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TheTale: II - The Dance for The Honored of the Season
TheTale: Cutting like a blade through the clear sky, the Svengelion proceeds on its final voyage.
TheTale: Aboard: the Pure of Heart.
TheTale: (Things, far below, in the kingdoms of Prospero and Sycorax, are…)
TheTale: (…They're messy. But, things will be okay.)
Shinzou left things in Maria's capable hands, and then… stole Maria off for the voyage muttering something about how her skills would be necessary, or something. M- maybe he's just afraid of facing this foe alone?!
Eris: "Man." Eris leans over the side of the airship, holding onto the railing. "It's really falling apart way faster than we thought, huh?"
ShibaRoo glances over to Maria, unsure of … himself? Herself? This got kinda weird. Anyhow, Shiba Roo looks over. "Shouldn't we be down there, uh. Governing?"
Maria: "This shouldn't take too long…right? Not gonna get trapped for 10 years or something, you don't think?"
Maria: "We can pick things up when we get back."
Lin seems to be fidgety and restless. "Wonder how many airships are called Pure of Heart anyways?"
ShibaRoo: "Is that what the airship is called? I thought it was just saying we were aboard."
Dog‘ wags their tail! "Maybe it’s both!"
ShibaRoo: "Like. The Pure of Heart are aboard."
Shinzou: "Little of column 'a', little of column 'b'."
Lin blinks a few times before scratching her head. "Ah, yeah. You got me. Primalum is pretty tricky." She grins.
Charlotte: "Pretty sure the airship is called the Svengelion."
TheTale: Oh. Yes, that's correct, that is what I meant.
Eris: "Anyway,"
Lin: "Nice to finally meet you by the way. With the war going on it's been hard to cross the streams, so to speak."
Eris: "Before we run out of time and I don't get a chance to: I just want to laugh out loud about how you guys, uh, do peace summits here."
Dog: "Nice to meet you! I'm a Dog!" Obviously. Bark!
Eris: "Ha ha ha. Okay, moving on. Something about a giant fiend that needed killing?"
TheTale: The sunset is stained a harsh, deep violet.
TheTale: Clouds roil on the horizon.
Shinzou chuckles at Eris. "What can I say? You're a living inspiration." Beat. "…anyways, yes. D2 wasn't content with having two tremendous fiend corpses littering the stage, I suppose. Probably felt like a gun let on the mantelpiece."
ShibaRoo: "I usually look. Quite different." Sounds different, too.
Shinzou: "I could tell you about one of them, or the other, at length, but I can't speak with any certainty of the amalgamate. Expect… poison and sharp fangs."
Lin snickers. "Yeah Alice uh… showed us your corpse. I almost felt bad with a reaction like that."
TheTale: And there, in sight: The Wonderland of D2.
Eris: "Fun stuff."
TheTale: The Mana Tree, lofted high into the sky, its roots glimmering with energy, caging a strange, extradimensional cathedral.
ShibaRoo: "When things start to go wrong, well. Drastic times call for drastic measures."
Eris: "Hmm… cool, I think you all are mostly people that hit stuff. That's good."
Dog‘ trots over to Shinzou, earflicks. "Well, whatever the combination does, it really needs to stop!"
TheTale: A section of the forest, shredded away, was lifted along with it, serving as the landing pad, the shattered guardian statues of the Mana Tree lying on it.
Shinzou: "Let’s not be satisfied, this time, until our past sins turn to dust before our eyes, shall we, old friend?"
Dog: "We'll grind them right down," Dog shakes their head, and then all of their body, because the motion just sort of carries through.
TheTale: And, barring the path: A Familiar, and a familiar one, at that.
Eris: "Hmm."
Eris: "Oh, we lost Zen. Okay this'll be interesting."
TheTale: It sits on four horrid, twisted legs, an amalgam of gold and scales and rotting carcass and battlefield smoke. It smiles horrifically, vents ripped into the sides of its neck, a crocodile-smile.
TheTale: Its shoulders smile too, with the perfectly-round, leering face of the war's other most terrible weapon.
Dog‘ growls, and bark bark barks!
Lin scrunches up her face. "It’s not fair."
Eris: "Hm?"
ShibaRoo: "Will I do in a pinch, Eris?"
Lin: "How are we supposed to focus on fighting when there's a dog right there!"
TheTale: You can call it "Groundzero Goryglad."
Dog: "I'll call it ugly and outdated, thank-you-very-much!"
Eris: "I'm pretty sure the dog deals damage, it'll be okay Lin." Eris then turns to ShibaRoo, head tilted slightly,
Lin: "I mean I want to pet them!"
ShibaRoo: "Win, then pet the dog after. Stay determined."
TheTale: Battle order: Dog [B]:0 Charlotte [F]:3 Shinzou [F]:3 Linlea [B]:4 Eris [F]:4 Groundzero Goriglad [F]:4 Maria [F]:5 Shiba [F]:6 Lucnephwyr [F]:8 A Slap on The Wrist:109
TheTale: Status for Groundzero Goriglad : [====================]
Eris: "Ah, Zen was a lot more…"
Shinzou: "Mmm. None of the beauty or the audacity of the originals."
TheTale: Its voice is a gas-mask hiss, a deflating bag-pipe in its distended throat.
[OOC] Lin: Is Hachi actually here?
Dog‘ trots up to Lin, headbutts her briefly, and then trots back to the back line in time for the battle to start. "(Thank you!)"
[OOC] TheTale: oh no i just forgot to uncheck
Eris: "’oh look it me im so big and tough and strong and everyone will love me if i take all the hits and protect everyone with my giant bleeding heart' than you, I think."
[OOC] Charlotte: Wheels in Wheels, Saving Grace is primed
[OOC] Charlotte: [SHP: 80] HP: 550/550, MP: 460/550, LP: 7/7, SoS: 137 - Saving Grace primed (U)
ShibaRoo: "Oh."
ShibaRoo: "Yes, I am much more."
TheTale: Battle order: Dog [B]:0 Charlotte [F]:3 Shinzou [F]:3 Linlea [B]:4 Eris [F]:4 Groundzero Goriglad [F]:4 Maria [F]:5 Shiba [F]:6
ShibaRoo: "Pre-emptive."
