Tom Societies


The Palazza Vita - UNDINE

The source of the waters of life, the royal palace at Prospero is home to its three noble families in addition to its seated queen.
Fearing nothing in death or in life, they wage eternal war against the monsters that wish their destruction.
The Palazza Vita will supply expeditions to:
Defeat or weaken the monsters,
Kill the Sacrifice Prince,
Let things end 'happily ever after'.

The Court of Wishes - SHADE

"No life shall be lost," well, that's the hope, anyway. In The Court of Wishes, everyone eventually gets resurrected - but in what order? Who gets to cut the line?
An army of clerks, spies, bribeables, unbribeables, lawyers, and judges hear cases on the subject at all hours, late into the night! One day, you'll find yourself in their balances, too.
The Court of Wishes will supply expeditions to:
Prove a claimer of virtue or value false,
Recover a dead body,
Unearth a secret from history.

The Monastery at Farshore - JINN

Flying colorful banners, the monks of farshore have been denounced as heretics and traitors - they preach that men and monsters are brothers and sisters, and that all alike deserve mercy and aid.
Still, they have not been banned. They alone fearlessly treat the dust-plague, even as it chews at their flesh, forcing them to hide in bandages.
The Monastery at Farshore will supply expeditions to:
help the weak, poor, and hopeless,
seek a peaceful resolution,
bring harmony to the universe.

The Institute of Fiendology - LUNA

Living in a strange, pale world, a paradise of brass and ivory, the researchers at the Institute of Fiendology believe that a new type of monster, made using their 'FIEND ENGINE', can solve the problems facing the Kingdom.
If you need the power to truly alter the world, perhaps you should speak to them.
The Institute of Fiendology will supply expeditions to:
Defeat runaway fiends,
Solve a social problem using fiends,
prove the existence of true love.

The Foreign Service - AURA

Mysterious figures dressed in golden masks and coats, the Foreign Service are representatives of a wealthy foreign power that are providing a great wealth of arms to the Kingdom of Prospero in return for metered access to the Fount of Wishes.
They bear no ill will for the monsters of the world, and simply wish to see the war ended as quickly and as painlessly as possible. They speak in sonorous voices, and refuse all offers of drinks.
The Foreign service will supply expeditions to:
Exterminate monsters,
Recover ancient treasures,
Solve the essential problem of sorrow.



"Kill the humans!" "Eat their hearts!" The fortress of Yhe Holmat is full of monsters at their most monster - red of teeth and roaring from the throat!
Its treasury is unparalleled! Its musicals are the best! Three cheers for Yhe Holmat!
Yhe Holmat will supply expeditions to:
Destroy or weaken humanity,
Recover the name or heart of the Lost Princess,
Bring unbelievable wonder into the world or its coffers

Ark Mien - GNOME

Descended from the sages that once guarded the Mana Tree, the scholar-knights of Ark Mien balance their lives between wine-soaked nights and contemplative days.
Though their swords and fangs are sharp, what they fight for remains secret. They aren't beholden to the Roaring King, after all…
Ark Mien will supply expeditions to:
save a friend,
do anything you promise to write a poem about,
seek revenge.

The Circle in Roses Neighborhood Cultural Society - WISP

Hi there! Welcome to the neighborhood. We host weekly festivals, a reading club, and a communal kitchen.
Of course, we're also going to save the world!
The Circle In Roses Neighborhood Cultural Society will supply expeditions to:
support the idea of 'culture', generally,
support the idea of 'the neighborhood', generally,
support the idea of 'saving the world', generally.

Geist Sages - DRYAD

Neither a secret society nor a public one. United by strange visions of the future, the 'Geist Sages' are bound by…
…No one really knows, but they all have shining white eyes.
One particular Geist Sage will supply expeditions to:
travel great distances,
find hope when all is lost.



Trapped by winter. Nobody's selling, and nobody's buying.
Time for these snowbirds to get going.
The Caravan will do their best to support expeditions to:
solve this huge mess,
get them out of here,
find out what's going on.

The Pure of Heart - MAIDS

A maid cafe with no maids.
…Which is to say, it's empty, all the time.
The Pure of Heart has your back when you:
Fight for what's right,
Strike back against D2,
Seek a miracle.

Spark-Kickers - MOTORCYCLES

Though this biker bar seems to always be rowdy…
…They're just phantasms, and you have the place to yourself.
Spark-Kickers has your back when you:
Fight against all odds,
have had it up to here with this stupid place,
Are willing to forgive and forget.

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