Seed 3 Nimun

Name: Nimun Patchiran
Class: Maverick
Race: Driftin
Agile: +5 Acc, deal 1 Supreme damage when you miss
Vigor: Heal 10 when defending; C-Any to heal 10 more (1/battle)
Resistance: Fire
Weakness: Air

HP: 45/45
MP: 40/40
LP: 10/10
Drive: 0/16
Initiative: 1d6+6

Weapon: Sword (+5 Acc, those that combo off your momentum get +1 Potency) (2 WGT, 4 POW)
Weapon: Pistol (2 WGT, 3 POW, 4 Ammo)
Armor: Light Armor (2 WGT, +5 Max HP, +1 Armor)

Item: -
Item: -
Item: -

P - Speed - At the start of battle after init is determined, you can Quicken 2 or Slow 2 yourself. Anytime you spend an LP, you can Quicken 1 or Slow 1 yourself.
OD - Spinkick - [T] Strike a target with your weapon. Deals normal damage and Slow 4s the target. You then gain 4 Drive. Momentum is based on the weapon's.

[T] One, Two: 2MP. 80CoS. Deal weapon damage to an enemy, and grant an ally Short K-Power. M-Rush.
C Supreme: Long K-Power, rather than Short.
C Fire: Instead, grant a row Short K-Power.
C Rush: Grants Short K-Power II, instead.

[T] Quick Hit: 2MP. 80CoS. Deal weapon damage to an enemy, then Quicken 1 an ally. M-Rush.
C Rush: Quicken 4, instead.
C Launch: Deal +3 Damage, then Retreat.

[T] Short Fuse: 4MP. 80CoS. Dash, then deal weapon damage to an enemy and Short Taunt it. If it's suffered damage from Taunt by your next turn, gain Short Power II before acting. M-Launch.
C Pin: Long Taunt, rather than Short.
C Air: The Maverick gains Short Lucky.
C Rush: Choose a target - an ability they've already comboed with regains the ability to combo again.

[T] Alms Taking: 3MP. 80CoS. Deal weapon damage to an enemy, and dispel a status on the target. M-Rush.
C Fire: The Maverick gains a Short version of the status they dispelled at the start of the next round.
C Water: The Maverick recovers 10HP.
C Rush: Pick an ally and cleanse a status.

[T] Shredder: 4MP. 80CoS. Deals weapon damage to an enemy. If it hasn't acted yet, deal +2 damage. This attack can combo off of multiple momentum at once. M-Pin.
C Any: Consume any number of momentum tags for +1 damage each.

[T] Overdrive: The World Cries Out!!: 80CoS. Quicken 4 the Maverick, then deal weapon damage to an enemy. This attack can combo off of multiple momentum at once, creating additional hits. Additional hits are C70 each. M-Rush.
C Rush: 3 Physical damage.
C Launch: 3 Physical damage.
C Pin: 3 Physical damage.
C Fire: 2 Fire damage + Short Burning.
C Water: 2 Water damage + Short Chill.
C Air: 2 Air damage + Short Shock.
C Earth: 2 Earth damage + Short Shatter.
C Recovery: 3 Supreme damage.
C Supreme: 3 Supreme damage.

[S] Hey, Ugly!: Dazed. 100CoS. Slow 1 an enemy. If enemy is at the bottom of the initiative list, it takes 2 Supreme damage. M-Pin.

A feline Driftin with slightly toned skin, shining light-golden hair, and caramel-colored ears and tail that are blackened at the tips. Usually clad in red-and-brown traveling clothes, over which is donned a well-worn vest of scales. (The chipped and flaking dye and paint would seem to imply a long series of adventures and drama.) Nimun is actually one of the Mithra hailing from the distant realm of Vaire; she had tumbled into the ruined lands of Aeg'lys about a month prior to the competition, due to a dimensional mishap she had experienced while exploring a grumpily-awakened ruin with her fiance. Though short-tempered and irritable regarding the incident, she is not wholly separated, as a strange, bracelet-like device at her wrist allows for two-way communication… though not travel. At least not yet. Having naught else to do, she decides to join the competition in the hope that she finds some way out of this mess. And if not? Well, it's a living.

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