Radical Reclaimers

The Old Capital.

No one used to ever think or talk about it anymore, up until about a year ago.

Some scientist said it was finally safe to go back in. Then, it was all anyone could talk about.

About the accident, centuries ago that made it inhospitable. About the strange people that appeared in the wake of the nuclear fall out. About the indestructible monsters that came after them. About the groups mounting expeditions for science. Expeditions for salvage. To clean up, finally, after all these years. About the refugees looking for a place to call their own. About what the foreign consortium's goals really are. About that idiot planning on hosting a reality TV show inside the ruins. About the morality of the Gladiators. About the death cult's appearance. About the strange mechanical men not of this world.

…There's been a lot of talk about the Old Capital as of late, is what I'm getting at, and its place in the modern world. A lot of things have been put into motion all at once, but not all of them are big, hulking cogs with the nations focus upon them. Some of them are small turning gears, that exist only to help the larger cogs spin their machinations.

And that's where we come in. We're one of those little cogs. A small group of mercenaries, thrill seekers, and the like who've set up shop, within the [Dead Zone? Incident Radius? Null Area? need a term]. The spot light's never really on us, but we're the idiots everyone else turns to when they have a problem they can't solve themselves. Or at least, that's the idea anyway…

Radical Reclaimers is a game about a small group of "Problem Solvers For Hire", set in the ruins of the old capital, which was destroyed in an accident a few centuries ago by an earthquake and subsequent nuclear disaster. The fall out has only recently cleared up enough to allow human travel with inside of it without the use of hazmat suits in relative safety. There's a lot of random problems that can crop up out in the old capital, and there's not a lot of support or assistance for the people inside of it, and a most of the various organizations working here are amicable to the group.

I have no idea when I'll wind up running this, but obviously not until after ToE at the very earliest.



These are the people that came from the Central Lowlands, where the Old Country is located. There's nothing particularly special about them, other than their general adaptability and wanderlust. Humans are the biggest reason that the world wound up connected. In olden times they were easy to find all over the continent, and indeed the entire world. In the modern world that not much of a distinction anymore, with most races having spread out to some degree over the years. They look like normal, real life humans!
Humans tend to be the most likely candidates for the cyborgization process though, given this natural adaptability, however.


A hardy people from the Eastern Forestlands. They're larger and bulkier than humans, covered in fur, occasionally have claws, and are closer to having snouts than they are human mouths, with superficial similarities to bears, wolves, badgers, jaguars and the like. The name of their race comes from the 100 Clans that inhabited their lands, each bearing resemblance to a different mammal, and the clan names persist as surnames to this day. Being a highly decentralized people and spread out throughout the vast wildlands, they were among the most reluctant to be brought into the modern world, but now adays seeing one outside of their homeland isn't really that uncommon. In the Eastern Forestlands they still tend to keep their cities on the smaller side, and with a lot of greenery between them.


A group of shadowy mystics that live under the surface of the earth, in elaborate underground tunnels, caverns and cities. For the longest time the rest of the world was unaware of the dwarf's existence, and dwarves unaware of the surface dwellers as they avoided breeches the surface when digging out space for their larger cities. Eventually though, contact was established and trade agreements were made, and dwarven settlements gradually moves closer to the surface dweller's settlements, leaving huge underground ghost cities under the earth in the middle of no where. The main except to this being Hivor-Hon, a massive trade hub that still exists to this under, underneath The Great Lake located between the central lowlands and eastern forestlands. In the modern day, most of the underground cities are simply extensions of the overground cities they're built under, and fully integrated.


