Rain Format


- An ominous dream
- Dreams in Wait out the Rain hint at coming Storms. (The Prologue hints at the final storm.)


- A series of vignettes introducing each character and some of the people around them.
- An excuse for the characters to hang out is manufactured, if necessary.
- The main phases begin, separated into six periods, each ending with a Storm Event.


- An ominous dream.
- It contains clues as to what storm will end this period.


- Characters explore the island and live day to day.
- They might do little tasks, get embroiled in things, or just meet people.
- They'll fight monsters now and then, gather items, and gain experience.
- They'll become stronger and learn how to fight as a team.
- They'll investigate the signs of their dream, and find out what they need to be prepared for.


- The period ends with some bad thing happening on the island.
- Preventing it will require, likely, a difficult, dangerous fight.
- If the characters aren't ready for it, someone may be hurt, something may be lost.
- The weather will be bad.
- Afterwards, another period begins, and the main phase loops. (Probably until there have been six storms.) Eventually…


- Moving on is hard sometimes.


Wait Out the Rain contains several PCs. One of the PCs is the lead. They have the trait "Indefinite Tontine Syndrome", as one of their two. (Or a bonus trait? Hm?)


The Case of the Money Pit
The Case of the Missing Cat
The Case of the Vanishing Hero
The Case of the Red Paint
The Case of the Miracle Worker
The Case of the Penitent Man
The Long-Awaited Resolution to the Curious Case of the Indefinite Tontine

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