Tom Sycorax

Hightower ~ Behold! Yhe Holmat!

It's written: "Higher than the sky is Yhe Holmat!" Atop a great mountain the palace perches like a vigilant bird, its great foundation-claws pumping with magma that powers its eternal forges. Worn away by the beating of the ocean that threatens to consume it, the mountain of Hightower is constantly under construction - shored up with daring feats of construction and moved earth, every new day of excavation finding caverns that go deeper and deeper inside it.

Skyscrapers, serpentine caverns, lonely mountains, the palace of Yhe Holmat.

Prologue ~ 'Behold! Yhe Holmat!'
In Which the Mountain is Ascended,
In Which The Roaring King Roars,
In Which Things on Poor Foundation Collapse,
Holmat and ___,
In Which the King Offers Treasure,
In Which a Trip to the Beach,
In Which Fal Silke Talks About Hearts,
In Which Something Slumbers Deep Within the Earth,
Finale ~ 'You're Going to Have to Decide"

Waterway ~ Welcome to the Neighborhood

The Waterway of Sycorax is… well, where people actually live! The markets, their homes, all built into an ancient network of reservoirs and aqueducts. I mean, it's filled up with trash in a lot of places (monsters are pretty bad at cleaning up after themselves) but it's still home! Just, uh, check whether it's well-water or bath-water first, okay? A busy labyrinth of streets and parks and ruins.

x Prologue ~ 'Welcome to the Neighborhood'
xIn Which Ark Mien Holds Court,
In Which a Funeral's an Excuse for a Festval
In Which Merco and Ykare Hang Out,
In Which People Argue About How to Eat Humans,
In Which Fal Silke Hosts,
In Which Marzel Gets Fed Up,
Finale ~ 'Promise Me a Happy Ending, Okay?'

Denmarche ~ Things That Humans Made

Monster territory - once, the thriving metropolises of the old kingdom spread over the land. Now, they are consumed by clouds of dust that scour the glass from its windows and bury the world in yellow-ashen dunes. In some places, the earth is broken, rent asunder with huge rifts from which light streams, pouring deep into the night sky. In other places, phantasmagorical jungles crawl out, retaking the barren earth. From ruin to lonely village, all the way to Sycorax itself, the highway cuts a shallow scar across the land. Look! There, on the horizon! Another long-silent fortress is falling, rent asunder by the monster's demolition plan.

Operations of the Yhe Holmat demolitions crew, human spies, little villages, useless ancient buildings
xPrologue - 'Things That Humans Made'
In Which a Building Falls,
In Which the IIth Regiment is Driven Back,
In Which a Beast Roars Underneath the Full Moon,
In Which the Boys are Brought Home,
In Which the Past Stirs and the Dust Devours,
In Which An Unusual Avalanche,
In Which Merco Gets Thoughtful,
Finale ~ 'Those Who've Seen the Ocean'

Mana Lands ~ Bound by the Spine

The land of the Mana Tree - its glowing flowers, the massive roots that support a very pillar of the heavens - are a ceasefire land. The monsters that live here are older, primal. Even human armies stay quiet when crossing here, and no weapons are raised, no shots are fired. Black leaves and white blossoms. Some say that if you climb up to the very top of the tree's boughs, you can find an existence beyond war and death. If this is true, none who have achieved it have returned to share the good news. Pink-colored birds and blue soil. The gateway between human and monster controlled lands.

Prologue ~ 'Bound by the Spine'
In Which it's Quiet, and then, Too Quiet
In Which a Nostalgic Mantis Ant
In Which the Party Go For a Picnic By Flower-Light
In Which the Foreign Service Meddle
In Which New Heights are Reached,
In Which Sabres are Rattled,
In Which a Line is Drawn Down the Middle, Like in a Sitcom, Except With Countries Instead of Squabbling Roommates
Finale ~ 'Death's Pair'
Grand Finale ~ 'Point of All Return'

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