Tom D03s05

TheTale: Day Three - Noon. Smoke from the fires of the Sycorax convoy rise from the canopy of the Manalands.
Lucnephwyr is reading from his grimoire… it's not the usual tactical manual, but this: TheTale: "Time was of the essence."
Lucnephwyr: "Hmmm…"
With a satisfied snort, he closes it.
Dog‘ looks up at Luc, ears perked up. "What did you find?"
Shiba reconvenes with the others, somewhere, probably, after her slight detour.
Lucnephwyr: "Ykare’s leading the vanguard."
Dog‘ surely complimented her on her rad new stone body!
Lucnephwyr: "That’s good news for us!"
Dog: "Ykare… I'm sure we can talk to her!"
Lucnephwyr: "Mm-hmm!"
Lucnephwyr: "Still… be ready!"
Shiba puts a hand on Luc's head.
Lucnephwyr warbles!
Shiba cranes his neck so he's looking at her. Her and her mischievous smile. "What kind of book have you got there?"
Lucnephwyr slyly grins. "The one with the most important story."
Lucnephwyr: "This one."
Lucnephwyr hops forward a bit and gives Shiba a side-hug.
Lucnephwyr: "Everything okay? Journey went… well?"
Shinzou raises an eyebrow, grinning out of the corner of his mouth.
Shiba shrugs. "Well, now you know - hey!"
Shinzou: "Not skipping ahead, I hope."
Dog: "Yeah, no fair skipping!"
Shiba: "Yeah, basically."
Lucnephwyr: "I haven't been able to do that, yet."
Lucnephwyr: "I've got this great maneuver planned someday when I've got it all figured out."
Shiba: "A little underwhelming, admittedly. But you stole my thunder."
Lucnephwyr: "It goes like- 'The next thing you're gonna say is-!!' and then probably something appropriate to whatever I'm fighting. And then they'll say it!"
TheTale: The trail runs up and down along the woods - occasionally over a short little bridge, underneath a raised root.
TheTale: Through the bushes ahead, around a curve, there's the glimmer of torches - that must be the monster's van.
Lucnephwyr: "I decided to dabble in the Secret Science. It doesn't happen much with me, so that was baaaaaaaaasically the only way I could justify it!"
Shinzou gives Luc a skeptical side-eye.
Shiba: "That's how it staaaa~aaarts…"
Lucnephwyr toothily-smiles at Shinzou.
Shiba flicks her tail.
Dog: "Just remember us little guys when you make it big, okay?"
Shinzou snorts.
Shinzou: "I think we're all bad influences."
Lucnephwyr hugs Dog. "You're all beautiful stars. Even if I have to yell at you when you don't believe it."
Dog‘ wags their tail and licks Lucnephwyr!
Lucnephwyr: "Okay!"
Lucnephwyr: "Let’s go say hello! And also, 'don't kill all the humans.'"
Lucnephwyr scurries about and around the bushes.
Dog: "Let's begin the operation!" Dog hurries after.
Shinzou tromps out behind Luc. Might as well serve as the textbook example for 'not killing humans', right?
TheTale: "Hey! Hey! Who's that?" "Wh…why are you asking me?" "Oh. Huuuuuuurm - oh it's a little dragon, okay, okay!"
Lucnephwyr: "It's me!" He waves!
TheTale: Scouting(?) at the forefront of the procession are a many-fanged slime (on the left) and a heavily blindfolded mummy (on the right).
Dog: "Hi!" Dog bounds out beside their boy.
TheTale: "Hey, hey, there's a whole bunch of you!" "We're waging holy war."
Shiba: "Holy?"
Shiba: "Under what kind of conviction or religion?"
TheTale: The slime twists back to look over his shoulder - by which I mean, his face floats around to look backwards - and then he ripples in an approximation of a shrug.
TheTale: "Better keep moving, the main corps is catching up."
Lucnephwyr: "Oh, you can relax for a bit. The war's over."
