Tom D03s01

TheTale: Day Three - Dawn.
TheTale: Zeroday Gardenglad wakes up at the crack of dawn, surveying his dominion from atop the Hero's Rise.
TheTale: A tremendous battle-fiend - his head deep-set into the socket of his neck, his back loaded with chemical canisters, his pillar-like legs giving him the gait of a gorilla.
Shiba: "Shinzou."
Shiba: "I gotta say."
Shiba: "It's impressive work, at least."
Dog: "So this is the thing that killed me, huh..?"
TheTale: As it spies you approach its mountain, its ever-present garish smile cracks a little wider.
Shinzou glances up, his face unreadable aside from being conflicted. "…I was quite proud of my work."
Lucnephwyr crosses his arms and stands determined, staring defiantly up at the fiend colossus!
Shiba: "So what's that say about us if we actually manage to take it apart?"
Shiba: "That lurking somewhere in us is even worse potential?"
Lucnephwyr: "It says…"
Lucnephwyr: "…that our cause is just!!"
Lucnephwyr: "…well, in some story somewhere, at least. What it really means is that it'll be just the beginning of a shifting tide."
Lucnephwyr: "It's exciting and terrifying!" His wings flutter, a mix of nervous and excited.
Shiba: "Just saying. Watch yourself. Let's not trade one abomination for another or more."
Shiba: "Something something staring into the abyss."
Dog: "We'll be okay!" Tailwag. "If anyone becomes an abomination, I'll lick their face until they stop!"
Shiba makes 'yak yak yak' motions with one of her hands, mocking … herself, most likely.
Lucnephwyr: "It's not like I'll hit a sudden pubescent moment and then be susceptible to the mind-controlling powers of an unnamed dragon queen."
Lucnephwyr: "That'd be silly."
Shinzou: "Shiba, you should know better than to think sheer strength is a measure of moral turpitude. This isn't that kind of story."
Shiba: "History says otherwise."
Dog: "We're writing a new page in history, right now!"
TheTale: Gardenglad turns to face down its icy mountain.
TheTale: Battle order: Zeroday Gardenglad [F]:0 Lucnephwyr [F]:6 Dog [B]:7 Shiba [F]:7 Shinzou [F]:10
TheTale: Status for Zeroday Gardenglad : [====================]
TheTale: "Egegegege… more challengers, is it…?"
Lucnephwyr: "Champions!"
Dog: "It's time to pay back an old debt!"
TheTale: It slams one of its pillars down into the ice, burying it. And then the next. And then the next. And then the next… [Earth Collapse in CT40!]
Shiba slithers up, blocking with her staff. "Guardians."
TheTale: Battle order: Lucnephwyr [F]:0 Dog [B]:1 Shiba [F]:1 Shinzou [F]:4 Zeroday Gardenglad [F]:34
TheTale: Status for Zeroday Gardenglad : [====================]
TheTale: Luc!
Shinzou: "I think I like Shiba's version." He smiles tiredly.
Lucnephwyr scurries up to the feet of the looming fiend, and swipes his grimoire horizontally, cutting with the pages! [Letter Opener, 40D]
Lucnephwyr rolled 1d100 and got 31 ( Total: 31 ) for 80
Lucnephwyr rolled 1d8+81,120 and got 1 ( Total: 98.39999999999999 ) for Glorify
[OOC] TheTale: 98]!
TheTale: "Do you think I'm listening…? Egegege…"
TheTale: Battle order: Dog [B]:0 Shiba [F]:0 Shinzou [F]:3 Zeroday Gardenglad [F]:33 Lucnephwyr [F]:39
TheTale: Status for Zeroday Gardenglad : [=================== ]
TheTale: Dog!
TheTale: Shiba!
Dog: "You don't have to listen!" Dog gathers up some dog magic! CT15!
Shinzou opens his mouth to say something in response, closes it again.
TheTale: "Good!" Gardenglad turns his gaze on Dog, searing the dog for 120 magical Wisp damage. [Q!] Gardenglad's eyes overheat (1)!
Lucnephwyr: "Whoa!"
Shiba taps the ground with her staff, sending veins of light to crack and spider through the ground, focusing in a point underneath Zeroday and gradually growing wider. [Burst, CT15]
Dog‘ yelps, but keeps gathering up that dog magic!
TheTale: Battle order: Shinzou [F]:0 Dog [B]:12 Shiba [F]:12 Zeroday Gardenglad [F]:30 Lucnephwyr [F]:36
TheTale: Status for Zeroday Gardenglad : [=================== ] Cooldown(1)
TheTale: Shinzou!
