Pos K108me C
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Character Name: K108me C
Level: 49
Class: Warrior
Current AP: ?
Total AP: 2055/2083

Base 8 5 8 4 5 :
Class 4 2 : 70 30
Support Abilities :
Equipped Gear 3 -2 :
Final 15 7 6 4 5 :

HP: 1495 / 1495
MP: 1161 / 1161

Property Value : Element Property
EVA : Fire Neutral
ARM -60 : Ice Neutral
MEVA : Lightning Neutral
MARM : Water Neutral
Accuracy 5 : Holy Resist
Critical 20 : Shadow Neutral

===Status Resistances===
(Add as Present)

All your currently equipped and usable abilities and their effects go here for easier reference, with pre-calculated delays and damage and anything else you might need to know quickly. Cost is for stuff like MP or CTs
Action Name Cost Delay Floor CoS Target Keywords Effect
Attack 54D F15 80 T: Single Technique, Weapon Deals 1d12+525 damage.
Item 34D F20 100 T: Single Technique, Item Consume one item and gain its effects.
Defend 29D F20 100 T: Self Technique, Stance Applies a 3/5 Defense Factor to all damage taken until your next turn.
Change Row 24D F15 100 T: Self Movement Move the character into the row they are not currently in.
Wait 19D F15 100 T: Self The character takes no action, but time passes.
Change Weapon 14D F10 100 T: Self Item, Speedy Allows the character to change what is equipped in their weapon and shield slot.
Blindside 61D 80 S Tech Weapon 1d12+525. Next hit to target before its action hits for +25%.
Shadowstick 56MP 59D 80 S ^ + Status 1d12+525. 55 to Slow (4).
Beatdown 54D 40 S ^ 1d12+1050 damage.
Keen Edge 70MP 54D 80 S ^ 1d12+525. Innate Critical 10.
Advance 54D 80 S ^ 1d12+656. Take +25% damage for a round.
Greased Lightning 98MP 54D 80 ^ 1d12+525. Doesn't trigger Reactions.
Scourge 54D 80 ^ 1d12+1050 damage to targets about to act only.
Mental Break 37D F18 70 Tech Status Deshell (4). Seals M. Armor.
Magic Break 37D F18 70 Tech Status Defaith (4). Seals E-Element.
Power Break 37D F18 70 Tech Status Debrave (4). Seals Piercing.
Piercethrough 210MP 54D 80 T: Double Tech Weapon 1d12+525 to targets in different rows. No vs. back row penalty.
Wild Swing 280MP 64D 80 T: Group Tech Weapon 1d12+525 to all targets.
==Reactions and Supports==
Reaction Name Trigger CoS Target Keywords Effect : Support Name Effect
Reflex Melee ST damage 30 Dodge it! : Faultsiphon Delays of ST attacks are reduced by -2D per bad status on target.
: Powerchain +25% damage and delay 5 to struck max HP targets
Ravage Deal +25% damage when directly chasing an ally's attack
Fencer Gain Critical 10 when fighting single-handed. Critical hits deal +25% damage.
Weapon Power Dice Delay Floor Properties Special Properties
Gladius 18 d8 37D F20 Accuracy I
Bound Beast 21 d8 40D F20 Critical 4, Impact Tension Buster (Charge on crit, burn 2 stacks for +25% damage)
Illusion Breaker 35 d12 60D F20 Critical 2, Piercing Critical 2, Whallop (On crit, hurl enemy into other row and damage an enemy there.)
Armor Properties Special Properties
Silvered Heavy Heart Armor 60, +1 ATK +2 ATK, -2 SPD, Impact Eater. (After taking 4 physical hits, heal 10% of max HP.)
Radiant Orbitar Evasion 4 R: Holy
(Accessories for Equipment, Bonuses for Bare)
Accessories Properties


Personal carry-ons, still accessible by the rest of the party. Though really the party inventory should be its own separate page! Key items, perhaps?

=Learned Abilities=
===Ability Name===
Ability Name Ability Type AP Cost MP Cost and/or CT Base Delay Floor Base CoS Target Keywords Effect and Adjustments

Blindside 130
Shadowstick 130
Faultsiphon 100

Beatdown 130
Keen Edge 130
Fencer 125

Advance 130
Scourge 130


Greased Lightning 130
Piercethrough 130
Ravage 150
Powerchain 100
Reflex 150
Mental Break 130
Magic Break 130
Power Break 130


Wild Swing 130

Changeable: Wingman Technical
1 - Aptitude Physical IV (+20)
2 - ^
3 - ^
4 - ^
5 - Expertise Tinker III (+30)
6 - ^
7 - ^
8 - Aptitude Wilderness IV (+20)
9 - ^
10 - ^
11 - ^
12 - Dependability Wilderness


K108me C is an eye-catching dragon-kin DPS - she wears a red sleeveless dress with a heavy golden necklace and a solid metal mask with a glowing red cross on the front. She's set the scales (on her long tail, her arms, and the fins from her ears) to silver and all sliders to max. She's mildly well known for communicating only with emotes in party-found groups, and she held a solo speedrun record on an early-game instance for a while - she's a gimmick character, but kind of a quiet and friendly one.

She uses the "point up" emote to point at her own guild tag to ask to speed-run dungeons!

FAVORITE EMOTES: /voila, /bow, /twirl, /gasp, /up
FAVORITE TITLE: <The Explosive>
GUILD TAG: <Let's Speedrun It>


Zekel Young is a muscular young man who works as an agriculture technician in one of the outposts - double-checking the machine's reads on soil levels, cleaning clogged sensors, and keeping a tiny garden of his own, repairing the odd robot. He's quiet, relaxed, and good at his job, if maybe unambitious to the point of sedate.

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