S Sage

Demonstrate - Strike a target. Gain Recovery Up. M-Rush.
C Recovery: +Damage.
C Air: Gain a Barrier.

Conjuration - Strike a target. Next spell strikes an additional target. M-Rush.
C Water: Damage is Water. Choose another target and pull them.
C Air: Gain Focus.
C Supreme: Next spell is T: Row.

Chorus - Fire damage. Inflicts Short E-Shatter. M-Fire.
C Fire: Short E-Shatter II.
C Launch: +Damage.

Acclaim - Heal target and grant Short Power. If target is defending, grants Power instead. M-Recovery.
C Launch: Additional small T: Group heal.
C Rush: +Drive to target.

Solace - Heal target and grant a Barrier. More healing if target is defending. M-Recovery.
C Earth: +Healing.
C Rush: +Drive to target.

Overdrive - Separation Of Night and Day:
Inflict Water damage to one target in each enemy row, and Chill them.
Heal one target in each ally row, and Energize them. M-Recovery and M-Ice.
C Recovery+Water: Two targets in each row.
C Fire+Pin: +Damage, +Healing.

Dazed - Advise. M-Rush
+Drive and Short K&E Power to a target.

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