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TheTale: IV - the last dance
TheTale: inside the body of d2.
TheTale: the world is small and quiet.
TheTale: flowers are frozen in half-bloom.
TheTale: the rain has not dried off the sidewalk.
TheTale: a snakelike path leads inwards.
TheTale: the path is pinched in a trick of perspective. the far end is not just far away, it is also smaller.
TheTale: so the distance is shorter than it first seems.
TheTale: alice zarin and yesker sen stayed behind.
Zen‘ looks at the path on the floor, looks all around raising an eyebrow. He starts heading forward, what else to do here
TheTale: in quiet, dr. alimeus orovexi, the goldcoat, brings up the rear.
Lucnephwyr: "Hmmm… oh, right."
Lucnephwyr pulls the Prince out from his school satchel, setting him feet-first onto the path.
Eris` glances back over her shoulder at Alimeus. "Huh. Didn’t think you'd follow… but I guess you feel responsible, huh?"
Zen: "(Good thing you're following…)" he says mostly to himself
Lin walks alongside the Doc at the back of the group. She gives him a glance once or twice but doesn't say anythinga bout it.
TheTale: no, that's not where the prince was.
TheTale: (don't worry. he's here.)
Zen‘ then looks at Luc "What are you doing"
Lucnephwyr: "It won’t do to have loose ends!"
Dog‘ hops out of Lucnephwyr’s bag!
Dog: "Hi!"
Lin: "Oh. There you are. I missed you!"
Lucnephwyr: "Whether they end good or bad." He kneels to give Dog some hugs!
Dog: "I missed you, too!" Dog tailwags and gives Luc some doggy kisses.
Lucnephwyr: "I have a good feeling, though."
Shinzou pets Luc with one hand and Dog with the other. Life goals.
TheTale: nailed to the horizon is the machine called 'death's pair'.
TheTale: shinzou, i suppose you could call it a fiend engine, of sorts.
Zen‘ looks at Shinzou’s incredibly awkward positioning and helps by picking up Dog and raising so they're both within comfortable petting range
Lucnephwyr nuzzles into the kisses and pets before standing back up.
TheTale: half of it is missing.
ShibaRoo: 'What's your take on this contraption, doc? "
TheTale: the other half is the heart of d2, a shell, a remnant of the monster-princess.
TheTale: her breathing is heavy. her eyes, unfocused, burn as you approach.
TheTale: purity without the heart.
Eris: "…Well, that would explain why *I've* been the primary driving force behind most things, I suppose." Eris shakes her head at the party behind her, but looks slightly amused.
Lin glances at Eris. "More like I gave up and just followed you around a long time ago."
Dog: "Oh, Princess…" Dog whines, ears flicking back.
TheTale: it hangs on harpstrings. it's piped to tremendous organs.
Zen‘ looks at the machine in the distance "Ah, so there it is"
Shinzou glances into the distance, frowns.
[OOC] TheTale:
TheTale: standing stage right, awaiting the start of the scene, frozen but burning with intensity and focus, is the Sacrifice Prince.
TheTale: a pedestal, in spotlight.
Lucnephwyr: "(Right, good.)"
Zen: "So the prince and princess are here, the aggressor and victim"
Zen: "So come on, what’s the theatrics this time"
Eris‘ gives Zen a look, before pushing her sunglasses back up.
ShibaRoo: "You’re hardly in a position to complain about theatrics."
Zen‘ chuckles "Of course I am"
Shinzou: "Zen just doesn’t like the reminder that he's on stage."
Lucnephwyr treads down the path, closer to the two.
TheTale: D2 speaks: "With me or without me ending it, whatever. The world's going to rot to pieces."
Zen: "But I like wild movement and flash more than this… Drama"
Dog‘ follows their boy!
TheTale: "Come with me. Let’s get out of here."
TheTale: The Prince shakes his head, refusing.
Eris: "Anyway Dr. Alimeus, my really great and easy solution here is a liberal application of destruction. So. If you'd like this to end in some other way…. Now would be a good time to speak up."
Lucnephwyr: "Nothing has happened yet, you can wait a bit."
TheTale: the doctor nods to eris. "No, I feel in this case, destruction is appropriate. I leave it in your hands."
Zen‘ crosses his arms "Really, Doctor?"
Eris` smile slightly, rolling a shoulder. "That’s literally what he came back here to do."
Zen: "Going to just cheap out of solving the problem you caused?"
Eris: "It's like no one pays attention to what's going on."
Eris: "What do you think is going to happen, little dragon guy, if we wait a bit?"
Lucnephwyr: "Oh, if you mean to eradicate -him-… well, I have less strong feelings about that."
TheTale: "Someone who, given all the opportunity in the world, turns a universe of peace into one of torture…" The Doctor says.