Shiba: "It will be once we talk with Ykare."
TheTale: "Hm… we better keep marching until then."
Lucnephwyr: "Your choice. There's some pretty strong guys not far behind us though. Probably."
TheTale: The mummy nods. "If your resolve flickers, or if you worry about what might happen… Ykare'll leave you behind in an instant!"
Shinzou: "Fair enough, I suppose. Stay safe out there!"
Dog: "Be careful!"
TheTale: "That's right. We had a bunch of weaklings try to sign up, but she stuck them all with stuff like running news, or protecting the injured, or helping rebuild…"
TheTale: "We will be!"
Lucnephwyr scurries past them.
TheTale: The forward scouts hustle onwards.
Dog‘ hustles backwards! I mean, further into the cavern.
Dog: Caravan.
TheTale: The army’s marching under the banner of Ark Mien - headless knights and slithering basilisks and …
TheTale: I mean, there's somebody here that's just kind of a cube, rolling onwards?
Shiba: Sounds about right.
Dog: People come in a lot of different shapes and sizes!
Dog‘ is, however, just looking for one particular person. Ykare!
TheTale: Those that can sing are singing something. Wordless, often off-tune, acapella. But they get the melody right, mostly.
Lucnephwyr: Ah yes, good ol’ cubesy. I remember him when he was a dodecahedron.
TheTale: Something kinda mournful.
Shiba: His kids are a chip off the old block.
TheTale: Ykare, the Rainbow Serpent. She's about at the middle, dressed in armor, her swords hanging to her back.
TheTale: Her feathers shine with rainbow intensity.
Lucnephwyr moves to stand right in the way, up the path. He plants his feet, plants his walking stick.
Dog: "Lady Ykare!" Because, you know, it can't hurt to use the proper title. "We need to talk to you please!!"
Dog‘ sits beside Lucnephwyr, ears perked up.
TheTale: She smiles, a flash in the slits of her eyes: "Do you, now?"
Lucnephwyr: "Yuh-huh."
TheTale: "Come! Come, walk with me. We’re marching for victory." She nods to the soldiers by her side. "Make a bit of room for them. We can break formation."
Dog: "Can we just sit down for a minute? It's really really important."
Shinzou stands to Luc's other side, rainbow-feathered earring and accoutrements probably, ultimately, an homage to Ykare herself (or her fashion sense).
TheTale: She looks down at the Dog, and -
TheTale: "Alright," she says. "Just because it's you."
TheTale: "Sound the horn! Tell them we're stopping!"
TheTale: The horn sounds: broooooooo.
Shiba says nothing for now, letting Dog do the talking. She'd … probably just make matters worse.
Dog‘ wags their tail! "Thanks, Ykare!"
Lucnephwyr: "Thank you."
Dog: And, like, lets everyone get comfy, because that’s the right thing to do.
TheTale: The army encamps - I mean, they fan out to a clearing, and fires are built (low, since this is a holy land) - and Ykare meets with you beneath her banner. She lays herself across a woven rug, shedding her helmet, striking her swords into the ground by her side.
Lucnephwyr sits on his calves, laying his stick and bags to his side.
Lucnephwyr: "The army mobilized pretty quickly, huh."
Dog‘ sits themselves down comfortably, back legs splayed and front legs to the front. It’s Ykare! Of course Dog is gonna let their guard down. It's a matter of ~trust~.
Shiba: "How'd you hear the news?"
TheTale: "My mother could feel it. She, well…"
TheTale: "Would have rather I stayed, but -" Ykare frowns.
Dog: "But you felt you had to go, right?"
TheTale: "I don't know what weapon they'll cook up next."
TheTale: "If I don't fight them now… we could lose our chance."
Shiba: "'They'?"
Shiba glances over at Shinzou.
TheTale: "The humans. Terror-fiends, imported guns…"
TheTale: "There's no power they won't draw on."
