Tom Shiba


Class: Knight
Current/Total XP: just … just see the cast page
Feelin' Good?: I've seen much worse, but I've still got a smile on my face.


MAG 10 STM 6
WIL 10 LUC 6


HP: 291 / 600
MP: 380 / 500
Luck: 4 / 6


Action Name Cost Delay CoS Target Keywords Effect
Attack 40D 80 T: Single Technique Deals (1d10 + 96) damage.
Item 40D 100 T: Single Support Consume one item and gain its effects.
Change Row 20D 100 T: Self Move the character into the row they are not currently in.
Wait 15D 100
Defend 30D 100 Support, Stance Gain a 4/5 defense factor until your next turn.
Burst 60 MP, CT15 35D 100 T: Single Spell, Bright d12+180 magic damage (or if Bright Cancelled, healing)
Sacred Sword 75 MP, CT20 35D 100 T: Double Spell, Bright d12+150 magic damage (or if Bright Cancelled, healing)
Heaven Stream 90 MP, CT30 40D 100 T: Group Spell, Bright d12+150 magic damage (or if Bright Cancelled, healing)
And Recover 50D 80 T: Single Technique, Execution, Recovery d10+144 physical damage, and choose and refresh a Block ability, and regain 180 MP. (d10+180 damage if following up from Halo SA.
Zornhau 70D 90 T: Single Technique, Execution, Recovery First, reduce timers of enhancements on target by (1). Then, d10+288 physical damage. (d10+360 damage if following up from Halo SA.
Iron Weave 40D 80 T: Single Technique (d10+96) damage. If roll is 1-30, refresh a Block ability.


Reaction Name Trigger Cost Target Keywords Effect


Full of Light: When you're below half health, you gain a 3/5 defense factor while charging Bright spells.
Light of Day: Whenever you cast a Bright spell, increase the healing granted by the next recovery ability your party uses by +20%.
Bright Cancel: When a Bright spell resolves, you can choose to resolve it as a Healing ability instead. Use WIL instead of MAG for this action and replace all magical damage with healing.


Halo - 100 + d12 magical damage when an ally strikes an enemy, or 180 + d12 if you pay 60 MP! You may use an Execution against the target with your next action. You may additionally calculate any Execution ability used next turn with MAG instead of ATK, if desired. (Offensive Assist UP)
Flower of Gold - Leap in and take an attack for an ally!

Dawn Break - Use when you finish casting a Bright Spell, you can select either one ally if your spell hit an enemy, or one enemy if your spell hit an ally. If the selected target is an ally, they recover 150 + d10 HP. If the selected target is an enemy, they take 150 + d10 magical light damage.

Redouble - Activate anytime. You change your footing instantly, into any of the three types you wish. Make sure you declare the new foot, loudly.
By Will - Activate anytime. Declare that an enemy has transgressed, and it is so.
For All Assembled - Next Execution targets all enemies that have transgressed, not just a single target.

Repel - Activate when struck by an ability. You force the attack back, reducing its CoS by -25. If the attack would have missed you with this CoS, it does.
Withstandl - Activate when struck by an ability. Reduce the damage that attack dealt to you to 100.


Weapon Power Dice Delay Properties
Staff of Asclepius 12 d10 50D +40 TMP on-hit
Armor Properties
Scale Armor 30 ARM/MARM


Lore - History [Dryad]

Sc: You're learned in a breadth of knowledge - historical, mystical, scientific - often with a special knowledge of the very edges of knowing and the understood. You can read most ancient scripts, and you may even speak them. When you do encounter something that you haven't studied, you typically know the best resource to consult, or the best expert to seek - you're just away from your library right now, is all.
Sp: You can spend one luck and recite the scientific name of a monster or paranormal entity - if you do so, you can recount a useful fact about it, typically pertaining to one of its weaknesses.
Rf: Once per expedition, when you encounter something completely unknown in the current world, you can recover one luck.