At the dawn of creation, the Alloci were there. This is good, because the threat of Mot, the first of the Shedim (singular: shedu), was there too. The Alloci waged war upon it, and after many years eventually won! But with its dying breath, Mot swore that others would come after it, and this world was doomed. The Alloci spent many month contemplating what to do - the younger races started to emerge to the north were worthless. and they needed to stay strong, keep their skills sharp. And eventually, they split into thirteen tribes. The body of Mot was buried in the deepest parts of the desert, and the Grand Citadel was built over it. One tribe would guard the Citadel, least other shedim arrive without warning and attempt to revive Mot, and store all their accumulated knowledge. The other tribes would take to the desert as roaming warriors, and engage in mock warfare with one another another. At the the end of each year, the tribe which has performed the best would be granted control of the Citadel for the year, and the previous guardians cycle into the desert with the others, with only a handful of scholars, researchers and politicians to with the younger races living in the Citadel permanently. Alloci society is still fairly distinct, and never quite merged into the super nation that rules over the rest of the continent. A few Alloci have given up the old ways though, and live in northern lands as normal citizens.

The recent appearance of both the If-ys and Maxwellian have cause quite a bit of commotion within Alloci society. By all rights, these things sound like shedim - the Maxwellian's even claim to be from another star! But they are not at all what the Alloci were expecting, or training for. Are these things truly the shedim that Mot spoke of… or something else?

Alloci are similar to humans, but with darker, tanner skin and pupilless eyes, as well as pointed ears. Their hair colors are different though; white, silver, tan, gold and light brown. In their homelands they tend to dress lighter and more loosely to deal with the desert heat.

(There's probably a trait for being a devout follower of alloci practices, 'guardian of the earth' 'shedim watcher' or some such, but i'm not 100% sure what I wanna do with it yet)


The Dantali are a strange race, who's origins are in a small tropical island chain far off to the south west of the continent. They have a pale green skin that glows in the dark, pointed ears, with hair and eye colors that cover a wide range of pastel colors like pink, blue, green, red, purple and orange. They claim that magic was borne on their islands, though this claim is hard to prove, especially considering that the continent was well versed in magical practises well before the first documented discovered of the island chain. What is undisputed, however, is their unrivaled ability to manipulate the elements at a fundamental level, twisting spells to draw from different types of energy than the other races can… so maybe there's some truth to their claims?

While they're not overly rare in the modern world, they're still few and far between and tend to be sort of eccentric outsiders.


Legends claim that the Driftin are descended from dragons. While this isn't true, they did both originate in the Northern Mountainlands and have some features in common. For a long while it was actually thought that the Driftin were a highly specialized type of mutant Hundred, but that's not actually the case either. They typically look a bit more human or alloci like than the Hundred, and rather that sharing many traits with the animal they have some semblance to, it's less pronounced. First and foremost they have actually have hair, unlike dragons, though in slightly different colors from humans, mostly white or the full spectrum of red shades. They have small white horn protrusion on their heads. They also have dragon like wings extending from their shoulder blades, though they're not powerful enough for full flight. They can range from small, barely extending past the arms, up to large, angel style. Driftin also have some light scale (in dull whites or reds) coverage on their bodies, typically from between their wings, down the lower back, and sometimes one side of their hip. Occasionally smatterings of scales will run up their side and out onto their opposite arm. Eyes are the same as humans for the most part, though amber is far more common, and rather than blue they have red eyes.

If you play a Driftin, you can take the Semi-Functional Wings Trait below as one of your traits:

Semi-Functional Wings
Your wings are large and powerful, and you've expended a good deal of effort into making them usable.
Di. +2 Dice when making Agility Checks to jump.
Sp. While you cannot truly fly with them, you're more than capable of gliding down safely from heights with them.
Sp. In areas with particularly strong winds or updrafts (like from narrow building/cliff formations, large bodies of warm water, or unnatural things like giant fans), you can ride them with your wings as through they were a hang-glider.

