S Maverick

One, Two: Hit a target and grant an ally Short Power. M-Rush.
C Supreme: Power isn't Short.
C Fire: Instead, grant a row Short Power.
C Rush: Short Power II.

Quick Hit - Damage a target. Quicken a target 1. M-Rush.
C Rush: Quicken 4, instead.
C Launch: +Damage. Retreat.

Short Fuse - Dash and hit a target, Short Taunting it. If it's suffered damage from Taunt by your next turn, gain Short Power II before acting. M-Launch.
C Pin: Taunt isn't Short.
C Air: Gain Short Lucky.
C Rush: Choose a target - they may refresh one of their Combos.

Alms Taking - Hit a target. Dispel a status on the target. M-Rush.
C Fire: Gain the status you dispel.
C Water: Recover HP.
C Rush: Cleanse a status from a target.

Shredder - Inflict increased damage to a target that hasn't acted yet this turn. M-Pin.
C Any: Consume any number of momentum tags for +Damage.

Overdrive: The World Cries Out!!
Move your turn marker up (several stages? all the way? att-based?) and hit a target. This ability can activate multiple combos. Each inflicts an additional innaccurate hit. M-Rush.
C Rush: Physical damage.
C Launch: Physical damage.
C Pin: Physical damage.
C Fire: Fire damage + Short Burning.
C Water: Ice damage + Short Chill.
C Air: Air damage + Short Shock.
C Earth: Earth damage + Short Shatter.
C Recovery: Supreme damage.
C Supreme: Supreme damage.

Dazed: Hey, Ugly!
Slow 1 an enemy. If enemy is at the bottom of the initiative list, damage it. M-Pin.

Slip Out - Cure a status on self and hit a target. If status was long, inflict the short version of that status to the target.
Combos with Status: Upgrades the first status to long.

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