Pathways Of Stella

Pathways of Stella

Back, back in the ancient Age of Myth, the goddess Lyria created this world from the fragments of the world before. The eternal cycle, creation and destruction, birth and death. It had repeated countless times, but this time, the goddess had grown tired. Had always her creation to be destroyed again? Had it always to be in vain, had her to always hear the cries of pain of her children?
Not this time. Building with the fragments of every world before she made this world, this world called Stella. At the seams where the fragments were stitched, giant mountain ranges make travel difficult. Hordes of monsters alien to all those even native hide in the darkest corners of the land and endanger all roads as the the seven kingdoms, Aspheria the Land of Flowers, Briaris the Clockwork Kingdom, Carniel the Land of Desire, Deriar the Grand Altar, Eltaris the Eternal Land, Firkanne the Wartorn Land and Gargen the Illuminated Dominion try to continue their lives.
And for all the problems there are, there is a single, grand solution. Adventurers, a dime a dozen in this broken world, you are one of them, destined to great things, and to perhaps discover what that mysterious dream, in which the only words were "Seek the Eight Keys", means.

Well, who cares for the story of an MMO anyway?

Colony Delta Two - Quartz

It is the great age of insterstellar colonization. The technology is there, no matter how difficult it is. The Distortion Engine can make spaceflight faster than the speed of light a reality (technically it distorts space and makes you 'fall' in a direction, effectively keeping you motionless but moving the space around you), but it is not that much faster than light, the travel to the nearest star still takes a good twenty years, and the only method of calling back home, a quantum entanglement communicator, was not ready when you departed. No, the very technology you are meant to use would still have to be discovered after arrival. Expectation of at least three decades after landfall.
There were four colony ships which launched from Earth. Your ship, the Delta, made landfall in on an inhospitable planet, lack of atmosphere, slightly lower gravity, constant geological activity… All those threaten the colony daily, however, it is as study as the rocks themselves. Structures made of reinforced metal, built completely airtight, great majority of it underground, farms growing specifically genetically-designed crops for harsh environments, a vast genebank in the case genetic problems start arising in it's meager population of a hundred and eight people. The vast complexity of the colony can only be maintained due to the high level of automation utilized, everything controlled by a single AI mainframe.
Yet, humans are strange creatures, they cannot live without strife, opposition. It had long since been decided that, in case anything bad happens, in order to increase morale, and to maintain genetic balance, the colony of Delta would be split into two smaller fragments, they were named after rocks, Corundum and yours, Quartz. Each bearing half the population of Delta as a whole.

It has been thirty years since the landfall and the split. True, the split has saved the colonies from an epidemic once, and the distinct cultures that have arisen (a more scientifically-minded one, Corundum, and a more culturally-minded one, Quartz) have caused sufficient increase in output of ideas that the Quantum Communicator project is expected to finish about four years earlier, even if they have had a much slower start than planned.
Still, life in the colonies is surprisingly slow. Little else to do than oversee the machines working, and be sure you keep health. At least in the capitals they have some entertainment, but out here in the specialist outposts… Nothing, really. Aside from that one MMO, a game brought back from Earth, really, really well-made, still yielding content. Pathways of Stella, was the name. Sufficiently important that they even use the outdated decomissioned parts of the two great AIs for the servers.


The planet is not an easy place to live. Resources are far apart, too. In one place there might be thermal fountains with which great amounts of power can be generated, and many kilometers apart the mineral deposits that the power would be useful for extraction. Hence why each colony has a few outposts, ten to twenty people living their, their own mini-farm, mini-command center, little to nothing else to do than your job.
Each colony has at least two mining outposts, one research outpost, a power outpost and… Well, there's… That one outpost… It produces some food.

=The Workers=
You are workers of the outposts of Quartz, perhaps a couple of you in the same outpost, most definitely not all in the same. Yet you all know yourselves through the Quartz server of Pathways of Stella.
One of you has tried calling someone in the capital today, but it seems like the hardened, safe line had problems. Kind of funny the secondary, hardly maitained line used for Pathways of Stella is working.

Note: This game uses SeeD Class Equipment system, level 47. The mechanical bits of the character is your character in the game Pathways of Stella, the Skills (Talent system) of the character are your character in the colony.


Because I am myself, and people know me and might make assumptions this might need explanation: While I do in fact have ran all of my games in the same meta-setting, Pathways of Stella is in it's own little thing, unrelated to anything else. Which means pretty mundane humans are what compose the colony characters. Please remember that


PoS-K108me C
PoS-Lucian Gorefist
PoS-J.C. Maxwell

Gil: 2232
Item List

Hi-Potion x5
Potion x5
Dry Ether x5
Ether x4
Antidote x5
Eyedrop x5
Bandage x5
Pain Killer x5
Echo Screen x5
Holy Water x5
Chronos Tear x5
Remedy x5
Golden Needle x5
Phoenix Down x5

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