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TheTale: I - The Dance For The Hosts.
TheTale: "Peace is within reach" .
TheTale: On these words, in the shadow of the Mana Tree - that looms high over the thawing world -
TheTale: People, monsters and humans, have gathered in the halls of the Palazza Vita.
TheTale: There's a tense, "who you lookin at?" sort of tension between the monster gentry (their knights, their colorful strong-women, their bombastic parades), and the masked nobility of Prospero.
TheTale: A commemmorative fiend, designed for the purpose, smiles brightly as she proceeds down the line, defusing tensions and gilding patience with boons from a plate of hors d'oeuvres.
TheTale: Here, you're all waiting so patiently: Have some! She stoops low to hand one to Dog, at least.
Dog‘ wags their tail and accepts it, of course! Chomp, chomp - "Delicious!"
Shinzou glances between the monsters and the masks, seeing the two faces of a single whole that he’s seen his entire life, but not been able to put a name to. He bows, courteously, to the fiend, admiring the craftsmanship.
Lucnephwyr stands at his tallest (which is… fairly small, he's still growing) and puffs out his chest, shoulders back, tail thumping onto the ground with each thunk of his walking staff. His uniform is freshly cleaned and pressed, its colors vibrant and bright, and his scales shine all the brighter. A little wing flap here and there belies his admittedly-flimsy stoic face.
TheTale: She is clothed finely, but there is often no body for the clothes to hang off of - her wire frame supports itself.
Shiba probably looks as spiffy as Luc does, but her demeanor doesn't. She's a little disoriented! And wondering how she got here.
Dog‘ has their best bandana on. It has sparkles!
Shinzou is deliberately toeing the line between monster and human, right now - maskless, human-faced, feathered. He’s only got the one long sharp claw, though, and it's sheathed.
TheTale: Serenely, Fal Silke - the white serpent of the Geist Sages - approaches the party. She smiles. The wait is long.
Shiba leans over to whisper to Shinzou. "Did I … did I black out?"
TheTale: She quirks a worried, bushy eyebrow at Shiba.
Lucnephwyr: "Hi, Miss Silke!" The stoic face is easily broken, given way to a wide, toothy smile.
Lucnephwyr: "It's been a while, huh!"
Shiba: "It just feels like it's been a while!"
Shiba stares at Luc.
Dog‘ wag wag tail! "The time really flies!"
Shinzou: "(You only missed some boring introductory diplomatic procedure. Don’t worry and have faith; we're all precisely where we need to be.)"
Lucnephwyr: "Even a week can be 'a while' if you're missing your friends!"
TheTale: "There is, I must apologize, a ritual that Sages must complete, in this hour, when the omen of the Mana Tree is high in the sky."
Maria hurried over from a different direction, standing with the human delegation. She's donned a mask, and her axe is just a bit out of her reach and somewhat out-of-sight, but she otherwise hasn't changed much.
TheTale: "Maria!" The serpent-woman says. She bows her head to the arrival. "I am Fal Silke, of the Geist Sages." Her eyes are ivory-white.
TheTale: "Messengers of the Mana Tree. Though-" She squints, gazing, sightlessly, out the window at the sky.
Lucnephwyr: "Hi Maria!" He waves to her, standing on tiptoes, which is wholly unneccessary.
TheTale: "-We are not entirely on board with its current heading."
Dog: "Hi!" Dog's tail is wagging overtime.
TheTale: "But, mm, where was I - ah yes! Ritual. Sages must complete."
Shiba smiles smugly at Maria in recognition, eyes glinting.
TheTale: She gestures vaguely to the waiting parties ahead of and behind you, shooing them away, getting you some space.
Maria: "Greetings. As I guess you know, I'm Maria Altsie." She drops a curtsy before glancing skyward. "It's nice to meet you."
TheTale: Fal Silke concentrates, pressing her hand to her brow. Blue light streams from her closed eyes - there's a feeling like a ripple. "Those who cannot meet the fated challenge shall die in vain." [Premonition] And then: Monsters!
TheTale: …Or… not…? Strange, blue, numinous things, deer standing on two legs, their fore-limbs hanging uselessly before them. Satyric, almost, except someone forgot to add the human.