Shinzou follows Luc closely, watching, for now, although they've never been part of the audience, have they? "What's your solution, friend? Turn back time to before the world got cancer?"
TheTale: "If it is worthwhile to extinguish the light of anyone's life, it is that demon's."
Lucnephwyr: "Whatever may happen. The Pure of Heart, while all-powerful, are also influenced."
Lucnephwyr: "If the narrative towards the end has been spun and none are moved, then it ends in death."
Eris‘ rolls her eyes.
Eris: "Well you heard him, get on with then nothing really happening and forcing my hand." Eris gestures towards D2 and the Prince.
Lucnephwyr: "It’s called a… there's a term for that kind of story, that goes nowhere and has no point."
Lin can't help but chuckle a bit. "I think our trip would have been a lot more interesting if we had him with us for most of it, don't you think?"
ShibaRoo: "Shoot the shaggy dog?"
Zen: "Shooting the shaggy dog"
Lucnephwyr: "But I think this isn't that kind of one."
Dog: "I certainly hope not!"
Eris: "Not even a tiny bit, Lin."
Zen‘ looks at Luc, he seems to have at least one plan
TheTale: D2 - who has the shape of the prince’s sister - leans towards the Prince. "I don't know what you're holding onto. You need to get out somehow. Those people that the story told you are your parent, they never proved themselves to be worth anything…
TheTale: Didn't you cry and cry and cry and run to me? And then… "
Lin sighs. "Why does everyone I travel with have to take things so seriously?"
TheTale: The Prince shakes his head. "They were our parents. And then you made them something else."
TheTale: "Did I truly?"
TheTale: "You made them into who we thought they were."
Eris: "It's a quality you bring out of people, dear." A grin.
TheTale: The flutes inhale. The strings tense. There's an electricity in the ground. The demon thinks.
Lucnephwyr 's claws tighten around his walking staff, his nostrils flaring in nervousness.
TheTale: A bit of brass plays as the pure hearts are drawn into focus, light playing from the claustrophobically close heavens down onto eris.
Zen‘ sighs, and walks on forward "Come on, this is getting annoying, you two"
Shinzou speaks up, quietly. "You’re not bound by any fate, you know. You two don't -have- to do the obvious thing."
ShibaRoo: "Privilege of a pure heart, etc. etc."
Zen: "Listen you two are kids, you've had a fight, fine"
Zen: "Come on, sibilings get back together at some point, though. Can't we get there"
Eris‘ glances up.
TheTale: "No. Not by fate. We can leave. Put this ugly world behind us. Consign it to dust. This one… he won’t do that."
TheTale: The Prince crosses his arms. "You're asking me to forgive you?"
Zen: "You don't need to either"
Zen: "You can just fix this world instead, i'm sure it doesn't matters to you"
Zen: "And he likes it here"
Shinzou: "You both need to forgive each other."
Shinzou: "That's what we've- well, what some of us- have been saying this entire time. You think there's any other way to move on than that?"
TheTale: "He likes it here. Ha ha. What's to like?"
TheTale: D2 shines a light on Charlotte.
TheTale: "What in this stupid world is worth staying here for?"
Eris: "Well, it DOES have internet. Which I can't say is available in most world!"
Shinzou rolls his eyes. "You really are an idiot, aren't you?"
Lucnephwyr: "There's a lot to like."
Lucnephwyr: "And before you even start listing off all the bad things in it-"
Lucnephwyr: "Well, we didn't like those, and have been fixing them!!"
Dog: "Fish from the market, and bothering Marzel for muffins, and chasing balls through Fal Silke's garden even though she doesn't really want you to do that!"
Lin: "I'm not sure you can really call that internet, Eris. It's more like a small network…"
Charlotte: "Why, there's people, of course, whether human or monster. For all the bad apples, there's also the shining lights."
Eris: "Well, like I said. Even that's not in most worlds."
Shinzou: "This world that's got your fingerprints all over it, the indelible mark of your mind- the only thing left of you, in a manner of speaking- and you're confused about why he wouldn't want to set it aside?"
TheTale: D2 squints at Shinzou.
TheTale: Considering, briefly, Charlotte, but… no, that seems like it cut close to home.
Maria: "Can we shoot it yet?"
Lucnephwyr: "(No!)"
Dog: "Not yet!"
Maria sighs.
Eris: "Only if you do first so the dr - yeah exactly."
TheTale: "My fingerprints." D2 says.
TheTale: "Ruin. Death. Destruction. Hatred. The curse of everyone stabbing themselves in a circle, over and over."
TheTale: "Poison and fire, ash and snow."
TheTale: "That's the indelible mark of my mind, stained deep into the spine of the world."
Shinzou: "A compelling enough story to snag all of -us-, and we didn't even grow up with you. I think you're selling yourself short."
