Monster Dolls



Cheaply made, tin-can like automatons with a bevy of tools.

HP: 40/40
MP: 3/3
LP: 3/3

Initiative: +4
Drive: 0/8

R: Earth, W: Air.

Attack C80 6 physical damage. M-Rush. C Pin: C100.
Clobber C80 MP1 8 physical damage. M-Launch. C Rush: +3 damage.
Fix C50 MP1 Heal 20. M-Recovery. C Lightning: C80.
OD - Haywire C100 - 8 physical damage.

Discord Gun

An eternally vigilant turret. Not an original part of the plant - it's twisted itself together out of scrap.

HP: 40/40
MP: 3/3
LP: 3/3

Initiative: +8
Drive: 0/8

R: Ice, W: Air.
Gun: 2 bullets, then must reload. Attacks are ranged.

Targets Sighted C80 3 ranged physical damage. T: Triple. M-Pin. C Pin: C100.
Space Flaw C100 MP1 8 air damage. M-Air. C Launch: Slow 3.
OD - Industrial Disease C100 - 6 ice damage and Disease II.


A thick, black, smiling blob, with a bright white, grinning smile. How disgusting.

HP: 30/30
MP: 3/3
LP: 3/3

Initiative: +6
Drive: 0/4

R: Ice, W: Fire.
Armor 2: Reduce incoming physical damage by 2.
Ugh! - When killed, attacker gains +4 Drive. Seriously, fuck these guys.

Attack C80 6 physical damage. M-Rush. C Rush: Retreat.
Morass C100 MP1 E-Shatter II. M-Pin. C Fire: 8 fire damage.
OD - Regenerate C100 Recover 30. T:Self.

Front Desk

Seven-fifths of an automaton created to serve as a front desk attendant. Plus five weird, spindly black legs. And her entire desk.

HP: 70/70
MP: 6/6
LP: 6/6

Initiative: +0
Drive: 0/10

R: Ice, W: Fire.

Run Wild C90 6 physical damage. T: Double. M-Rush. C Lightning: +2 Drive.
The Customer's Always 0xFFFF C90 MP: 1 8 physical damage. M-Pin. C Pin: +4 damage.
NEXT PLEASE C100 MP: 1 6 ice damage and Taunt II. M-Ice. C Pin: Disease. C Launch: +4 damage.
OD - Swallow Hole C100 13 physical damage. M-Pin.


A living serpent, born from reactor-fire frozen in time.

HP: 40/40
MP: 3/3
LP: 3/3

Initiative: +4
Drive: 0/8

R: Fire, W: Ice.

Arc C80 6 physical damage. M-Rush. C Rush: 6 physical ranged damage to back row target. C Pin: Burning.
Flame Leap C80 MP1 8 fire damage. M-Fire. C Any: T: Double.
OD - Meltdown C100 - Deals 4 fire damage to the group. Added +1 damage for each 10HP the Prominent still has. M-Fire.

Toy Soldier

Tiny little wooden toy soldiers with swords and shields.

HP: 35/35
MP: 4/4
LP: 3/3

Initiative: +4
Drive: 0/8
W: Fire, R: Air

Attack C80 4 physical damage.
Brace C80 1MP 4 physical damage. Toy Soldier gains a Barrier (3).
Fire Sabre C100 1MP 5 fire damage. Physical: +1 damage.
OD - Look Alive C100 Toy Soldier's party all gain a Shield (3).


Ah yes the proof of concept model…

HP: 30/30
MP: 3/3
LP: 6/6

Initiative: +2
Drive: 0/10
W: Air, R: Ice

Bullets: 3/3 (Physical attacks are ranged, but the sniper needs to reload when they run out of bullets)
Nice Shot - When you hit a target with a turn marker below yours, you can spend 1LP to increase the damage by 2.

Attack C80 4 physical damage.
Slow Breathing C100 1MP Move the Sniper's turn marker up two places. Recover 1HP for each PC turn marker the Sniper is now above.
Exploding Shot C80 1MP 4 physical damage and Short Burning. Fire: Burning isn't short.
OD - Desperado C80 5 physical damage to as many targets as you have bullets. Recover 1MP and 1LP for each target hit, then move the Sniper's turn marker to the bottom.

Action Figure

It's not a doll!

HP: 40
MP: 4/4
LP: 4/4

Initiative: +0
Drive: 0/8
W: Earth, R: Fire

Armored - 1 Armor.