TheTale: Their backs are draped in flowers.
TheTale: …Let's call them "Florafawna" .
TheTale: Fal Silke, standing delicately aside, begins casting "Slap On The Wrist" …! But I wouldn't worry about it.
TheTale: Battle order: Dog [B]:0 Florafawna C [B]:4 Lucnephwyr [F]:5 Florafawna A [F]:5 Shinzou [F]:6 Shiba [F]:6 Florafawna B [B]:6 A Slap on The Wrist:150
TheTale: Status for Florafawna A : [==========]
TheTale: Status for Florafawna B : [==========]
TheTale: Status for Florafawna C : [==========]
Lucnephwyr: "What a strange ceremony."
TheTale: Dog!
TheTale: "It's incredibly necessary." Fal Silke explains.
Shinzou waves to Maria, pleasantly.
Lucnephwyr: "Is Maria not to join us?"
Dog‘ barks! "A challenge, huh?! I’ll beat it!!" And they start charging up some dog magic! [CT15]
TheTale: "Oh! I'm sorry."
TheTale: Battle order: Dog [B]:0 Florafawna C [B]:4 Lucnephwyr [F]:5 Florafawna A [F]:5 Shinzou [F]:6 Shiba [F]:6 Florafawna B [B]:6 Maria [F]:9 A Slap on The Wrist:150
TheTale: That's better.
Shinzou: "They're rather beautiful, aren't they? Omens of the end, if I remember my signs right."
Maria: "…why?"
Lucnephwyr nods and draws out his Grimoire!
Maria sighs and goes to grab her axe. "This better not mess up my mask."
Lucnephwyr: "Sages are mysterious and scrupulous!"
Lucnephwyr: "…at least when they're not being other things."
[OOC] TheTale: Premonition - … This version is good.
Shiba looks up at a 150 floating in the distance, but remembers she shouldn't worry about it and that it should be non-diegetic.
TheTale: Florawfawna C, with bright, expectant eyes, skips up to Luc and batters him. [Wreck]
TheTale rolled 1d100 and got 86 ( Total: 86 )
Shiba shakes her head and returns her attention to the matter at hand.
TheTale: It becomes a little bit more plant, less animal. [-100 HP]
TheTale: Battle order: Lucnephwyr [F]:0 Florafawna A [F]:0 Shinzou [F]:1 Shiba [F]:1 Florafawna B [B]:1 Maria [F]:4 Dog [B]:10 Florafawna C [B]:39 A Slap on The Wrist:145
TheTale: Status for Florafawna A : [==========]
TheTale: Status for Florafawna B : [==========]
TheTale: Status for Florafawna C : [======== ]
TheTale: Luc!
Lucnephwyr skitters to the side, and thrusts his grimoire into the Florafawna C's side! [Praxis: Magic, 40D]
Lucnephwyr rolled 1d100 and got 68 ( Total: 68 ) for 80
Lucnephwyr rolled 1d8+81,120 and got 5 ( Total: 103.2 ) for Glorify
TheTale: The vision shifts and weakens at the blow. If only changing the future was always this easy! [103]
TheTale: Florafawna A sidles up to Maria, prancing almost coquettishly, before antlering her - [Wreck]
TheTale rolled 1d100 and got 67 ( Total: 67 )
TheTale rolled d8+126 and got 6 ( Total: 132.0 )
TheTale: To the tune of 132 physical Dryad damage!
Shiba: So would that … mean a transgression against [Technical]?
TheTale: …They're fading from existence, like water runs through fingers. [-100 HP]
TheTale: And… yes!
TheTale: Battle order: Shinzou [F]:0 Shiba [F]:0 Florafawna B [B]:0 Maria [F]:3 Dog [B]:9 Florafawna C [B]:38 Lucnephwyr [F]:39 Florafawna A [F]:39 A Slap on The Wrist:144
TheTale: Status for Florafawna A : [======== ]
TheTale: Status for Florafawna B : [==========]
TheTale: Status for Florafawna C : [===== ]
TheTale: Shinzou! Shiba!
