RACE: Maxwellian
Will: +20 MP. Recover 5 MP upon winning a battle.
Vigor: Heal 10 when defending. Once per battle, C-Any to Heal +10 more when using any ability. (Doing this before you've combod with the ability in question doesn't prevent it from comboing normally later)

WEAK: Fire

HP: 55 / 55
MP: 60 / 60
LP: 10 / 10
Drive: 0 / 48 (Threshold: 24)
Init: 1d6+14

[W]Spear [Pin]: 3 WGT, 5 POW - Against targets with a turn marker above yours, deal an additional +1 damage. Two-handed.
[W]Rifle [Pin]: 4 WGT, 5 POW - Firearm. Ammo 2.
[I]Magic Gauntlets: 1 WGT. +10 Insight Range
[A]Heavy Plate: 6 WGT, +15 Max HP, 3 Armor

[1] x
[2] x
[3] x

[Passive] Reserve Power - Activate Drive at will instead of automatically. Can stock Drive equal to twice the size of your ordinary gauge.

[T] Demonstrate: 3MP. 80CoS. Deal weapon damage to an enemy, then the Sage gains Long H-Power. M-Rush.
C Recovery: Deal +2 Damage.
C Air: The Sage gains a Barrier (3) as well.

[T] Conjuration: 3MP. 80CoS. Deal weapon damage to an enemy, and the next spell the Sage casts hits an additional target. M-Rush.
C Water: Change the damage from Physical to Water. Additionally, choose another target and Pull them.
C Air: The Sage also gains Long Focus.
C Supreme: Rather than gaining +1 target, the Sage's next spell targets an entire row!

[S] Chorus: 4MP. 100CoS. Deals 5 fire damage, and inflicts Short E-Shatter. M-Fire.
C Fire: Inflicts Short E-Shatter II, instead.
C Launch: Deals +2 Damage.

[S] Acclaim: 5MP. 100CoS. Restores 7HP to an ally, and grants Short K-Power. If the target is defending, grants Long K-Power instead. M-Recovery.
C Launch: Additionally restores 4HP to the entire group.
C Rush: Also gives +2 Drive to the ally.

[S] Solace: 5MP. 100CoS. Restores 7HP to an ally, and grant a Barrier (4). If the target is defending, restores 12HP instead. M-Recovery.
C Earth: Restores an additional +7HP.
C Rush: Also gives +2 Drive to the ally.

[S] Overdrive - Separation Of Night and Day: 100CoS. Inflict 5 Water damage to one target in each enemy row, and Long Chill them. Then, restore 5HP one target in each ally row, and Long Energize them. This abilities generates two types of momentum as once, and requires two momentum to activate its combos. M-Recovery and M-Ice.
C Recovery&Water Together: Two targets in each row, rather than one.
C Fire&Pin Together: Deals +4 damage, and +4 HP restoration.

[S] Overdrive - Missile Barrage: Deal 6 Supreme damage to all enemies. M-Supreme.

[S] Advise: Dazed. 100 CoS. Grants an ally +1 Drive and Short K-Power and E-Power. M-Rush

DESCRIPTION: A shimmering green metallic hull lands with a heavy whump- the arrowlike 3NY4 is here to help! She's layered with white armored plates and is outfitted with some of the heaviest weaponry. Demonstrates and sells weapon systems to customers large and small, while also coordinating supply-chains and inventory hassles. She really needs a secretary…
"Best tools for the biggest jobs!"
Secretly wants to be a pirate, to escape the mounting stress of the business while still working with weapons, but is suppressing that for the competition.

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