S Traits


"This is where I come from", knowledge skills and situational bonuses
Background traits are probably a grab-bag — lots of handy things, especially in your element.

Di - A power that grants +DICE IN SITUATIONS.
Mo - Lets you use MONSTER KNOWLEDGE as a quick action, to scan all enemies that meet the criteria, revealing their weaknesses!
Qu - A quick ability!
Sp - A special ability or rule!
Fa - A fate. (Are there rules about satisfying a fate…?)


At home in the wilderness.
Di - +1 die to camping, hunting, and dealing with any hazard presented by a natural obstacle - including natural beasts.
Mo - Animals and plants - natural foes.
Sp - When foraging, you gain an additional success option: 'Cure a condition'.


Buying and selling and the dusty trail.
Di - +1 die per 100G spent specifically on the task, up to +3. (This includes any money spent specifically for the purpose, and doubles up if you bought a tool!)
Sp - When in an area, you can often purchase 'Trade Goods' - these items are often perishable, breakable, or difficult to carry in some way, and take up an item slot. Trade Goods offer you a profit if you can bring them to a distant town and sell them. You'll know how much money you stand to make before making the purchase.
For a 15G Trade Good, you'll make +1d6 profit. For a 30G Trade Good, you'll make +2d8 profit. And for a 50G Trade Good, you'll make +3d10 profit.
Sp - You can sell any item at 90% of its purchase value, instead of 50%.

Old Hand

A veteran adventurer, with danger sense and the odd trophy.
Sp - You start the game with a non-Haunted magic weapon. (Consult the chart below.)
Sp - When someone makes a mistake, retroactively warn them — They can choose to have acted differently. Until you tell the story of a similar peril in your past, you can't use this power again.
Fa - You'll meet three old friends in your adventure. One became what you feared, another what you dreamed, and the last became the same as you.

Pick one of the following: Light 1H weapon, Heavy 1H weapon, 2H weapon, Firearm, Implement.
Roll 1d4 1 2 3 4
Light 1H Staff Dagger Baton Flail
Heavy 1H Sword Spear Axe Mace
2H Greataxe Greatsword Hammer Your Pick
Firearm Pistol Shotgun Rifle Your Pick
Implement Wand Grimoire Orb Your Pick
Then figure out what it does:
Roll 1d8 Effect
1 Deals +2 damage, and Dash or Retreat as part of the attack.
2 Recover HP equal to half of the amount of damage dealt.
3 Double the effects of LP spent on this attack.
4 Activate when defeating an enemy with this weapon. It deals +1 die damage for the rest of the battle.
5 True Strike a second target in the opposite row for 8 water damage.
6 True Strike an additional target in each row for 5 fire damage.
7 True Strike a second in the same row for 8 air damage.
8 True Strike the same target for 5 earth damage.

And finally roll 2d4-3. This is the number of charges the weapon has, with a minimum of 1 possible.

Free Knight

A hired arm, but a respected one.
Sp - When you ask around in a town, you'll often be offered a contract - often killing monsters. Payment's never in advance. When you complete it, gain a Knight point. And the pay.
Sp - Spend a Knight point to meet another Free Knight in the area - they're good for swapping tips about local monsters and hazards.
Mo - Legendary monsters, especially dragons.


Underworld connections and difficult favors
Di - +1 die to criminal acts and desperate escapes per Owed Favor.
Sp - Gain an Owed Favor to beg a boon from the underworld: They'll give you hospitality (and a safehouse!) for the night, or medical treatment, or a valuable Contraband item, whatever you painfully need.
Sp - When you rest, roll 1d6 per owed favor. For each 1, a favor will come due - you'll hear about it soon.
Fa - Ignoring owed favors is unwise.
Mo - People that don't have formal combat training, including most magicians.


Scars from a lost cause. Choose an enemy.
Di - +1 die when attacking your enemy.
Sp - When you arrive in enemy territory, you can contact the local cell. They'll give you reports of recent enemy activity.
Sp - When one of your allies deals a satisfying blow to your enemy's long-term plans, grant them the Iron-Heart[30] condition, increasing their max HP by 30.
Mo - Forces of your enemy.


Fresh out of irons.
Di - When the alternative is getting arrested again, gain +2 dice.
Sp - Generate your character with half the money.
Sp - When you fully rest in relative comfort, restore your LP to 2 more than its maximum.
Sp - Immunity to Weary and Distracted.