Dog: "I know it must look really, really bad. I used to be in that exact spot!"
TheTale: "Haha," she laughs, smiling at Shinzou. "That's one of them there, isn't it?"
Lucnephwyr: "(Sh…she could tell?!)
Shinzou: "…you'll note that I'm not arguing that point." He smiles, sadly.
TheTale: "So, what won't humans steep to, to kill us?"
TheTale: "I wouldn't be surprised if they conjured demons."
Lucnephwyr: "It's probably not out of the question."
TheTale: "Broken by ages of battle, monsters are spread all throughout the land…"
TheTale: "So, you know, they pick petty little battles. They get killed off. They don't accomplish much."
TheTale: "But… now and only now, we can march through, pick up all the fighters on the way, send the others back…"
TheTale: "…And hit like a hammer!"
Dog: "'We have to kill them, before they do the unthinkable'… yeah, I know how that feels!"
Dog: "But…"
Shinzou: "It's something I would have considered, when I was younger, and more foolish. And there -will- always be someone younger and more foolish. Some brilliant fiend-inventor of the next generation. So you're right that the war has to end somehow."
Dog: "We've been working on a solution! One which won't need monsters to stain their hands to save themselves!"
Shiba: "To kill a tree grown from the seed of hate, you strike at its root, not its branches."
TheTale: She extends her hand forward and flexes her fingers.
TheTale: "They've grown fat on a stolen heart.'
TheTale: "The heart of our king's beloved daughter."
TheTale: "…Better Ark Mien on the attack than Yhe Holmat! At least we know what we're fighting for."
Shinzou: "Doesn't it feel like things are different, suddenly? That for a brief moment, something mad might be possible? Like a river thawing. You said it yourself, you have a chance now you never had before. …so do all of us."
Lucnephwyr: "The army marches precicely because of this chance."
Lucnephwyr: "There's another option out that doesn't involve genocide."
Dog: "That's the exact reason I came to you when I died! You fight for a reason. You have purpose. And I know, you really want to protect monsters, because they're our people, but what will happen to us when we eradicate the humans? We'll have become something terrible to protect ourselves. I don't know what we'll tell our children, Ykare."
TheTale: Ykare shakes her head. "What'll happen? I'll consign my swords to dances, I'll bury their dead. And what we'll tell our children?"
TheTale: "That long, long ago, there were people called humans."
Lucnephwyr: "I mean… that's what that whole sentence meant. 'So, what won't humans steep to, to kill us?' 'Hit like a hammer.'"
Lucnephwyr: "And then you bring up the heart!"
Lucnephwyr: "You fly the flag of justice while singing for murder!"
Lucnephwyr: "It would be really easy at this point for the monsters to win!"
Lucnephwyr: "The waters of life trickle to almost nothing!"
Lucnephwyr: "The dust plague eat at those fortunate to not fight!"
Lucnephwyr: "And even with some foreign service, the humans have nothing left!"
Shiba: "Despite the heart, they're doomed."
Dog: "You let me change. You let me find purpose, move away from this life of fighting. Please, don't let your purpose here be genocide."
Dog: "Even if we did kill the humans, every last one, there would still be forces greater than both our sides who want us to suffer."
TheTale: "Yeah! That's exactly it! It'd be really, really easy!"
TheTale: "As long as there are humans and monsters, humans and monsters will fight."
TheTale: "One year of genocide or a thousand thousand years of war?"
Dog: "But that doesn't have to be the case." Dog looks up at Shinzou. "This man killed me, long ago. And now we're working together to stop this for good and find peace."
Dog: "I know there's a way out of this. There's a happy ending to this story."
Dog: "
TheTale: Ykare looks over her shoulder. "I've been to peace talks."
Shinzou: "Humans can change. Monsters can change. Who wrote the law that as long as there are humans and monsters, they will fight?"
TheTale: "Even if they end in handshakes…"
TheTale: "We always leave sharpening our swords."
