Tom Dog


Class: Thief
Current XP: i don't know, i'm just a dog!
Total XP: check the cast page! they're good at bookkeeping!
Feelin' Good?: *wags tail*


WIL 8 LUC 10


HP: 550/550 ( 200 + 50 x VIT)
MP: 450/600 ( 200 + 50 x STM)
Luck: 8/10
(Annoying dogs belong in the back row.)


All your currently equipped and usable abilities and their effects go here for easier reference, with pre-calculated delays and damage and anything else you might need to know quickly. Cost is for stuff like MP or CTs
You have 16 actions total right now!
Action Name Cost Delay CoS Target Keywords Effect
Stick 50D 80 T: Single Technique Deals 1d10+84 damage.
Item 40D 100 T: Single Support Consume one item and gain its effects.
Change Row 20D 100 T: Self Move the character into the row they are not currently in.
Wait 15D 100
Defend 30D 100 Support, Stance Gain a 4/5 defense factor until your next turn.
Hustle 44D 100 T: Single Support, Direct Reduce the target's next delay by -30D, grant them 80 THP.
Get On With It 44D 100 T: Single Support, Direct Reduce the target's next CT by -CT20, grant them 80 TMP.
Listen Up 60MP 30D 100 T: Self Support, Direct Gain use of an 'Anytime' Quick ability which reduces a target's current delay by -30D. (Can be used immediately.)
Wrecking Crew 100MP 60D 100 T: Party Support, Special Refresh the party's Attack Assists.
Steal 40D 80 T: Single Support, Steal Restore 2 stock (up to the stock maximum) of any item you have in your inventory. Enemies can only be Stolen from once per battle; Steal only applies to items which can be used in battle.
Recover CT25 60MP 25D 100 Support, Recovery, Rainy Day Activate "Recover" to restore 144+d12 HP to one target.
Mitigate CT5 60MP 45D 100 Support, Enhancement, Rainy Day Activiate "Mitigate" to give one target a shield (1), reducing all incoming damage by 96. If you activate Mitigate in response to an attack, it reduces damage from that attack.
Comeback CT30 90MP 30D 100 Support, Life, Rainy Day Activate "Comeback" to revive an ally with 120+d12 HP and quicken them by -30D.
Flying Edge CT15 50MP 35D 70 T: Single Spell, Force Deal 144+d12 (72 on miss, 216 on a proc) magical damage; halve MP cost of next Force spell.
Corona Plume CT20 75MP 35D 75 T: Double Spell, Force Deal 120+d10 (60 on a miss, 180 on a proc) magical damage; reduce CT of next Force spell by 15.
Flash Storm CT20 75MP 35D 75 T: Double Spell, Force Deal 120+d10 (6o on a miss, 180 on a proc) magical damage; improve all result checks made with your next Force spell by 25 after rolling.
Stardust Factory CT20 120MP 1LUCK 40D 50 T: Group Spell, Force Deal 144+d12 (72 on a miss, 216 on a proc) magical damage to group.

USING FORCE SKILL: All Force spells graze for x0.5 damage on a miss, and strike for x1.5 damage if the result check is between 1-25. Force spells benefit your next Force spell - you don't gain this benefit if you cast the same spell twice in a row.
USING RAINY DAY: When you use a Rainy Day ability, you prepare a recovery effect. You can then activate that effect anytime you wish, like an "Anytime" Quick action! You can't carry charged Rainy Day abilities from battle to battle, but you can activate them right as the battle ends.


Reaction Name Trigger Cost Target Keywords Effect


Supernova: When your MP is below half, your Force magic does +20% damage.
Master Plan: Allies you choose or target with Direct abilities gain +10 CoS to their next action. If the action's CoS is above 100 when performed, it gains +10% potency instead.


Bark Bark Bark - Dog barks at their ally's target in such an annoying manner that they take 80+d12 magical damage, or 144+d12 if they pay 60 MP.
Interceptor - Dog's loyalty is unquestionable as dog leaps in to take damage for an ally. Mysterious dog magic invigorates them, and their delay is reduced by -15D.
Jackpot - Before Acting - Dog's next Force spell marks surviving targets with a blossoming of light (2). When these enemies are slain, the attacker recovers one Luck.
Miracle - When Appropriate - Activate Miracle after a target is healed. Double the healing to that target. (If multiple targets were healed, choose one to double.)


Weapon Power Dice Delay Properties
Being A Dog (With A Stick) 12 d10 40D Recharges 40 TMP on hit.
Armor Properties
Red Bandana Grants +80 TMP at the start of battle.


Ars Phonie [Wisp]

Sc: Dog is intuitive, and good at sniffing out how people really feel. Dog's also good at sniffing out how important someone is — dog can always determine the current pressure of anyone in the presence of dog. When dog gets familiar with someone's scent, dog can sometimes detect when people are having an effect on something, even when they're not present.
Rf: When you hit a nerve, and someone who was concealing their true nature reveals it, and their aura shifts, you can restore one luck to an ally.

Charm [Gnome]

Sc: Everyone loves dog. Dog is the platonic ideal of a canine companion - fluffy, happy to see you, nonjudgmental, sympathetic. Dog is always willing to make new friends, and it's not difficult to love a dog; even if that dog is technically a monster, they still look like your normal everyday pooch.
Sp: You can spend one luck to make a new friend in some organization or place you have social contact with, typically when off-screen. Your new friend won't move heaven and earth for you, but it gets you a foot in the door for gathering information, navigating society, and so on.



[width+ "271" height+ "479" align+ "right"]
Dog is a small fluffy white dog wearing a red bandana. Sometimes dog gets up on two legs and uses their front paws as hands…? They never look like anything other than paws, but it mysteriously works. (This is a terrible power which dog does not abuse.)


Dog was the loyal partner of a soldier in a war. When that soldier died in a legendary battle, one of his platoon came back to base and found their dog already distressed, as if the dog could already tell they were alone.

The soldier broke the news of their owner's bravery, and left the pooch after a good pet. The next day, when he went outside to feed the dog, he found that they were gone.

Dog, in fact, was crossing the border to Sycorax. But their mission was not revenge — after all, they were a dog! And since this dog was talking, you know, and sometimes getting up on dog's little hind paws… dog would fit in better, here, after all. Even with these changes, dog seemed resolute in dog's decision to be exactly as a dog should be - man and monster's best friend. Dog took great joy in playing catch with youngsters, and sitting on the laps of quiet folk.

And when I say 'took', I of course mean 'take', because dog continues dog's work to this day.

[width+ "349" height+ "420" align+ "left"]
… but before Dog was known as a Dog, they had a name: General Guriax, the Invincible, who would not be laid low by cannon or gunfire. They led their men to love fiercely and to fight fiercely, and when morale drooped, they were always there to light their fires anew. They were so huge that they could bite humans in half and swallow them, which they did, sometimes, in an effort to demoralise the enemy. But their talent for leading from the front was one day turned against them! They looked into the eyes of a child of their adversary, in ill-fitting soldier's armor, and for a single moment… they lost their will to fight.

A moment was all Zeroday Gardenglad needed to finally lay Guriax low, and so they died. Monsters still make pilgrimages to their corpse to this day.

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