SOD Future Class Adjustment Particulars

- Take a close look at anything that gives a True Strike, I suspect the numbers might be a little too low to feel useful in general even if they're OK mathwise.
- CHeck on the daze action CoSes. Anything under 80 was probably a bad idea and should have an MP cost instead, a dazed action with a crap CoS kind of sucks (the ace's basic attack with a cos penalty being an exception where that's still OK, but like, Elementalist Wash and I think a few others less so)

- Upgrading is now -2MP rather than +1 potency

- wild shot probably needs a little something extra. seems fine out the gate but as you get more attachments it's harder to justify expending them on a side hit.
- I have a hunch we actually want a different L13 here but heck if I know what.

- buff the retreat. Like, a lot. They take up a slot and should be worth using over defend because of it. Consider: sharing the buff effects with an ally to give shifter some extra utility, esp in a field most classes can't cover, rather than simply increasing effects.
- on the mend should delay retreating effects, so that using a turn to heal doesn't kill your bonus.
- the L0 ODs actually make sense you just need to look at them in the context of two total rounds, rather than one. (dis is a note for myself mostly)

- side eye trauma team I GUESS but make sure if it changes it still makes sense within context
- L13 is probably actually "deal +dmg for each combo activated in the previous round" rather than refrere combos. THAT passive might go over to Ironclad which I suspect might have gotten a poop one

- Make sure the L13 is actually appealing within the kit? There's not a lot of ways it can cleanse, and indeed you might actually build a sage with no cleanse at all, so that might be kinda lack luster.

- I think, rather than the current penalty for assisting we have (ie, need 2 additional passes but without getting the base 2 dice) is… probably not actually that useful? I SUSPECT: we want to make it so that the penalty is, instead, that only 6's count as a success when assisting, rather than 5/6?

- Go through and make sure all the magic gear and what not have names
- I suspect we probably want more goods & tools?? the list is a bit thin and could probably stand to be expanded
- Random Magic Item Chart

- make sure everything is usable and worth taking, see if there's anything we want to add or axe

- the familiar thing still bothers me so WHAT IF they could convert HP damage into Drive damage at like a 5:1 ratio or something? Accomplishes the same effect without making them ignore an entire base mechanic. although like you said there's probably easier options still; boosting dazed actions and giving more dazed slots, increasing HP (probably go with dis), or w/e. i still loath the current one :(

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