[OOC] Maria: HP: 448/550, MP: 550/550, LP: 8/8, SoS: 137 - SAs deal +0% (U)
Oh, but it is. It just requires time, faith, and the wind at your back. He takes out his staff, and hits Fawna A with it elegantly. [Setting Tinder D50]
Shinzou rolled 1d100 and got 35 ( Total: 35 ) for 80
Shinzou rolled d10+108 and got 8 ( Total: 116 )
[OOC] TheTale: 116]!
TheTale: Shiba!
Shiba uses her staff of light as a makeshift carving knife, sculpting the Florafawna as easily as if they were putty or clay. [By Will on Florafawna B] [For All Assembled] [Zornhau]
Shiba rolled 3d100 and got 15, 3, 7 ( Total: 25 ) for C90, A B C
TheTale: Slice, slice, slice!
Shiba rolled d10+288 and got 4 ( Total: 292.0 )
[OOC] Shiba: 70D].
TheTale: Florafawnas A and C dissipate!
Shiba steps back and takes a light bow.
TheTale: An unearthly glow gathers in Shiba - [Struggle (U) - Protected vs. Dryad!]
Lucnephwyr applauds!
Maria follows up with a strike against Florafawna B! [SA]
Maria rolled 1d100 and got 1 ( Total: 1 )
TheTale: Strikes true!
Maria rolled d10+120,220% and got 8 ( Total: 281.6 ) for Crit +100, Domino Effect +20
TheTale: Florafawna B dissipates!
TheTale: Maria gains [Struggle] - she's protected vs. Dryad!
TheTale: Fal Silke applauds, and gently slaps the air -
[OOC] TheTale: Slap on the Wrist
Shiba: "Oh. Um."
TheTale: Inflicting 10 magical Dryad damage to the party. …But only 1 to Shiba and Maria!
TheTale: Fal Silke bows.
Lucnephwyr: "Ow," he says, theatrically.
TheTale: "A ritual that sages must complete."
TheTale: "…Maybe hastened a little." She smiles.
[OOC] TheTale: Gained 3 EXP
Lucnephwyr: "We -are- pretty fierce."
Dog: "Awoo!" Dog shakes their head, and then their whole body! Gotta dissipate that dog magic before it hurts someone.
Shinzou smiles. Would that all of their coming battles be that simple.
TheTale: Fal Silke cranes her head to look ahead -
TheTale: "I think the line is moving," she says, and slithers off.
[OOC] TheTale: HP and MP are restored.
Shiba: /me recovers all of +1
[OOC] Shiba: pfft ctrl+J
Shiba recovers all of +1 HP.
Dog: /me regains ten whole hit points! "Thanks,
Dog: ", Fal Silke!" I am too tired to figure out why that went wrong.
TheTale: That's Okay.
Lucnephwyr: "That's our cue, I guess!" He looks around a bit to see how many have already gone in before them, and waddles further in towards the procession.
[OOC] TheTale: The Chambers of the Heart
TheTale: The sound of flowing water.
TheTale: In a flowing gown, set with ray-like shards of black and white crystal, the Queen of Life stands opposite the ferocious Monster King, Holmat Roo.
TheTale: They stand on frosted glass, elaborately swept and swirled. There's a slight concave sweep to it, like a lens, and it stretches all around the circular speaking floor.
TheTale: The auditorium is stacked with monsters and humans alike, teeming and hooting - or, well, whispering suspiciously, on the latter part.
Dog‘ looks from the Queen, to the King, and back again! Ears pricked forward, listening carefully.
Lucnephwyr tilts his head along with Dog’s rhythm.
TheTale: "All the ceasefire and dealing and apologies in the world, damn you, they're yours-" Holmat Roo curses.
TheTale: "-But save your nattering for later. Give me my daughter's heart."
TheTale: "That," the Queen says. "Is a delicate arrangement. But one will be capable of compromising on, of course. Though we depend on it, a certain amount, for our lives and our safety…"
TheTale: "…You foul witch-!"
TheTale: She bows her head, a little mea-culpa, with a smile.
Lucnephwyr expected this, so he does not flinch.
Shiba: "What assurance does she have that her people will be safe with ceasefires instead of your daughter's heart?"
Shiba: "Such is the Gordian knot between you two. Yes?"
