S Moods

Low Ebb
Enter anytime, when you're not really feelin' it.
People sort of stay out of your way…
If you suddenly perk up, enter High Tide!
Leave at the end of the session.

High Tide
Enter when a mood or trait tells you to, or when the spotlight's on you.
Gain an additional Drive per action.
Leave after the next big climax,
Especially if it's a character moment!

Enter by having a moment with another PC.
When they do something clutch. show some appreciation and gain +4 Drive.

Enter when you're feeling freaked out.
Your CoSes are capped at 90. Every time you act, roll 2d100.
If either misses, miss.
Otherwise, if either is a Critical or a Burst, score Critical or Burst.
Leave when you have a moment to relax.

Enter when you know something the other players don't.
When a battle begins, you may Quicken 2.
Leave at the end of the session.

Enter when you've been injured.
Your max HP is reduced.
Leave when you receive medical treatment.

Enter when you've been poisoned, or have taken ill.
Your HP can't increase out of battle.
If your HP after a battle exceeds the HP you had beforehand, reduce it to the amount you had beforehand.
Leave when you receive medical treatment… or get enough bed rest.

Enter when you're tired, you're hungry, nothing's really going your way.
Anytime you spend LP, it's only half as effective. For skills? Have to spend 2 to get that extra roll.
Leave when you have a chance to rest for a moment and calm yourself.

Enter when a trait lets you, or circumstances force you to.
Sometimes you fully commit yourself to doing one thing and can't be bothered with anything else.
Pick a skill; you get +1 to those rolls. All the others? -1.
Leave when the scene ends.

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