Send reports, get favors. And gadgets. The GM chooses an agency you secretly work for.
Di - When performing a mission for your agency, +1 die.
Sp - When you file a report on your actions to the agency, receive a Support point, and possibly, a mission. Don't file reports when you have an outstanding mission.
Sp - Spend a Support point to gain a useful gadget or tool… agency's choice.
Sp - When you're in trouble, spend a Support point - someone nearby is secretly an agent!


Street-cunning, the cracks of society, forgotten places.
Di - +1 die to actions in slums, or when dealing with the dregs of society.
Fa - Authority hates you.
Sp - When you have the opportunity to root around, find a Forgotten Place. The amenities are poor, but it's a safe-house, of sorts.
Sp - When you spend a night sniffing about, learn anything any servant in the city knows about a topic of interest.
Sp - Find a Secret Entrance to anywhere in a city. What it takes to get in there is up to the GM… but it's better than going in the front.


Things which don't belong to you.
Di - +1 dice to subterfuge, sneakery, lying, and hustling when your eyes are on the prize.
Fa - Opportunities to resolve problems by breaking into places and stealing things will present themselves, when possible.
Q - Steal: Target an enemy with an active ability that is based around using an item or gadget. (Firing a flamethrower, throwing a grenade, drinking a potion.) You steal that ability and can use it, once, using the exact same numbers as they do. That enemy cannot use that ability. When you steal an ability while you still have an ability, discard the old one.


Set spirits to peace.
Di - When a non-PC spirit is present, gain +1 die to all rolls, even if it's friendly.
Sp - Using something belonging to an entity, you can construct a spell-boundary — when that entity crosses the boundary, you'll be warned.
Sp - You can perform a ritual to conjure a spirit representing a curse, fate, or natural phenomena. This allows you to bargain with, or fight, abstract concepts.
Sp - …Specifically, you can conjure a spirit representing an ally's bad Condition. It'll appear in the next fight. If you defeat it, the condition is cured. (Link to an example curse-spirit if the GM doesn't have one ready.)
Mo - Spirits, ghosts, and elemental devils.


Solves problems with thaumaturgy.
You know three unique magic arts, in addition to your sorcery:
Sp - When you focus and draw a magic circle freehand, you can invoke PORTO (20 MP). Porto creates a magic portal either directly through the object, or to the nearest circle you've drawn on an identical surface.
Sp - When you fold a letter into a dart and describe the recipient, you can invoke EPISTOLO (10 MP). Epistolo turns your letter into a dart of light that travels overland in the thrown direction until it passes within sight of the target, at which point it veers off course to appear before them.
Sp - When you run your hand over an object, you can invoke CANTATA (20 MP), binding a nearby elemental devil into the object. When you free the devil, it will describe everyone who used the object since you bound it.
Mo - Beings created through magic.


A thick academic background.
Di - +3 Dice to anything you've spent Study on, or sent a letter to an Expert about.
Sp - You know four Academic Experts, of different fields, friends of yours. You can ask them about topics within their purview, by meeting or by letter.
Sp - You begin the game with a point of Study, and gain another whenever you rest with access to a large library. Spend Study to instantly ask a question as if you performed a skill check.
Mo - Spend Study: All monsters on the field.


A sacred emissary, often a holy maiden. Talk to your GM about your Holy Task.
Di - +2 dice to all actions on Holy Ground.
Sp - As long as you remain politically neutral, you're untouchable by mortal authority while carrying out your Holy Task.
Sp - When you preside over a burial or wedding, enter High Tide.
Mo - Entities related to your holy duty.


Etiquette, the necessary introductions, and embassy support. Maintain a Black Book - a list of relevant characters.
Sp - Whenever you travel to a new nation, you receive free hospitality. (Once per nation.) You'll be staying in an embassy, or with the local power.
Sp - When you describe the relationship between two characters in your Black Book, the GM will mark it's more or less correct.
Sp - When something happens, or is about to happen, you can spend 1 LP to inquire about how it will affect the relationship between two characters in your Book. (Refund this once per expedition if the answer is "It won't.")


You're invested with the power of some large, respected organization - a kingdom, a corporation, a university, something like that. You might be more of a figurehead or scion than the ruling power - I mean, you're free enough to adventuring, at least.
Sp - You have one or two Retainers, trusted servants that you can delegate tasks to. Their quality is supernal.
Sp - You have a Seat of Power, a physical place. You get free hospitality and sanctuary use while there. Additionally, consumables that you buy there have their cost halved. (Don't combine this with Trader to make infinite money.)


