R4c 0a

Peter|GM: The Republic Metropolitan Area, Avenue 18. 5:33 AM. Just another one of those lesser little streets a few blocks away from the train to the university. There's another damn gamecafe here, 'Supercell', another damn froyo place, one of those little apartment buildings that only present the thinnest, nondescript doors to the street…
Peter|GM: You know. "More R.M.A" .
Peter|GM: It's a horrible time to be awake.
Roldan really wishes those fucking kids would do a better job of shutting the door when they left their little cafe - the sound of explosion and shouting are great at waking a guy resting in the alleyway up.
Peter|GM: Yeah, there's a damn pack of them hooting and hollering as they walk down the middle of the street. "You guys caught my ratio, right? I'm incredible! I'm a machine!" "Oh, shut the fuck up!"
Peter|GM: A BT on autopilot walks past them, its chest-frame glowing with blue light. Active, that's what that means. It walks with jerky chicken-legs down the street, steps into a charging harness mounted onto the brick facade of a building, goes to sleep.
Peter|GM: Bathes its little niche in yellow light. Charging.
Peter|GM: There's some kinda businessman in a mussed up suit walking down the street on your side. He's looking around, stepping a little shaky. Some sucker lost?
Roldan groans as he sits up, peering towards the street. Kind of mumbles to himself as he pats down his coat to make sure everything's still in there. "Both machines seem kinda mindless yeah…"
Peter|GM: Not much, but you got it.
Peter|GM: The shaky guy winces as he steps past the blinding light from inside the cafe as another pair pour out. (They'll all over eachother. "We should find a place, you know…?" )
Roldan pauses for a second, before pulling a bottle covered in a paper bag out, swirls it around a bit. Huh, still something in there. It opens it up and takes a drink as he eyes the guy coming down the street.
Peter|GM: The shaky guy stoops forward, looks at Ro:
Peter|GM: "Hell, man, that's you, Ro."
Peter|GM: "Damn."
Roldan scratches at his mangy beard - doesn't look like he's shaved in months. "S'what the little machine in my pocket says, at least."
Peter|GM: "Doesn't always say at all, these days." He turns around, slumps against the wall, takes a seat next to you.
Peter|GM: "Say it all, shoulda said. Damn."
Roldan nods, takes another drink, then offers the bottle to the man. "What bring you down to this shit hole?"
Peter|GM: He laughs, takes the bottle, takes a sip for the ceremony of it. Almost spits it out.
Roldan coughs out a laugh.
Peter|GM: "Honestly? I needed a fresh pass."
Roldan: "Guess the cafe's not a bad place to start lookin'."
Peter|GM: "I work with BoA" - a bank, foreign-owned - "These days. And I and the guys I'm entertaining hit the top of our cards, so-"
Peter|GM: "But that's small potatoes. I mean, damn, I should wire you something, get you better -"
Peter|GM: He fumbles in his coat pocket for his selpass, wakes it up, unlocks it by thumbprint. Stares at the unlock screen for a moment.
Roldan: "… Oh! Ahahah."
Peter|GM: "Uh, fuck, Ro."
Roldan: "Man, I didn't even recognize you Salvador. You look like shit!" He pauses, then grins. "Proally still better than me though."
Peter|GM: "You look like shit took a shit, Ro, but-"
Peter|GM: "Fuck, man. What the hell do you think this is?" There's a message on his selpass, he waves it past Ro's face.
Roldan leans over to take a better look.
Peter|GM: The Bank of Alleron sent out a letter to its top bureaucrats cancelling its Selvan summit, after receiving threats.
Peter|GM: It also, quietly, lays out a plan for moving all of its monetary holdings and investments out of the country.
Peter|GM: Very quickly.
Roldan: "Sounds like someone knows somethin they're not saying."
Peter|GM: "Damn right."
Peter|GM: "I bet if I… if I get down there…"
Peter|GM: "It's gonna be all boxes and shredders and shit."
Peter|GM: "Fuck. Bank of A. They had me made, you know…?" He looks over at the bottle for a moment, as if it looks a little better.
Roldan takes his bottle back and takes another swag. "Likely. I guess, the real question is, forgein powers comin' in, rich people finally gettin' tired of giving shit to poor folk, or… disgrunted smucks lookin' for a better free lunch."