Shiba: "Humans and monsters are two halves cut from the same cloth. Pieces searching for each other. At least here. At least only due to the actions of a coward. Eradicate the humans, and you'll live with a permanent void."
Shinzou: "Someone, some-thing-, has taken authorship of our souls. Don't you think it's better to fight to take that back?"
Shiba: "… How's Marzel doing?"
TheTale: "She's…"
TheTale: Ykare deflates a little.
TheTale: "She hasn't talked to me in a while."
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Shiba: "Same."
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TheTale: "Haha, she packed supplies for us all through the night, but didn't even come to see us off…"
TheTale: "…She's real weird, you know?"
Shiba: "Cares about people's well-being, even if she doesn't agree with what you're doing. Same with your mother, I'd imagine."
TheTale: "…I guess so."
TheTale: "So another peace talk, huh…?"
Dog: "We can make this work! Please believe in us!"
Shiba: "You wanna leave dismantling whatever weaponry humanity comes up with to us?"
Shiba: "While you all go back and try to rebuild with the respite you have."
Lucnephwyr: "We do know, at least, what else could be wielded against the monsters, but it's not really on the human's side."
Lucnephwyr: "It simply wants armageddon, for everything that entails."
TheTale: "The end of the world…" She turns to her side, running her thumb over the hilt of her sword.
Dog: "It's been playing both our sides. It's one of those roots we mentioned."
Lucnephwyr: "It's… the same that came for Nerswel."
Shinzou: "Our would-be author."
[OOC] Lucnephwyr: *nerswul
TheTale: She nods.
TheTale: "I can turn us back, you know. My heart's in my throat, and I know I'll regret it…"
TheTale: "…But we can do it."
Shiba: "Why the regret?"
Lucnephwyr: "We won't let you regret it."
Dog: "We'll come through!"
Shiba glances between Luc and Dog. Well, let's not make promises we can't guarantee, now…
Lucnephwyr shakes his head at Shiba. "It may take years but we'll erase that feeling."
Lucnephwyr: "Decades. Centuries. Whatever. I'm here forever. This is the world I want to save."
Lucnephwyr: "Save, nurture."
Lucnephwyr: "It can end all upon ash and ruin, and… and what would we say of it?"
Lucnephwyr: "That it was a good fight? That it was funny in parts, sad in parts, and in the end it burned and we moved on from it?"
Lucnephwyr: "Why… why would someone live like that."
TheTale: Ykare snorts. Her scales shine like gemstones. She plucks her swords up and slithers away, out into the forest -
TheTale: "Follow me."
Dog‘ picks themselves up, follows Ykare.
TheTale: Down a short trail -
TheTale: A pond, up against a rise in the earth. Over the lip of the cliff hangs an overgrown, moss-coated locomotive, thick strands of lichen hanging from it. Lilypads crowd the luminous blue water, big as buffalo.
TheTale: A waterfall flows out through the shattered car, pouring over rotted seats and down the aisle.
TheTale: "C’mon!" Ykare calls, as she slips into the water. She's shining like jewelry.
Dog‘ trots over to the water, puts a paw in, pulls it out, and then shakes themselves and jumps right in.
Lucnephwyr shrugs and… hops into the water alongside Dog!
TheTale: She uncoils, surging through the water, turning behind her to toss one sword overhand, to Luc -
Lucnephwyr: "!"
TheTale: "That’s all well and good, what you said-"
Shinzou shrugs and hops in. When in monstertown…
TheTale: She spins, sending a wake of water behind her, raising her sword.
TheTale: "Show it to me again, just one more time."
Lucnephwyr catches the sword!
Shiba: "Show … what?"
Lucnephwyr: "It…"
Lucnephwyr: "It's not funny, you know!"
TheTale: Battle order: Lucnephwyr [F]:0 Ykare [F]:1 Dog [B]:2 Shinzou [F]:5 Shiba [F]:8
TheTale: Status for Ykare : [<span style="color: #008000;">====================</span>] Shining[Gnome](U)
TheTale: "What?" She smiles.
