The forbidding beauty of the Arcolith rises out of the ocean, unclaimed by the waves after all these years. Could these brave adventurers be making a terrible mistake?

Base Camp

The Lucky Molly sits ashore by the Arcolith, ground down black stone forming a mottled, glittering beach that rises up to its ancient wharves. Each wave hisses like a rattlesnake as it drains back to the sea through a sieve of long-shattered stone. Tents are pitched and rugs are laid out for preparation, for rest outside the crowded dank of the Molly. The waters of the Arcolith's flooded streets sparkle, rich with treacherous coral that would shear a heavy ship.


  • Ssuseva, acid cooked fish. (Very sour, eaten cold, Leviathan staple, offensive to refined palates.)
  • Salted Pork (rationed, hearty.)
  • Spice Biscuits (sometimes with honey. The flavor is a tiny luxury.)
  • The occasional catch (fileted, then stewed)
  • Ecafa Oranges (A nearby import. To us, these would be blood oranges. Eaten fresh or grilled with fish. One of the refugee ships left from Ecafa.)


  • The Molly was provisioned for a seven day voyage. It is a two day sail from Leviathan to the Arcolith: therefore, you have three days of exploration.
  • If you return to the Molly for nightfall, you may full rest. If you do not, you can camp with rations and a Survival check.
  • The Molly is not equipped to recharge magic items.
  • When you rest, say a prayer to your charm. This replaces the charm fee. (More powerful charms may not have their fees waived.)
  • You can freely RP in the base camp, channel #sandsea.


1. Site A (Monday the 7th)
2. Site B (Wednesday the 9th)
3. Site A (Monday the 14th)
4. Site B (Wednesday the 23rd)
Night 1
5. Site A (Monday the 28th)

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