S Ironclad

Jump - Leap up into the air, out of targetting range and lower your turn marker 1 space. On your next turn, land on a target and deal +100% ranged weapon damage. M-Rush.
C Launch: +Damage.
C Earth: T-Row Fire damage (same row as target.)

Grappling Hook - Pull target into the front row, Taunt it, and inflict Short Shatter. M-Pin.
C Launch: Physical damage.
C Water: Shatter isn't short.

Skewer - Strike two targets. If you discard a weapon (while recovering it later) to use this attack, attack is ranged. M-Pin.
C Recovery: +Damage, damage is Supreme, M-Supreme instead of M-Pin, must discard weapon.
C Air: Any targets are Short E-Shatter.

Impact Charge - Dash and attack. Short Challenge II your target. M-Rush.
C Rush: Push the target.
C Recovery: Heal.

Iron Driver - Attack a target and gain a Ward. M-Launch.
C Air: Recover HP.
C Fire: +Damage, Attack is ranged.

Overdrive: Batallion Crash
Inflict Supreme damage to a single target. Damage is increased for each back-row ally. Grant Guard to all front row allies. M-Launch.
C Launch: +Damage.
C Air: +Drive to comboing ally.

Dazed: Stand Strong
Ward an ally. M-Recovery.

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