TheTale: There.
TheTale: "…I am the Original."
TheTale: "I am the Final."
TheTale: "That is to say… you incarnated me? At times? One way, or the other, taking my hand, carrying me in you…?"
Lin: "He seems kinda slow, honestly?"
Dog: "It's true that I'd never died before then… but that's just wrong!"
TheTale: "Babe, babe…"
TheTale: "I am the War."
TheTale: Dog.
Eris‘ leans over the railing a bit more, then rolls off the edge of the airship, pulling out her hammer as she plummets down towards the demon. "And I’m Death."
Dog: "No! You're wrong! I left war behind!" /me starts charging up Dog Magic, wisps of light dancing in the air. [CT15]
ShibaRoo: "(The Original, they say, as they riff off of … well, any number of a certain franchise's greater adversaries.)"
[OOC] Dog: And you can pretend I remembered to press enter between those two, too!
TheTale: Groundzero clutches its face, laughing. "Death…? Haven't you noticed, doll?"
TheTale: It grabs Eris and slams her into the ground - 100 physical damage. -
TheTale: "Death's got no place here. This is torture."
Shinzou: "I mean… we both left a lot of war behind in one place, didn't we?"
TheTale: Battle order: Charlotte [F]:0 Shinzou [F]:0 Linlea [B]:1 Eris [F]:1 Groundzero Goriglad [F]:1 Maria [F]:2 Shiba [F]:3 Dog [B]:12
TheTale: Charlotte. Shinzou.
Dog: "Torture..?! Listen, no! You can't! That's not how we have to do things any more!"
Eris: "Oh my God it wasn't even your turn you whining sack of crap. Three rounds. That's all you're gettin' buddy."
ShibaRoo: "Something final, at least."
Charlotte‘ shakes her head at Eris’s antics, before waving her scythe, her shadow reaching foward to rip into Groundzero Gorigland's shadow. [Mire; 56 magical damage at the end of its turn (4), and if it uses a Support action on itself or an ally, takes 189 magical damage instead]
[OOC] Charlotte: [SHP: 80] HP: 550/550, MP: 400/550, LP: 7/7, SoS: 137 - Saving Grace primed (U)
TheTale: Groundzero Goryglad lifts Eris up and exhales a plume of gut-churning mist at her, inflicting Poison[60](5). It then flings her away.
TheTale: "How we have to do things…?"
Dog: "I learned a better way!"
TheTale: "A better way…?"
[OOC] ShibaRoo: what category was that, tech
TheTale: "You know what the purpose is…?"
Eris‘ coughs and gags a few times, before making a face.
[OOC] TheTale: Absolute unfair bullshit.
TheTale: Oh, and - what’s the delay on Mire?
Shinzou enters an iaido stance, flickering with fire. [CT 15]
Eris: "Oh look at me I'm a big scary demon trying to give a really stupid - hack - speech and unnerve a dumb tiny yappy dog, I'm so big and scary and terrible and I'm going to end the world!!"
Eris: "Get over yourself."
TheTale: It gives Eris a weird look.
TheTale: "I am the world. The world was made for me. I'm all there is."
TheTale: "Is there anyone, anyone you've met…"
ShibaRoo: "Heh."
Eris: "Same thing really."
TheTale: "Tha deserves better than me?"
Dog: "If you're really any part of me… you must know! You're wrong!"
ShibaRoo: "'I am the universe'?"
TheTale: "I am the machine."
Eris: "I couldn't care less, we're leaving down right after I smash you in half and open the path."
ShibaRoo: "'The World Ends With You'?"
Maria rolls her eyes. "Someone has an ego here."
[OOC] Charlotte: Oh right, I knew I forgot something, 50D
ShibaRoo: "Sorry, some part of me just can't let go of an increasingly distant past."
Eris: "Maria, sweety,"
TheTale: Battle order: Linlea [B]:0 Eris [F]:0 Groundzero Goriglad [F]:0 Maria [F]:1 Shiba [F]:2 Dog [B]:11 Shinzou [F]:14 Charlotte [F]:49
TheTale: Status for Groundzero Goriglad : [====================] Mire[56](4)
TheTale: Linlea. Eris.
Eris: "I'm not sure who that was a dig at!"
Maria just smiles.
ShibaRoo: "Yes, Eris."
ShibaRoo: "The answer is 'yes.'"
Shinzou: "You're everything we're leaving behind, everything that can't make the journey with us when the world changes…"
Lin pulls out her flute and starts to play. The air distorts around her. [Magma Burst - 50D - ]
Eris‘ kicks Groundzero in the face, doing a backwards flip through the air as it briefly lets go of her and slams the hammer into its face before landing on the ground. [Fated Match: We do +20% to one another. If I hit it, I get THP.] [Divert] [60D]
Eris` rolled d100 and got 18 ( Total: 18 )
Eris` rolled d12+160,120% and got 5 ( Total: 198.0 )
[OOC] TheTale: 198]. It’s still smiling that stupid smile.
TheTale: Divert(4), yeah?
[OOC] Eris: Divert (4) yeah, and -50% to successive targets
[OOC] Lin: Oh I forgot how vanguard works. Try And Stop Me is on that. +30% dmg, if I'm hit +5D
Eris: "Also since when the hell do you play entire songs…?"
TheTale: The Familiar's gears start turning. [War Machine - Hits quicken it while charging spells]. It locks onto Linlea! [MAD World in CT15]
Lin shoots Eris a 'geeze thanks' expression as she keeps playing.
Shinzou: "Aww, was she not showing off for you~?"
Eris: "I mean, she might be!"
TheTale: Battle order: Maria [F]:0 Shiba [F]:1 Dog [B]:10 Shinzou [F]:13 Groundzero Goriglad [F]:14 Charlotte [F]:48 Linlea [B]:49 Eris [F]:59
TheTale: Status for Groundzero Goriglad : [=================== ] Mire[56](4) Divert(4)
TheTale: Maria!
Eris: "It's new though."
Charlotte: "It really is."
