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Current Rules: paper seed
Current PC Creation: Doll Generation

"What the sea offers, it'll take back one day."

The sun shines over still, sparkling waters, over what was once the continent of Aeg'lys.
The Imperial City is almost taken by the waters, ruined by god's tribulation.
All around, the ships of every nation - warfleets, traders, pleasure yachts, even pirate ships - have set aside to gather for a certain ritual.
The Empire was taken by the ocean because it became corrupt, and sinful.
A new order must arise to unite the world.
In the highest reach of the citadel lies the "Mandata", the jewel of rulership.

Watched over (and arbitrated by) the Angel of God, parties from all across the world have arrived, to compete to seize the jewel, and as such, sit on the throne of the world.
…Or, at least, salvage the treasures of both the empire and the tribulation.


A party attacks the Tribulation, which is separated into multiple zones.
Whenever they rest, the water rises, sealing off lower zones (and their treasures), but allowing easier access to the later zones.
On the final day, the group must attack Nifmudir, the Tribulated.
If they fail, he will be weaker when the next party defeats him, if the arrive "later".
The party that reaches and defeats Nifmudir with the least amount of rests wins, and rules the world in the next Peter campaign.


Beach of Arches ~ Newgate on the Shore
Hell's Village ~ A Banquet for Demons
Gardens ~ Flickering Eden
Prison ~ Denial
Tower of Alchemy ~ If I Can Complete This, Then…
Tower of Valor ~ A Knight's Duty
First Palace ~ A Terrible Machine Which Eats You Up And Makes You Evil
Second Palace ~ I'll Run Away
The Keep ~ The Trial


Characters may belong to more than one party. Do your best.


Human Rifle Mystic - Lincon
PTC Familiar Sage
Driftin Ironclad - Savaero
Hundred Fighter - Harrison
Maxwellian Sage - 3NY4
Alloci Elf Mystic - Yhephestra
If-ys Magus - Yis-k-ly
Human Maverick - Taren
Driftin Maverick - Nimun Patchiran

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