TheTale: The Queen smiles. "This one speaks up for me. We're delighted."
TheTale: "I know how that story -ends-, Shiba-!" The King howls, with a stamp of his foot on the frosted glass.
Shiba: "You and him both. What reason does he have to attack you other -than- his daughter's heart?"
TheTale: The Queen smiles, running her fingers over one of the black crystals of her dress. "Rage. And pride. But we can move beyond that, of course. Into a bold and bright future."
TheTale: "Crowing like you've defeated me." Holmat Roo seethes, pacing, turning his back.
Lucnephwyr: "Even after today, I suspect two versions of history will be written."
Lucnephwyr: "Both mostly right, which should matter enough."
TheTale: "Still. The people of Prospero are prepared to make a bold and generous offer-"
Shinzou: "…no. He cares about his people, and what that would do to them, too much, for that."
TheTale: "-Once our stocks of the water of life are sufficient to guarantee the continued thriving of the human peoples…"
TheTale: "We shall gift the Heart back to its rightful owner."
TheTale: The King turns with a start, clenching his fist - "And how long will that take?"
TheTale: "Our souls burn forever. Does it matter?" The Queen retorts.
Lucnephwyr: "Mmm… yes?"
Dog: "It matters a lot! Isn't there some other way you can come to an agreement…?" Whiiine.
Lucnephwyr: "An apocolypse is already at all of our doors, just beneath the Mana Tree."
Maria: "I'm sure it can be calculated from the current rate of flow."
Maria: "And the current contents of the vault."
TheTale: "We've done the calculations."
Lucnephwyr: "There's what… four days left?" he sort of looks about the party.
TheTale: "We are content to sign to a 10,000 year promise."
Lucnephwyr: "But now that the page has turned to this, those four days may as well be seconds."
TheTale: Holmat Roo roars.
TheTale: "The damn world is coming apart at the seams and you won't give me my daughter!?"
TheTale: The Queen shakes her head. "Our fragile people will need this more than ever, if there is a tribulation coming. Are you blind…?"
Shiba: "We need to be. If each party acts in self-interest, we all lose."
Shiba: "Hell. If any party acts in self-interest."
Shiba: "There is an arrangement that ends in the greatest amount of utility for the entire group, even if it's the least optimal option from a selfish point of view."
Shinzou: "You want 10,000 years. You have… four days. Probably less, all things considered. If -any- of you want to survive this chapter- if you want your people to survive this chapter- you have to turn this page."
TheTale: The Queen frowns. She considers.
TheTale: "Then… perhaps in this situation…"
TheTale: "We must be first to surrender. We must yield."
Shiba nods.
TheTale: "We must make a gift in good faith, and hope that it shall be honored."
Shiba turns to Holmat Roo.
Maria sighs. "Yes. It pains me to admit, but I think we have to."
TheTale: The Queen fans out a sleeve of her dress, white-and-black crystals hanging.
TheTale: "Then! My people!"
TheTale: "On the wisdom of your guidance, and the strength of your wills, we shall carry on!"
Dog‘ wags their tail, cautiously but hopefully!
TheTale: "We shall grasp he who once destroyed us like a brother!"
TheTale: "We shall carry him unto the Heart!"
TheTale: The humans in the crowd are unsure.
TheTale: The monsters are unsure, but optimistic.
Shinzou was looking at Holmat Roo when he said that, watching him. It’s the King's stewardship of his people that he's counting on, here, to overrule the fierce rage.
TheTale: Holmat Roo, it seems, is locked, for a moment -
TheTale: Not yet letting go of his rage, but not voicing it. Waiting and seeing.
TheTale: …Like an elephant brought into the bright lights of a circus.
Lucnephwyr looks about the area. It's too still.
TheTale: And then, the snap of crossbows.
TheTale: From all directions, from high windows, long bolts impale the King -
TheTale: many striking true, others missing, shattering the glass beneath him, sending
TheTale: crashing, to the waters below, to where the Heart is fixed, smashing him atop it.
TheTale: Beneath, waiting, listening, bathing in the waters -
TheTale: Draped in yellow robes, reaching out to him, the suffering of Prospero,
TheTale: its sick, its afflicted, the incomplete.