Lucnephwyr: "However,"
TheTale: "I suppose my dear brother would be the sort to throw himself into the furnace."
Lucnephwyr: "What you've just described,"
Lucnephwyr: "Isn't the entire world!"
Eris‘ places a hand over her mouth, giggling at D2.
Dog: "Yeah! There are good things, too! We made a lot of happiness in our lives, just by living!"
Dog: "I chose life over death, you know. And I don’t regret it!"
Shinzou: "This whole world is yours and his, and you can't just draw the line between the things you hate and the things you love and call yourself responsible for just and all the former."
Dog: "Yeah, shades of grey exist, you know."
Lucnephwyr: "This is the time to change from ruin, death, yadda yadda and so on,"
Lucnephwyr: "Change is here!"
Lucnephwyr: "And it can happen."
ShibaRoo: "We're used to d100s, not d2s, in other words."
TheTale: "I got what I wanted, I suppose." D2 says.
TheTale: "The King and Queen are both dead. Nastily enough, too."
TheTale: "Ha ha. I can pack it in."
ShibaRoo shrugs. "You're welcome."
Shinzou nods.
TheTale: "Friendly demon D2. Watching over the rebirth of the world after gutting it…"
TheTale: "Maybe that isn't too bad."
[OOC] TheTale:
ShibaRoo: "'I am the universe.'"
Eris: "Are you kidding me."
Shinzou: "I think… all the two of you want… is to be able to tell stories together again, am I right?"
TheTale: "What, me kidding?" D2 says. "I don't know what I want. But that would be alright, isn't it? Spread my severed vines throughout the world again. A bit less death. A bit less suffering. But still my stories…"
TheTale: The Prince stands up straight, for the first time in his life.
TheTale: "I want my life back."
Eris: "No not you, them."
Eris: "You can do whatever the hell you want as long as you open the road back up."
Lucnephwyr: "Aw Eris, you don't think we'd -strand- you here, would you?"
TheTale: "The path will be open." D2 drips. "You have my word as a demon."
Zen: "You were speaking of kishötenketsu earlier, Luc"
Zen: "By the way"
Shinzou looks up at the Prince, and smiles encouragingly. "Keep going."
Eris: "No, Luc, I know you don't actually want us sticking around." She laughs. "I'm just stating, that's the thing I actually care about here."
Lucnephwyr smiles up at Zen. "Ah, thank you!"
Lin scratches her head before smiling apologetically. "It'd be great if we can sort things out on the way, though!"
TheTale: The Prince shakes his head. "I don't… I don't want these monsters, I don't want these jokes that you've made everyone, everything I know into…"
TheTale: "I don't want a demon that chokes out the universe. I don't want an eternal war."
TheTale: "…Or even magic, or a mana tree, or…"
TheTale: "I want you to bring it back."
TheTale: "I'll bring it back."
Eris: "Haha."
TheTale: D2 laughs. "You'd erase the lives of our beloved guests for your nostalgia?"
TheTale: "How awful."
ShibaRoo shrugs noncommitally.
Zen‘ shrugs "I’m fine with that"
Maria wonders if she should be considering a full-on revolution at this point.
Zen: "I can just go elsewhere after this, or find my own place in this story"
Shinzou: "Mmm. I don't think that's what you really want. Wouldn't the same thing just happen again?"
Lucnephwyr: "You'd just end up running, again."
TheTale: The Prince turns, full of fire. "Why would it? That's what a Pure Heart is supposed to do, isn't it - keep things right?"
Eris‘ tilts her head at Shinzou. "And you think *I’m* full of myself…!"
TheTale: "It doesn't matter if I run, as long as my sister doesn't turn into a demon and create a world of torture."
Zen: "No"
TheTale: "Which, reminder, she did that."
Zen: "that isn't it prince"
TheTale: "Mea culpa," D2 says, with bow.
Zen: "But thank you for trying to"
Zen: "Plus, you're already doing fine, doesn't means you'd need to run away again, right? Keep heart and keep trying"
Zen: "I'm sure you can set the world to how it was before, and take on a different future from there"
TheTale: "Exactly." He crosses his arms in full confidence.
Lucnephwyr: "She still wouldn't have done that without your help…"
Zen: "He just has to not help her this time"
Shinzou: "A Pure Heart isn't 'supposed to' do anything." He shrugs. "There's no narrative structure imposed from above."
TheTale: D2 laughs. "There is, though, isn't there?"
TheTale: "Ambition always rots,"
Lin glances at Eris before muttering to her. "So when a world doesn't have a mana tree, how does that work again? Does it have no color or is that just when it had a mana tree and it died? I'm no farmer, but I'm pretty sure they need mana to grow things. Overthinking this, probably?"
