S Items

okay so I guess if someone was going to pretend to run a session they might want some basic items.

For arguments sake lets say play test characters can hold two items, so that we don't have to think about it too much. also paper numbers, obviously.

All these listed items are ST

POTION: Restores 25HP and 5MP. M-Recovery
DROUGHT: Restores 10MP now, and grants any Short Status I you want at the start of the next round. M-Recovery
MEDICINE: Remove all negative conditions from a target. M-Recovery
TONIC: Makes a character no longer Dazed and restores 25HP. M-Recovery
ELIXIR: Grants 5 Drive and Quicken 5. M-Supreme

GRENADE: Deals 20 Supreme damage. M-Supreme.
FLASHBANG: Deals 20 Air damage. M-Air
MOLOTOV: Deals 20 Fire damage. M-Fire
NITRO: Deals 20 Water damage. M-Water
LANDMINE: Deals 20 Earth damage. M-Earth

…And, you know, whatever else. But probably stuff within this kind of general number range, don't get too crazy peter!

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