Rain-Fountain Street (Dead)

Fountain street used to be the main street of town. And like, the east end is still pretty good. The west end has mostly been crushed to death, though — they tried building a mall here, and the construction got delayed like mad, so it snuffed out all the walking traffic. There's a few specialty shops taking advantage of the cheap rent - like, an independent computer store, a place that'll fix your vacuum cleaner, and so on.

Fountain Street (Dead)

(From East to West)

The Grind

The dull roar of grindwheels at all hours, the barred security glass windows…

The Grind's a weapon store. The Grind's the *good* weapon store in town, and famous for it, crowded by a bunch of teenagers that gawk over the smith's latest productions. She's sort of resigned herself to being a hangout spot for them, even though they can't really afford her stuff. The smith, by the way, is a dark-eyed spider Hundred, Brook Ninety-One. Six armed, she has a quiet manner, and handles all her tools and machines with a dancer's grace. She acts like she can't stand kids, but secretly, she's happy to have the fan club. And, hey, she installed a pair of arcade machines out front for em, which do decent trade.

Once a week, Brook lets a slip for a free pizza - like, a huge one - slip into whatever member of her shop's crowd has slain the biggest monster that week. A few parties have begun competing for the honor. Concerned parents are thinking about asking city hall to shut this weird little tradition down.

From time to time, Brook will shoo everybody out of the shop — to take a phonecall, or to meet with some visiting businessman — she's always in a crappy mood afterwards, sometimes for days.

The Grind sells extremely high quality weapons, but not magical ones. They'll have weapon power that exceeds the ordinary for their type.

Buga Mall

Weather tarp flapping in the high wind, the smell of oil and pondscum…

Buga Mall was supposed to be a new, modern development, utterly revitalizing Fountain Street. In fact, it's built around the famous fountain of the Greatfish! Instead, the construction contractor embezzled the funds away, and the half-finished construction site, its upper levels bare, empty frames, has left a scar on the street - in fact, the sidewalks were dug up near where it is, and still haven't been filled back in.

The fountain plaza came out okay - there's a little food court, and there's stalls there, at least, open for business. It's definitely not in the state the foodsellers were expecting, but sometimes tourists wander through on the way to the shrine? They're holding up, though it might just be because their rent payments are tied up in court cases.

The rest of the mall is an abandoned construction site, basically - and in fact, the nest of a curse spirit, incarnated from the sheer mismanagement of the project. Its larvae prowl the ruined areas - watch out.

Somebody's been putting up seal paper to keep the curse from leaking out, or touching the plaza, but nobody knows who. The owner of the mall hasn't paid to get it exorcised.

Food options are curry (by Adi, a long-suffering immigrant who nevertheless loves the island deeply), fruit smoothies (staffed by a candy-haired teenager when she looks up from her Video Boy), and pizza (A chain, owned by Smuka, a middle-aged man with eternal money problems, always listening to baseball on the radio)

Peace Society Buga Island Branch

Faded, optimistic posters, full of smiling children, choir singing in the early morning…

A nondescript office with pleasant office greenery in the front, and the base of operations of the local branch of the Peace Society. The island's community views them with suspicion, so they mostly proselytize (and seek donations from) tourists. Their leader, Ini-Enat Adams — not his birth name — is also outspoken in protesting what he sees as injustice, especially when it comes to the terms of his property taxes.

Ini-Enat is a magician - a skilled sage, in fact. Before the Protection From Spiritual Fraud Act was passed, Ini-Enat claimed to be able to work sorcerous surgery, curing cancers and worse in those that supplicated him. Now, claiming such things would be illegal. However, he still sees desperate visitors at odd hours.

He's married to Charity Adams. Her face is kept bandaged - apparently, she was burned when a hot pipe burst in a hotel room, and she received a heavy settlement. She doesn't speak up in the Society.

Also in the society: A young ex-musician, a true believer that used to be in marketing, and a small handful of others.

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