You're a famous performer - often a musician or an actor.
Di - When you're near fans of your work that aren't in the party, +1 die.
Sp - Three times per game, when you put on a performance, it brings on almost mystical serenity and peace.
Fa - Lots of people where you're from will be big fans! So will be a loathsome enemy. So will be a group that you weren't expecting to have heard of you at all.


You've forgotten yourself. Memories surge just out of sight, like water under a dock.
Di - +2 to any task. (But you owe a Flashback.)
Mo - Any monster. (But you owe a Flashback.)
Sp - Whenever you use an Amnesia ability, you need to work out with your GM - why did you know that? What memory was it tapping into?
Sp - When you discover your past, swap out this trait. You and your party gain 50 EXP.

Shouldn't Be Alive

You're the only survivor of a disaster. In fact, you've already been declared dead.
Di - +2 dice when a disaster is imminent.
Sp - Once each, you can do impossible things when up to one other person is around:
- A feat of impossible strength, lifting something you have no right to lift,
- A feat of impossible speed and agility, reaching someplace you have no right to reach,
- A feat of impossible prescience, being prepared for something you couldn't possibly have suspected.
Mo - The undead, and any monsters related to the disaster.
Sp - When you settle what caused the disaster you were in, swap out this trait. You and your party gain 50 EXP.

Out of Place

You're from a distant, distant land.
Sp - When you audaciously defy the ordinary way of the world, gain Blessed (Lucky) until things calm down.
Sp - When you return to your homeland, enter High Tide.
Sp - It's okay if you don't read any of the setting information.
Mo - Others from the same place as you.


Talent traits are generally focused around one or two really good powers. Some talents provide special options for skill checks - these options are better than the deal you would get doing it without the trait.


Sp: When you make a shot against a distant, unaware enemy with a rifle, make an Agility check. Spend successes:
- 15 Physical damage to the target (up to 3 times)
- Those other than the target don't see where the shot came from.
Rifles are loud.

From the Shadows

Sp: When you're hidden and someone is in sight within leaping distance, you can ambush them, making a Stealth check. Spend successes:
- They're taken out before they can call for help.
- The uniform will fit you.
- They're carrying a small, useful item - like orders, or a key.
- A nearby friend takes out a witness in the same way.


Through an implanted device or otherwise, you run on magical energy. Choose Fire, Water, Air, or Earth. You have to follow certain requirements.
Sp - You have a Performance number, based on the number of Performance Requirements you meet.
When your Performance is 3, you're Blessed (Focus). When your Performance is 0, you're Hexed (Exhaust).
Sp - You can absorb vast quantities of your element to restore MP. When you:
Fire: Drain the magic from something,
Water: Immerse yourself in liquid and boil it off,
Air: Tap into a vast amount of electricity,
Earth: Drain life from something,
Refill your MP by half.
When you've done this recently, you meet a Performance Requirement.
Sp - You can purchase Parts for your device for 25G. You can use them as a Quick ability - when you do so, you gain Absorb (Your Element).
When you've done this recently, you meet a Performance Requirement.
Sp - You must avoid certain conditions:
Fire: Extreme cold.
Water: Extreme heat.
Air: Immersion in water.
Earth: Passing over salt.
As long as you do so, you meet your third Performance requirement.


You've taken extreme precautions to resist magic.
Sp - You're immune to the Hex condition, and all magical mental influence. You see through illusions. You cannot taste food, and have no sense of smell.
Sp - Whenever you touch a Dantali (including with weapon, or through gloves), your touch burns: additionally True Strike them for 1 Supreme damage.


Unless your allies have said otherwise, they're probably following your lead.
Sp: When you're the one to move on - moving deeper into a passage, or leaving a place, gain a Lead point. Be ready to track them — you'll get a lot of them!
Sp: Whenever you're nearby, you can spend a Lead point to treat a single roll of 4 as a success on an ally's skill check.
Sp: When you ask someone to lead a party - whether yours or another, if you split up - You can hand any number of your Lead points off to them. They can spend them like you.