Shinzou hits the ground a few times with his staff, and little red characters start glowing like embers. [CT 15]
Shiba: "Hey. Shinzou."
TheTale: Dog and Shiba!
TheTale: Battle order: Dog [B]:0 Shiba [F]:0 Shinzou [F]:3 Zeroday Gardenglad [F]:18 Lucnephwyr [F]:24
TheTale: Status for Zeroday Gardenglad : [=================== ] Cooldown(1)
Dog` howls, and light lances down!
Shinzou: "Yes?"
Shiba: "I think you’re right. I mean, I really want you to be right, I don't know for certain."
Dog‘ rolled 1d100 and got 39 ( Total: 39 ) for Flying Edge, 35D, 70CoS, 50MP
Dog` rolled 1d12+144 and got 7 ( Total: 151.0 )
Lucnephwyr streaks in and slams his book into Zeroday! [SA - Bookend]
Lucnephwyr rolled 1d100 and got 63 ( Total: 63 ) for 80
TheTale: Slices through for [151]! Green fluid spews from the cu on the arm.
TheTale: The cut.
TheTale: Gardenglad looks down at it.
Shinzou: "Once, in my life, I would have said ’of course I'm right'. I try not to say that about anything, these days, but… I'm still reasonably confident."
Lucnephwyr rolled 1d8+90,120 and got 1 ( Total: 109.2 ) for Glorify
[OOC] TheTale: 109]!
Shiba: "I've feared the corrupting influence of power, given its history on this star. Everyone else goes crazy with it."
TheTale: Shiba!
Shiba: "But I have a say in it this time, for once - this isn't that kind of story!" [Shining: Dryad!] [Burst, 35D]
Lucnephwyr: "!"
Shinzou: "!"
TheTale: Waves of energy flow out!
Dog: "!"
Shiba rolled d12*1.3+180*1.3 and got 5 ( Total: 240.5 )
TheTale: Sears for [240]!
TheTale: There's a cracking noise, and…
TheTale: Gardenglad's smile gets a little tighter.
TheTale: He spits out a tooth - it sizzles when it hits the snow.
TheTale: Battle order: Shinzou [F]:0 Zeroday Gardenglad [F]:15 Lucnephwyr [F]:21 Dog [B]:32 Shiba [F]:32
TheTale: Status for Zeroday Gardenglad : [================ ] Cooldown(1)
TheTale: Shinzou!
[OOC] Lucnephwyr: someone SA
[OOC] Dog: okay
Shinzou swings his staff and a bright flash of light follows up on Shiba's attack! [SA]
[OOC] Dog: bam
Shinzou rolled d12+162 and got 4 ( Total: 166 ) for magic damage
[OOC] TheTale: 166]!
Lucnephwyr: "Don't let him come up for air!"
Shinzou then slams his staff on the ground and the glowing ember sigils on the ground explode - katanas made of fire spring up from each of them and converge on Gardenglad!
Shinzou rolled d12+162 and got 10 ( Total: 172 )
[OOC] TheTale: 171] magical salamander damage!
[OOC] TheTale: 35D, right?
[OOC] Shinzou: Yup sorry
Shiba levels a stare at Zeroday. Zeroday, who represents that even Shinzou can misuse power. Zeroday, who represents that such misuse can be corrected.
Dog‘ barks, and light-images of katanas come into view after the katanas fall! These, too, lance into Gardenglad! [SA]
Dog` rolled 1d12+144 and got 12 ( Total: 156.0 ) for 60 MP
[OOC] TheTale: 156]!
TheTale: Gardenglad’s four arms hum with energy, the very tops of them lift like pistons, and then slam down, driving something deep into the earth.
TheTale: There's a glowing within the mountain, a terrible heat, and then the entire rise cracks and shatters as plumes of noxious fumes billow out, leaving nothing but a polished-ice crater behind!
TheTale rolled 1d12+192 and got 5 ( Total: 197.0 )
TheTale: Striking all targets for 197 magical Gnome damage! The party's Shaken (3) and taking +20% Phys / Mag damage!
TheTale: Fiend Poison sinks in, too (5) - taking 60 damage after all actions!
Dog‘ gets lifted from the ground a little, and falls on their stomach when they land! They pick themselves up and shake their coat out!
TheTale: Battle order: Lucnephwyr [F]:0 Dog [B]:11 Shiba [F]:11 Shinzou [F]:14 Zeroday Gardenglad [F]:14
TheTale: Status for Zeroday Gardenglad : [============= ]
TheTale: Luc!
