Mysterious Seed



With the Black Knight their terrifying herald,
Imperial forces have been conquering nation after nation.
It is said the Red-And-Black Empress dreams of conquering the whole world.


A free port on the southern coast, constructed in the carapace of a long dead sea-titan.
Crowded with rich merchant companies and sailors of fortune, including, it is rumored, many pirates.
The Empire keeps some presence, but has not laid claim.


Fleeing imperial invasion, three massive refugee ships have just landed in Leviathan.
Those with money are seeking passage further out - those without are…


Taking on a crew of refugees, a certain junker captain has sailed out
to the Arcolith "Filios". The turmoil of war has presented an opportunity
To take a certain unknown item.


Cyclopean ruins of an alien civilization.
It is said that the creators of the Arcolith shared the secret of magic with the world,
And then departed for the stars.


A certain junker captain sails into the flooded streets of the Filios Arcolith.
She has assembled an unusual crew for this mission, many just arrived from the refugee ships.
…Inside the Arcolith, something is stirring…


The anatomy of certain enemies might present certain targets - glass jaws and gaps in their armor. When you target an attack to such a location, you might score a bonus effect!
That's a "Weak Point"!
Try hitting different parts of the monster with your descriptive text, and see what happens!


Bring a level 0 Seed: Overdrive character.
Mostly, they are refugees from fallen countries who have signed onto a sketchy salvage job,
as otherwise they would be stranded in Leviathan.

Prologue scenes are available, possibly depicting
- The tragic fall of your home to the Empire,
- The terrible conditions about the refugee ship,
- That harrowing knight where the Black Knight boarded and searched it (but why?)

…Hmm… though…
…I guess it's possible there might be characters that didn't sign onto that sketchy salvage job,
And end up joining the party in different circumstances, or for other reasons.
If that sounds like you, or if you just want to join the game late, talk to me!

In "Mysterious Seed", it's okay for players to attend some sessions, and not others. Take it easy!

Lady Elizabeth Mcgunnery - The certain Junker Captain. Played by Icecylee
Kit and Kat - Twin dolls, one a cat wizard, the other a fox swordsman. Played by Callyn
Lobelia Wintervine - A hired axe with an infamous reputation, definitely not a cheerful runaway princess. Played by Gravagar
Santiago Esquip - A sixth noble son turned swashbuckling pirate. Played by Svad/Le Squide
Elbereth - The barmaid at the Leviathans tavern. What's she doing here? Played by Fuepepe
Folis - A driftin witch that merely wished to get away from everything. Played by Mokura
Echo Thirty-Six - A bear hundred, driven from his ancestral lands. Played by Aleithilithos
Iron Scale Shen - An Alloci warrior on a mission. Played by NinjaWeazel
Hayreddin - A human from a faraway land, causing trouble for the Imperials at every turn. Played by Hachi-Roku
Alianor Sheridan - A technologist refugee who's looking to delve into the Arcoliths to carry on her mother's legacy. Played by Reinhart
Pica-Y-Mata - An ancient If-Ys, unsealed from deep undersea imprisonment. Played by Doman
Petrichor - An If-ys…?
NAME TOO COMPLEX FOR PRIMITIVE WORLD SYSTEMS - Preparing For Descent. Played by Icecylee

The Charted World

Prologue - Tell a Strange Tale
Chapter 1 - the Expedition to the Arcolith
Chapter 2 - Children of the Meridian
Chapter 3 - Because We Cannot Meet Again

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