Lucnephwyr: "Aw, Shinzou…"
TheTale: "When it seems like only one thing can happen, something else might…"
Lucnephwyr: "That's the whole bit here!"
TheTale: "And if you think you know exactly what to do, you're wrong."
Zen: "Please"
Eris‘ makes a shrugging motion in Lin’s direction.
Zen: "Being a pure heart means that at least you're able to try to avoid that"
ShibaRoo: "Overthinking it, Lin."
TheTale: "You can't go back, though, little brother." D2 says.
Eris: "Anyway the long and short of this, Princey:"
Eris: "Do whatever the hell you want."
TheTale: D2 smiles to Eris, letting her go first.
Shinzou: "It's harder to tell a story the more people you've got involved in telling it. I think that's even a codified law of the secret science? But it's worth doing, anyways."
ShibaRoo: "I'm having a hard time fitting a word in edgewise. But I'm content to just play audience and listen right now."
Lucnephwyr sighs. "Yep, that's basically true."
Lucnephwyr: "Which is why I hoped it'd be easy and be one unified decision, and not two."
TheTale: D2 laughs. "Anyway, anyone who just wants to get out of my hair…"
TheTale: A door in space opens.
TheTale: "Can leave now."
TheTale: "Bon Voyage."
Zen‘ crosses his arms, he looks at Luc, then Maria. He just sighs, and steps back. Fine, this has reached that specific point now
Lin: "Not that we wouldn’t love to take that right now, but our Caravan is back in Prospero."
Eris‘ rocks her head from side to side for a moment.
TheTale: "I’ll make sure they arrive right with you. Cross my heart and hope to die."
ShibaRoo: "Eris."
Shinzou: "…anyways, you're both acting like little kids. Which I can forgive you for, all things considered."
Eris‘ pulls a small ingot of steel out of the air, rubs it between her hands for a moment, then tosses it towards the door. The door is thrown open a moment later, and the ingot explodes into hundrends of steels beams, which slowly begin to form a tunnel around the opening, then a road back to the city.
Eris: "Hmm?"
ShibaRoo: "For those that love this place and want to stay here - at least tell me you understand and love them for it, even if you don’t feel the same about the world itself."
Lucnephwyr giggles into a claw.
Lin: "We at least owe Maria and Zen a happy ending, no? They've been helping us a lot!"
Eris‘ gives Shiba Roo a incredulous look. "What in the world would ever lead you to believe that…? Hahaha. I just want to get the Caravan out of here before it collapses in on itself. You’re all free to do whatever you please."
Lucnephwyr: "(Do you want her validation that badly…?)"
Eris‘ tilts her head towards Lin.
Eris: "Though I suppose we *did* promise those other people we’d kill D2 for them…"
Eris‘ folds her arms over her chest, thinking.
Lin: "Can’t you just get Alice to get the caravan out of here? We can catch up."
Eris: "Well, Zen's never going to be happy. But I suppose we can stay long enough to repay Maria, if she wants."
ShibaRoo: "She at least feared winter and feared an ending. She had a love of -some- world, if not this one."
ShibaRoo: "I was afraid I'd lost that entirely."
Zen: "At this stage"
Zen: "You're right Eris"
Maria starts pulling a few different parts out of her bag: sections of a long barrel made of icy metal and glass, the stock and firing components, and a glass orb with a facsimile-tree inside it. "I want this world to stay. I'll deal with any changes that come of dealing with this thing. This thing which has cursed our world long enough." She starts assembling the angel-slayer.
TheTale: Click, click, click. It fits perfectly.
Shinzou raises both eyebrows at Maria, impressed.
Eris: "Well, there you have it."
TheTale: You only need the help of someone else to power it,
TheTale: And a target.
Eris‘ turns to Shinzou and Luc.
Lucnephwyr: "Here we go, then."
Zen` looks at Maria "Sure" he walks over to her
Eris: "You gunna stop her…?"
Lucnephwyr walks further down the path, halfway between the assembled D2, Prince, and the rest of the Pure Hearts.
Zen` looks at D2 "I know one other pure heart as bad as you"
Zen: "He got better"
Zen: "You don’t seem like you want to"
Shinzou: "I didn't stand in D2's way. Or the Prince's."
TheTale: "What?" D2 says. "I can get better. Didn't I say that?"
Eris: "You two just seem like the one's most likely."
TheTale: "Build a better world, build a flourishing garden…"
Lucnephwyr: "Zen, for some reason, has heard none of that."
Zen: "Really?"
Dog‘ whines. "Can’t the two of you work it out…?"
Zen: "Then show that and, y'know, do it. Do it better, forgive your brother"
Shinzou: "I still think the Prince needs to be in time-out more than D2 at this point, but."