Lucnephwyr redoubles his constitution! [-Fiend Poison]
[OOC] Shinzou: HP: 353/550, [TMP: 32] MP: 550/550, LP: /, SoS: 137 - Addl. Strike 30 CoS (1)
[OOC] Shiba: HP: 433/600, MP: 440/500, LP: 6/6, SoS: 150
[OOC] Dog: HP: 233/550, MP: 570/600, LP: 9/10, SoS: 137 - Fiend Poison, 60 damage/turn (5),Shaken,+20% phys/mag dmg (3)
Shinzou: "Oof!"
Shiba does likewise. [Monolithos Response: -Fiend Poison]
Shiba also - after a moment - begins laughing.
Dog` fills themselves with determination too! [-Fiend Poison]
Shinzou also antivenoms.
TheTale: "What’s that…?"
TheTale: "Shouldn't you be coughing and dying…?"
TheTale: "Not coughing… not dying…"
TheTale: "Egehehehehe…"
Dog: "We're not here to cough and die, Gardenglad!"
Shinzou: "Funny how being built to be all-powerful works, isn't it?"
Shiba: "Eheheheheh. It's funny, isn't it? Eghehahahahahaha ha haaaa!"
Lucnephwyr chants really quickly!! [CT 0 (from letter opener)] He turns and cleanses Dog, with some hair of the dog that bit ya'! [Potency] [Vaccine, 35D]
Dog‘ wags their tail! "Thanks!"
Lucnephwyr rolled 1d12+180,160 and got 12 ( Total: 307.20000000000005 ) for healing to Dog as well, and you lose Shaken
TheTale: And become immune to it too, right?
[OOC] Lucnephwyr: Yup, also Immune to next Shaken Application
TheTale: Gardenglad squints at Shiba, (Q!) burning her with eye-beams for 144 magical damage. [Boosted by Shaken!]
TheTale: Steam flows from the eye-sockets in its skull.
[OOC] Dog: HP: 540/550, MP: 570/600, LP: 9/10, SoS: 137 - Immune to next Shaken (~)
TheTale: Dog and Shiba!
TheTale: Battle order: Dog [B]:0 Shiba [F]:0 Shinzou [F]:3 Zeroday Gardenglad [F]:3 Lucnephwyr [F]:24
TheTale: Status for Zeroday Gardenglad : [============= ] Cooldown(1)
[OOC] Shiba: HP: 319/600, MP: 440/500, LP: 6/6, SoS: 150 - Shaken (3)
Dog` takes the bit of stick from their bandana, and runs up beside Gardenglad, dragging it along their skin! It’s probably not very effective, but it's the thought that counts. [Attack]
Shiba stops laughing, but cracks a wide grin. "I see what Pokiehl meant now. I've been stifling my desire for this world instead of shaping it to my liking. Behold:"
Dog‘ rolled 1d100 and got 31 ( Total: 31 )
Dog` rolled 1d8+84 and got 5 ( Total: 89.0 ) for recharges 40 TMP!
[OOC] TheTale: 89]!
[OOC] Dog: wait hang on i fucked that up i think
[OOC] Dog: it’s 68 damage instead!!)
[OOC] Dog: this is why dogs never attack normally
[OOC] Dog: also, 50D
Shiba: The cracks on the ground erupt in a circle around Gardenglad, forming a [Halo - S.A.] and searing him once, transcribing his transgressions on his skin - the outer ring fades, but the inner ring flares up once more! [Zornhau, 70D]
Shiba rolled d12*1.3+180*1.3 and got 11 ( Total: 248.3 ) for Halo S.A., Shining - may use an Execution with MAG instead of ATK on target with next action
Shiba rolled 1d100 and got 51 ( Total: 51 ) for 90 - Zornhau accuracy
[OOC] TheTale: 248]! Strikes true!
Shiba rolled d10*1.3+360*1.3 and got 4 ( Total: 473.2 ) for Shining, MAG-based Zornhau
Shiba: "And so it was written."
Lucnephwyr: "Holy moley!"
Lucnephwyr flails, and cheers!
TheTale: The smell of molten plastic.
Dog: "Wow!" Dog tucks their stick back in their bandana and wags their tail. "That was really cool!"
