S Todo



- Bring in the stuff we're already doing to general case skill use
- Also guidelines for asking general questions ("you know the thing + ask more questions" is a perfectly good use case we use a lot)
- Also, make sure all the special system skill uses are mentioned here

- What's the best way to model especially hard rolls? - Did we cover this? I think the solution is probably the same one you employed often in MS tho: rather than two success options there's three or more, spend successes for acting under pressure.

++ Stop and Redo Familiar Again
- anyway we should think hard about what the actual role of this race is
- I mean the flavor is good but the mechanics aren't there
- and also Seed is easy so a survivability race doesn't have a strong role
- fue complaining that being a Familiar is an incredible soft devoke is lol though
- that's kind of the point of familiar
- you get hit way less


- Fill out the basic travel actions
- Revisit weather
- rules for montaging over vehicle travel too


- just kinda figure out what we actually want these to be


- revisit + redesign. Are they working fine as is?
- some division between setting-agnostic ones and one in the implied S:OD setting


- Disagree with Ice over what items should exist
- finish naming / fluff texting shit
- goods&tools still need a rewrite
- Have a gentle, loving slapfight over whether equipment upkeep cost is a valid thing
- magic iteeeeems
- Rules for hauling more items than you can actually carry (it's bad)
- Horses and also Greatwolves


- non-Ice rewrite of the monster design guide
- somebody else look at the monster families and see if there are any holes
- example monsters


- actually fill out the reward section of the MDG
- talk about customized enchanted gear
- relic examples
- honestly we might just… you know, need a GM Chapter

Dreams for the Future

- Thaumaturgy in core!
- is there any sort of setting book or guide I could write that people would actually use?

Skills -> Expeditions -> Conditions -> Traits -> Fill In Additional Items -> MDS update/transfer'

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