Pos J C Maxwell
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Character Name: Maxwell
Level: 51 (Tier 6 - Effective Tier 8)
EXP: dunno / shit, aleith's not in this one
Class: Blue Mage
Current AP: 226
Total AP: 2251

Base 6 7 5 6 6 : 200 200
Class 2 2 3 3 : 50 50
Support Abilities 2 1 :
Equipped Gear : 250 250 4 2
Final 10 9 5 10 9 : 500 500 4 2

HP: 2081 / 2081
MP: 2081 / 2081


Property Value : Element Property
EVA 20 : Fire Neutral
ARM : Ice Neutral
MEVA : Lightning Neutral
MARM : Water Neutral
Accuracy 10 : Holy <span style="color: #2db84c;">Resist</span>
Critical : Shadow Neutral

===Status Resistances===
Resist Poison III

=Actions (SPD 5)=
All your currently equipped and usable abilities and their effects go here for easier reference, with pre-calculated delays and damage and anything else you might need to know quickly. Cost is for stuff like MP or CTs

Action Name Cost Delay F CoS Target Keywords Effect Damage Code
Attack 45 (50) 20 90 Single Technique, Weapon Deals dx + ATK * Power physical melee damage. d10 + 320
Item 35 (40) 20 100 Single Technique, Item Consume one item and gain its effects.
Defend 30 (35) 20 100 Self Technique, Stance Applies a 3/5 Defense Factor to all damage taken until your next turn.
Change Row 25 (30) 15 100 Self Movement Move the character into the row they are not currently in.
Wait 20 (25) 15 100 Self The character takes no action, but time passes.
Change Weapon 15 (20) 10 100 Self Item, Speedy Allows the character to change what is equipped in their weapon and shield slot.
Analyze 22 (27) 10 100 Single Technique, Fx:Libra Tell me the truth!
Assimilate 144 MP 35 (40) 20 100 Single Magic
36+18T MP || || ||
Mimic ??? ??? ??? ??? ???
<span style="background-color: #ffffff;">Mimic repeats the last action performed by an ally, taking upon its delay using the Blue Mage's Attributes </span>
<span style="background-color: #ffffff;">and weapon delay, if relevant. Mimic ignores MP cost, CT and Item consumption, but it does not benefit </span>
<span style="background-color: #ffffff;">from Support abilities the ally might be using to boost the attacks effectiveness (the Archer's True Shot </span>
<span style="background-color: #ffffff;">and Black Mage's Turbo MP, for example). Moves with a CT cost can only be mimiced after the CT </span>
<span style="background-color: #ffffff;">has been resolved. Should the last friendly action be initiating a CT or delaying due to KO, Sleep </span>
<span style="background-color: #ffffff;">or other similar status effects, Mimic will copy the friendly action prior to that.</span> || ??? ||
Manipulate 96 MP ??? ??? 80 Single Technique, Status: Charm
<span style="background-color: #ffffff;"> Charm status. Manipulate forces the target to perform an immediate action of the Blue Mage's choosing </span>
<span style="background-color: #ffffff;">on a target of their choosing. Any action performed uses the monsters statistics, HP and MP, but the delay </span>
<span style="background-color: #ffffff;">from the move is added to the Blue Mage instead, who also takes any potential CTs before the action</span>
<span style="background-color: #ffffff;"> takes effect. Should Manipulate fail, the BLU suffers 50D F20 regardless of the delay of the intended action.</span>
<span style="background-color: #ffffff;">24+12T MP</span> || ??? ||
Blue Magic
Goblin Punch 120 MP [W] [W] Single Magic, Weapon
30+15T MP || [W] ||
Force Field 1 MP 35 (40) 15 100 Special Magic, Spell Nullify damage from d6:{fire, ice, lightning, water, shadow, holy} for the rest of the fight.
Flame Thrower 160 MP 45 (50) 20 100 Single Magic, Spell, E:Fire
40+20T MP || d12 + 540 ||
Screwdriver 40 MP 45 (50) 15 50+10 Single Magic, Aimed
10+5T MP || 2d12 + 720 ||
Delay 4 Flare 320 MP 50 (55) 20 100 Group Magic, Spell
80+40T MP || 2d12 + 720 ||
Angel Whisper 416 MP 45 (50) 20 100 Single Magic, Spell, Life
104 + 52T MP || ||
Data Drain 200 MP [W]+10 [W] [W] Group Magic, Weapon, Drain
50 + 25T MP || d12+80 || ||
Pollen 160 MP 45 (50) 20 100 Single Magic, Spell, Recovery
40+20T MP || d12+540 ||
White Wind 352 MP 65 (70) 30 100 Group Magic, Spell, Recovery