Maria stands ready, still on the airship, pointing her axe at Groundzero. "Hit 'em with all you got!" [Slice, 50D]
[OOC] Maria: HP: 550/550, MP: 490/550, LP: 8/8, SoS: 137 - +0% to SAs (U)
Dog: "But it's a nice song… okay, let's do it!" Dog nods affirmatively to Maria.
TheTale: Got it. Shba!
TheTale: er, Shiba Roo!
TheTale: Battle order: Shiba [F]:0 Dog [B]:9 Shinzou [F]:12 Groundzero Goriglad [F]:13 Charlotte [F]:47 Linlea [B]:48 Maria [F]:49 Eris [F]:58
TheTale: Status for Groundzero Goriglad : [=================== ] Mire[56](4) Divert(4)
ShibaRoo bows their head and holds their staff, an eye glinting from their darkened face as the spell charges. [Burst, CT15]
TheTale: Battle order: Dog [B]:0 Shinzou [F]:3 Groundzero Goriglad [F]:4 Shiba [F]:6 Charlotte [F]:38 Linlea [B]:39 Maria [F]:40 Eris [F]:49
TheTale: Dog!
Dog‘ howls, and dog magic lances through Groundzero Goryglad, sparkling white! [Flying Edge, 35D]
Dog` rolled 1d100 and got 63 ( Total: 63 )
Dog` rolled 1d12+144 and got 7 ( Total: 151.0 )
TheTale: Slice - [151]. It bleeds junk and ash and rusted swords, dissipating on the wind.
Eris: "That’s…"
Eris: "Kind of cool, actually!"
TheTale: The War Machine revs up! [-5D]
Dog: "Thank you!" Dog wags their tail! "I'm proud of my dog magic!"
TheTale: Groundzero Goriglad puffs up its tremendous bagpipe throat. Its legs anchor deep into the earth below it, combining with the roots.
Eris: "Oh, I ment the weird 'it's definitely not blood' effect."
TheTale: Its fiend-faces click and twist, as if calibrating.
Shinzou: "I think your dog magic is cool."
Eris: "You're just a dog, nothing cool or special about you." Eris pats it on the head, once.
TheTale: "When the sun is shining-"
TheTale: "When the breeze is warm-"
Dog‘ doggy-smiles! "I like you too, Eris!"
Eris: "I *am* pretty great."
Shinzou: "That said, there’s much to be said for just being a dog, or a monastery doctor."
TheTale: "When the dew is on the flower-petals and the leaves of grass-"
Eris: "Why is it reciting poetry?"
ShibaRoo: "It was quickened and it finished its cast?"
Shinzou: "Its 'elaborate winding-up-for-an-attack monologue' subroutines are still intact, I see."
TheTale: "It is time for war. Protocols are live."
Dog: "Oh, yeah. Sorry, I can't stop dog magic once I start charging it up!"
TheTale: …It shines with a terrible green light.
Eris: "What a worthless feature you have programmed."
[OOC] TheTale: Shining in Dryad!
TheTale: A plume of poison fog billows up around Linlea - Poison[60](5) as the Familiar launches a missile. It'll hit in… (3). [MAD World]. Strikes party when it ticks 0.
Shinzou was in the way! [G.A.]
TheTale: It's all yours - both poison and condition!
TheTale: The Familiar fires a rusty anchor-and-chain into Eris, fixing her in the spot!
[OOC] ShibaRoo: so what was -that- or any of those, tech or spell or support
[OOC] TheTale: MAD World was a spell~
Eris: "Hope this boosts damage!"
TheTale: Battle order: Shinzou [F]:0 Shiba [F]:3 Dog [B]:32 Groundzero Goriglad [F]:32 Charlotte [F]:35 Linlea [B]:36 Maria [F]:37 Eris [F]:46
TheTale: Status for Groundzero Goriglad : [=================== ] Mire[56](3) Divert(3)
TheTale: Status for Anchor : [==========]
TheTale: Shinzou!
Shinzou focuses, briefly, and draws his sword - and a fierce blaze is struck, spiraling through the battlefield! Some of the blaze consumes Goriglad, while the rest leaps at his companions' feet, warming and fortifying them rather than burning flesh! [Both Had Written Fire - Blaze From Hell, D35 - +20% potency with next action for Shiba, Dog, Charlotte, Maria, Linlea, and Eris!]
Shinzou rolled d12+162 and got 12 ( Total: 174 )
[OOC] Shinzou: HP: 490/550, [TMP: 20] MP: 550/550, LP: 7/7, SoS: 137 - Poison [60] (4)
TheTale: Shiba Roo!
TheTale: Sears it for [174]!
ShibaRoo swings their staff up like a golf club, sending a blazing pillar of light upwards bursting from the ground. [Burst, 35D]
ShibaRoo rolled d12*1.2+180*1.2 and got 8 ( Total: 225.6 )
TheTale: Its throat is punctured, briefly, and it claws at it, hissing as if it's being ashyxiphated.
TheTale: "…Just kidding." [225]
Eris: "Good joke!"
TheTale: Battle order: Dog [B]:0 Groundzero Goriglad [F]:0 Charlotte [F]:3 Shinzou [F]:3 Linlea [B]:4 Maria [F]:5 Shiba [F]:6 Eris [F]:14
TheTale: Dog!
Charlotte‘ raises a hand, and ShibaRoo’s shadow strikes it again! [S.A, Umbral Slash]
Charlotte‘ rolled 1d100 and got 61 ( Total: 61 ) for 85
Charlotte` rolled 1d12+135 and got 3 ( Total: 138.0 ) for -15 Delay for Charlotte
[OOC] TheTale: 138]! Quicken!
Dog: "I survived that so many times," Dog says. "You really expect me to fall for something like that?" They start charging up more dog magic, and the light glints! [CT15]
Charlotte` follows up by slamming her scythe into Groundzero! [Backstab, 60D]
Charlotte` rolled 1d100 and got 30 ( Total: 30 ) for 85
Eris: "For real though what does the anchor do, I don’t remember."
TheTale: Charlotte: It's a hit!
