Tom Dramatispersonae

in Prospero,

Rarazza, The Crown Regal.
The Queen of Prospero. An analytical mind that desires only peace and harmony.
Her husband is somewhere on the order of #1,011 for revival. She is patient.

Raro, The Sacrifice Prince.
"If the sacrifice prince were to die, all of this would be solved."
I wonder why that's true?

Soenheim, The Abbot of Farshore,
A friendly old man that has almost lost hope of seeing peace.
Loves to explain things, almost compulsively so.

Trebbelclef, for the defense!
A public lawyer, as affable as he is overworked. Secretly competent(?)
He can be a little air-headed, but that's his cute spot… he hopes.

Kline, for the prosecution.
An ornery cat-beast prisoner of war. Works as a lawyer.
Since she hates humans so much, she enjoys proving them worthless.

Megajudge, nuff said.
The ominous, skull-masked master of life and death at the Court of Wishes.
On his days off, he… well, he doesn't get any!

Arteqia, Full-Hearted, Brass-Knuckled!
The creator of the fiend engine. Loves fiends so much, she married one!
Unlike most of her peers, she's still paying a little attention to the world, and wants to fix it.

Dromongatzu, The Hundred-Armed
A mysterious, beautiful fiend lady, a little reminiscent of a killer whale.
After all these years, still acts insufferably like a newlywed.

Alice Zarin, who's…
Well, forget it.
Just hit me up when you get into town, okay?

Millevich, Diplomat
A charming, rose-haired young lady, and representative of the foreign service.
'Though I'm here to manipulate you, cooperating would be fine as well." …That's what she'd like her bio to say!

Zeroday Gardenglad, Of the IVth Regiment
Every day. Every single day. This gigantic fiendish chemical weapons platform just sits there
with this stupid look on his face and rains death onto monster territory. What should I do about him? Ideas?

In Sycorax,

Holmat Roo, the Roaring King.
An arrogant, powerful monster king that loves nothing more than treasure.
Except for his people. And except for his daughter! And… maybe a lot of things more than treasure. But he likes treasure a lot!

__, The Lost Princess.
Some vaguely remember her as a brightly glowing soul, full of boisterous laughter.
However, now her name and heart are missing, and nothing but ice follows in her wake.

Merco, Atlas' Opposite.
A giant monster, taller than any castle, who brings absolute destruction with his fists.
Has a special deck to play cards with. Best friends with Ykare.

Ykare, the Feathered Serpent.
A sophisticated blade-dancer with rainbow scales and feathers.
Thinks of herself as a diva, but is a little too self-conscious for it.

Marzel, Festival Planner,
Hi! I was going to write something here,
But I ran out of room. Say hello if you're in town sometime, okay?
Thank you very much!

Fal Silke, the White-Eyed.
A beautiful geist sage with a stately manor.
Despite being Ykare's mother, they seldom see eye-to-eye.

The Three Goblins, Ulgo, Ulbo, and Bogo.
Trouble-makers that migrate into whatever they can find in Prospero to raise hell.
They're fighting the war in their own way!

Yesker, the chrome knight.
A horned motorcycle hero that rides in to save monsters when all seems lost.
He refuses marriage proposals - "I'm married to the road, baby!"

The Caravan

Adya, Sunjammer
A forward scout for the sunjammers, the bird-feathered vagabonds hunting for a new home.
A friendly cook that misses his companions. The caravan's okay, though!

Pokiehl, the Poet
A wry, sarcastic prankster.
…Somewhere, deep in his heart, he believes that everyone is a hero.

Trammeletya, the knife-thrower,
A cat-eared, cat-nosed street performer. She has to hide her ears in Prospero.
"Though, maybe people would swarm to see an act if they thought I was a monster?"

Vosphidanya, the flame-eater.
A lion-maned, lion-snouted street performer. Despite being far more monstrous, no one's afraid of him.
"What do they mean, I'm too fluffy to count!?"

The Doctor in the Gold Coat,
A wandering doctor, only here to investigate the plague.
Anything else? He's not getting involved.

Sophia, the Director
She cooks, she plans, no one listens to her.
I mean, except you, that is.

Jack, the Merchant
A top-hatted merchant that deals in imported goods.
Of course, no one's got any money, and no ships are coming in…

Leto, the Driver
He likes his oxen, and driving caravans.
He can leave the rest to you, really.


…Don't make me laugh.

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