S Expeditions


When you rest in a place of warmth and safety, like an Inn, that's a full rest. You also full rest when you rest after receiving Hospitality - being treated as a guest and given room and board. You also Full Rest when you stay at your actual home, though, you might need to buy dinner. When you full rest with hospitality or in an inn, it's assumed you have the opportunity to wash up, mingle a little, take some time out for yourself, et-cetera.

When you fully rest, you completely fill your HP, MP, and LP. Conditions that don't need special treatment often end. Even after resting, your Drive gauge stays what it was.
When you full rest, you can change which Active Abilities you have equipped to your Active Slots.
When a Dantali Elf character fully rests, they can modify their abilities using their Wizardry ability.
When an If-Ys character fully rests, they can modify everything about themselves using their New Day, New Face ability.


In the wild and dangerous places of the world, shrines with round, stone statues of wandering monks may be found. In the chambers and corners they occupy, a faint glowing light can be seen to those attuned to magic, and a feeling of peace and safety emanates. These places are Sanctuaries.

Monsters that enter Sanctuaries don't attack people. In fact, intelligent monsters might choose to discuss matters with the party, chat about their day, or even offer a trade. If you attack a monster inside a sanctuary, the sanctuary is destroyed.

If you leave 20G as an offering at a sanctuary shrine and rest there, you receive the benefits of a Full Rest. If you don't make an offering, instead make a Determination check when you rest, regaining 5HP and 2MP per success.

Sanctuaries also have Shrines inside of them, allowing the PCs to recharge their magical gear and charms after resting for the appropriate costs. (3G for Charms, 2G per charge for other gear)

When you rest inside a sanctuary, become Hungry (10) if you haven't eaten that day. If you're already Hungry, add +10 to its value. Or you know, eat a ration.


Sometimes you'll be traveling long distances, with no sanctuary in sight. When you get tired and weary, make camp! Camping isn't a full rest, but it provides a little bit of HP and MP to keep you going. When you make camp, make a Survival check. For each success, select an option:
- The night passes uneventfully
- No one suffers from the weather (if any)
- Everyone recovers +10HP.
- Everyone recovers +10HP.
- Everyone recovers +4MP.
- Everyone recovers +4MP.

When you rest in camp, if you haven't eaten that day, become Hungry (10). If you're already Hungry, add +10 to its value. Or eat a ration!

If you're not assisting in camping, you can go hunting and foraging while camp is made.


When you hunt game or forage for food while someone else makes camp, make a Survival check. For each success, select one of the options below, with options repeatable:
- You don't run into trouble
- Your hunting gathers food (lush areas are 3 units, wastelands are 1, most areas are 2)
- You gather some trade goods (worth 2d6+10 gold when you bring them to a shop, one item slot. generally horns / hides.)
- Also, you scouted the area

Food from hunting is generally perishable. You may be able to pack some as rations if you're very successful, but don't expect it to last more than a few days.



Knowledge of the land is key to successful travel. When you travel off main routes, the leader must make a Navigation check to avoid hazards and keep the path.
Depending on the type of region you're traveling through, foraging might be easier.

Lush Regions

Forests, jungles, beaches, swamps
Foraging: 3 food per success.
Hazards: Poisonous pests, toxic plants, evil spirits

Ordinary Regions

Plains, Mountains, Oceans
Foraging: 2 food per success.
Hazards: Sudden shifts in the weather, beasts, bandits

Wasteland Regions

Deserts, snowfields, junkyards, ancient battlefields.
Foraging: 1 food per success.
Hazards: Shifting terrain, terrible enemies, being lost forever


When you set out, make a Navigation check to read the weather. For each success, learn the weather for one coming day. Weather can either be ordinary or special - special weather has the effects listed below. If you take precautions against the weather (sufficient supplies, appropriate garb, etc), you can often ignore or reduce its effects.


When a powerful elemental devil is present in a region, it controls the weather - the weather-reading will come up showing an unchanging weather pattern! As long as the devil continues to exercise its power, the weather will not change. It is also dimly aware of trespassers in its territory, and can choose to worsen the weather to its 'devil' strength at any time. Be extremely cautious.


Travel during the day Wearies you. Consume an additional ration per day - stay hydrated.
Devil: Exposure to Sunlight for more than an hour Sickens you. Consume a third ration per day.


All skill checks have an additional success option "The rain doesn't soak anything." Anyone who gets soaked is Wearied. Items that get soaked are damaged.
Devil: Flooding is widespread, blocking passage. The success option is "The rain washes nothing and no one away." If someone is in flood-water and is missing any HP, they become Sickened.


Travel off of main paths Wearies you. If you fall into the snow, you're Wounded (10) until you warm up in front of a fire.
Devil: Exposure to snow for more than an hour Wounds (10) until you warm up in front of a fire.


When you pass through a body of water, somewhere high up, or over open ground, roll 2d6. On a 2, take 50 Air damage. Only one person will be struck by lightning per day.
Devil: Roll 1d6 to check for lightning strikes instead, being struck on a 1. The lightning can strike more than one person in your party per day.


If you are not in safety, a tornado will destroy everything in its path. Tornadoes are a rare and fearsome disaster, only found in certain parts of the world.
Devil: It can turn.

Certain devils may even be able to create bizarre, magical weather. Be wary!

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