Charlotte‘ rolled 1d12+175,120% and got 10 ( Total: 222.0 )
TheTale: Eris: You take a large amount of increased damage. (+50%)
Eris: "It is just ’Eris dies faster'? I think - ah, yeah okay."
[OOC] TheTale: 222]!
TheTale: The War Machine revs up. Groundzero Goryglad prepares missiles.
ShibaRoo: "You could use an anchor, I think."
ShibaRoo: "I fear ending up like you."
TheTale: "I'd say… 'this, too, is war', but, hahaha, you guys, you know that, right?"
TheTale: "You can't escape it. We're all in it together."
TheTale: "Let's fight and fight and fight and die and live and fight and fight and fight and hate and die and live and die and fight and fight."
Shinzou: "Like moths to a flame, aren't we?"
Eris: "Okay -"
Eris‘ looks up at Zeroday.
Dog: "I know I never really escaped, but… but we’re changing it now!"
Eris: "You gotta die real fast here buddy, I really can't tell if they're zinging me or you and it's making it real hard to keep the joke flow going smoothly!"
TheTale: "Like moths to a moth trap." [War of 1455 in CT35]
TheTale: Battle order: Shinzou [F]:0 Linlea [B]:1 Maria [F]:2 Shiba [F]:3 Eris [F]:11 Dog [B]:12 Groundzero Goriglad [F]:32 Charlotte [F]:45
TheTale: Status for Groundzero Goriglad : [================= ] Mire[56](3) Divert(3)
TheTale: Status for Anchor : [==========]
TheTale: Shinzou!
ShibaRoo: "I'm not joking or trying to get a petty 'zinger' in."
Eris‘ stops for a moment to turn to face ShibaRoo, then blinks once.
Shinzou: "Nothing ever really ends, for us. But what do you know about that? You’re just words on a page, words inscribed in brass and crystal, echoes of dead flesh." [CT 10, -2 LP]
Eris: "I don't belive that for a second!"
TheTale: Got it. Linlea.
TheTale: "I am an echo of an echo of an echo of an echo but-"
TheTale: "Hahahahaha."
Lin puts her flute down and reaches for her bow. She readies two arrows and fires them into Groundzero Goriglad and the Anchor. [Atlas Buster x2 - All Over (-100 HP T: Double)]
TheTale: "Babe, what isn't…?"
Lin rolled 2d100 and got 73, 33 ( Total: 106 )
Lin rolled d12*1.2+140*1.2 and got 2 ( Total: 170.4 ) for x2
ShibaRoo swings their staff the other way, sending the pillar of light back groundward. [SA: Halo]
[OOC] TheTale: 170] [170]! The War Machine revs up!
[OOC] Lin: 42 Wound on both
[OOC] TheTale: turns?
[OOC] Lin: 4
[OOC] Lin: Take 42 damage every time they act or get hit by me
ShibaRoo rolled d12+180 and got 2 ( Total: 182.0 ) for kicking it for extra spell damage, also do i really need to roll acc for this
[OOC] TheTale: 60D, yeah?
[OOC] TheTale: you do not, shiba
[OOC] Lin: Whoops. Yes.
TheTale: The gears of the war machine turn as it takes the hit - [182]!
TheTale: Battle order: Maria [F]:0 Shiba [F]:1 Shinzou [F]:8 Eris [F]:9 Dog [B]:10 Groundzero Goriglad [F]:20 Charlotte [F]:43 Linlea [B]:59
TheTale: Status for Groundzero Goriglad : [================ ] Mire[56](3) Divert(3) Wound[42](4)
TheTale: Status for Anchor : [======= ] Wound[42](4)
TheTale: Maria!
Maria leaps off the airship, smashing her axe into Groundzero's face! [Slice]
Maria rolled 1d100 and got 11 ( Total: 11 )
[OOC] Maria: 1 luck
TheTale: The face falls off.
Maria rolled d10+120,340% and got 1 ( Total: 411.4 )
[OOC] TheTale: 411]!
Eris: "You're right,"
TheTale: Cheap paper-craft roses bloom from behind it, and Groundzero picks up its fallen head in a brass claw.
Eris: "I probably should of waited until my turn to jump off. Good call."
TheTale: "Alas, poor Horatio. Ahaha."
Maria then follows up with another strike! [After Me, 57D]
Maria rolled 1d100 and got 69 ( Total: 69 )
Maria rolled d10+120,120% and got 9 ( Total: 154.79999999999998 ) for next person to attack it before its turn deals +30% damage
Dog‘ barks, and a quick burst of dog magic lances into Goryglad! [SA: Bark Bark Bark]
Maria: "It’s more dramatic that way."
Dog‘ rolled 1d12+144*1.5 and got 6 ( Total: 222.0 ) for +20% potency, +30% potency
[OOC] TheTale: 154] [222]!
TheTale: Battle order: Shiba [F]:0 Groundzero Goriglad [F]:4 Shinzou [F]:7 Eris [F]:8 Dog [B]:9 Charlotte [F]:42 Maria [F]:56 Linlea [B]:58
TheTale: Status for Groundzero Goriglad : [============= ] Mire[56](3) Divert(3) Wound[42](4)
TheTale: Status for Anchor : [======= ] Wound[42](4)
TheTale: Shiba!
TheTale: The gears of the War Machine keep turning.
ShibaRoo: "I’ve seen the sun come down - "
ShibaRoo: "I've felt its fire burn - "
ShibaRoo: "And in the dark of night,"
ShibaRoo declares that Groundzero has transgressed, and strikes it with a glowing-white staff-turned-blade. [By Will] [Zornhau]
ShibaRoo rolled d100 and got 29 ( Total: 29 ) for 80
ShibaRoo rolled 1d100 and got 5 ( Total: 5 ) for d10+360, reduce timers of enhancements on target by 1, [70D]
TheTale: The blazing beam cuts slowly, but certainly.
TheTale: But it cuts.
ShibaRoo: "I hope for its return."
TheTale rolled 1d10+360 and got 4 ( Total: 364.0 )
[OOC] TheTale: 364!!!