Attack C80 3 physical damage.
Straight C80 1MP 3 physical damage. -2 Drive Fire: -4 Drive
Hook C80 1MP 3 physical damage. Drop the targets init marker 1. Lightning: Drop the init marker of each PC in the target's row by 1.
Lightning Jab C100 1MP 4 lightning damage. Physical: Short Shock
OD - Dropkick C100 Short Shatter & Short Elem-Falter


An evil animated snowman.

HP: 30/30
MP: 6/6
LP: 3/3

Initiative: +2
Drive: 0 / 12
W: Fire, R: Ice

That's Cold, Man - Whenever an ally dies, Frost can spend 1LP to Chill the PC which stuck the finishing blow.

Attack C80 3 physical damage.
Flash Freeze C100 1MP 5 ice damage. Lightning: Short Disease
Sink Hole C100 1MP 5 earth damage. Physical: Short Curse
OD - Cold Front C100 Deals 5 ice damage to the front row of PCs. Frosty recovers 1MP for each PC not hit.


Of the saltiest variety

HP: 40/40
MP: 4/4
LP: 2/2

Initiative: +0
Drive: 0 / 10
W: Ice, R: Fire

Motivation - 1 Armor, but only when in the front row.
All Riled Up - Whenever the Salamander is hit for damage, it can spend 1LP and gain Short Power II & Elem-Power II.

Attack C80 3 physical damage. Physical: Short Exhaust
Fire Breath C100 1MP 3 Fire damage to two targets. Earth: Hit a third target.
Sun Screen C100 1MP A single target gains a Shield (5)
OD - Berserk C80 Move into the front row and deal 6 physical damage to a single target. Move the Salamander's init marker to the top.


Crawling things left in the wake of a greater Winter-monster. A pest.


Initiative: +6

W: Fire, R: Ice.

Attack C80 3 damage.
OD - Unfold C100 Grow in size, gaining Power II, increasing Max HP to 10, and fully healing.


Wouldn't be Seed without a crab!


Initiative: +4

W: Lightning, R: Fire
Armor - Take -1 physical damage.

Attack C80 4 damage. Ice: Falter.
Bubble C100 MP1 4 Ice damage.
OD - Spiral Tide C100 GT: 3 ice damage.


A four-armed fog-creature with a stone mask.


Initiative: +4

W: Fire, R: Earth.
Cry - When another monster dies, spend 1 LP and gain 4 Drive.

Attack C80 4 damage.
Grab C80 MP1 4 damage + Short Shatter. Ice: Not Short.
Grave Reach C100 MP1 6 ice damage + Pull.
OD - Rip Apart C80 6 damage + Dispel + Curse.

Mite Maker

What kind of infernal device is this?

HP 40/40
Drive 0/16
Initiative: +0

W: Lightning, R: Ice.

Mite-Make C100 Create a new Mite. Place its turn marker below the Maker. It'll act next turn.
OD - Collapse C100 50 T: All Supreme damage. It's a wipe.

Marra Luta-Biska, Manipulator

HP 40/40
MP 8/8
LP 4/4
Drive 0/10
Initiative: +4

W: Ice, R: Fire.
Spatial Warp - Spend 1 LP upon using an ST ability to inflict +25% effect and move the target into the other row.

Attack C80 4 damage.
Hex C70 MP1 6 ice damage + Curse. Physical: C100.
Burn C70 MP1 6 fire damage + Burning. Physical: C100.
Instill C100 MP1 Heal 7 HP. If target isn't self, Energize.
OD - Nova Regulus C100 6 GT Fire damage + Exhaust.

Barbed-Tail Dragon

A lesser dragon - a dangerous predator, but no beast of legend.
It fights with its two foreclaws and its bite.


HP 20/20
Drive 0/8

W: Earth, R: Fire.
Burning Blood - When damaged, +1 Drive.

Attack C80 4 damage.
OD - Sweep C80 4 damage to all front-row targets.


HP 50/50
Drive 0/14

Claw Block - When a Claw is up, spend 1 LP at the beginning of an action to move into the back row, move both claws into the front, and gain Elem-Guard II. When claws are slain lose Elem-Guard II.
Panic - When both claws are dead, gain +1 Drive when damaged.
W: Ice, R: Fire.

Bite C80 7 ranged damage.
Fire Blast C100 MP1 6 fire damage. T: Double. Physical: +4 damage.
Wing Beat C60 MP2 6 lightning damage + Push. T: Group. Physical: +4 damage.
OD - Claw Combo C80 - Once per claw, 8 ranged physical damage, T: Double. Physical: Burning.
OD - Revival C100 - Revive claws with full HP and 0 Drive.
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