ShibaRoo: "Ditto Shinzou."
Shinzou: "I'm proud of him for finally standing up for himself?"
ShibaRoo: "Some things can't be undone."
Maria: "I don't trust you." She sets up behind the six-meter long rifle, glancing at Charlotte and nodding towards the glass orb in the rear housing.
Zen: "And you stupid prince, forgive your sister for losing her shit when everything looked terrible"
Lucnephwyr: "It's true, I didn't think he'd do it either."
Lucnephwyr: "But I can only probably protect one of you."
Lucnephwyr: "Forgiveness is the best path out of this, but not the only one."
Shinzou: "I'd listen to Luc, if I were you. I wouldn't want to be on the other end of that gun."
Lucnephwyr: "(Honestly I thought she'd eat him regardless and we'd be here as the most likely outcome. But I'm glad I was wrong about that in particular!)"
Dog‘ trots on down beside Lucnephwyr. They’ll support their boy.
Charlotte‘ nods to Maria, moving to the rear of the oversized weapon, one hand on the side of the housing, the other on the glass orb. "I think she’d say anything to try to save her existance at this point."
Maria: "Try not to stand in the way, little dragon. Knights are only supposed to slay grown dragons."
Lucnephwyr: "It's okay,"
Lucnephwyr: "Because I'm standing in the path of a murderer."
TheTale: "For losing her shit?" The Prince squawks. "Sure, sulk, throw a tantrum…"
Maria: "Damn right you are."
TheTale: "She's my sister, but…"
Eris‘ laughs.
Eris: "Told you, Shinzou!"
ShibaRoo takes slow, lumbering steps in front of Luc.
Shinzou pauses, stands between Lucnephwyr and the gun.
TheTale: The weapon begins to glow with life.
Zen: "That’s right she's your sister"
Zen: "So hey, that's why you forgive her"
Zen: "Didn't she say she was willing to work this out?"
Eris: "Ugh you're all so terribly predictable."
Zen: "Maria's going to shoot in a moment, so"
Zen: "Let's do it like this"
Dog‘ stands there, too, raising themselves up onto their hind-paws so they’re just a little bit taller. (But only a little.)
Maria: "(I never did find out if this was a one-shot thing, or what…)"
Zen: "D2, do it here and now, start fixing this world, how about it?"
Eris: "It's not, but it has a bit of a wind up, as you can see."
TheTale: "Haha. I'm badly wounded, but… I guess we need a show of good faith, don't we?"
Zen: "That you do"
Lin glances at the Doc. What is he even doing during all this?
ShibaRoo: "I'm willing enough to put my ass on the line, so please."
Shinzou: "I got the human-monster peace talks out of her, I trust her to handle things from here if I'm gone."
Eris: "Well anyway."
TheTale: The Doctor's content to stand back as long as that weapon is charging.
TheTale: …Throughout the world, the snow begins to melt. The ash of the lost quarter fades.
Eris: "Feel free to fire through them if they refuse to move. You're allowed to stand up for what you believe in, too, Maria."
TheTale: Gardenglad's poison disintegrates.
Eris: "I can try and get them out of the way, but…" She shrugs.
Maria: "That's okay. I'm okay with not having to worry about accidentally shooting you, at least."
Zen: "See, that's a good start"
TheTale: The weapon is charged.
TheTale: Fire at will.
Dog: "Listen, listen. The smells are changing, can't you smell them?"
Zen‘ looks at Charlotte "Can I?"
Zen: "But really, Maria, really need to fire this?"
Dog: "The poison is gone, the ash is gone. There’s green things underneath the snow!"
Maria: "There's nothing saying they can't just mess things up as soon as the caravan leaves. I'm not taking chances." She finishes aiming at D2, and pulls the trigger.
Lin is keeping some distance from that weapon as well, honestly. This isn't her fight or her story.
Shinzou: "You'd better take good care of this world. And don't let the Prince esc-"
Lucnephwyr is still there.
TheTale: Brilliant green manalight burns forward.
Charlotte‘ shakes her head softly at Zen, not wanting to interrupt the charge.
TheTale: Luc, are you in its way?
Dog` jumps up, as the beam hits - [Interceptor]
Sure am.
Zen` kicks the barrel of the gun, fuck that [G.A.] [Repel], that is going to miss
TheTale: Luc, I don’t think you're in its way, then.
TheTale: A missed shot can hit anything.
TheTale: This one is heading for the Prince.
TheTale: Dog, still going to…?
Maria: Thanks. I was gonna ask that anyway.
Dog‘ is *still* jumping up for it. Their loyalty is unquestionable. [G.A - Interceptor]
Eris` levels a stare at Zen.
TheTale: Loyalty to…? I guess I shouldn’t ask.
