MiRA-[CLE].ex//soldier for the world LIBER

Name: MiRA-[CLE].ex//soldier for the world LIBER
Race: Maxwellian
Class: Sage
Level: 3
EXP: 132 / 150

HP: 80 / 80
MP: 49 / 60 (Recover 5 MP Post Battle)
LP: 9 / 10
Weight: 6
Drive: 28 / 28 (14 Drive to OD) (Gain +2 Drive Post Battle)
Initiative: 1d6+6

R: Air
W: Earth


Type Name Effect Special Weight Charges & Magical Effects
Armor X WGT
Shield X WGT
Weapon Shotgun 1d6+8 damage [Pin] 10 Critical, 3 Ammo, Ranged. 4 WGT [Rafflesia] [6/6] Deals +8 damage to enemies that breath when gas is deployed. Recharge requires alchemy, or black Market access.
Implement Wand +2 Spell Potency +5 Potency from Burst, rather than +3 2 WGT [Light Siphoner] [2/2] True Heal a different target for +12HP.
Accessory Lion Bracelet +4 Potency with this round's action
Charm Viper Skull Toxin protection, and gain +1 potency die with your Action on your next turn when inflicted with the status. 0 WGT


[1] - Dwarven Luck-Stones. [Restore +3HP/3MP/3LP] [Stack: 3/3]
[2] - Medicine - Cleanse all negative conditions. M-Recovery
[3] - Potion - Restores 50HP and 5MP to a target. M-Recovery

Money: 31G
Rations: 8


Will: +10 Max MP. Recover 5 MP upon winning a battle.
Bravery: Gain +2 Drive upon winning a battle.


Passive Abilities

[P] Reserve Power: Activate Overdrives at will instead of automatically. Can stock Drive equal to twice the size of your ordinary gauge. Active Overdrives using the normal drive value rather than increased maximum.

[P] Sage's Endurance: The Sage gains +10 Maximum MP. Additionally, when not engaged in battle, the Sage may spend LP to recover HP, which each LP spent recovering +10HP.

[P] Trade Secret: Sages excel at healing people, even when it seems like they're doing something else. When creating a Sage, select one of the following as your Trade Secret bonus:
- At the end of your turn, if you did not use your action to cast a spell that recovers HP, then gain +3 HP recovery Potency on your next HP recovery spell. This bonus stacks if gained multiple times. Any unused bonus is lost at the end of the battle.
(This version of Trade Secret disregards Overdrives and Quicks.)

Action Abilities

[T] Basic Attack: 80CoS. Deals 1d6+8 ranged damage. 10 Crit. M-Pin

Defend: 100CoS. Until your next turn, you take -5 damage from all sources. Quicken 1. Additionally, you may Reload any equipped Firearms to their maximum ammo value.

Item: 100CoS. Use an item from your inventory. Targeting, effects and momentum vary from item to item.

[T] Demonstrate: 3MP. 80CoS. Deals weapon damage to a single target, and the next Spell the Sage cast both rolls an additional die and rerolls any 1s. The additional die bonus stacks if gained multiple times. The bonus is lost if not used by the end of the battle. M-Launch+1.
C Pin: +4 damage potency.
C Water: The next spells rolls two extra dice, instead.

[T] Conjuration: 5MP. 80CoS. Deals weapon damage to a single target, and the next spell the Sage casts gains an additional target. M-Rush.
C Air: The Sage also gains Short Focus II at the start of their next turn.
C Recovery: The Sage's next spell targets an entire row, instead of hitting an additional target.

[S] Acclaim: 5MP. 100CoS. Restores 1d8+14 HP to a single target, and grants Short K-Power. If the target is defending, grants Long K-Power instead. M-Recovery.
Field: Restores 18 HP to a single target.
C Launch: True Heal +6HP to all other targets in the group.
C Rush: Also gives +2 Drive to the ally.

[S] Solace: 5MP. 100CoS. Restores 1d8+14 HP to a single target, and grants a Barrier (4). If the target has been dealt damage by an enemy since the end of your last turn, the Barrier is (8) instead. M-Recovery.
Field: Restores 18 HP to a single target.
C Earth: +5 HP recovery potency.
C Rush: Also gives +2 Drive to the ally.