Art [Undine]

Sc: You have the skill and passion to create great works of art - most often visual works, though this skill applies to poets, writers, composers, and possibly particularly excellent cooks as well. This skill applies to easing social situations, especially with those that have a fondness and appreciation for your work. When a plan hinges on your creation, this skill can make and assist with check that have to do with it.
Sp: When you make a work that honors and flatters a specific person, spend one luck - They'll be overtaken with happiness, and take your work into their possession if possible.
Sp: When malevolent magic affects someone or something, and one of your works is close by, you can spend one luck - the magic or influence is bound into your art, instead.
Rf: When something on an expedition inspires you to create something new, and you briefly wax and plan about what you will someday create, you can regain one luck.



Shiba keeps their appearance shrouded and hidden, hearkening to flowing robes and masks and veils of desert prophets and princes and of stories told over one thousand and one nights. They seem to float along the ground effortlessly, taking no steps while gliding forward. The staff they carry around has carvings of repeated patterns of lines at right angles, as if some lucent beams reflected across myriad mirrors.

Though when they aren't playing up the 'shrouded prophet' personality, they're quite friendly and chipper. Expect to see a wide smile with gleaming fangs out from under their hood!

Underneath their dress, Shiba is a naga — a monster with both snake- and humanlike features, with small wings extending from their shoulderblades.


Where to start? When to start? [[@|There's so much to cover]], most of it buried beneath the snow — so in one sense, it already is covered. In the past, I've made the error of meandering between story threads and only taking snippets and pieces of frayed worlds.

In past worlds, in past layers, I took great pains to restore the tree to Fa'diel. In this world, I actively guard the Mana Tree. In ages past, it has been any permutation of abused and misused — torn to shreds, burnt to ash, [[@|hollowed out and emptied]] to pour its magics into terrifying [[@storagebin/Mana-Notes#The%20Astrofolio%20Gemologicae|gems]]. This has led some scholars to [[@|argue]] that we shouldn't rely on the Mana Tree at all: of note, Nunuzac, as Pokiehl may be able to tell you, or the Jinn Emperor Irwin, as most of us know, who is not to be confused with the [[@|Demon King Irwin]] (even though they may have had similar [[@|modus]] [[@|operandi]]).

I've seen the sun rise and fall on this star over and over again. I no longer fear winter nor disaster, as the world will be reborn each time, and such is the way of things, and I think I've finally accepted that. But something's different in this story, and I still want to see if there's one improvement I can make. It looks like the Mana Tree persisted from the last world, or at least someone else placed it here, and it's stood this long.

So I stay at the base of the Mana Lands, carving guardian statues to ward off would-be interlopers who would defile the tree or otherwise use it for nefarious ends. I trust neither side in the war. At least currently.

It shouldn't be abused, but neither should we completely reject it from our lives. It stands for desire, for love, and for prosperity. Let it stand as a beacon to remind us that we're [[@|capable of much already]], and we have that to be thankful for. Let it stand as a goalpost, as something to aspire to imitate, not to own. One day we can reclaim our original purity, where we all could freely draw Mana instead of [[@|fighting over]] [[@|scarce resources]].

I guess there's so much more to cover, like the old ship Janna, [[@|Pure Hearts]], conjurers and summoners bringing in [[@|wyrms]] and monsters from [[@|other worlds]] (not to be confused with our native [[@|dragons]]), but I think I can only give you a starting point to figure out what my deal really is.

I talk a lot of the oldest past that I know of, and that the Hero in Red knows of as well, only to point out how that same conflict keeps [[@storagebin/Mana|repeating]] and [[@storagebin/MoM|repeating]] until we've gotten to [[@storagebin/Tale Of Mana|here and now]]. The Goddess' cyclical nature, and the nature of stories to end, I care not for — but the actions of men and angels? I am certain we can do better.

Oh, but that may be a bit much to digest! Here, I'll make it simple: As far as anyone that doesn't have my long-reaching memory knows, I'm just a Sycorax stonemason that does some travelling. I have a few clients that keep me busy, mainly for migration targets for forms they've liked! Maybe you've heard about some statues along the Via Via, and how their terrifying visages ward off travellers. But that certainly isn't my doing.

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