S Fighter


Power Strike - Pay MP and strike target for additional damage. M-Launch.
C Fire: Damage is fire. Instead of M-Launch, M-Fire. Abilities that consume that tag do +damage.
C Ice: Damage is ice. Instead of M-Launch, M-Ice. Abilities that consume that tag do +damage.
C Air: Damage is air Instead of M-Launch, M-Lightning. Abilities that consume that tag do +damage.
C Earth: Damage is earth. Instead of M-Launch, M-Earth. Abilities that consume that tag do +damage.

Put Down - Hit target and suppress their Drive. M-Pin.
C Launch: Bonus damage.
C Ice: Additional Drive suppression.

Charge - Dash and hit an enemy, inflicting Short Taunt. M-Rush.
C Rush: Bonus damage.
C Air: Taunt isn't Short.

Spread Wave - Hit a target and inflict MAG-based damage to other same row targets. M-Rush.
C Element: Shift element of after-effect, and +damage to it.
C Launch: Gain Drive.

Hero Saber - Hit a target and heal yourself. M-Recovery.
C Rush: Heal comboing ally.
C Earth: +Damage, damage is Supreme.

Overdrive: Admiralty Sword.
Strike all front row targets and suppress their Drive. M-Rush.
C Launch: T: Group.
C Pin: Additional hit to single target.
C Rush: Comboing ally gains K-Power.

Dazed: Grapple
Inflict Short Shatter + Short E-Shatter to a single target. M-Pin.

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