Cyborgs (Familiar Replacement)

A little different from other races, the cyborgs are a man made invention, rather than a naturally occurring race. Cyborgs are people that have had large portions of their bodies replaced with mechanical parts that run on ragnite, rather than more traditional modern energy sources. Why something a volatile as ragnite? So they they work in the Old Captial's Dead Zone. The mechanization process and parts were theorized and designed by a talented researcher the Amaranth Foundation a few years after The Disaster happened who wanted to be able to reenter the area quickly for some reason, but it was only within the last few decades that the designed were refined enough to be practical. Cyborgs are far more resilient to the lingering effects of the radiation and miasma - almost all of the initial exploration of the Old Capital post disaster was done by them in fact. Now that non-cyborgs can semi safely enter the area however, there's less of a need for the cyborgs in the initial form, so the company has slowly began working on re-purposing the designed for more general purpose prosthetic use for the general public.

Generally speaking both the arms and legs are replaced, along with a good number of internal organs.

Stuffed Body is called "Emergency Reboot" and Miracle Star is called "Energy Transfer". You're a cyborg, not a stuffed animal!

(there's probably a trait for being a cyborg too but, but not 100% what i want to do with that one, either, yet)


What is an If-ys? That's a hard question to answer, and no one really seems to have one, not even the If-ys themselves. They appeared without warning during The Disaster, fleeing and evacuating from the collapsing and ruined city with all the other people that have lived there. But the If-ys hadn't been there before, not to the best of anyone knowledge or records. The If-ys don't appear to have any memories before the event either, only waking up as everything was falling apart and scrambling to get out. Of all the current modern mysteries, "who and what are the If-ys" is perhaps the greatest one.

They never really integrated into society very well, due in part to that, and also due to being isolated into camps for decades while various test were being performed on them and the governments attempted to figure out what the heck they even were. The fact that they seem capable of rearranging their bodies, like shapeshifters, within a limited set of 'rules' probably didn't help either. They need to stay in a mostly humanoid shape, and within the normal size ranges from tall Dwarves to short Hundred or Driftin. This would likely be more concerning for the general public, if not for their coloration making them easy to spot from normal people: their eyes are always bright, neon green with three triangles connected their tips. If they have skin, it's always a scarlet red. If they have hair or fur, it's cyan. If they have scales, it's a dirty, muddy yellow color. If they have horns or bone-like protrusions, they're black.

One other curious thing to note about the If-ys that wasn't discovered until large communities of them began to seek out land to claim within the Dead Zone, is that they seem to share some strange connection with the various Sanctuaries that are located within it. When an If-ys is within a mile or two of a Sanctuary, they can feel it with a sort of seventh sense unique to them.


In a world suddenly full of odd mysteries, the Maxwellian are perhaps one of the most frustrating. They rather suddenly appeared, almost instantly, after the government announced that the Old Capital was now more or less safe for civilians to enter, monsters and miasma pockets aside. And with their arrival came knowledge of The Blessing - the most effective way of defeating the monsters inside, enabling weapons to cut through their defenses that had previously made them neigh invulnerable. While this is obviously a massive boon to the people inside, the Maxwellians haven't been very forthcoming with any other information. About the only thing known about them is that they're not from this world. This initially caused some friction with the Alloci, but was alleviated somewhat by the gift of the Blessing. For the most part, the Maxwellians are somewhat aloof with the other races, and tend to treat them in a manner similar to annoying younger siblings that are too young to understand what they're doing, and don't bother attempting to explain. They seem to have a soft spot for the If-ys though. No one's quite sure why the Maxwellian's are here either; and while most of them tend to live inside the dead zone, there's a few notable exceptions that have gone out into the larger world.

Otherwise Maxwellian are about what you'd expect from the core - they're still big hulking creatures that look like robots, but are distinctly organic all the same. They're colored in metallic tints.