88 + 44T MP || ||
notes: tier 6 MP cost, tier 8 damage on Spells, tier 7 weapon

==Reactions and Supports==
Reaction Name Trigger CoS Target Keywords Effect : Support Name Effect
Nature's Wrath Hit by attack which damages HP or MP 30 Row Magic Counter w/ Terrain Learning
: +1 ATK
: +1 ATK
+1 MAG
===Nature's Wrath===
Deals d8+(2+2T)*MAG (d8+120) elemental magic damage and inflicts status:
Name Conditions Element Status Status CoS
Torrent rivers, beaches, ships Water Toad (4) 20
Boar Brigade mountains are nice none Eject 15
Tanglevine jungles, forests none Stop (4) 20
Contortion caves are scary :( none Stone 15
Magma Surge volcanoes, firey places Fire KO 15
Poison Mist swamp, muck, yuck, decay none Poison 40
Plasma plains Lightning Delay 10 40
Snowstorm snowy, icy, crystal places Ice Silence 40
Sandstorm deserts, wastelands none Blind 40
Artifice's Embrace artificial terrain none Slow 45
<span style="background-color: #ffffff;">Dagger, Rod, Staff, Whip, Instrument, Sword, Greatsword, Hammer&Axes, Spears, Guns</span>
<span style="background-color: #ffffff;"> Light Armor, Mystic Armor, Shields</span>
Weapon Power Dice Delay Floor Properties Special Properties
Memories of Mother 32 d10 50D F20 Accuracy II Grants access to entire known BLU list, +2 tier when calculating spell damage, +1 to rest of party
Armor Properties Special Properties
Survival Vest +250 HP, +250 MP Resist: Poison III
Holy Shield Evasion IV Resist Holy
Accessories Properties


Changeable: Trick: Magic Lore (Pay 25% max MP, roll 2 dice and take the better one)
1 - Dependability: Scholastic (Once per session, reroll a fail)
2 - Scrape By: Scholastic (Once per session, something goes horribly right)
3 - Expertise: Spiritual (+10 CoS)
4 - Expertise: Insight (+10 CoS)
5 - Focus: Scholastic (Once per session, increase CoS by 20)
6 - Extreme Effort: Technical (Pay 25% max HP, succeed)
7 - Double or Nothing: Technical (Reroll success for flawless victory)
8 - Expertise - Charm (+10 CoS)
9 - Extreme Effort: Spiritual (Pay 25% max HP, succeed)
10 - Expertise - Infiltration (+10 CoS)
11 - Aptitude - Scoundrel (+5 CoS)
12 - Dependability - Scoundrel (Once per session, reroll a fail)

There isn't a genki slider to max out, so he had to spend a LOT more time on character creation than he otherwise would have. Flopsy, sandy blond hair, cute little demon horns and ginormous cat ears, neon-blue eyes, dark tan skin, ostentatious hats, ruffly Victorian-themed equipment whenever he can scrounge it up - he's not going to wear gimped gear because it looks good, per se, but he certainly puts thought into it, builds gearsets around what'll look good with a single piece, or what's cute, or flashy. (He probably would have gone Blue Mage even if it weren't for his grandmother and family friend being the two most prominent Blue Mages on the server.) Certain things are consistent - books full of scribbled notes about monster behaviour and game metaphysics and getting a lot nerdier about the lore than anyone else will admit to; a bandolier full of vials and test tubes and sciency accoutrements - most Blue Mages hide them because they think it looks silly, but he displays it pretty prominently. He picked the "big tuft of fur at the end of his tail" option. He hits the jump button over and over and runs around people, instead of doing a Ready Check.

A child prodigy living and studying at a research outpost, the grandson of the leader of the ansible research program (the player behind Laplace, the first person to really dig into Blue Mage's mechanics!). He's moved between projects a lot, but has spent most of his time being trained in computer systems maintenance and AI research. He started playing the game to spend time with his grandmother, but he's gotten pretty into it, especially trying to break the new content in interesting ways. (He prefers the term 'conducting security audits'.) Someday, he's gonna be a GM!

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