Tom Zen

Class: Knight
Current XP: 35
Total XP: 374
Feelin' Good?: Perhaps!


ATK 10 VIT 10


HP: 671 / 700
MP: 290 / 550
Luck: 5 / 7


Footings: Technical -> Magical -> Direct - Flow on Technique, Reverse Flow on Spell and Support
Action Name Cost Delay CoS Target Keywords Effect
Attack 40/44/47D 80 T: Single Technique, Deals 1d8+90/100/110 damage.
Item Item 40D 100 T: Single Support Consume one item and gain its effects.
Change Row 20D 100 T: Self Move the character into the row they are not currently in.
Wait 15D 100
Defend 30D 100 Support, Stance Gain a 4/5 defense factor until your next turn.
Beat Parry 40 MP 40/44/47D 80 T: Single Technique Deals 1d8+90/100/110 damage, target deals -30% damage to targets other than you on next action
Covering Strike 45/49/52D 80 T: Single Technique Deals 1d8+90/100/110 damage, redirect damage to chosen ally to self
Yield Not 80 MP 40/44/47D 80 T: Single Technique Deals 1d8+90/100/110 damage, blocks enhanced until next turn. Impact Guard: Defense factor is applied to all targets. Repel: CoS penalty is -50. Withstand: Reduce the damage to 1. Undaunted: 160 THP
Lunge 60 MP 40/44/47D 80 T: Single Technique, Condition Deals 1d8+90/100/110 damage, moves to front row and inflicts target with CQC(2), it deals -20% damage to players in the front row other than Zen
Passing Softly 45/49/52D 80 T: Single Technique Deals 1d8+90/100/110 damage, next time the enemy attacks people damaged by the attack can enter a stance that grands 3/5ths defense modifier until their next action
Slash Carousel 80 MP 40/44/47D 80 T: F.Row Technique Deals 1d8+90/100/110 damage, targets can move to the back row to avoid
Iron Weave 40/44/47D 80 T: Single Technique Deals 1d8+90/100/110 damage, on a roll of 1-30 refresh a Block
Preparation 30D 100 T: Self Support Move to back row and refresh all Block abilities. Cannot be used in the back row
Stop Cut 50 MP 40D 100 T: Single Technique, Support Target's CoSes are capped at 75(4)
And Recover 40/44/47D 80 T: Single Technique, Execution, Recovery Deals 1d8+165 damage to Transgressor, refresh a Block, recover 144 MP
Flower Petals 60 MP CT 15 35D 100 T: Single Support, Recovery, Roses Heals 1d10+136 HP to target


Reaction Name Trigger Cost Target Keywords Effect


Support Name Condition Effect
Iron Curtain Ally in back row Can use Block abilities on back row allies
Bronze Scales Guard Assist Guard Assist reduces incoming attack's CoS by 20


Quick Name When Effect
Rolling Crash - S.A. When ally strikes enemy Deals 1d8+110 [80 CoS]
Bronze Reflector - G.A. When ally is attacked Take attack in ally's place, reduce attack's CoS by 20
Repel When attacked by ability Reduce incoming attack's CoS by 25
Impact Guard When struck by ability Gain a 3/5ths defense modifier
Withstand When damaged by ability Reduce damage to 100
Undaunted When damaged by ability Gain 80 THP after the damage is taken


Weapon Power Dice Delay Properties
Digging Claws 9/10/11 d8 40/44/47D Stance Shift, Evasion 5
Armor Properties
Pangolin Scales Armor 30


Survivalist [Gnome]

Scope: Raised by a pair of explorers and mercenaries, Zen has caught on most of his parents' skills as they raised him, you guessed it, on the road. Most of that shows through his skill to survive in the wild - to track his quarry in a sandstorm, carve an agile path through jungles, to find food in the strangest of places. He's learned and memorized the nature and names of useful flora and fauna that can keep him alive for another day, and of hazardous ones in which he can lure an enemy into, even those that are known only in legend. His sometimes companions always had difficulty keeping up with him on a wild march.
Special: When facing off against an opponent in the wilderness that hasn't seen you yet, you can spend one luck and create a Vicious Ambush - by luring them into a trap, or simply by striking from hiding. In addition to whatever other effects your ambush has, targets you catch unawares with this ambush take +20% damage in any ensuing battle. If you lure an Ace into an ambush, you have to succeed at least one skill check against them to gain this bonus. Do this once per expedition.
Special: Once per expedition, you can cure someone of a condition outside of battle by making them eat something funny.
Refresh: Once per expedition, you can use a surprising property of the local wilderness to feed someone, treat an injury, or otherwise solve a small problem. When you do so, you can recover one luck to an ally.

