S Attributes


If we generally assume that everyone is doing at least a basic amount of attribute twinking, is an idiot, or is julian, then there's probably not actually a compelling reason to even have them be allocatable, is there? Especially if Peter doesn't want ATK/MAG/WIL type stuff in there.

Now. This means one of two things:
1. We still have attributes, but their values might be determined by, say, the character's class. This gives us a really easy way to make certain classes stronger or tougher or whatever, if we so choose.
2. We don't care at all, and just give the usable statics, and everyone's more or less on par, before taking into account skill choices / feat-like options, gear and what have you. Which gives people a bit more wiggle room to play classes how they want.

In either case, I think people were making some kind of one off choice to get a bonus when they generate a character, too, so that someone could be tougher, or stronger, or whatever.
So, say, maybe you're Tough and you get access to an Instant (what we're gunna call quicks, since slow/quicken are terms for other things and it might be confusing to have too-similar terms) ability that lets you recover a chunk of HP if you've been hit during the fight. You might be Strong, and gain access to an Instant that lets you deal some extra damage. Maybe you're Mystical and you get something similar to TMP each battle? Lucky, and have access to additional LP! Or even having an extra item slot. Can't think of anything else off the top of my head, but we'd need to be careful about it not stepping on the toes of racial abilities.

I still really like Insight though, and we're definitely keeping that.

ATM I feel like every stat other than ATK/MAG do something meaningful for each build and is probably most either or BUT ALSO probably the most important stat. VIT/WIL are probably useful for them all, with VIT favoring melees and WIL favoring Mages, then STM/LCK are pretty nice and important for everyone. Is this how we want things to feel? This is basically a rough outline of how I think things probably work before anyone comes in and goes "UH ACTUALLY…."


ATK - For calculating damage with melee weapons and firearms.

MAG - For calculating damage with offensive spells.

WIL - For calculating abilities with recovery effects.

VIT - For calculating Maximum HP, and some passive defenses.

STM - For calculating Maximum MP, and the amount of Weight you can carry before it effects your Drive Gauge(? I feel like this needs to be part of a stat somewhere for it to make sense… but it seems weird that mages would naturally be the most comfortable lugging around a shit ton of gear? don't really want to put it on a damage ATT, and it makes more sense for VIT to govern other shit. idk I guess STM kind of makes thematic sense for 'better drive gauge' anyway. and you can't even buy all the implements without increasing your gauge, much less armor/shield/gun so maybe that's OK)

LCK - For calculating LP, your Luck Recovery rate, and your Insight Rate.

ATTs can go up to 10 and you can probably distribute them somehow but I'm still deciding if we wanna stick with 6-10 +12 destro… or do it differently somehow.

HP: VIT x 50 HP + 200
MP: STM x 4

Resistance/Weakness: Pick one each out of the four elements! You can't be weak and resistant to the same element.

Drive Gauge: 8 + (WGT-STM, minimum 0), fill this, perform an overdrive, then empty it. Sustained between battles.
Damage/Healing: ATT x POW = Effect, generally + some dice
Luck Recovery: Whenever you finish a battle, roll 1d100. If you rolled below LCKx5%, recover 1LP.
Insight Rate: Whenever you cast a spell, if the CoS roll is under (LCKx5)-10%, the spell is -1MP cheaper and deals +25% damage/recovery.
Critical Hits: Still deal +100% damage! I was considering nerfing that, but I can't imagine that'll go over well / I had the idea for insight, which makes me feel like +100% crits are justified. Still start at 0, raised by gear. Spending Luck to get down to or below 0, even if you don't have ranks of critical on your gear still enables you to crit.
Init: I wanna say (Luck)d6 - WGT but that might actually be too dumb :( 1d6+LCK-WGT is probably less dumb. 1d6+WGT, lowest roll has highest init is also probably valid if we think LCK does enough other things and doesn't need to pretend to be speed when weight actually exists now.

ITEM SLOTS: I think there's five. I think accessories eat item slots! I THINK this makes sense, but I may be wrong. Further thinking: you pay a small offering to your gods for each accessory you have slotted any time you rest, otherwise it has no effect.

Speaking of resting, I think you can also give an offering when you rest to max out your drive gauge, possibly depending on how much you need to fill it up? Actually maybe when you rest you pay for HP/MP/LP/DG fills separately? That's a thought! I think most Moods that can be cleansed by resting are fixed automatically though (both positive and negative).

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