S Magus

When you cast a spell, enter its syllable into the chronicle.
When you cast a termination, eat preceding syllables from the chronicle to alter effects.
Retain your chronicle from battle to battle, but record each syllable only once.

LOD - Inflicts Burning and some fire damage. M-Fire.
C Pin: CoS is 100.

AUM - Inflicts Shock and some air damage. M-Air.
C Pin: CoS is 100.

UX - Remove a status, enter it into the chronicle with this syllable, and restore some MP to yourself.
C Launch/Pin/Rush: Physical damage.
C Water: Instead of removing the status, pick one: It's no longer Short, or upgrade it to II. (Enter the non-upgraded version into the Chronicle.)
C Recovery: Healing.

FOEN - Heal a target. Gain Elem-Power II. When you inflict Elemental damage, dispel that Power. M-Recovery.
C Fire: Energize the target.

IX - Termination. Ranged physical damage. Prefixes add effects, choose only one (but at least one) Stress:
lod: +Damage. Stress: Damage is fire.
aum: +Damage. Stress: Damage is air.
ux: Expend a status from chronicle: add that status.
foen: +Damage. Stress: All damage is healing.
nix: +Damage per status on target.

Overdrive - NIX
Supreme ST damage. Damage increases for each status target is suffering from. M-Supreme.
C Launch: Status punishment effect is increased in strength.

Dazed - VOSS
Termination. Disease a target. M-Water. Prefixes add additional low COS hits, freely targettable. If a hit misses, keep its syllable in the chronicle.
lod: Burning.
aum: Shock.
ux: The status in the chronicle.
foen: Healing Power II.
nix: Curse II.

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