TheTale: Missiles bombard the enemy, as they always have, and always will. [War of 1455]
TheTale: Well… the front row, at least.
TheTale rolled 1d12*1.3+216*1.3 and got 5 ( Total: 287.3 )
Also rolled 1d12*2+216*2 and got 5 [Total: 442.0 (Low), Avg: 5.00]
Total: 729.3, Avg: 5.00
TheTale: Inflicting 287 magical Dryad damage to Shiba, SHinzou, Charlotte, and Maria!
TheTale: Inflicting 442 magical Dryad damage to Eris!
ShibaRoo intercepts for Eris! [GA]
Eris: "Wh - oh, that's fine too."
[OOC] ShibaRoo: Withstand
[OOC] Maria: HP: 293/550, MP: 490/550, LP: 8/8, SoS: 137 - +0% to SAs (U)
TheTale: Struck targets are poisoned[50](5)!
[OOC] ShibaRoo: does that cut one hit down to 100 or entirely down
[OOC] TheTale: Probably one hit only, I think…?
[OOC] ShibaRoo: also fair
[OOC] Charlotte: HP: 343/550, MP: 400/550, LP: 7/7, SoS: 137 - Poisoned(50) (5),Saving Grace primed (U)
TheTale: With a viciously Dryad-shining smile, clutching its head in its claw, Groundzero Goryglad laughs and laughs.
Eris: "Hey."
Eris: "How do you do that shining thing?"
ShibaRoo: "It requires belief in principles, first off."
Eris: "I have those!"
Eris: "I have those in spades, even."
TheTale: Sirens start sounding, all through Wonderland. (3)
[OOC] ShibaRoo: HP: 273/600 MP: 380/500 LP: 6/6
TheTale: Battle order: Shinzou [F]:0 Eris [F]:1 Dog [B]:2 Groundzero Goriglad [F]:23 Charlotte [F]:35 Maria [F]:49 Linlea [B]:51 Shiba [F]:63
TheTale: Status for Groundzero Goriglad : [=========== ] Mire[56](2) Divert(2) Wound[42](3) Countdown(3)
TheTale: Status for Anchor : [======= ] Wound[42](4)
TheTale: Shinzou!
[OOC] TheTale:
Shinzou shakes his head. "Echoes of echoes? I am the original! I am inimitable! You…?" He raises an eyebrow, releasing a storm of razor-sharp feathers, and carefully grasping one out of the air, and tucking it away for later. [Ghost Shots D30] "Are a reflection in a broken mirror, sketched in lights in the sky of a dying world."
[OOC] Shinzou: HP: 143/550, MP: 550/550, LP: 5/7, SoS: 137 - Poison [60] (4),Razor Gale [108] (U)
ShibaRoo [Redoubles] their stance. Now punishing [Magical]. (( Was Technical before. ))
TheTale: Battle order: Eris [F]:0 Dog [B]:1 Groundzero Goriglad [F]:22 Shinzou [F]:29 Charlotte [F]:34 Maria [F]:48 Linlea [B]:50 Shiba [F]:62
TheTale: Status for Groundzero Goriglad : [=========== ] Mire[56](2) Divert(2) Wound[42](3) Countdown(3)
TheTale: Status for Anchor : [======= ] Wound[42](4)
TheTale: Eris!
[OOC] Shinzou: HP: 143/550, MP: 550/550, LP: 5/7, SoS: 137 - Poison [60] (3),Razor Gale [108] (U),MAD World (1)
Eris‘ waves a hand towards Shizou dismissively, sending a swirl of sparkles around him. [High Spark], before giving the demon an experimental smash. [Attack] [60D]
Eris` rolled d12+150 and got 7 ( Total: 157 ) for healer
Eris` rolled d100 and got 89 ( Total: 89 )
Eris` rolled d12+160,120% and got 7 ( Total: 200.4 ) for -1LP
[OOC] TheTale: 200]!
[OOC] Shinzou: HP: 300/550, MP: 550/550, LP: 5/7, SoS: 137 - Poison [60] (3),Razor Gale [108] (U),MAD World (1)
Eris: "I'm going to need you to deal some damage, any damage, to anything before I go again."
Eris: "Got it? Good."
Dog‘ barks affirmatively! "Right!"
TheTale: Battle order: Dog [B]:0 Groundzero Goriglad [F]:21 Shinzou [F]:28 Charlotte [F]:33 Maria [F]:47 Linlea [B]:49 Eris [F]:59 Shiba [F]:61
TheTale: Status for Groundzero Goriglad : [========== ] Mire[56](2) Divert(2) Wound[42](3) Countdown(3)
TheTale: Status for Anchor : [======= ] Wound[42](4)
TheTale: Dog!
Dog: "Then let’s… try this!" Dog magic arcs towards Goriglad, and blasts it with light - [Flying Edge, because I forgot how to dog magic combo, 35D]
Dog‘ rolled 1d12+144 and got 9 ( Total: 153.0 )
Dog` rolled 1d100 and got 61 ( Total: 61 ) for woops, forgot this one actually has a targetting roll
[OOC] TheTale: 153]!
Eris` follows up dog bark with a hammer smash. [Assist]
Eris` rolled d100 and got 73 ( Total: 73 )
Eris` rolled d12+160,140% and got 10 ( Total: 237.99999999999997 ) for forgot the shiz bonus on the last action so here it is now
[OOC] TheTale: 237]!
Dog` also spends two luck for -10D!
TheTale: The War Machine revs up. Groundzero Gardenglad’s joints light up. [Minutes to Midnight in CT30]!
TheTale: Battle order: Dog [B]:0 Shinzou [F]:3 Charlotte [F]:8 Maria [F]:22 Linlea [B]:24 Groundzero Goriglad [F]:26 Eris [F]:34 Shiba [F]:36
TheTale: Status for Groundzero Goriglad : [========= ] Mire[56](2) Divert(2) Wound[42](3) Countdown(3)
TheTale: Status for Anchor : [======= ] Wound[42](4)
TheTale: Dog!
Eris: "Also lets uh."
Eris: "Lets maybe break this anchor, instead of speeding up its gigantic fuck off attack, yeah?"