(There's probably a trait you can take for being a maxwellian, too, but i'll get back to you on that)


Main thing: there was an earth quake in The Old Capital a number of centuries ago. When that happened, their nuclear technology was not exactly… secure. And a lot of Bad Shit happened when it started to react in ways no one wanted. Everyone had to evacuate, a lot of people died, and the if-ys mysteriously appeared during this time. It's mostly okay to go inside now, but there's still some miasma clouds that blow through the regions, and electricity hasn't worked in the area ever since either, so people have to rely on highly unstable ragnite converters instead. Oh yeah. And the place is crawling with nearly indestructible monsters! Did I forget to mention that? yeah. those are a thing now too, ever since the incident.

there's a lot of backstory we could cover here but won't for now so I can get most of the bullet points down. The Blessing is important and worth noting, though! It's a ritual that the maxwellians brought with them and one of the few things they DID tell the world about. Which is good, because you need to bless your weapons every few hours in order for them to have any effect on the monsters. (you have to bless every. single. bullet. individually. and it's a huge pain in the ass, so it's often easier to just lug around a melee weapon)

magic exists, and has existed for basically ever. The world is basically a fantasy setting, but they progressed and civilized right past the the swords and sorcery era and right into the modern world. It's kind of ironic that both of those things are coming back in style within the old capital, really. (well, not that magic ever really stopped being useful, if you bothered learning a magic art to properly develop your will power and magical muscles to produce military grade effects. That's not a thing most people do though, since it's a lot of effort.) casting magic itself is mostly offensive in nature, though there used to be an older, more 'magical' energy source that was in more use in the dark ages, called ragnite which was extracted from crystals. it's hella unstable though and went out of style really quick when things like electricity were discovered.

sanctuaries! they're a thing that also appeared during the incident. They're safe havens! They may be semi sentient?? They all have unique names and appearances and the if-ys can sense them from a distance. They also seem to have… something almost like personalities? They seem to empathetically convey different emotions to people that enter them. Most half a calming effect, and want you to rest and relax, though some are more excitable or curious. Jagd is also… unique but we'll talk about that elsewhere. The main thing is, you also tend to lose your desire to fight and be aggressive while inside a sanctuary - even the monsters! There's never been a single recorded instance of even one monster attacking anything inside of a sanctuary. And in fact, if a humanoid ever attacks another person inside of a sanctuary, it will release something akin to a psionic wail of anguish, then shrivel up, turn black, then finally to ash and collapse and be destroyed. No new sanctuaries have been documented as appearing since the incident, either, so there's very hard penalties and fines for destroying one. the maxwellians seem to know stuff about them like always, they refuse to explain.

Main Organizations

[The Government] Obstinately here to do research on the old capital's ecology and start on clean up work to make the place more habitable. There's a concerning small number of scientist in it though, and an alarmingly high number of elite, expert soldiers from the various military branches instead of the more expected grunt guards. Rumor has it they're mainly here to retrieve state and military secrets, but they of course deny that's their primary objective, and the military choices are solely for the safety of its research staff.

[Foreign Consortium] A group made up of various foreign government researchers, explorers, military personal and a handful of overseers. Officially, they're here as a sign of goodwill, to help with the reclamation process, and to help ease the burden of cleaning up one of the world's worst disasters with their neighbors. Unofficially, a large number of people think that they're hear for the same reason as the host government. There's a lot of side-eyeing between the two groups, but they remain on cordial terms.

[Refugees] Primarily made up of If-ys and a notable number of Alloci who's ancestors used to live in the area. They came here to find a new place to live, particularly since the world has always been a bit suspicious of the If-ys' strange arrival into the world. They're just trying to make a better life for themselves, even if it involves going into an area many aren't willing to. They don't have a lot of trained combatants with them, so they're like to be a good source of work.

[Non-Profit Relic Retrieval] A non-profit organization dedicated to find old family heirlooms and artifacts of significant cultural value, and returning them either to their descents or museums. No one's really sure who their primary benefactor is, as they've chosen to remain anonymous since its foundation. They're very likely to be at odds with the bandits, raiders and treasure hunters that've cropped up to compete with them!

