Ptc Rifle Mystic

NAME: Lincon
(+20Max MP and recover 5MP at the end of each battle) (Recover 10HP when Defending, 1/battle any ability can combo with any momentum, and doing so makes me recover 10HP)

WEAK: Earth

HP: 40 / 40
MP: 60 / 60 (Recover 5 at end of each battle)
LP: 10 / 10
Drive: 0 / 14 (Gain +2 at the start of each battle)
Init: 1d6+4
Insight: 35%

[W]Rifle: 3WGT, 5POW, 3AMMO. [Pin]
[I]Orb: 1WGT, +10 Insight when casting.

[1] x
[2] x
[3] x

- Pep: Gain +2 Drive at the start of each fight.
- Rifle Specialization: Rifles have -WGT and +1AMMO

- Defend: Reduce damage you take until your next turn by -2. Quicken 1 yourself. Reload firearms. Recover 10HP.

[T] Basic Attack: 80CoS. Deals 5 physical damage to an enemy. M-Pin

[T] Twin Arrow: 2MP. 80CoS. Deals 4 physical damage to two different enemies. M-Pin.
C Launch: Deal +2 damage with the attacks.
C Rush: Make an additional attack against a third target.
C Pin: Instead of attacking two different targets, attack the same target three times. Each hit embeds a unique arrow into the target.

[S] Lightning: 4MP. 100CoS. Deals 6 air damage to an enemy. Additionally, you can expend arrows in different targets to make them hit by this attack, as well. M-Air.
C Pin: Inflicts Short Shock to struck targets.
C Launch: Deal +2 Damage.

[S] Freeze: 4MP. 100CoS. Deals 6 water damage to an enemy. Additionally, you can expend arrows in different targets to make them hit by this attack, as well. M-Water.
C Fire: Inflicts Short K-Shatter to struck targets.
C Launch: Deal +2 Damage.

[S] Thorns: 4MP. 100CoS. Deals 6 earth damage to an enemy. Arrows inside the struck target can be expended to inflict an additional +3 damage per arrow. M-Earth.
C Water: Other enemies in the same row are the target are embedded with an arrow.
C Pin: Inflicts Long Disease as well.

[S] Four Blessings: 5MP. 100CoS. Grants Long E-Guard to a row of allies. M-Recovery
C Fire: Also restores 6HP to the allies.
C Recovery: Also grants Short E-Power to allies.

[?] Overdrive - Double Up: Perform any ability you know, but pay no cost to do so.

[S] Overdrive - Tan-y-Vull, The Foolish Boar: 100CoS. Conjures Tan-y-Vull, inflicting 6 Earth damage to all enemies. M-Earth.
C Earth: Deal +2 Damage.
C Pin: Deal +2 Damage.

[S] Y-Visitor: Dazed. 100CoS. Restores 4HP to an ally. Choose one of: M-Fire/M-Water/M-Air/M-Earth.

DESCRIPTION: Tall, with short and scruffy dirty blond hair with bangs to his eyes. Constantly wears stylish sunglasses. Black slacks, dress shoes, a white button up shirt with none of the buttons done up or tucked in, and a sharp black coat over it. Usually seen with a Perfect Smile on his face.

"My brothers and sisters!" Lincon announced to the growing crowd which was begining to fill with riff-farr which would soon be challenging the Mandata.
"Far too long have we live in this weary, dreary world!" The man continued, while throwing his rifle over his shoulder and standing atop a soap box.
"But I have a vision that will save us from this bleak existance we live! Join me, and together we will seize the Mandate of Heaven and become Kings! And when King, I will innate the one law we need the most!"
A pause for effect.
"Hereafter all woman shall be requires to wear dresses! And every man a suit, with at least two buttons undone! Never again shall we be subjected to the sight of a sloven fool in stained overalls! Nary a tunic, or heavens forbid, jean shorts. Join me my friends, as we fix this wretched world!"
And thus did the journey to save the Empire from itself begin…!

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