TheTale: Briefly, the King dies.
TheTale: And then, bathed in the waters of life, united with someone reaching out for him, he is alive again.
Lucnephwyr rushes to the edge, peering down at the fallen king…
Dog‘ rushes to Lucnephwyr’s side, paws on the edge! "Your Majesty!"
TheTale: He tears, desperately, at himself, trying to cut himself out of his body, from the conglomeration of his proud royal self and the suffering human he was joined with -
Lucnephwyr: "You could have just -handed- it to him!"
Shiba: "Is this your idea of 'surrender'?"
TheTale: To no avail. The longing of another human unites with him, the migration is complete -
TheTale: Over and over, he thrashes, tries to escape, only to satisfy and cure and make whole another human, until his thrashing body spreads over the waters, bowed shoulders and heads -
TheTale: The Queen bows her head.
TheTale: "Though my successor might decide differently, I desired a better hostage."
Maria: "…this wasn't what I had in mind."
Lucnephwyr leaps down after the king!
Shinzou slowly approaches the Queen, pity and a thousand years in his eyes.
TheTale: "This is a risk."
TheTale: "To win a rigged game,"
TheTale: "By checkmate,"
TheTale: "Within the rules."
TheTale: "You did something of the sort for us as well."
Dog: "You..!" Dog howls in anguish, pinning their ears back on their head. "We were so close!"
TheTale: Luc:
Shinzou: "Neither of you could ever make it to the Promised Land, could you?"
TheTale: The rules of migration are simple. Someone who would benefit from being joined with the monster enters a compact…
TheTale: …And the waters of life were carefully stocked with those someones.
TheTale: What an insidious trap.
Shinzou: "You knew that, all along, didn't you?"
TheTale: "I knew that well." says the Queen.
Shinzou smiles sadly. "Then you've been waiting a long time, my Queen." He bows his head, and gently, almost tenderly, casts her from the glass platform into the churning, roiling water of life. A gust of wind kicks up, mournful and cold.
TheTale: A black thorn of D2 bursts up and catches her, striking through the heart, serve and catch.
TheTale: "Disg…usting! Errrrrrgh! Isn't she the WORST?"
Lucnephwyr studies the king's essence, writhing about amongst the waters.
Lucnephwyr: "Hmmph."
Maria doesn't even comment at Shinzou's action.
Lucnephwyr: "Guess you'd show up!"
Dog: "Oh, not you, too! We're trying to solve problems here!"
TheTale: Then just let me clean up this mess.
Shiba: "Oh, guess it's all just subject to Dos Ex Machina."
TheTale: Carefully, quickly, before any of you can mess it up -
Lucnephwyr is gonna take the king's heart.
Shinzou smiles brightly up at D2, breaking the peace-bond on his blade and drawing it in a single motion.
Lucnephwyr so quicken it a bit
TheTale: The incisions are made, the joins are performed, those tw…
TheTale: …You're just going to take it?
TheTale: I need it for something.
TheTale: Don't do that.
Lucnephwyr: You've got two lines, buddy.
TheTale: No this
TheTale: this is going to take way more than two lines holy shit I had so much ready don't fuck this up for me
Lucnephwyr lunges, through flesh and spirit and essence withing, and takes the King's Heart.
TheTale: It swirls with four-dozen tiny lights orbiting it, the lost souls that have joined their hopes to the monster king.
TheTale: But the body's still there, seeping, misshapen. I can still use that.
Shinzou grins and his eyes gleam. "That's what we're born to do, sweetheart. Happy Winter Solstice."
Shiba: Not if … someone else is using it?
TheTale: So we lower the -
TheTale: what
Shiba: Race you. [By Will: T: Self] [Zornhau] [Migration: Holmat Roo's corpse]
TheTale: FUCK EVERYTHING why did i ever let so many of you be -
TheTale: A shimmer. You're first.
TheTale: In the moments that only exist for the heart:
TheTale: "Haha, holy shit, what the fuck just happened? Shiba, right?"
Shiba: "Yup."
TheTale: "So that's like… a demon shadow of my daughter, or something? Really not following all this crap."
[OOC] Maria: that's okay, I'm having trouble too
Shiba: A shrug. (Somehow.) "Something of the sort. It's been a few months and it's not fresh in memory."
