S Character Creation

0. Make a note of your base STATS

When you make a character, first make note of the base stats that everyone starts with. These are mostly the same for everyone, though some Attributes and Equipment can change them.

HP: 80
MP: 40
LP: 10
Weight: 0 + equipped gear values
Drive Gauge: 8 + Weight
Initiative: 1d6 + Weight
Item Slots: 3

Pick either fire, water, air or earth! You're resistant to this element.
Pick a different element! You're weak to it.

1. Choose a CLASS

S Classes

Choose a single class from the list. Your class dictates your characters general fighting style, and the sorts of combat abilities they're learn as they level up. Within each class there are further choices to be made in order to customize your character to a degree.

2. Choose a RACE

S Races

Select a single race from the list. Mechanically, a race will give you a single passive ability, and a single overdrive, granting small bonuses to a character's fighting ability. Flavor wise, a character's race will determine what the character looks like, and offer hints as to what their background and the places they come from might be.


Select TWO options from the list below. Attributes can be thought of as unique passive abilities that can only be taken at character generation. Generally speaking they're not particularly powerful, but they can help reinforce character traits or fighting styles.

Vitality: +20 Max HP. Recover 10 HP upon winning a battle.
Will: +10 Max MP. Recover 5 MP upon winning a battle.
Steadfast: +20 Max HP / +10 Max MP.
Lucky: +3 Max LP
Bravery: Gain +2 Drive upon winning a battle.
Deep Pockets: +1 Item Slot.
Awareness: When calculating starting initiative, -4 from your roll/weight.

Zealous: When you Burst, you automatically roll maximum with your dice, and reduce its MP cost by -2 rather than -1.
Perceptive: Whenever you hit an elemental weakness, deal +2DMG and regain +1MP.
Resourceful: When you miss with a Spell, gain +2MP and +2 Drive. Additionally, anytime you roll a 1 with a spell's potency die, reroll it.

Sharp: +10 Critical.
Iron-Fist: Your fist is as strong as a weapon. It deals 1d6+6 damage, rather than 1d4+2.
Agile: Increase the damage die when using melee weapons by one size, and when you miss a target it loses 1+(Weapon's WGT/2) HP.
Graze: Increase the damage die when using firearms by one size, and when you miss a target it loses 1+(Weapon's WGT/2) HP.

Collected: Quicken 3 when defending.
Vigor: Heal 10HP when defending.
Level Headed: Whenever you defend, you can generate a single momentum of any type you wish.
Patient: Whenever you defend, you deal +3 damage in the following round.

Team-Spirit: Whenever you generate momentum, it's +1.
Combo Master: Whenever you activate a combo, the ability cost -1MP less than normal.

4. Choose some TRAITS

S Traits

Select two different traits from the list. Traits give mechanical weight to your character's background, profession, fate or goal. Pick ones to emphasis what's most special and important about your character!

5. Allocate SKILL POINTS

S Skills

When you create a new character, you have EIGHT skill points to spend. Skills are the primary way that characters interactive with problems in the game without resorting to combat

6. Choose EQUIPMENT!

S Equipment

New characters begin with 100Gold, which that can spend as they see fit on common equipment and goods.

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