[S] Rescue: 5MP. 100CoS. Restores 1d8+12 HP to a single target and Quicken 1s the target. If the target has 30HP or less, restores an additional 1d8+10 HP. M-Recovery.
Field: Restores 15 HP to a single target, or 21 HP to a target with 40 or less HP.
C Fire: Grants the target a Barrier (5) as well.
C Air: Quicken 3s the target instead of Quicken 1.

Quick Abilities

[Q] Lion Bracelet: Gain +4 potency with this round's action.

[Q] Instant Recovery: True Heal +12HP a single target.


[OD] Overdrive: Missile Barrage: True Strike the entire enemy group for 12 supreme damage. M-Launch.

[OD][S] Overdrive: Perfection: 100CoS. Restores 1d10+17 HP to a single target and cleanses all negative statuses from them. M-Recovery

Dazed Abilities

[D] Encourage: Dazed. 100CoS. Grants an ally +2 Drive. M-Rush

[D] Shadow of Doubt: Dazed. True Strike a single target for 4 water damage. M-Water


Out of Place:
You're from a distant, distant land.
Sp - When you audaciously defy the ordinary way of the world, gain Blessed (Lucky) until things calm down.
Sp - When you return to your homeland, enter High Tide.
Sp - It's okay if you don't read any of the setting information.
Mo - Others from the same place as you.

Sp: When you accomplish something, choose to LEARN A LESSON ABOUT BEING HUMAN or LEARN A LESSON ABOUT PROTECTING HUMANITY. Write these lessons down - you can only learn six of each type!
Once per expedition, (or per hazy general multi-day preparation sequence), activate the atomic heart to assist a friend. Use the power of the # of lessons they are acting in interest of - if it's THE FATE OF HUMANITY, use that. if it's THEIR OWN HEART, use that.
1. Add dice to their current skill check equal to the power of the heart.
2. Instantly grant them drive equal to the power of the heart.
(You can do this by physically assisting them, in which case it's a super assist, or you can do this by just like, poetically and narratively reflecting on them.)
Sp: You and those close to you are permanently immune - and have always been - to Winter, and the Demesne of Exarchs.
Lessons about being Human
1. Humans become agitated when personal spaces and boundaries are pushed upon. Always ask for consent from allies!
Lessons about Protecting Humanity
1. Humans are prone to self sacrifice in order to save others.


Points Skill Description
Agility Running, dodging, leaping
Charm Likability and social finesse
Coercion Intimidation and leverage
1 Determination Stamina, endurance, and willpower
2 Experimentation Identifying and analyzing something through experimentation
Insight Seeing to the heart of things, piecing things together
Lore Knowledge
Lying False pretenses, disguises, forgery
Mechanisms Opening locks, sabotaging devices
2 Mysticism Spirits and the protocols of the unreal
Navigation Reading the weather, finding the way, steering a ship or caravan
Operation Use and understanding of complex machines
Sorcery Solving a problem though magic
Stealth Avoiding attention, sneaking into places, detecting alarms, stealing
3 Streetsmart Fast talking, bribery, underworld politics
Strength Smashing, lifting, throwing, cutting
Survival Foraging, hunting, tracking, you roll it when resting in the wilderness

Character Background





As first glance, MiRA-[CLE].ex//soldier for the world LIBER could almost pass for human. Upon taking a closer look though, she'd feel somewhat over, sort of… uncanny, if you will. Her skin is pale, almost white, with an odd sheen to it. And her hair flows nearly to the ground, and is a rather unnatural bright neon pink, as are her eyes. Facial features almost a bit too soft and rounded; something that would look attractive as a drawing, but not as much in real life. She's roughly as tall as a human though, and proportioned like one as well, if a bit endowed. Her clothing is a bit odd and out of place as well: a needless tight halter top made of some stretch materials that's almost sheer despite being black, and a pink ruffled mini skirt. She wears a long, faded black coat that reaches the floor, with the words "WORLD SAVIOR" written vertically in gold lettering. She carried a double barrel shotgun with her as well, though only one side actually shoot slugs; the other houses a large wand.

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