TheTale: Battle order: Shinzou [F]:0 Zeroday Gardenglad [F]:0 Lucnephwyr [F]:21 Dog [B]:47 Shiba [F]:67
TheTale: Status for Zeroday Gardenglad : [======== ] Cooldown(1)
Shinzou pulls a shimmering, ethereal samurai bow out of thin air, and draws… [CT 30] "Luc, attack him, if you would?" [Anytime an ally attacks GG while Storm of Arrows is charging, lower my delay by 5!]
Lucnephwyr salutes!
TheTale: "What's this? What's this…? Such power, such destruction…"
TheTale: "Not coughing, not dying…"
TheTale: "Egegege… this might be the end…"
TheTale: Gardenglad grins a massive smile. "MAYBE." He exhales a plume of red-colored smoke over Shinzou, sealing magic! [Magic CoSes reduced -100 (1)!]
[OOC] TheTale: Magic Amplification Field Active - Incoming Magic == +DMG
[OOC] Shiba: Can I GA that?
[OOC] Shiba: or does he want to eat it
[OOC] TheTale: It's GAable!
TheTale: While you're working that one out…
TheTale: He lunges forward and pile-drives his fist into Shiba!
TheTale rolled 1d100 and got 97 ( Total: 97 ) for C80
[OOC] Shinzou: uhhhh up to you I suspect Luc is about to cure me though
TheTale: …But he can't catch her!
[OOC] Lucnephwyr: well
[OOC] Lucnephwyr: I'd rather row vaccine shaken
[OOC] Lucnephwyr: and if doman thinks he can use his next turn to Zornhau
[OOC] Shiba: I definitely can, even if I can't SA.
[OOC] Lucnephwyr: then it doesn't affect him
[OOC] Shinzou: ok cool go for it then
Shiba retreats into the smoke, taking it from Shinzou and using it as a shield. [GA]
Shinzou: "Much appreciated!"
TheTale: Battle order: Lucnephwyr [F]:0 Shinzou [F]:9 Dog [B]:26 Zeroday Gardenglad [F]:39 Shiba [F]:46
TheTale: Status for Zeroday Gardenglad : [======== ] Antimagic(1)
TheTale: Luc!
Lucnephwyr nods, and so first, Dog regains 30 HP. [Continuance.]
Dog‘ wags their tail! "Thanks!"
Shiba: "To use the gifts of the … of … her. To use them properly. Not to lock them away, not to play scarecrow and prevent others from ever experiencing them, not to fear them…"
Lucnephwyr then barks (get it, dog, barks… he learned it from Dog shut up) out a spell- it’s three spells layered on each other! [-2 LP] [CT10->0] [Linerize Vaccine, 35D]
Shiba, Shinzou, and Luc are cleansed and Vaccinated against the next application of Shaken!
Dog: "That's a good wisdom, Shiba!"
TheTale: Gardenglad burns Shiba with eye lasers for 120 magical Wisp damage!
Lucnephwyr leaps into the way of that! [GA]
[OOC] Shiba: HP: 229/600, [TMP: 40] MP: 380/500, LP: 6/6, SoS: 150 - I: Next Shaken (U),Magic CoS -100 (1)
[OOC] Lucnephwyr: or did you want to take it
[OOC] Shiba: HP: 319/600, [TMP: 40] MP: 380/500, LP: 6/6, SoS: 150 - I: Next Shaken (U),Magic CoS -100 (1)
[OOC] Lucnephwyr: ok good
Shinzou smiles.
TheTale: Battle order: Shinzou [F]:0 Dog [B]:17 Lucnephwyr [F]:26 Zeroday Gardenglad [F]:30 Shiba [F]:37
TheTale: Status for Zeroday Gardenglad : [======== ] Antimagic(1) Cooldown(1)
TheTale: Shinzou!
Shiba: "We're seeing the Services after this."
Shiba: "I have amends to make, I believe."
Lucnephwyr: "That's great, Shiba!"
Lucnephwyr: "(I… think.)"
Lucnephwyr does some shifty eyes but the moment passes.
Shinzou releases the bowstring, and suddenly an arrow exists, searing through the air with an arc of light, multiplying into a storm of arrows, a manifold, every imaginable path an arrow could take, every possibility… [Storm of Arrows D25]
Shinzou rolled d12+216 and got 7 ( Total: 223 )
[OOC] TheTale: 223]! Gardenglad spits out a mouthful of green blood. It sizzles on the ice.
TheTale: Even with the arrows pitting his back, Gardenglad draws in a bit of energy… [I]
TheTale: Battle order: Dog [B]:0 Shinzou [F]:8 Lucnephwyr [F]:9 Zeroday Gardenglad [F]:13 Shiba [F]:20
TheTale: Status for Zeroday Gardenglad : [======= ] Antimagic(1)
TheTale: Dog!
