R4c Roldan

Roldan Baltasar-Rivero

Class: Samurai
Current XP: :(
Total XP: 0
Feelin' Good?: NOT ESPECIALLY, gemme five bucks


ATK 8 VIT 10


HP: 700 / 700
MP: 600 / 600 (SBW 80TMP)
Luck: 6 / 6


All your currently equipped and usable abilities and their effects go here for easier reference, with pre-calculated delays and damage and anything else you might need to know quickly. Cost is for stuff like MP or CTs
Action Name Cost Delay CoS Target Keywords Effect
Attack 50D 80 T: Single Technique, Deals d10+96 physical damage, and grants Roldan 40TMP.
Item 40D 100 T: Single Support Consume one item and gain its effects.
Change Row 20D 100 T: Self Move the character into the row they are not currently in.
Wait 15D 100
Defend 30D 100 Support, Stance Gain a 4/5 defense factor until your next turn.

+ Fire Stance (battle starting stance!)+

Action Name Cost Delay CoS Target Keywords Effect
Shift to Wind || 15CT, 60MP || 35D || 100 || Single || Spell || Deals d12+144 magical fire damage, and Roldan gains +20% potency with his next action. ||

+ Earth Stance+

Action Name Cost Delay CoS Target Keywords Effect

+ Sky Stance+

Action Name Cost Delay CoS Target Keywords Effect
Shift to Water || 10CT 30MP || 40D || 100 || Self || Support, Enhancement || Grants a condition that makes Roldan recover 48 HP after every turn (4). ||

+ Wind Stance+

Action Name Cost Delay CoS Target Keywords Effect
Shift to Sky || 20CT, 60MP || 30D || 100 || Special || Spell || Deals d10+120 magical wind damage to any target with a delay between 0-15D. If it fails to hit anything, regain 60MP and a single use of Razor Gale. ||

+ Water Stance+

Action Name Cost Delay CoS Target Keywords Effect
Shift to Fire || 60MP || 50D || 80 || Single || Technique || Deals d10+96 physical damage, and if the target doesn't attack Roldan with its next action, he immediately performs a basic attack on it. ||


Reaction Name Trigger Cost Target Keywords Effect



Sudden Strike - Weapon damage when an ally strikes an enemy! Don't forget to MP charge off this!
Guard Assist - Leap in and take an attack for an ally!

[Only After Ghost Shot Flub] Razor Gale - After Acting - Deals 96 magical wind damage to an enemy you didn't target with your action.


Weapon Power Dice Delay Properties
Staff 12 d10 50D MP Charge - gain 40TMP after successfully hitting with a weapon tech that expends no MP.
Armor Properties
Robes Grants 80TMP at the start of each battle.


Wild Card

Sc: You can handle yourself in disasters by trying something and hoping - pulling levers at random, telling a brazen lie, and generally slamming on the accelerator when you ought to be hitting the brakes. Essentially, when you try something crazy and wild, and tensions are high, Wild Card has your back.
Sp: Once per expedition, when tensions are high, you can spend one luck to have an unbelievable stroke of luck. Falling off a cliff onto a passing flock of giant birds, for example.
Rf: Once per expedition, when you have a moment of calm for everyone to catch their breath after a disaster, and the smoke clears, you can restore one luck to an ally.


Sc: You're possessed with a never-say-die determination - half physical resilience, half iron-clad will, you shrug off even world-ending adversity that keeps you from your goal. Injuries and sicknesses are ignored. The worst of snowstorms are grounds for a strained smile, at worst. Though you might maintain a facade over it for the most part, when you truly become serious, you have a sort of air and aura that impresses upon those around you that you may well be more force of nature than human, in some way - people like to be with you, not against you.
Sp: In some fashion, you survive absolutely any catastrophe. Whenever something bad would normally happen to you, you can instead be taken off-screen - when you return, you're no worse for wear.



Roldan isn't much to look at these days, though he had been at one point in time. He's in his mid thirties and a bit under six feet tall. He has light brown eyes, and a sandy sort of black hair with lighter brown in it, which comes to about shoulder length and in unkempt. He's got a fairy bushy, untidy bread, though form appearances it's mostly just that he hasn't shaven in a number of months, and not that he's intentionally growing one out. For clothing he wears a very faded pair of jeans, a fairly plain grey shirt, with a faded greenish tanish duster thrown over that which looks like it's almost as old as he is (though it's still in good condition). His sneakers are his only article of clothing that don't look old and worn out - though they're still dirty - like they were probably acquired more recently.


As of late, Roldan Baktasar-Riviero has been living in the last place he ever expected he would be: in the alleyway in one of the more run-down parts of town.

It wasn't always like that, of course. Right up until the Matter of Accounts scandal, he'd had a nice job in the Defense Department, where he had worked for most of his adult life. The Defense Department was nice, because it was one of the few places you could still flex your mist muscles, even after the regime change took place in Selva. It's not like the people in charge of the country's defense could afford to just pretend it doesn't exist, since the rest of the world certainly wasn't. The silver, gem embedded staff that Roldan still carries with him is a reminder of the life he used to have, and the only thing - other than his selpass, of course - that he was able to keep from it. It's just about the only thing he hasn't attempted to sell or trade for liquor.

So, the Matter of Accounts. He wasn't one of the big fish that was caught during it, but he was burned by it on the way to the big fish all the same. They came at him with charges of embezzling, smuggling and bribery. Well, they weren't untrue. There was a lot of money to be made shipping canela out of the country now that it was and illegal export, and even more opportunities to be made bringing smartphones from other countries in due to their ability to access the outside internet, unrestricted and untraced. So when the hire ups told him to wave shipments from certain foreign companies through inspections without checking them out and falsify the odd ledger here and there for a small kickback, he did it. And then the police came at him, but they wanted those hire ups - so they cut Roldan a deal, give them up, and they wouldn't throw him into a hellhole masquerading as a prison, like they were going to with everyone else. Well, that was a pretty obvious choice. He took it.

Staying out of prison didn't mean he was keeping his job though. And he was blacklisted from the entire industry, and even a lot of other decent fields he wasn't involved in. Sure he could still get a job slinging burgers or something, but Roldan was too proud for that. He'd soon live on the streets, doing nothing with his life out of spite, than give them the satisfaction of seeing him do anything that far beneath him. Which is why he's currently asleep in an alleyway, not too far away from one of those god damned game cafes. Or at least, he'd be sleeping, if they weren't so loud.

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