TheTale: "You know what?"
TheTale: "There's no time to overthink this."
TheTale: "The Promise is Made."
TheTale: "You just… fulfill it however you feel is best."
TheTale: "Fuck."
TheTale: -
Shiba: "Better me than her, right?"
TheTale: "Right."
TheTale: Shiba Roo.
Dog: "Shiba! Shiba Roo..? You did it!"
TheTale: The King is Dead! Long Live the King! The strongest! The wisest! The slyest! The slitherest!
TheTale: …Chants like those go up.
TheTale: (The crowd is very confused.)
Lucnephwyr: "…you know, I thought we had avoided this happening. I mean, this specifically-" He claw gestures up and down at ShibaRoo, gestures to the heart in his other hand.
Dog: "I thought so too, but I guess everything just went to crap." Dog whines. "But it's not too late to turn it around!"
Lucnephwyr: "Oh, right-"
Lucnephwyr: "Guess there's not much stopping me from this, now."
Lucnephwyr wades into the fountain, and kneels, reaching for the Princess' Heart as well.
TheTale: A million crossbow bolts, uselessly, bounce off of Lucnephwyr.
ShibaRoo raises a fist towards the chanting crowd. … Whatever keeps them from swarming the stage.
Shinzou stands alone on the glass platform, the wind still rippling over his robe. He beckons to Maria, wordlessly, to come and join him.
Maria raises an eyebrow, then moves forward to follow.
Dog‘ howls, quickening Lucnephwyr as the bolts hail down! [Listen Up]
Lucnephwyr: "I’m sorry, everyone."
Shinzou: "They won't listen to me. I'm neither of their world, nor the monsters'. But they'll listen to you."
ShibaRoo glints an eye at the army wielding crossbows. "Trespass at your own peril!"
Shinzou: "The King is dead. The King is avenged."
Maria slams the butt of her axe on the ground. "Alright, everyone listen up! Cease this at once!"
Maria: "We have one chance to stop this world from ending, and it isn't going to matter if the Fountain is there or not if the world end!"
Shinzou smiles, and takes a few steps back, smiling. The dramatic wind is Maria's, now.
Dog‘ trots up next to Shinzou, their ears flicking back and forth to keep track of what everyone’s doing.
TheTale: It's like all the air runs out of the room.
TheTale: Somewhere, someone drops a crossbow.
Maria: "Your queen is dead, and the king is no more. This war is OVER!" [Status]
Shinzou reaches down to scritch Dog's ears, just two war criminals at the end of the world.
TheTale: Somewhere, someone starts crying.
TheTale: There's no one left, willing to fight.
ShibaRoo: "I guess."
ShibaRoo: "Me and her."
Maria lets out a breath, and takes a look at the fountain. What exactly is left here?
ShibaRoo: "Are calling the shots now?"
Shinzou kneels down to whisper something into Dog's ear.
TheTale: I mean, Luc grabbed the heart…
Maria: "Sounds like it."
Lucnephwyr shrugs a bit. "Yeah, probably. I mean… at some point I have to do -something- with the old King's heart…?"
Lucnephwyr: "He can probably retire in the epilogue."
TheTale: Shiba Roo incarnated from the old king…
Dog‘ whispers something back, with a tilt of their head.
TheTale: The Queen’s dead, impaled by D2, abandoned a a work-in-progress (ugh, like, the dress was going to end up as piano keys and everything-)
TheTale: Bathed in the slowly dissipating waters of life.
TheTale: Wait, why the hell isn't she coming back to life?
Shinzou smiles.
TheTale: I'm not done with you!
TheTale: You deserve this!
Shinzou: "Sometimes you have to let go. It's part of growing up, and it's a hard lesson to learn." His voice rings with pity, cold comfort.
Lucnephwyr: "Mm…"
Lucnephwyr: "No,"
Lucnephwyr: "It's the other way around-"
Lucnephwyr: "We're not done with you."
Dog‘ flicks their ears back, shaking their head.
Dog: "You think of this in terms of ’deserving' this, and 'deserving' that…"
Dog: "… I'm sorry."