Shinzou punches Luc on the shoulder, gently.
Dog: "If that's what we've gotta do, we'll do it!" Dog's current status - dog-paddling - probably makes that statement much less badass than it should be.
TheTale: "Who's laughing?"
Shiba: "I had a feeling."
Lucnephwyr growls in a very Dog-like fashion!
Dog‘ paddles over to Luc and noses him. "She needs this, Luc."
TheTale: "Oh, oh!" She points her sword at the dog.
TheTale: "Like you don’t!"
Lucnephwyr lunges through the water, bringing a booklike strike along Ykare's side! [Praxis: Magic, 40D]
Lucnephwyr: "-I- don't!"
Lucnephwyr rolled 1d100 and got 91 ( Total: 91 ) for 80
Lucnephwyr lucks that!
Dog‘ shakes their head. "I’m just trying to explain for my boy, Lady Ykare."
Lucnephwyr rolled 1d8+81 and got 1 ( Total: 82 )
Shiba taps her own arm for a little. Yeah, took a page out of Kline's book, I suppose. Good after their altercation with Zeroday.
Dog: "It's okay. I'll give you the best showing I ever have."
Shinzou: "You're asking her to trust you with the future of both our people! A little ceremony's in order, don't you think?" He smiles. "…besides, I feel like I should be fighting for this, too, at least a little. So, for our sake."
Lucnephwyr: "What if I don't agree with the ceremony, either!"
TheTale: "You hesitated!"
TheTale: Ykare spins with sudden speed and her sword meets her sword, sending Luc flying out to the shore with a tremendous SPLOOSH.
Lucnephwyr: "We've spent an awful lot of our time ignoring it, dodging it- overall making us question the purpose of it!"
TheTale: Shining like morning dew, a rain of water falls down over the pond.
TheTale: One sword drops to Luc's side, embedding itself in the mud.
Shiba: "I'll play along for now."
TheTale: Ykare laughs and lowers her sword.
TheTale: "That was pretty weak," she says.
Shiba smiles darkly. "But if it comes to it, it's time to break things, like Luc said."
TheTale: "But I guess it's good enough."
TheTale: Ykare slithers out of the water, taking the sword from Luc as she passes him.
Shinzou: "And this is why I trust Luc." He grins.
Lucnephwyr growls again, very earnestly!!
Lucnephwyr: "Ykare!!"
TheTale: "I'll tell the army we're turning around."
TheTale: "Next time, don't falter like that. I just started doubting you a tiny bit!"
TheTale: …She's gone.
Lucnephwyr: "I was ready to fight! I was ready to kill- your heart, I -" he catches himself, his eyes wide, tearing up.
Dog‘ paddles out of the water - it takes a little bit of doing, they’re very small - and hops up on Luc, nosing at his face.
Dog: "Hey, hey, it's okay."
Shiba: "Oh."
Shiba: "Well, I wasn't expecting that."
Dog: "I'm sorry, I didn't see just how bad it was for you." Whiine.
Lucnephwyr fwumps back onto his haunches.
Shinzou beams with pride. "Goodness, I'd like to see the chaos you'd cause at the Institute."
Lucnephwyr then sort of whips his head back and forth and then squeezes the sides of his temples…ish.
Shiba: "I don't know who you're addressing with that, Shinzou, but I could see it apply to any one of us."
Dog‘ hops up on Luc again once he’s fwumped down, pulling their head back so they don't get thwacked by his head. "Hey, hey. Are you with us, Luc?"
Shinzou: "Working as intended, really, now that I think about it."
Lucnephwyr is squirming mad!
Lucnephwyr: "Ooh!! Ooooooooooooh!!"
Shinzou pats Luc on the shoulder gently, humming some little tune almost inaudibly. It's… a lot happier than the one the monsters were singing!