Roldan: "Suppose I'm lucky I'm already at rock bottom, either of those senario's gunna suck pretty bad for you, my friend."
Peter|GM: He sighs, thinks for a moment.
Peter|GM: "I got a friend who transferred back to the Kwande branch office a while back."
Peter|GM: "Could go there, I guess."
Peter|GM: "Miss the canela, won't miss the firewall."
Roldan: "Kwande? Yeah, s'probably pretty non-offensive in general."
Peter|GM: "Yeah, that should be their new motto. Welcome to Kwande. Non-Offensive in General. Ain't gonna kick you out on your ass or ask many questions."
Peter|GM: He futzes with his selpass a bit, fucks it up a few times, eventually finds you in his contact list and beep beep.
[OOC] Peter|GM: Transfer Sal->Ro S$900
Roldan: "Hell, I think it'd work." He nods towards the kids and the cafe, then digs around in his pocket to pull his selpass.
Peter|GM: "Get yourself on a liner or somethin'."
Roldan: "Woah. Shit, man."
Roldan: "You sure?"
Peter|GM: "Fuck, who knows?" He smiles a shaky smile.
Peter|GM: "BoA says that ain't gonna be worth the paper it ain't printed on in a week."
Peter|GM: He squints at his screen.
Peter|GM: "At least that's what I think."
Roldan lets out a breath. "Hell, I appreciate it. Is this what it was like, havin' friends? Been so long." And then he laughs
Roldan: "Don't worry, I'm sure I can figure out a way to spend anything left over in a week."
Roldan: "Maybe get some booze that don't taste like piss."
Peter|GM: "Yeah, yeah." He pulls himself up.
Peter|GM: "Don't die face down in it."
Peter|GM: "Cause the last asshole who woulda mourned you is gettin' outta here."
Roldan nods, putting the cap back on the biottle before stuffing it back into his coat. "Will do, Sal. Hell, maybe I'll even pay you back if I see ya again."
Peter|GM: Some kind of smile as he pulls himself to his feet, supporting himself on the wall. "Yeah, you better."
Peter|GM: He walks down the street a little bit, howls a "Shut the fuck UP!" at a pair of teenagers, gets a warning beep from a BT - that briefly turns a stern red - and he waves his hand dismissively and moves along.
Roldan coughs out another laugh, before shaking his head and slowly getting up to his feet. Well, Sal's right. If he's got money now, seems like the prudent thing is making sure he'll be able to have time to spend it all. Time to go find a guy that might know a guy who knows a guy.
Peter|GM: Yeah. And that guy's the Fixer. He smiles at you when you step inside his cafe, puts his arm around you before you get any funny looks from the customers, treats you like an old friend -
Peter|GM: Old friendly Kwandean dude. Black skin, white hair. Word is he came over for the revolution.
Peter|GM: "No sign of the inspectors, right?"
Roldan: "Mmhm. Still haven't caught on to this place, no help from the kids. Pickin' a block where the neighbors keep their heads down probably helps."
Peter|GM: "At least they've had the wits not to fuckin' starve so far."
Peter|GM: "Hell, I should get the nurses to set up dripfeed lines for em. Save me mondo mondo trouble in the long run."
Peter|GM: He nods to the bottle. "Shall I top you up, friend?"
Roldan: "Got anyhing good? I fell into a pile of cash this morning."
Peter|GM: He smiles widely, walks up to his bar, lets the bartender hand him a small blue bottle - "Yeah, but I don't want your money."
Peter|GM: "What happen, somebody die?"
Roldan: "Not… *yet*."
Roldan: "Bumped into an old friend. Showed me plans to get all BoA assets out of the whole fukkin' country in like, a week. Was worried about me, told me to get outa here."
Roldan: "Doesn't sound like a terrible idea."
Peter|GM: "Sounds like bad tidings, friend." Hands the bottle over.
Roldan nods, grabbing the bottle and taking a few moments to just smell it after opening it.
Peter|GM: Better than what you've been drinking, that's for sure.
Roldan: "Yeeep." And then a looong drink.
Peter|GM: "I owe ya a little bit. Let's talk back-room-like, you may be able to help me with a thing here or there?" The Fixer smiles. Leads him into the back room.
Peter|GM: "A thing not in this country."
Peter|GM: "Boas, huh? Dangerous animals."
Roldan follows him through. "The… snakes?"
Peter|GM: "The snakes."

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