - Firearm. Ammo 4.
[I]Grimoire: 2 WGT - Your spells cost -1MP.

[1] x
[2] x
[3] x

When you cast a spell, enter its syllable into the chronicle.
When you cast a termination, eat preceding syllables from the chronicle to alter effects.
Retain your chronicle from battle to battle, but record each syllable only once.

[Passive] New Day, New Face - After resting, you may re-choose your class and your abilities, as well as your attributes.

[S] LOD: 5MP. 70CoS. Deals 6 fire damage and inflicts Long Burning. M-Fire.
C Pin: CoS is 100.

[S] AUM: 5MP. 70CoS. Deals 6 air damage and inflicts Long Shock. M-Air.
C Pin: CoS is 100.

[S] UX: 4MP. 100CoS. Remove a status from any target, enter it into the chronicle with this syllable, then restore 8MP to the Magus.
C Launch: The target takes 4 Physical damage.
C Rush: The target takes 4 Physical damage.
C Pin: The target takes 4 Physical damage.
C Water: Instead of removing the status, pick one: It's a Long status now, or upgrade it to II. (Enter the non-upgraded version into the Chronicle.)
C Recovery: The Magus recovers 7HP.

[S] FOEN: 5MP. 100CoS. Restores 7HP to an ally. Then Magus then gains E-Power II. The next time the Magus inflicts Elemental damage, dispel that E-Power. M-Recovery.
C Fire: Also Long Energize the ally.

[S] IX: 4MP. 100 Cos. Termination. Deals 6 physical to an enemy. IX gains bonuses while expending syllables from other used spells. Pick a single syllable to stress, if any available syllables grant a Stress entry. M-Rush.
lod: Deals +1 Damage. Stress: Change damage and momentum generated to fire.
aum: Deals +1 Damage. Stress: Change damage and momentum generated to air.
ux: Expend a status from chronicle: add that status.
foen: Deals +1 damage. Stress: Change all damage into HP healing, and change the momentum to M-Recovery.
nix: Deals +1 damage for each status on the target.

[S] Overdrive - NIX: 100 CoS. Deals 6 Supreme damage to an enemy. Deals +1 damage for each status on the target. M-Supreme.
C Launch: Deals an additional +2 damage for each status on the target, rather than +1.

[S] Overdrive - War-Body: Regain 10 HP, 10 MP, and gain any Short Status II you wish. M-Recovery.

[S] VOSS: Dazed.Termination. Long Disease an enemy. VOSS makes additional attacks while expending syllables from other used spells. Additional attacks can freely target anyone, have 30CoS, and syllables are not expended on a miss. M-Water.
lod: Long Burning.
aum: Long Shock.
ux: Long version of the status in the chronicle
foen: Long H-Power II.
nix: Long Curse II.

DESCRIPTION: Barely draped in a lavender and pink kimono, long luxurious tail casually swishing behind, cute smile behind long locks of hair, Yis-k-ly takes things at their own pace. Casually wields destructive magics as pyrotechnics in stage plays. A hard worker in bursts, then they get bored and fall off quickly. Not romantically interested in anyone, despite appearances.
"We can get this done in three- no, two rests, right?"
Secretly wants to be a pirate, in order for it to be socially acceptable for them to cheat and steal while having some semblance of structure in their life, but is suppressing that for the competition.

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