Shiba: "Hey. That 'ceremonies are dumb and we should break them' bit."
Shiba: "Good first instinct."
Shiba: "Ykare calls it hesitation. I think it's the right path."
Lucnephwyr fwops backwards- oops, he's too close to the edge of the water. Kerplunk!
Lucnephwyr bobs back up, his head doing an alligator-like pastiche. But he's stopped squirming, at least.
Shinzou reaches his arm down nonchalantly, hauls him back out, trying not to laugh and mostly succeeding.
Lucnephwyr pulls up with Shinzou's help.
Lucnephwyr: "Sorry. We really did get what we wanted in the end, so… I should really be happy about it!"
Dog: "But are you okay?"
Lucnephwyr: "With all the pomp starting up I figured… 'well I guess we HAVE to do it like this!!'"
Lucnephwyr: "Thoooooooough looking around I guess I'm… the only one that saw it like that huh."
Lucnephwyr: "I had like, all this ready and everything. Look."
[OOC] Lucnephwyr: HP: 485/600, MP: 290/600, LP: 2/6, SoS: 150
Shiba: "Do it the way I do. Just play along at first. Keep up appearances. Acquiesce if you feel like it's easiest."
[OOC] Shiba: HP: 600/600, MP: 500/500, LP: 3/6, SoS: 150
Shinzou: "Hey. Don't let someone else tell you when to be happy, or not to be happy. What to be satisfied with. You're the one writing your story, that's why you can't skip ahead!"
Shinzou chuckles.
Shinzou pats Luc on the shoulder, again.
Dog‘ licks Luc’s face! Can't be worse than the water on it already.
Lucnephwyr half-smiles at Shiba, then the other half at Shinzou, and then ruffles dog's soaked fur.
Lucnephwyr: "…I really was ready to go all out though!!"
Lucnephwyr: "Zero mana reserves! All the quicks!"
Lucnephwyr: "It's time to move that energy elsewhere, then!"
Shiba: "You and me both."
Shiba: "Let's go check on the procession, at least."
Lucnephwyr nods, and pushes in on the sides of his robes- *squelsssssssssh*
Shinzou: "Best to keep that in reserve, I suppose. I expect -someone- to be disappointed at every missed opportunity for a bloodbath."
Dog: "Hopefully not, but it's best to be prepared!"
TheTale: The caravan -
TheTale: A horn sounds.
TheTale: The army begins the slow process of turning around.
TheTale: Ykare nods to the group as they return from the woods.
TheTale: She's glowing, still.
[OOC] Shiba: Shining], even.
Shiba nods back.
Lucnephwyr suppresses the urge to bubble over, instead just nodding in response, flicking a bit of water from his scales.
Dog‘ wags their tail at her!
TheTale: "So!"
TheTale: "Where are you guys going next?"
Shiba: "I was just about to bring up the same question."
Lucnephwyr: "Well, now we start the talks."
Lucnephwyr: "Find Human Rep A, B, C, whatever, gather monster reps D, E, F, place them in neutral-ish ground G."
TheTale: "…You’re gonna have to get Holmat Roo on board."
Lucnephwyr smiles, showing teeth.
Lucnephwyr turns to the group. "Do we think we should calm humans down from 'impending doom' next, or go right for Holmat Roo?"
Lucnephwyr: "I have my own thoughts but I'm curious on what everyone's thinking.
Lucnephwyr: "Plus, I mean… while there we should probably get in touch with the Queen and others."
Dog: "Let's go to the humans, first, so they don't do anything desperate either!"
Shinzou: "I suspect they'll notice the monster army turning back, and stand down from red alert, but it's best to be safe."
Shiba stares off into space. At someone in particular.
Shiba: "Or, you know, a certain someone could play messenger for us. I'm sure Alice is already doing what she can."
TheTale: "Haha. You miss home." Ykare says, with a smile.
