Rain Traits

Indefinite Tontine Syndrome (Lead Only, No Special Races)

Your late uncle, after making a small fortune running an inn on the holy mountain in the mainland, retired to Buga Island (where he had not been before) to become a private detective with his own agency, chasing a boyhood dream. After his passing, his will left that agency to you - an apartment and offices in the downtown, as well and his contacts and clientele.
(You can get money by chasing cases. You get to pick what case to do next, which gives you control over the next rainstorm.)


(You can make theories about monsters, which makes you better at dealing with them until you're proven wrong.)


(It's the Buga Island version of Exorcist. You're a shrine apprentice.)

Atom Heart (Maxwellian Only)

(You're a hero robot adapting to ordinary life. When you gain a level, you can decide whether you've learned more about a Peaceful Life or The Way of a Hero.)

Charmed Life (Dantali Only)

You've had an unusually easy life, and can't really remember anything especially difficult happening to you. You've never received a single spam e-mail, nor has your computer ever caught a virus. You have a pleasant sounding job that gives you a reasonable amount of free time like "advice columnist" or "online auction reseller".
Di - When things are relaxed and there's no reason to be worked up about anything, +3 Dice to all skill checks.
Sp - While traveling alone, monsters don't attack you.
Sp - Busses always seem to show up right when you need them.
Fa - ??? (Commit to playing a Dantali to learn this secret property.)

Keeps the Way (Alloci Only)

You maintain a little bit of elven traditionalism, at least enough to satisfy your elders. You send letters by post. You might use a typewriter or a brush pen. You don't carry a cell-phone, and are a little uncomfortable with using computers. By maintaining these practices, you inherit the ancient protection of your people.
Sp - You're immune to the Hex condition, and all magical mental influence. You see through illusions.
Sp - When you think a crowd is being too excited about something, raise your voice, spend 1 LP, and call for calm - for a moment, reason will reign.
Sp - Your touch burns Dantali. Physical damage you inflict to them is converted to Supreme.

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