Sp: When your allies help you scout a situation, Spend 1 LP or 1 Plan Point: Choose three allies. Each of them learns one of the three biggest obstacles or complications facing you.
Sp: When you form a plan when things are calm, choose an ally as a lynchpin — the one who needs to pull through, or your plan will fail. While carrying out the plan, they gain +1 die to all skill rolls. If they succeed, gain a Plan point. If they fail, they enter High Tide.
Q: Comes Together - Spend a Plan point. Target ally chooses and combo refreshes an ability.


Sc: You're good at improvising — moving with speed and daring when the chips are down and things are getting messy.
Sp: In a rollicking action scene, gain +1 die to all actions — that is, as long as you're constantly moving, and the scenery is kind of chaotic and shifting, you're better at everything.
Q: Stunt - When you attempt a trick or tactic with your action this turn, if it's the sort of thing that could work, it has a guaranteed effect. GM picks:
One of the enemy's abilities is destroyed or altered to be made worse for it, OR The enemy loses 20 HP (as Supreme damage) OR It receives a Status II, or a Long Status. Stunt fails if the attempted trick or tactic is ineffective. (Any character can attempt to try tricks, of course, but Stunt guarantees that they carry mechanical weight.)


You're a trained doctor of some sort - a mystic healer, or a battlefield medic, or a brilliant physician. When you have your tools of the trade, you can easily diagnose illnesses and recommend treatments.
Sp: When you administer a healing item to someone after some inspection and dressing of their wounds, you can also cure their Condition.
Sp: When you set up camp, you can select a single ally to give a check-up to, and restore 5HP to them.


Sc: You might not be the top of your field, but there's something about you - a calm in your voice, a bit of steel in your gaze - that surprises and unnerves those around you, now and then. And demands their respect.
Sp: When you can't let yourself fail at something, spend 0 LP, automatically score two successes on a skill check and enter the Tapped Out mood, zeroing all Drive gain. Until you full rest, increase the LP cost of this ability by 1.


Death is something that happens to other people.
Sp - You cannot die. If you are ever separated from the party in perilous circumstances, you will eventually return to them, no worse for wear. Even being buried 10,000 miles beneath the earth or confined to another dimension can't stop you.
Sp - Outside of battle, you can spend 1LP to recover 8HP.
Sp - Once, when the entire party is dazed, instantly defeat all enemies.

People Reader

You read people like slightly difficult to read books.
Sp - When you tell the GM your first impression of someone, they'll give you a small hint, nudging you in the right direction, foreshadowing their deal. When your first impression is exactly correct, gain Iron-Heart [10], or increase your existing Iron-Heart by 10.

Wild Card

Why do things never go smooth?
Sp - When you perform a skill check, you can make a Wild Card roll, counting 1s and 2s as successes in addition to 4s and 5s. However, for each 1 and 2, choose one:
- Something breaks
- Someone's ticked off
- It draws way more attention than you wanted,
- There's an unpleasant surprise

Disappearing Act

You've got places to be. Wait, no. Places to not be. That's better.
Sp - You can spend 1 LP to vanish from a scene. For each ally you wish to bring with you, spend an additional LP. This isn't teleportation, but you can't be followed, either.

Knows a Guy

Your long career has given you a first-name basis with a large variety of skilled professionals.
Sp - When the party needs outside help, you know a guy. Make a Street-Smart check, and spend successes:
- They're reliable.
- There's no bad blood between you.
- They won't need you to do a favor.
- They're easy to find.


Q - Overdrive Read: The GM describes the target's Overdrive to you.


"I want this stuff to happen to me", flags a theme or destiny
Fates play with your Condition or give you benefits when certain things happen. But mostly, they're a way of making a powerful request to the GM!

Double Life

You're tied to someone a lot like you - doppelgänger, or secret identity, or long-lost twin. Let's call them your Double.
Sp - You can play as your Double! You can use your normal character sheet, or a new one.
Sp - Whenever you enter a new circle, you will either be mistaken for your Double, or taken as yourself. The two reputations are separate. Spend 1 LP to swap which reputation you're using. (Through disguise, news reports saying it's actually your double, a string of coincidences…)
Sp - When your double and you are in the same place at the same time, in public, undisguised, swap this trait out. …Unless you don't.

Thorn in the Side

You ruin the day of the powerful. They take it personally.
Sp - When you strike a blow against the plans of the enemy, spend 1 LP and cut to them cursing your name. Enter High Tide.
Sp - When you do something to infuriate someone who has cursed your name, they're Hexed (K or E Shatter II, your choice) until they do something to get back at you. That's right. Inflicting Conditions against NPCs.