Shiba: "Could go straight to the root of the tree. In both a literal and metaphorical sense."
Lucnephwyr: "Yeah… you're not wrong."
Lucnephwyr: "But there's really no time to delay things."
Dog: "Would it really be okay to do that without doing the rest of the setup, though?"
Lucnephwyr: "Pastoral days are gone, for this story."
Lucnephwyr: "(Thank you.)"
Lucnephwyr: "We should head to Prospero."
Lucnephwyr: "We'll settle up with them and head right up the mountain, afterwards."
TheTale: "Alright."
TheTale: "I'll do my best to stop Holmat from sallying forth."
TheTale: "They're a little bit slower to marshall up, but I mean…" She frowns.
TheTale: "You know, if the king hits the warpath, there's no stopping him."
TheTale: "Don't be slow."
Lucnephwyr: "If there's anyone who could, I'd believe in you."
Lucnephwyr nods.
Lucnephwyr: "Let's go, team!" He pulls in his arms and stomps, waking the dead! (Metaphorically.)
Lucnephwyr: "There'll be questions and pensive postures, but I don't think we'll be entirely alone on this one.
TheTale: Back out of the Manalands, towards the Glozenfeld?
[OOC] Lucnephwyr: Yes!
Dog: "Thank you, Ykare!" And Dog heads off!
Shinzou bows, once, to Ykare - and then follows!
TheTale: The snowfield's thawing in the noon-sun.
TheTale: Rifts of water have opened up between the ice plates.
TheTale: The sun is shining!
Shiba slithers behind, playing along for now.
Shiba: "Well, the weather's letting up. Let's hope it's going to reach equilibrium instead of, uh."
TheTale: Even the crater that Gardenglad made is filling up - there's no trace of the fiend that once dwelled in it.
Shiba makes an explosion motion outward with her hands.
Shinzou: "Well, let's do our best."
TheTale: Far, far ahead, the rock that once held the carcass of the great monster hero, Guriax…
TheTale: …Is bare.
Dog‘ flicks their ears back. "Stay alert, okay? I’m not sure, but I think we might run into shenanigans."
Lucnephwyr: "That's… interesting."
Shiba: "Historical revisionism?"
Dog: "Maybe…"
Shiba: "Yeah, sounds like Secret Science shenanigans, alright."
Lucnephwyr: "I'm never going to read from that book again, I swear."
TheTale: Well, there's still all the shrine-accoutrements piled beneath it…)
TheTale: ..But no carcass.
Lucnephwyr trudges across the field.
Shinzou: "You say that now, Luc."
TheTale: The rock's still stained, at least, carved deep with the spear that once pinned it in place.
Lucnephwyr: "I'd hope it's symbolic, but- well, ceremony."
Lucnephwyr: "Never know when it'll strike."
Dog‘ follows along. Their ears stay pinned back, though. How uncomfortable!
TheTale: Fish skip through the water, catching ice-flies, as you pass by.
TheTale: The trail, at times, is treacherous, but after a weary trudge, the Lost Quarter lies ahead.
Lucnephwyr: "…you know, I never thought about it, but is that actually a field?"
Lucnephwyr: "Like, are we sure there isn’t just a gaping ocean underneath it all?"
Dog‘ is glad to pass by the shrines. They feel terrible about it.
Dog: "Well… it could be!"
Lucnephwyr: "That also has a hidden passage that leads to the Lost Quarter."
Shiba: "Yet remember that the course of history we know was caused by the actions of a coward. Should his hold on fate be relinquished…"
Dog: "Then the present might get changed, too?"
Lucnephwyr: "If we have to time-travel to unravel all this mess it’d be pretty amazing."
Shiba: "Something like that. I'm not sure."
Lucnephwyr: "Still, that doesn't change what we do now."
Lucnephwyr: "So… unless anything has greatly changed, we go to see the human royalty."
Dog: "Yeah! We've gotta follow through!"
TheTale: And then: Prospero.

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