Zen: "Sorry, I tried to do this more gently"
Eris: "I'm going to need to step in if you're going to directly go after Maria or that weapon."
Maria also glares at Zen before taking a look at the gun. Is it expended, or is there more in the magazine, so to speak?
ShibaRoo jumps in the way, as well. [Repel]
Zen: "No, I need this weapon"
Maria: "Over my dead body."
Zen: "There's a goddess to kill still but, c'mon let's have a happy ending to this story"
ShibaRoo: If they have any choice in targetting, they'd be gunning for Orom.
Eris: "I mean."
TheTale: As long as it hits somebody.
Maria: "There is one. One where we live happily ever after."
TheTale: Orom laughs as the beam cuts(?) through him,
Eris: "- What in the hell is that bullet even doing…?"
TheTale: and the Angel of Order is here no more.
Zen‘ slams his right foot with his all his power in the ground, Orom’s in the back row [Iron Curtain - Withstand]
Eris: "Zen."
Shinzou starts laughing.
Eris: "Please."
Zen: "Even if it's useless"
Zen: "I wouldn't mourn his passing but I need to know"
Dog: "…?"
Eris: "Weren't you the one going on about following the rules….?"
Eris: "That's not even how that works."
TheTale: You need to know.
TheTale: Well,
Zen: "See, that's the thing"
Zen: "I need to be sure if that is how that works"
Zen‘ was kicked by TheTale (Now you do.)
TheTale: The beam burns to nothingness.
TheTale: D2 laughs.
TheTale: "Well… guts."
Lucnephwyr: "Well -that- was a lot of thunder and fury!" \
Lucnephwyr: "So does it have another shot, or…?"
Maria cranks back the bolt on the gun.
Maria: "Do you want to find out…?"
Lucnephwyr: "As much, if not more, than you do!"
TheTale: "I’ll leave forever, then." D2 says.
TheTale: "I'll even bring the Prince with me."
TheTale: "Won't that suit you?"
Shinzou glances at Maria. "That's what you care about, right?"
Maria: "That's fine by me. Like I said, I'll look after things at home. I'm sure Shiba Roo here will do the same on their end."
ShibaRoo cracks their knuckles, eyes on fire. "Damn straight I will."
Lin: "Wait, they're coming with US?"
Shinzou: "I doubt it. Leaving out the same door, maybe."
Eris: "Leaving doesn't necessarlily mean staying with us, but."
Lin: "Only one way to go, really. Away from winter."
Lucnephwyr shrugs. "I don't know how this world hopping works!"
Eris: "Really, she'll be even easier to kill once we're through the gate…"
Eris: "So… fine by me?"
Lucnephwyr: "So long as there's some Pure Hearts here though, it's whatever."
Eris: "Seems like this would speed up the whole 'Maria shoots 6 people that can't accept the decision' thing, at any rate."
Dog: "I'm going to stay and make sure everything goes okay..!"
TheTale: The Prince turns back to Maria, eyes full of fear.
TheTale: "You'd shoot me too, just to…" He bows his head.
Shinzou: "Hey, kid."
TheTale: "…Alright, I understand. This…"
TheTale: "This isn't really my world."
Eris: "Oh my Goddess."
Shinzou: "I'm proud of you."
Lucnephwyr: "Sorry,"
Eris: "Okay."
Lucnephwyr: "But not anymore."
Eris: "No."
Dog‘ trots up to the Prince, licks his hand, wags their tail.
TheTale: "Haha, hey."
Eris` stalks past Maria, then the assembled Monsters. Grab D2 with one hand. Grabs the Prince with the other. Then unceremonisally hurls them through the gate.
TheTale: Which?
Eris: Both of them. Out of the world.
TheTale: The Prince smiles at the dog, and then at Eris - "Yeah, you’re right."
TheTale: D2 laughs as she's ripped from her chains - "Yeah, we'll make this work-!"
TheTale: …And they're gone.
Maria slides the safety back on, pulls her hand away from the trigger, then starts working in disassembling the gun.
Lin closes her eyes and takes a deep breath.
Lucnephwyr: "(But, I mean, more pure hearts floating about in the aether…?)"
Lucnephwyr: "(Is that -ever- a good idea?)"
Dog: "(I think… it'll be okay.)"
Shinzou: "Go with the wind at your back." He smiles, laughs nervously, grins.
Maria: "Alright. I should hand this back over to the Foreign Service sometime soon."
Lucnephwyr: "(Yeah,)"
Lucnephwyr: "(Because even bad ideas can turn out good!)"
Charlotte‘ lets out a breath. "I’m not sure Eris wants to give it back?"
Lucnephwyr vigorously pets Dog! "And I -saw- you leap for that, what were you thinking?"
Lucnephwyr: "You could have died!!"