You're fated to accrue love interests who aren't in your best interest.
Fa - You're cursed to gain the affections of love interests who would normally be appealing to you, but are somehow massively troublesome with respect to what you actually want to do. (They're associated with the enemy, they want you to settle down, they want you to switch sides, they're spies…)
Sp - When you settle matters with a love interest in a way that provides closure for the both of you, you both enter High Tide. Also, you tend to get one last gift or favor.


You're in constant competition with someone outside the party. You probably respect one another, but…
Sp - When your rival's on the scene, enter High Tide.
Sp - Whenever you mingle in a city and gather information, you'll get an update on your Rival.
Fa - Three times, your rival will utterly beat you to the punch and outplay you, unless you brilliantly outwit them. But like, don't count on it.

Divine Blessing

You have a special connection to a higher power - it watches over you, and guides your fate.
Sp - When you're Dazed, and you can't give up, pray for a blessing. You may recover to full HP, MP, and Drive.
Sp - At any time, when you hope with all your heart, pray for a blessing. You might get one.
Sp - If you turn your back on your higher power, swap this trait out. Gain a powerful magic weapon.

Chosen One

From long before you realized your destiny, things have been set in motion to bring you onto this quest.
Fa - Ancient sages and unearthly powers will recognize you and tell you what you need to do. They will not explain matters to your satisfaction.
Sp - Four times, treasure you find will be Meant For You: When you do, you can tell the GM what it does, and identify it. You'll be more or less right.
Q - Fate is Mine: When in a fated battle, everyone equipping a treasure that was Meant For You gains +5 drive, per equipped treasure.


"This is what I'm chasing after"
Goals give you something long-term to work towards, rewarding you for incremental steps, and paying out big in the endgame.

Fortune Seeker

Money makes the world go round.
Sp - When you enter a dangerous place, you learn the count of how many caches of treasure are inside it. If the answer is 0, sigh: One of your allies enters High Tide.
Sp - When you spend 1000 G on something that's not useful to your adventure, gain an additional attribute. Do this no more than 5 times. (Inflate this cost as necessary so that it's an absurd reach)

Impossible Quest

You keep getting saddled with legendary quests. Either because you can't let legends lie, or people keep making you do them.
Sp - When you set out on a legendary task, you can declare it an Impossible Request. It'll tend to live up to the name. When you return and tell others of what you've done, you'll receive hospitality (and admiration.)
Sp - After completing seven impossible requests, receive a great boon in your social status. Also, instantly learn any ability from your Class. If it's an Active ability, gain an additional Active slot.

Do Right What is Wrong

You can't leave injustice lie.
Sp - Whenever you enter a new place, you'll quickly learn what is unjust there. If you set it right, the place gains the Fire Inside - it'll be guaranteed to be doing more or less better when you get back.
Sp - Once, everyone you've helped shows up to help you, or at least, wish you luck. Each entity will provide, in order if they can, material assistance, a gift of treasure, or a point of Good Wishes. Each point of Good Wishes grants a Blessing (Any I status that isn't Liberation or Absorb) to an ally. Two points for Liberation or Absorb. One point to upgrade a Blessing to II.


You maintain an encyclopedia. Describe regions you visit, monsters you encounter, magical phenomena you study, and people you meet in it.
Sp - When you write an entry in your encyclopedia, if you cover the important information, the GM fills in deeper secrets, provided through correspondence with a community following your work, deeper study, or a sudden flash of insight.
Sp - Twice per game, publish your Encyclopedia, make no further entries. It becomes a magical Grimoire. It grants an additional potency bonus equal to the number of complete entries in your Encyclopedia divided by 10. It also has the power to Short Shock II a target with a complete entry in your Encyclopedia, with 3 charges.


You're working on an amazing, world-shaking work: An invention, a play, a magic creation. When you complete it, it'll ripple across the world!
Sp - When you meet someone who can assist you in your work, invite them onto your team and give them the Fire Inside - They're inspired, energized, and protected from disaster.
Sp - You can declare up to three places important to completing your work — a workshop, a place of inspiration or resource-gathering, and a staging site. These places, too, gain the Fire Inside!
Di - When you make a skill check necessary to complete your Master-Work, gain an additional die for each place and person that you involve that you've granted the Fire to.
Sp - When you complete your Master-Work, change the world.

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