Dog‘ barks at Shiba! [Listen Up, 30D!] "Come on, let’s get moving!" [-30D to Shiba!]
TheTale: Battle order: Shinzou [F]:0 Shiba [F]:3 Charlotte [F]:5 Maria [F]:19 Linlea [B]:21 Groundzero Goriglad [F]:23 Dog [B]:27 Eris [F]:31
TheTale: Status for Groundzero Goriglad : [========= ] Mire[56](2) Divert(2) Wound[42](3) Countdown(3)
TheTale: Status for Anchor : [======= ] Wound[42](4)
TheTale: Shinzou!
Shinzou draws his arms back, like he's holding and aiming a bow, some sort of flickering in the air rippling between his two hands. [Storm of Arrows CT30 - anytime an ally attacks the Anchor while Storm of Arrows is charging, decrease delay by 5]
TheTale: Shiba!
ShibaRoo spins an end of their staff through the earth, sending twin fangs through the dirt to hit both the anchor and Groundzero! Or they will, uh, in [CT10]. [Sacred Sword, LP-2 to reduce CT by 10]
Eris‘ spins around to root around in Lin’s pocket for a minute, before pulling her PDA out and begins to poke at it rapidly.
TheTale: Charlotte!
Lin seems amused. "I'll see in a moment, I guess?"
Eris: "I just remembered I actually saw something written about shining on that dumb encountr site and am looking it up real quick."
Charlotte‘ swings her scythe, her shadow rippling out to hit both Groundzero and the Anchor at once! [Scatter Rave]
Charlotte` rolled 2d100 and got 10, 43 ( Total: 53 ) for 85
[OOC] Charlotte: -1 LP
Charlotte` rolled 1d12+135*2 and got 12 ( Total: 282.0 )
Also rolled 1d12+135 and got 7 [Total: 142.0 (High), Avg: 7.00]
Total: 424.0, Avg: 9.50
[OOC] TheTale: 282] [142]! The war machine revs!
Eris: "’When you feel cool'… Good Goddess, why am I not constantly shining?"
Lin fires off a Gem Missile into the war machine. [Magic Assist - 100 + 42]
TheTale: 60D, right?
Eris: "Do I need to give a speech or something…?"
[OOC] ShibaRoo: 55D since it hits the anchor during Storm of Arrows!
ShibaRoo: "Quit overthinking it."
Lin: "Not as grandoise as an AF, but…"
Shinzou: "I think that's traditional. Or commit regicide."
Charlotte: "You should try to do something at least a bit grandiose."
Eris: "Hmm."
Charlotte: "Not that you usually aren't…"
Eris: "Well, I have a few ticks to think on it I suppose."
TheTale: Battle order: Shiba [F]:0 Groundzero Goriglad [F]:5 Maria [F]:6 Linlea [B]:8 Shinzou [F]:12 Dog [B]:14 Eris [F]:18 Charlotte [F]:52
TheTale: Status for Groundzero Goriglad : [======== ] Mire[56](2) Divert(2) Wound[42](3) Countdown(3)
TheTale: Status for Anchor : [== ] Wound[42](4)
TheTale: Shiba!
[OOC] Charlotte: And yeah it was 60D -5 I guess.
[OOC] TheTale: I think it quickens the spell actually…?
ShibaRoo spins their staff - once on the left, once on the right! - sending twin beams of light tearing dirt aside to hit their quarry. [Sacred Sword, 35D]
[OOC] ShibaRoo: oh it quickens storm? sorry aaa
ShibaRoo rolled d12+150 and got 2 ( Total: 152.0 )
TheTale: The anchor shudders and burns away into paper-scraps!
[OOC] TheTale: 152] to Groundzero! He quickens!
Shinzou: "Although, really, you -are- overthinking it."
ShibaRoo: "Does something move you, and resonate with you?"
ShibaRoo: "You only need to -be.-"
Eris: "Oh I already know what I'm going to do I just needed all this dumb build up,"
Eris: "Thanks for playing along everyone, you're all dolls~"
ShibaRoo: "I am going to chokeslam you into the ground after this."
Eris: "Hahahah.”
Charlotte‘ chuckles. "If you say so."
Shinzou reaches forward, and just snaps his fingers, and rainbow light sparks all over Goriglad. "You are the natural law of this world… and you have no power over me!" [S.A. - Now Is Not The Time To Contemplate Morals.]
TheTale: Sirens are going off. The fiend-mouths on -
Eris: “It was important for someone to say ‘you’re over thinking it’ otherwise it wouldn’t align with my elements when I did it!”
TheTale: Groundzero start rattling, rattling.
[Luna Shine!]
TheTale: And one of them, suddenly, snaps into an unimpressed frown.
Shinzou rolled d12+162 and got 2 ( Total: 164 )
[OOC] TheTale: 164]!
TheTale: Like sugar-glass, the Dryad energy dissipates! Shine’s broken!
Maria follows up with her own attack! [Chain Scheme]
[OOC] TheTale: 213]!
Maria rolled 1d100 and got 45 ( Total: 45 )
Maria rolled d10+120 and got 9 ( Total: 129.0 )
Charlotte: "Or you got beaten to the punch…?"
[OOC] TheTale: 129]!
Eris: “I couldn’t even care less about the demon shining.”
ShibaRoo: "You just … wanted a turn?"
Eris: “Okay hold onto that thought I’ll get back to you in like,”
TheTale: Beams of laserlight sweep across the battlefield, searing Eris and Linlea!
Eris: “Fifteenish ticks.”
TheTale rolled 1d12+252 and got 8 ( Total: 260.0 )
Shinzou shakes his hood off, rainbowy feathers woven into his silvery hair, a wild look on his face. Is he monster or human? Or has he been pirouetting on the line his entire life?
Also rolled 1d12+252*1.2 and got 5 [Total: 307.4 (Low), Avg: 5.00]
Total: 567.4, Avg: 6.50
Lin: "Eris if this thing isn't dead after this I'm going to be disappointed."
TheTale: Burning Eris for 307 and Linlea for 260!
TheTale: Poison[60](5)!