Eris: "I don't need a fancy pants gun to get what I want."
Eris‘ flashes Charlotte a slightly menacing smile.
Shinzou: "Haha, like Eris needs- yeah."
Lin: "That gun is way too dangerous to keep around. Give it back to the services."
Dog: "I wanted a happy ending," Dog says, "and I’m okay with dying for one."
Charlotte: "Heh, true enough."
ShibaRoo: "Can we just break it?"
Lucnephwyr giggles. "Well… I get it. (Because that's my line too!)"
Lin: "You probably can, I don't know what the services will do in response though? They're kind of parked in your world."
Lucnephwyr: "Service things, probably."
Dog: "(We're both terribly reckless!)" Dog licks Lucnephwyr's hand.
Maria: "They can probably make more."
Lucnephwyr: "Wear cool suits and shoot guns and slowly die off…?"
Shinzou snorts.
Eris: "Maria, as I've been saying this whole time… do as you will!"
Lin: "I'm just saying!" She responds to Luc.
Lucnephwyr giggles.
ShibaRoo: "What kinda leverage would they have anymore?"
Eris‘ take a moment, before rolling a shrug, sweeping Maria off her feet once the gun is in peices, then plants a kiss on her forehead. Eris then drops her, and stalks out of the cave, back towards the Caravan. "It’s been fun, but see you never! Tell your uncle I said goodbye!"
Lucnephwyr: "Smell ya' later! Don't let the door hitcha' where the good lord split'cha!"
Dog: "Safe travels, Eris!"
Lucnephwyr: "Welp."
Lin moves over to Maria and gives her a hug. "Say goodbye to your uncle for me. I'm not sure we'll be able to stick around to say goodbye to everyone. I won't forget about you, though! That's my job as a Minstrel. I hope that this is just a new chapter for your world."
Lucnephwyr shuffles to his feet.
Maria: "Alright. I wish you all luck on you travels. Hopefully your caravan doesn't get stuck again!"
Shinzou waves goodbye to Lin and Eris. Not like he got to travel with them for very long, but that's probably for the better?
Dog‘ trots over, scratches at Lin’s leg with a foot until they get scritches. "Good luck, Lin!"
TheTale: Alimeus Orovexi adjusts his mask.
TheTale: "I wish your world luck and harmony in the future. I hope that us trespassers did what we could for you."
Charlotte‘ curtseys to the assembled Pure Hearts. "It was lovely adventuring with you all, but it appears it’s time to leave, so I wish you all the best of luck, as well."
TheTale: "Be very well." He departs, for the caravan.
Lucnephwyr: "It was interesting!"
Lucnephwyr: "Bye!"
Lin leans down and pets Dog. "Thanks. I'm glad you got your stuff sorted out by the end of things."
Charlotte‘ heads off to the caravan, as well.
Dog` wags their tail at Charlotte. "Goodbye! And thanks," they say, up to Lin.
Lin glances over her shoulder before sighing. "Uhm… I think they’re about to leave without me. They aren't really good with goodbyes. It was a pleasure to meet all of you, though!"
Maria waves goodbye.
Lucnephwyr: "Bye, Lin! I swear I'm actually less serious usually! (But not innately!)"
TheTale: Slowly, gently, the Mana Tree descends back into the world.
Lin bows one last time before running to catch up with the others.
ShibaRoo: "It doesn't have to be goodbye."
Dog‘ wags a paw goodbye to Maria, too! No hard feelings about that gun.
ShibaRoo: "I’m the yellow squiggly."
TheTale: The sealed space rots away, leaving you standing on blooming branches, overlooking the Manalands.
TheTale: Color slowly returns to it.
TheTale: Spring is coming.
Dog‘ sniff-sniffs! "It smells good!"
[OOC] TheTale:
TheTale: "Hello!"
TheTale: "…I’m a sproutling!"
Lucnephwyr turns to face the voice.
Lucnephwyr: "Hello!"
Dog: "Hi!" Dog turns, wags their tail.
Maria: "…Hi?"
TheTale: "It's been a long winter, but…"
TheTale: "I think the world is waking up."
Lucnephwyr: "I'm glad!"
TheTale: "The sun is shining, the birds are singing…"
TheTale: "They say that on days like these, that Pure Hearts like you…"
TheTale: "…Have a lot of work to do!"
Lucnephwyr: "Yup!"
Maria laughs. "We sure do."
Dog: "We're ready!"
Lucnephwyr: "Oh- shoot! If it's Spring… do I need to get ready to go back to class?!"
TheTale: "That's right!"
[OOC] TheTale: ]…
TheTale: In Sycorax, the bell sounds for class to begin!
TheTale: Everyone's running! People have toast in their mouths!
TheTale: Does no one show up on time to these things?
