Pos Trevin

Character Name: Trevin Alfar
Real Name: Charlotte
Level: 49
EXP: - / -
Class: Songstress
Race: Human
Current AP: 28
Total AP: 2083
Gil: 4811


Base 8 6 8 4 4 : 200
Class 2 1 4 2 1 : 60 40
Support Abilities 2 :
Equipped Gear : 250 250 10
Final 10 7 14 6 5 : 10


HP: 1735 / 1735 (+25/L)
MP: 1421 / 1421 (+19/L)


Property Value : Element Property
EVA 10 : Fire Neutral
ARM : Ice Neutral
MEVA : Lightning Neutral
MARM : Water Neutral
Accuracy 5 : Holy Neutral
Critical : Shadow Neutral

Status Resistances

Resist Poison 3


All your currently equipped and usable abilities and their effects go here for easier reference, with pre-calculated delays and damage and anything else you might need to know quickly. Cost is for stuff like MP or CTs
Name Cost Delay Floor CoS Target Keywords Effect
Attack (Whip) 26D F20 85 T: Single Technique, Weapon, Ranged, Stuns Deals (1d8 + 180) physical damage. 20% Blind/Berserk. +1 Charge. 5 Charges can steal enemy buff.
Attack 36D F24 85 T: Single Technique, Weapon, Ranged, Magical Deals (1d10 + 240) magical damage.
Wasp Sting 36 MP 32D F20 85 T: Single Technique, Weapon, Status: Poison Deals (1d8 + 180) physical damage. 20% Blind/Berserk 50% Poison. +1 Charge. 5 Charges can steal buff.
Wiznaibus 21D F15 100 T: Group Technique, Performance Deals (6d10 + 100) ranged physical piercing damage.
Defend 21D F20 100 T: Self Technique, Stance Applies a 3/5 Defense Factor to all damage taken until your next turn.
Item 26D F20 100 T: Single Technique, Item Consume one item and gain its effects.
Change Row 17D F15 100 T: Self Movement Move the character into the row they are not currently in.
Change Weapon 10D F10 100 T: Self Item, Speedy Allows the character to change what is equipped in their weapon and shield slot.
Wait 15D F15 100 T: Self Delay the character by 15 ticks.
Debuffing Techniques
Box Step 21D F15 55 T: Group Technique, Perf, Status: Deprotect Deprotect(4) to all enemies.
Flirt 245 MP 36D F20 70 T: Single Technique, Effect: Charm Inflicts Charm(6) to the target.
Forbidden Dance 21D F15 60 T: Group Technique, Perf, Status: (Random) 1: Toad, 2: Imperil, 3: Lock, 4: Curse, 5: Blind, 6: Berserk, 7: Poison, 8: Pain, 9: Silence, 10: Zombie
Heathen Frolick 21D F15 55 T: Group Technique, Perf. Status: Defaith Defaith(4) to all enemies.
Quick Step 21D F15 50 T: Group Technique, Perf, Status: Evasion Down Evasion Down(4) to all enemies.
Slow Dance 21D F15 55 T: Group Technique, Perf, Status: Slow Slow(4) to all enemies.
Temptation Tango 21D F15 50 T: Group Technique, Perf, Status: Confuse Confuse(4) to all enemies.
Party Based Techniques
Feather Step 21D F20 100 T: Group Technique, Enhancement: Critical Up, Perf. Bestows Critical Up(4) to the party.
Carnival Cancan 240 MP 40D F40 100 T: Group Technique, Stance Bestows Bubble(U) to the party until next turn. Cannot be removed.
Party Based Magic
Last Song 46D F25 70 T: Group Magic Reduces the delay of each ally by 20.
Sheepfoe Mambo 21D F15 100 T: Group Magic, Enhancement: Evasion Up, Perf. Evasion Up(4) to the entire party.
Valor Minuet 21D F15 100 T: Group Magic, Enhancement: Brave, Perf. Brave(4) to the entire party.
Support & Reaction
Save Speed 40 Reaction When hit for damage, reduce the Songstresses delay by 5.
Trance Support All abilities with the Performance Keyword have delay reduced by 10.


(Equipped weapon for Equipment/Remodeling, and Strength for Bare)
Weapon Power Dice Delay Floor Properties Special Properties (0 / 2)
The Starcatcher 18 d8 40D F20 Each hit gets a charge. 5 lets you steal an enemy buff.
Glass Harp 24 d10 50D F24 Ranged, MEvasion 1, Magical Magic Evasion 1
(Equipped armor for Equipment/Remodeling, shields as well for Equipment, and the Blocking, Defense and Style for Bare)
Armor Properties Special Properties
Survival Vest +250 HP / +250 MP Resist Poison 3
(Accessories for Equipment, Bonuses for Bare)
Accessories Properties
Blind Shock 20% Blind(4)
Fury Shock 20% Berserk(4)


Personal carry-ons, still accessible by the rest of the party. Though really the party inventory should be its own separate page! Key items, perhaps?

Learned Abilities

Quick Step(130)
Heathen Frolick(130)
Forbidden Dance(140)
Sheepfoe Mambo(130)
Valor Minuet(130)
Last Song(150)
Box Step(130)
Slow Dance(130)
Temptation Tango(130)

Save Speed(175)
Closed Position (130)


Changeable: Expertise: Running (+10 CoS to Running talent checks)
1 - Aptitude: Technical
2 - Aptitude 2: Technical (+10 CoS to talent rolls of the technical category.)
3 - Aptitude 1: Scholastics
4 - Aptitude 2: Scholastics (+10 CoS to scholastic checks.)
5 - Aptitude: Mental
6 - Aptitude 2: Mental (+10 CoS to Mental checks)
7 - Focus: Technical (Once per session add 20 to a technical talent roll you are performing.)
8 - Focus: Scholastics (Once per session add 20 to a scholastics talent roll you are performing.)
9 - Focus: Mental (Once per session add 20 to a mental talent roll you are performing.)
10 - Double or Nothing: Mental
11 - Double or Nothing: Scholastics
12 - Double or Nothing: Technical





Trevin Alfar. If anyone did know the name on the server, it would be due to them constantly speaking in global chat at the main hub tavern. They often hang around the tavern showing off new songs they wrote with the in game MML creation system. While he has gathered a small amount of fans, in truth more people simply blacklist him to stop the music from playing. (Or to be quite frank, stop the shout spam in town.) They do not belong to a guild and for the most part they communicate through the keyboard. Trevin's player lacks intense raiding experience, but they're always looking for a good group to carry them while they sing!


Charlotte is situated in an agricultural outpost. Her official position is an agricultural engineer. What that actually means is that she sits at her post all day and waits for something to beep. Needless to say, this job gets very boring so she ended up slacking off and started to play games during work. Stella, in particular. It's not like anyone was watching her work habits. She's pretty new at the job too and doesn't do a very good job at it. Not that it was a super demanding job to begin with. She's 13.

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