TheTale: "You…"
TheTale: "…You were supposed to make ME, but you made something else, didn't you…?"
TheTale: "Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha."
[OOC] Lin: HP: 320/600, MP: 460/550, LP: 8/8, SoS: 150 - Mop Up(+20%) (U),Poison[60] (5)
Eris: "It's…"
TheTale: Battle order: Maria [F]:0 Linlea [B]:2 Shinzou [F]:6 Dog [B]:8 Eris [F]:12 Shiba [F]:29 Groundzero Goriglad [F]:29 Charlotte [F]:46
TheTale: Status for Groundzero Goriglad : [===== ] Mire[56](1) Divert(1) Wound[42](2) Countdown(2)
TheTale: Maria!
Eris: "Probably not going to be dead, but it'll be missing a lot of HP,"
Eris: "And you're going to be like,"
Lin: "So what you're saying is, you want some help, right?" She smiles.
Eris: "'Oh Eris you're so strong and rightoues and amazing and I want to shower you in kisses to celebrate how much you are the best!' and such."
ShibaRoo: "'It's down, now's the time for an All-Out Attack!'?"
ShibaRoo: "Oh."
Maria casts a quick curse on the familiar. "Time to pick on him." [Piñata, 50D; Anyone that hits Groundzero Goriglad before Maria's next turn regains 100 HP; Turning Point: anyone that hits Groundzero will get their SA back on Maria's next turn]
Dog‘ wags their tail. "I’ll give you kisses, Eris!"
[OOC] Maria: HP: 293/550, MP: 230/550, LP: 7/8, SoS: 137 - +30% to SAs (U)
Eris: "You're a good dog."
Lin: "I was about to ask if that's ever worked out for you, but it seems Dog has you covered."
Dog: "Thanks!" Yip yip!
Eris: "Well, I mean."
Eris: "Why do you think Charlotte is still with us, Lin…?"
Lin glances over at Charlotte before raising a hand to her mouth. "What a twist."
Charlotte‘ gives Eris a flat look. "Uh huh, sure."
Maria: "Oh my."
Eris: "Also need I remind you,"
Eris: "I was offered Maria’s hand in marriage!"
Eris: "And the thing with the lawyer,"
TheTale: Battle order: Linlea [B]:0 Shinzou [F]:4 Dog [B]:6 Eris [F]:10 Shiba [F]:27 Groundzero Goriglad [F]:27 Charlotte [F]:44 Maria [F]:48
TheTale: Linlea!
Eris: "…and pretty much anyone I don't just smash into the ground really…"
Dog: "Goodness! You've had quite the adventure!"
Eris: "If Zen was here this would be a fantastic opportunity to give him shit about his repressed desires for me as well, but alas."
Shinzou: "Too easy."
Eris‘ nods seriously to Dog.
Lin: "Oh, right. I should be doing a thing, hold on a sec." She draws her bow and readies an arrow. She pulls it back really hard and some glowy SFX seem to be happening leaving a trail as she lets it fly into Groundzero Goriglad. [Magic Burst - 70D | Overdriver - Minus 100 HP +50%]
Lin rolled 1d100 and got 48 ( Total: 48 ) for 80
[OOC] Lin: -5 LP
Lin rolled d12*2.5+266*2.5 and got 12 ( Total: 695.0 ) for Plus wound
[OOC] TheTale: 695] [42]!
TheTale: Battle order: Shinzou [F]:0 Dog [B]:2 Eris [F]:6 Shiba [F]:23 Groundzero Goriglad [F]:23 Charlotte [F]:40 Maria [F]:44 Linlea [B]:66
TheTale: Status for Groundzero Goriglad : [== ] Mire[56](1) Divert(1) Wound[42](2) Countdown(2)
TheTale: Shuddering, hissing.
TheTale: Shinzou!
Shinzou releases the arrow he’s been aiming - and a thousand little prismatic fragments descend on Goriglad and pierce it through, from all different directions! [Storm of Arrows D25]
Shinzou rolled d12+216 and got 8 ( Total: 224 )
Eris: "Good Goddess when did everyone start doing damage."
Shinzou: "When you told us to!"
[OOC] Lin: Oh herp derp
Eris: "That bar was way bigger when I started grandstanding."
Shinzou: "We're good listeners!"
TheTale: They pin the Familiar to the ground.
[OOC] Lin: That actually did 750 I forgot mop up
TheTale: It clutches its throat, hacking, hissing.
TheTale: "J…j…just… kidding… hahahaa…"
Shinzou: "Listening, and crashing peace treaties with regicide. Our two talents."
Eris: "Aha."
Eris: "Hm."
[OOC] Lin: So +55
Eris: "Ugh the dumb speech thing is kind of seeming less and less important now…!"
ShibaRoo: "Like I said. You were overthinking. Just be."
[OOC] Lin: HP: 260/600, MP: 450/550, LP: 3/8, SoS: 150 - Mop Up(+20%) (U),Poison[60] (4)
TheTale: MAD World dissipates, right?
Eris: "I've decided you can in fact be Zen's replacement, you wet blanket."
ShibaRoo: "Oh, no, I'm actually much worse than him."
ShibaRoo: "I've been biting my tongue, biding my time."
Eris: "Sheesh!"
Eris: "Good thing we went human side then, huh?"
[OOC] Shinzou: MAD World does, regrettably, tick off.
Lin: "We're only with Prospero because it was the city the caravan reached from the north."
TheTale: Briefly, the world goes white -
TheTale rolled 1d12+216 and got 11 ( Total: 227.0 )
TheTale: Thermonuclear detonation annihilates the party to the tune of 227 magical Dryad damage!
TheTale: …Something contained it(?)
[OOC] ShibaRoo: can I try to repel that to dodge it - oh or that
TheTale: Battle order: Dog [B]:0 Eris [F]:4 Shiba [F]:21 Groundzero Goriglad [F]:21 Shinzou [F]:23 Charlotte [F]:38 Maria [F]:42 Linlea [B]:64
TheTale: Status for Groundzero Goriglad : [= ] Mire[56](1) Divert(1) Wound[42](2) Countdown(2)
TheTale: Dog!