TheTale: Today's lesson is about…
ShibaRoo flips their head back and finishes their toast, then gestures to the board:
Shinzou is teaching a class in the monsterlands, on loan from the human court.
TheTale: There's actually a lot of exchange students.
ShibaRoo: "The lost ship, Janna."
Dog‘ acts as Shinzou’s teacher's aide, of course! It's important for students to have a support dog!
ShibaRoo: "Or, alternately, the Eyes of Flame, or the Flammies, or …"
TheTale: Ah… world history!
[OOC] TheTale:
TheTale: The caravan's rolling proudly along. Sophia points proudly at the horizon.
TheTale: "There! Just as the map said! It's Egeus! We've made it!"
TheTale: Jack sighs. "They have money, at least, right?"
Lin: "Oh come on, the projected time there was seven days we barely were there for four. We're ahead of schedule!"
Jorule: "Don't worry Jack, I'm pretty sure money is making a come back."
Lin: "If we run into too many problems I can always just pick up the flute again and earn the local currency. I need to work out the kinks on this new story, too."
TheTale: The wagons bump gently along. It's a brand new day…
[OOC] TheTale:
TheTale: It's a bit warmer in Prospero. The Service are fitting in okay.
TheTale: The vaults have gotten quiet…
TheTale: And the Court of Wishes handles cases a bit more normally…
TheTale: and Kline…
TheTale: "Sure, he might be a goblin. But I don't think your witness was actually there…"
TheTale: …Seems pretty happy to be on the defense, for once.
TheTale: Research into the sickness continues.
TheTale: Maria, Shinzou, did you ever decide how you wanted to handle that…?
Shinzou: It's nice to be able to make progress, finally. It might take a while, but between the Queen and her Court Doctor, it'll probably get sorted out sooner or later?
TheTale: That's right.
TheTale: The Institute's doing its best, and…!
TheTale: One day, a phial of fluid is drawn, lovingly, from the heart of Dromongatzu, by the careful hand of Chief Researcher Arteqia… this might be the cure.
TheTale: …But I mean, maybe something else will be…
[OOC] TheTale:
TheTale: The Monster-Princess Sureine, eventually, has her heart returned to her.
TheTale: She cries, and cries, and cries.
TheTale: But eventually, she stops.
TheTale: There's a little bit of D2 in her…
TheTale: …But none of the nasty bits, at least.
TheTale: And she plays the harp for Marzel's band!
[OOC] TheTale: ]…
TheTale: Ykare, with great pride, accepts a medal.
TheTale: All the knights are there. Dog, too, I think!
TheTale: The toad who lays it upon her smiles broadly.
TheTale: "For returning home, when doing so was wise."
Dog‘ is absolutely there! They’re the Good Dog, after all.
TheTale: It's nice to have you around!
[OOC] TheTale:
TheTale: Deep, in the depths of the Tombs of Prospero - as they are now called.
TheTale: They say that on nights when the moon is full, a phantom visits, laying a wreath of roses and black brambles,
TheTale: Upon the graves of the King and Queen.
[OOC] TheTale:
TheTale: Oh! And lots of other stuff is happening too.
TheTale: It's kind of exciting, really.
TheTale: You should visit sometime, you know? Festival season is coming!
TheTale: Haha. I'm secretly super-powerful. So, it's kinda good that I never had to fight anyone.
TheTale: That's cool, right?
TheTale: (Marzel hums a few bars of that song that plays when you fight sans)
Dog: The best endings are the ones where we all get cake and tea..!
Lucnephwyr smiles toward the future, even if it's being silly right now.
[OOC] TheTale:
TheTale: ZEN.
TheTale: (You're there, right? You have a sec? Not too tired?)
Zen: I'm here
TheTale: Warning sirens sound onboard the battleship 'Tholomgrad.' Knights rush to their posts - an enemy leviathan has been spotted, appearing from the debris field. It's armored and flying pirate flags, and the lancers are to board their machines -
TheTale: To fight it if necessary, or as a show of force otherwise.
TheTale: The dragon-machine "Narthelius" - the last gift of your mother - awaits you.
TheTale: You haven't spoken to her, but it should be bonded properly to your blood…
TheTale: …It's time to go.
Zen‘ raises an eyebrow. Right, right. It’s time to go, let's board this machine, let's move on
TheTale: She sings as she comes to life, lance at the ready, breath blooming within her cannons.
[OOC] TheTale:
TheTale: Pokiehl plucks, gently, at his guitar.
TheTale: "A beautiful roaring scream - of joy and passion, so extreme…"
TheTale: Come, as the nights grow shorter, to hear another tale like the ones you have heard so much before.
TheTale: Come, and lend me your ear.
TheTale: Listen to the tale of Mana.
[OOC] TheTale:

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