[Private Research Firm That Developed Cyborgs] After spending all those years developing the cyborgs, you can believe they were going to get in there and start doing some real research. They've actually got a bit of a head start on the other organizations, as they began sending expeditions into the capital as soon as the cyborg technology was perfected, and even began construction on their base came a decade ago, rather than a year ago. They're used to the environment, but you never know when they'll need help dealing with random issues.

[Another Private Research Organization] A second, rival research firm! They're a little more focused on the clean up side of things than the research side, but they do plenty of both. They're not as well established though, so they'll be way more likely to ask for assistance with sample retrievals and escorts and the like.

[The Death Cult] They're not exactly on the same level as the other groups, and definitely the least likely of anyone to ever ask for assistance… but they have claimed the epicenter of the old capital as their own, centered on the Jagd Sanctuary (which is very nihilistic and different from the others) and a few miles out from it. These guys are weird and creepy as fuck! They worship an elder god called [something eldritch horror-y], and come to live their lives by taking the place of one of the monsters. There's a bit of a ritual to join, which involves being sent off into the wastelands on your own with the bare minimum of supplies and needing to kill a monster by yourself. You can't return to the camp until you've fashioned a helmet/mask from its head, and a suit of armor from its body. Most of the other people tend to give them a wiiiide birth if at all possible.

Minor Organizations.

[Mercenaries] that's the PCs! you kind of took over and retrofitted a roadside bar on the Old Highway, nearish the center of the capital. it's not in jagd territory, thank god, but it's maybe a little closer than you'd like. That's your HQ and where you live!

[Gladiators] MMA is for babies! The Gladiators were forms in an effort to meet the demand for a more exhilarating, violent, possibly even… deadly spot. Maybe keep some of the war mongers from getting bored and starting shit, too. They're a league of MONSTER HUNTERS with a SPORT LEAGUE set up, complete with seasons and rankings and what not. We're currently in the in the early stages of the second season, which each one designed to last for half a year. These guys are rough and rowdy, and likely to pop up anywhere and everywhere in search of monsters to kill. Their HQ is located [somewhere] though.
- Teams of 1-8 Gladiators. Only 5 can be active on the 'field' at a time, others are held in reserve. 15% point penalty for each person past the first that's active.
- Different monsters are worth different points, with stronger monsters being worth more. Roles the monster fulfill also add points. Assault < Shooter & Support < Tank & Blaster.
- You get a score multiplier for each monster defeated as part of a group. One is worth x1 points, two monsters are worth x2, three monsters means an x3 multiple and so on.
— A team of three has a 70% point penalty. Lets say they defeated a group of x1 Rockman and x2 Radi-Rodent. The Radi-Rodents are weak assaults and only worth 10 points apiece. The Rockman on the other hand isn't much stronger, but it's a Tank so it's worth 15 points. As it was a group of three monsters, it's worth 105 points, rather than just 35. Factoring in the team size penalty, they would gain a grand total of 73 points (round down) added to their score from this encounter.
- Kill stealing is worth 0 points! Don't interfere with other teams, and point claim goes to the first team to engage a monster/group.
- A team can send out a call for assistance from nearby teams, though. Neither team will get full credit for the kills, only 20% for the initial team while those assisting gain 50% of the point total.

[That Fucking Celebrity Treasure Hunter] A celebrity treasure hunter extraordinaire, and his exploration slash film crew! He's got a reality TV show airing on one of the major network stations, covering his exploits in the old capital as he searched for long forgotten treasure! He used to be a moderately famous salvage operator working out of the Far Sea, but couldn't pass up the opportunity when the idea for the show was pitched to him, and they offered full funding for the expedition. Generally speaking the crew is zealous and over confident, and wind up getting into trouble and in over their heads… frequently.

[Various Bandits] What's mine is mine and what's yours is mine, too.

[Various Scavengers/Treasure Hunters] They can't all be famous.

[Various Thrill Seekers] Honestly they're even worse than the Gladiators, at least they can fend monsters off on their own.

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