[OOC] Charlotte: HP: 66/550, MP: 400/550, LP: 6/7, SoS: 137 - Poisoned(50) (4),Saving Grace primed (U)
TheTale: The explosion climbs back into the missile,
TheTale: Which soars back up into the sky.
TheTale: …Urrrrgh, that was going to blow you up so good, too.
Eris: " - Huh, that was weird."
Lin: "… any ideas why that happened?"
Eris: "Post Script, Charlotte, you have a heal stored."
Shinzou laughs and laughs and laughs. "The experimental [Regret Protocol]!"
Charlotte‘ snaps her fingers, and the whole party get healed. "I was already using it, sheesh!" [Saving Grace activated, -10 delay for Charlotte]
ShibaRoo: "Someone turned back the hour hand on the doomsday clock."
Dog` starts charging some dog magic, just in case. But Eris really wants to blow it up, right? [CT15]
Eris: "Just reminding you~"
TheTale: Eris!
Eris: "It’d be a real shame if you dropped now!"
Charlotte‘ rolled 1d8+72 and got 6 ( Total: 78.0 ) for 2nd is for people in SoS, 1st is for everyone else
Also rolled 1d8+144 and got 3 [Total: 147.0 (Low), Avg: 3.00]
Total: 225.0, Avg: 4.50
[OOC] Charlotte: HP: 213/550, MP: 400/550, LP: 6/7, SoS: 137 - Poisoned(50) (4),Saving Grace primed (U)
[OOC] Lin: HP: 338/600, MP: 450/550, LP: 3/8, SoS: 150 - Mop Up(+20%) (U),Poison[60] (4)
[OOC] Dog: HP: 411/550, MP: 545/600, LP: 8/10, SoS: 137
Eris` spins back around, facing the demon as she absords the damage floating around her. "Anyway."
Eris: "I have this whole thing all ready to spout out and go on about,
Eris: "But it turns out it doesn’t really matter, because even if it doesn't matter, you're in my way… and there's no kill like overkill." Red energy burst forth from behind her sunglasses and under her fingernails, before it envelopes Eris entirely. [Shining Salamander] She then slowly hefts up her hammer as it too begins to give off energy trails, then crashes into the demon once,
Eris: twice, thrice in slow motion. [We Are A Killing Team] [Trinity Stake] [60D]
Eris‘ rolled 3d100 and got 37, 100, 75 ( Total: 212 )
[OOC] Eris: -2LP to make that a hit GOD DAMN YOU RANDOM NUMBERS
Eris` rolled 3#d12+160,260%(1) and got 6 ( Total: 431.6 )
Also rolled 3#d12+160,260%(2) and got 2 [Total: 421.2]
Also rolled 3#d12+160,260%(3) and got 2 [Total: 421.2]
[OOC] Sugarlips: Grand Total: 1274.0
TheTale: Eris,
TheTale: She Who is Called "Pathblazer" , the Burster of Bonds, the Breaker of Gates
TheTale: The Angel of Destruction.
[OOC] TheTale: 431] [421] [421
[OOC] TheTale: DES] [TRO] [YED
Lin: "She didn’t break the gate at Prospero though…"
Charlotte: "Angel of Destruction… yeah, that certainly fits to a T."
Eris: "Because they opened it after I threatened to do so. That BASICALLY counts, Lin."
Dog‘ looks from Eris to Goryglad, jaw dropped. "A strike which could kill the unkillable… you’re amazing, Eris!"
ShibaRoo: "There is no longer anywhere angels fear to tread."
Lin puffs out her cheeks. "I guess."
Shinzou: "Ahahahahaha! That was beautiful!"
Eris: "I really am, dog!"
ShibaRoo: "Not even the dead of winter like what creeps on us now."
TheTale: The grasshoppers are chirping.
TheTale: The butterflies are playing.
TheTale: Somewhere, even in that tangled mess of roots…
TheTale: Spring is coming.
ShibaRoo: "Because it inevitably passes."
Eris: "Alright, lets blow this popcicle stand. Like, two more things to kill and then we're home free? This place sucks."
ShibaRoo: "Two, three. Give or take."
TheTale: …Into the thick of things you go.
[OOC] TheTale:
TheTale: Actually, hold a moment.
TheTale: (I mean, the rest of you can go on ahead, but…)
Lin: "That jerk cut before I could pet the dog. Gaaaaaaaaaah!" She throws her winged cap on the floor in frustration.
TheTale: Fiend-orchestra bound to mortal monster flesh.
TheTale: Oh?
TheTale: No, go for it, it's fine.
TheTale: I cut a bit too early.
Eris: "Hahaha."
Dog‘ trots over to Lin and licks her hand! "I’m right here!"
Eris: "Adorable!"
Eris‘ pets Linlea as dog licks her hand.
TheTale: The war is a machine for the sorry, pathetic masses of the world to punish themselves with.
TheTale: Its missiles, its cannons, its fangs, its venom.
TheTale: On the walkway into the tree, its incarnation slowly comes apart.
Dog` also licks Eris, because, you know, she wanted kisses, and here’s Dog with the kisses.
Eris‘ pets Dog with her other hand.
TheTale: It’s rotting, it's rusting, it's coming apart.
Shinzou bears witness, silently.
Dog‘ turns to look at the corpse as it fades, ears flicking back. "… goodnight."
Lin nuzzles Dog behind the ear. "You did good."
Dog: "Thanks, Lin."
Dog: "That thing… it was a lot of old regrets, for me. I’m glad it's gone."
Shinzou lets out a breath he's been holding in for… a lifetime, feels like, as the fiend rusts away to dust. (And he, too, pets Dog.)
Dog‘ leans into Shinzou’s hand. "We did it, friend."
ShibaRoo reaches an arm around Shinzou's neck in an embrace.
Eris: "Alrighty then! That's enough reminising; places to go, things to kill, people to evacuate. I APPRECIATE NO ONE CRYING THOUGH, just, you know, for the record." A nod to the monsters, before descending into DS's Wonderland.
TheTale: That's right.
TheTale: There's no crying until the very end.
[OOC] TheTale:

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