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Every crashing wave must recede - and in the calm after the onrush of the Empire, in occupied Ecafa, and on the shore of the shattered Arcolith - those wronged and cast adrift turn their eyes to the future, to Leviathan.



  • Certain events will increase the profile of the party and advance a clock. (Causing a ruckus, knowledge that you have arcoloot leaking.)
  • the clock is currently "A Meeting with an Imperial Agent 2/4"
  • (the clock will be replaced by a worse one after it activates)
  • you can freely RP and gather info!
  • I'll write more about Ecafa soon!


A fishing village just past through the towers. Sitting on the far end of the Vagabond Road, it is isolated from much - but not all - of the turmoil that has reached port cities with deep harbors.


  • Smoked Fish (small fish in vast amounts. Pick the bones from between your teeth. Occasionally, larger catches.)
  • Clamcakes (Fried cakes made from a plantain mash and clam meat. Peppered.)
  • Honey Cicada (The shell boils down to a syrup)
  • Bluestalk (A stalked, juicy vegetable - like a relative of celery or rhubarb)


  • A few goods are available, but this isn't a proper commercial hub. Food can be bought.
  • Patience keeps an inn, however.
  • You can RP here, too. (At the inn, or out on the beach, perhaps.)


  • Patience, the innkeeper.
  • Capan, the town watchman.

Party Inventory At Camp:

- x6 Baked or Smoked fish and steamed greens

Useful Stuff


x1 Rafflesia [Rifle] [Grade B] [4/6] Deals +8 damage to enemies that breath when gas is deployed. Recharge requires alchemy, or black Market access. Arcotech.
x1 Reliable [Handgun] [Grade C] [3/3] After striking, roll an additional damage die.
x1 Hammer [Imperial, can't sell]


x1 Earth Arcoreactor [Magical Orb] [Grade C] [Earth Amp - Increase Earth damage dealt by +5. 3/3 Charges]
x1 Air Arcoreactor [Magical Orb] [Grade C] [Air Amp - Increase Air damage dealt by +5. 3/3 Charges]
x1 Water Arcoreactor [Magical Orb] [Grade C] [Water Amp - Increases Water damage dealt by +5. 3/3 Charges]
x1 Grimoire [Basic Grimoire Implement]


x1 Tower Shield [Basic]


x1 Survival Suit [Light Armor] [Grade C] [Toxin Protection + Murk Immunity + Strangling(?) Immunity + You Won't Get Wet In It]




X1 Mystic's Beads [Accessory] [Grade C] [Q] Generate a single momentum from one of the following types: Earth, Fire, Air, Water.

Unidentified Stuff

- x3 Mysterious Gems [Magic Items?]
- x1 Unidentified Charm against Fire Devils
- x1 Notebook (Details plant life studies - Undeciphered)

Random Stuff

- x1 Ancient Lingerie (Damaged) - Maybe it's of historical interest if properly restored? [Folis]
- x2 Crystal Statues (Crustacean Beast, Coral Serpent) Worth 300G each.
- x1 Sapphire-studded Bracelet - Treasure item worth 135G
- x1 Golden Necklace - Treasure item worth 24G.
- x1 Raincoat - It protects you from rain and rain related skill checks…
- A Pile of Wooden Tokens


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