S Trait Draft

A background…
…Represents who you are, where you've been, what you know
…Gives you several small bonuses, making you more effective in situations that line up with your background
…Make you feel cool when your themes and areas of the setting come up

Ranger - At home in the wilderness
Trader - Buying and selling and the dusty trail.
Old Hand - A veteran adventurer, with danger sense and the odd trophy.
Free Knight - A hired arm, but a respected one.

Crook - Underworld connections and difficult favors
Rebel - Scars from a lost cause
Prisoner - Fresh out of irons.
Spy - Send reports, get favors. And gadgets.
Rat - Street-cunning, the cracks of society, forgotten places.

Exorcist - Set spirits to peace
Wizard - Solves problems with thaumaturgy
Scholar - A thick academic background.
Sanctified - A sacred emissary, often a holy maiden.

Diplomat - Etiquette, the necessary introductions, and embassy support.
Blueblood - Institutional respect and power. And the help!

Amnesia - ?
Shouldn't Be Alive - By all rights, you should be dead. But…
Formulated - Your origins were an experiment.
Out of Place - More foreign than most foreigners.

A talent…
…Gives you a single powerful ability
…That changes the way you move, think, and approach situations
…Can be themed after a specific proficiency, but is sometimes a general or meta-power

Banner-Carrier - Makes party skill rolls easier, in exchange for keeping the party moving
Mastermind - Scouts situations, makes plans, chooses an ally to depend on and buffs them whether they succeed or fail
Swashbuckler - Mechanical backing for combat stunts
Genius - You can exhaust yourself to pass skill checks
Undying - Don't die.
People-Reader - Tell your GM your first impression of someone, and they'll nudge it closer to true. …If you get it spot on, score a Condition.
Wild Card - Sometimes you do crazy things, and despite all reason, it works. Allows you to risk it all on insane maneuvers and either win big or fail big.

Bounty Hunter (Mercenary?) - You're good at finding trouble wherever you go, and getting paid to solve it.
Doctor - Takes care of the health of allies
Disappearing Act - Vanish from scenes at will. Pay more to bring your pals along!
Knows a Guy - You've got history with specialists for any problem that might come up. How your last job left them feeling about you is random.

High Maintenance - Something about your body requires constant care, you only got stronger by learning to live with it, however

A fate…
…Represents a destiny for your character
…Is a powerful signal as to what you want to see in the game
…Hands out mood effects, but probably isn't as directly powerful as a talent or a background

Double Life - There's someone out there a lot like you. A mistaken identity, an alter-ego, or…? Get mistaken for them, occasionally play as them.
Star-Crossed - One or more troublesome romantic interests.
Thorn in the Side - You ruin the days of the powerful. Over and over. And you get insert scenes where they rage about you!
Mysterious Heritage - Your character is connected to some mysterious group lost to the pages to history - possibly (frequently) even without even knowing it!
Divine Blessing - Your character shares a special connection with a higher power.
Overly Inquisitive - okay so you know how jorule just fucking *had to know everything*? gain bonuses when you waste the parties time or deliberately set off into dangerous situations just to saute some basic curiosity impulse. gain chain bonuses for doing it consecutively and making the party increasingly annoyed!
The Chosen One - You're the hero. Even when it's not about you.
Rival - You got one. Steal the scene when you have a run in with them, gain smaller bonuses when hearing about what they're up to.

A quest…
…Is a gamelong goal for your character
…Gives you something long-term to work for
…Has incremental rewards when you attain it!
…Pays out big in the endgame

Impossible Requests - Set mythic requests for yourself, earn fame for completing them
Do Right What is Wrong - Find and fix injustice everywhere you go
Chronicler - Get bonus info and academic respect for maintaining an in-game encyclopedia
Amnesiac - Figure out who the heck you are and why you're important to all the crazy things happening around you.
Secret Society - You're part of a secret society, and duty bound to help carry out some hidden quest for them that the rest of the party doesn't know about. You can always find help when perusing the hidden agenda, but if you actively ignore it for too long you'll get push back (and they don't like the idea of you sharing the hidden agenda either)!
Masterwork - You are aiming to create a world-shaking masterwork of some form, achieving it is a great ordeal and a quest on it's own but it's completion brings a great boon. The network of people that you pick up in the process can also prove useful.

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