Smith [Aura]

Scope: A little bit too much dedication to looking cool, a little bit of excessive need to measure up to his parents, and Zen's earned himself majestic skills at the alchemical forge used to make enchanted gear. Though a little weird the gear he creates is strong, dependable and often sought after people with a penchant for the odd-yet-reliable. Though made of hardened wood, chitin and fur his creations are suitable for the most serious of purposes - weapons to slay any mark, cannons to pierce any palisade, ropes for any binding ritual, among others. When his gear is put to test, apply the Smith skill for the check or to assist with it.
Special: When you use special materials to make a powerful weapon, you may spend three luck - name a kind of foe your weapon is particularly effective against. This weapon has Accuracy I against non-ranked enemies of that nature. Additionally, the weapon may perform a Power Strike 50 against a ranked enemy of that nature - when it does, the special effect on this weapon ends. Take note it might not be quite possible to do this against people.
Special: Once per battle you may instantly re-equip yourself or an ally, swapping out their weapon instantly for another.



Back covered in thick dark red plates, not of metal but of of living matter, long claws in each hand, hair long and well-groomed, fiery in a manner so opposite to his disposition. His clothes are always torn in some manner, though one could say artistically so, going with his chest bare and his legs covered only with thick survival pants he has a knife strapped to his right boot, his belt carries a canteen and some food. He seems to be able to pull a backpack out of nowhere when necessary to bring out food or tools. This monster is much akin to a pangolin-

Wait, did I say monster? No, no sorry, that is not the case. After a hard day's work, fighting the wars of others, he will divest his scales and claws (nothing more than armor designed to look like a monster, the chest piece is even colored so similar to his skin it seems to blend with it) showing his human features more clearly, a little young but still adult, not enough natural disposition for muscular structure despite all the practice he gets. If you ask him what monster he slew for those powerful scales he will just run his hand through his hair and say "I made them myself"


His origins proper, he does not know, nor cares. What's important is that a group of mercenaries made of monster and human alike, whose only actual care was earning coin in the war, ran into him at one time. A child with no parents in the remains of a wrecked building. There were two of the mercenary band, her a powerful pangolin-beast of metallic golden scales and him an unusually tiny human who carried more guns than would be reasonable to, who decided that they probably take a breather from the whole fighting business to take care of that child, they've been wanting one for a long time anyway.

Being raised on his parents' stories of bravery and adventure on the field, on the close bonds of brotherhood within the mercenary unit (they'd visit often, you see, he kinda became the unit's pet in a manner) and a little bit more closely acquainted with death than one would expect a child to be (sometimes his parents would still go out on a mission or another for some extra cash, sometimes it'd take a very long time for them to return. Thankfully, someone must have had a very good appreciation of dad because he'd usually be able to cut the line) he grew up to be a very adventurous child. As they lived on the road (hard for a human and monster to raise a kid anywhere in particular when there's a war between the two going on) he was quick to take to their pathfinder and survivalist nature.

His desire to take on their warrior nature was not unnoticed, however. What else could do they than… Oblige? It's better to learn how to do it right than prevent him and eventually getting himself killed in a terrible manner. Those days looking at his outfit you would think he took to his mother's teachings, but he did incorporate greatly his father's execution style into his own defensive style. But his outfit says a lot about him, because he wanted to look impressive, and who was more impressive than his mother? He also is dedicated, deeply, about something when it is really important to him, his outfit says it too because he invented the whole method to create it. One day he asked his mother, what are her scaled made of? She had no idea, so they went to a sage who studied animals and he said "That is her hair, of course". So he made himself an armor of his own hair too! (admittedly it took a very long time)

Speaking of that armor. He invented the very method to create it, that got him fame more as a craftsman than a mercenary- Although arms and armor made by someone who knows what it is like to use them are always more valued.

Oh skies above, I rambled. The gist is that he's too young to have anything *interesting* in his past, aside from his looks and his gear. So that's that.

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