Lucnephwyr pockets both Hearts like that's just a thing you do and looks about the Fountain of Life cavern.
Lucnephwyr: "I uh,"
Lucnephwyr: "…does anyone know where the Princess is -right now-?"
TheTale: I thought you had her…!
TheTale: …Just kidding.
TheTale: I do.
Maria: "That's a good question." She calls towards the visiting Monsters: "Did you bring the Princess-"
Maria grimaces. "I guess not"
Dog‘ barks! "We’d better go find her!"
TheTale: Hahaha. See you in "Wonderland" !!!
Maria: "Luc…. Are you planning to do anything in particular with that heart…? The ex-King's, not the Princess'."
Lucnephwyr: "Actually,"
ShibaRoo: "I could, uh."
Lucnephwyr trundles over to the Queen's corpse and considers it, and considers her soul.
ShibaRoo: "Step out..?"
Lucnephwyr: "No, no you're fine as-is."
Lucnephwyr: "Unless you -want- to leave."
Maria: "Well, I guess Shiba's body is, like, right there."
ShibaRoo speaks in low rumbles, a bit more awkward and gentle than, well, either Shiba or Holmat Roo ever were.
ShibaRoo: "I've got a million of 'em."
Lucnephwyr uncorks a bottle and empties its contents (a sweet, vanilla-flavored soda) unceremoniously onto the ground, and then bottles the Queen's Soul.
ShibaRoo: "Hell, there's probably a statue of Holmat Roo someplace in the garden by my place."
TheTale: Got it.
ShibaRoo: "It's narratively likely."
Lucnephwyr: "Yeah, these two are retiring afterwards."
Dog: "You've really honed your craft over the years, huh..?" Dog looks over at Lucnephwyr, but doesn't stop him.
Lucnephwyr: "For now though, let's wear our conviction like a proud mantle,"
TheTale: Things are messy, and complicated things happen.
Shinzou: "Shiba's a master, what can I say?" He smiles, sheathes his sword. Looks like he didn't need it, after all. And after the long offscreen journey to the Monastery to get it and everything!
TheTale: Mostly, things are okay, and plans are made to attack the "Wonderland of D2" aboard the Svengelion!
TheTale: Ha ha, I hope I'm getting the tone right here. I sort of had to pick this up midway. Okay what else.
Dog: You're doing just fine, bark!
TheTale: Oh, and a little bit later:
TheTale: Fal Silke.
TheTale: "The premonition didn't end up coming true, so…"
TheTale: "…I guess I made you fight some future-deer for nothing."
Dog: "It's okay, we had to remember what our skills did anyway."
Shinzou: "Are you sure?" He smiles. "Not every conflict is resolved the same way, after all, O sage. I, for one, appreciated the nod to tradition."
TheTale: "Ah," she says. "You're very kind."
ShibaRoo: "I, um. Don't think I would have remembered what I was capable of otherwise."
ShibaRoo: "It was a nice jog of memory?"
TheTale: Fal Silke sets her hand on Shiba Roo's chest. "It's important to warm up, is it not?"
Lucnephwyr: "It was fun to hit things again! Being a Sage is pretty great."
TheTale: "I enjoy it too." Fal Silke says, slithering off.
ShibaRoo: "…"
ShibaRoo: "It's weird having legs again."
Dog‘ wags their tail! "Just put one foot in front of the other! We can practice if you want!"
Lucnephwyr: "I, well, and it… hm."
Lucnephwyr: "I don’t know. Part of me wants to apologize for stepping on your toes. But if I want things to go just so, then…"
Lucnephwyr shrugs!
Lucnephwyr: "I'll see you around!"
Shinzou: "You're a Sage too, after all, Luc."
ShibaRoo: "I'll be fine."
ShibaRoo bends down to pet Dog. "But thank you for the offer."
Lucnephwyr runs back into scene though.
Dog‘ licks Shiba Roo’s hand! It's all tangy from the waters. "I believe in us!"
Lucnephwyr: "(Also this feels really weird!)"
Lucnephwyr: "(Like I can't stop running forward or something!)"
Shinzou: "Winter Solstice, Luc. Only one way to go from here."
Peter: That's right.
Peter: []

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