TheTale: Oh, sorry, Cooldown (1) is still u.
Dog: "Okay, everyone! We're doing really well, so let's keep it up!!" Dog barks, and everyone feels a little more determined! [Wrecking Crew, 100MP 60D, Everyone Refresh Their Attack Assists, i can't do this again this fight so make em count]
TheTale: Shinzou!
Shinzou draws a line in the ground with his staff, and little flames lick along the ground, turning into motes of light - he runs forward and whacks Gardenglad with his staff! [Stoking Fires] [Both Had Written 'Fire']
Shinzou rolled 1d100 and got 5 ( Total: 5 ) for 80
Shinzou crits that! [-1 LP]
TheTale: Strikes true!
Shinzou rolled d10+108,200% and got 9 ( Total: 234.0 )
[OOC] TheTale: 234!
-10 Delay to Dog, Shiba, and Luc's next actions! D50!
Shiba leaps after him. [Monolithos Response #2: -let's call it 'Fiendish Smoke'] [S.A. Halo]
Shiba rolled 1d100 and got 51 ( Total: 51 ) for d12*1.3+180*1.3 ; Shining
TheTale rolled 1d12*1.3+180*1.3 and got 10 ( Total: 247.0 )
Shiba rolled d12*1.3+180*1.3 and got 10 ( Total: 247.0 ) for Shining
TheTale: Sears for 247 magical damage!
[OOC] Lucnephwyr: both had written '10'
[OOC] TheTale: II
TheTale: Battle order: Lucnephwyr [F]:0 Zeroday Gardenglad [F]:4 Shiba [F]:11 Shinzou [F]:49 Dog [B]:51
TheTale: Status for Zeroday Gardenglad : [==== ] Antimagic(1) Cooldown(1)
TheTale: Luc!
To start off, Shiba, Luc, and Shinzou all restore 30 HP. [Continuance]
Lucnephwyr runs in with another paper-cut flurry! [Letter Opener, 40D]
Lucnephwyr rolled 1d100 and got 37 ( Total: 37 ) for 80
[OOC] Lucnephwyr: someone SA off of this
Lucnephwyr rolled 1d8+81 and got 4 ( Total: 85 )
[OOC] Lucnephwyr: Also oops that's 30D, not 40
Shinzou follows up! [SA]
Shinzou rolled d12+162 and got 1 ( Total: 163 )
[OOC] TheTale: 163!
TheTale: Oh, is that magical?
[OOC] Lucnephwyr: yes
[OOC] TheTale: III
TheTale: The fiend draws a bit of energy from it!
TheTale: Zeroday Gardenglad exhales a plume of blue smoke at Shiba, sealing techniques! [Technique CoSes reduced -100, (1)!] Its field reverses polarity - [Physical Amplfication Field Active - Incoming Physical == +DMG]
Shinzou takes that hit! [GA]
TheTale: It slams its fist into Shiba!
TheTale rolled 1d100 and got 78 ( Total: 78 )
Shiba parries it away. [Repel]
Shiba: "Who the hell do you think you're dealing with here?"
TheTale: Battle order: Shiba [F]:0 Lucnephwyr [F]:19 Shinzou [F]:38 Dog [B]:40 Zeroday Gardenglad [F]:53
TheTale: Status for Zeroday Gardenglad : [==== ] Antiphysical(1)
TheTale: Shiba!
Lucnephwyr: "We can do this with a fierce push!"
TheTale: It squints an eye beam at Shiba, burning her for 120 magical Wisp damage!
Dog: "We're doing this!"
Shiba strikes through Zeroday, her staff turning into a beam of light, piercing through this time. [Zornhau, 70->60D]
Shiba rolled 1d100 and got 41 ( Total: 41 ) for 90 Zornhau CoS
Lucnephwyr: "We're making this happen!"
Dog‘ howls, and another lance of light follows through, following Shiba’s! [SA]
Dog‘ rolled 1d12+144 and got 10 ( Total: 154.0 )
TheTale: Strikes true!
Shiba goes straight for the fiend’s heart. [5 Luck to Crit]
Shiba rolled d12*2.3+360*2.3 and got 2 ( Total: 832.5999999999999 ) for Crit, Shining
TheTale: Strike the heart…!
[OOC] TheTale: 832]!
[OOC] Shiba: HP: 259/600, MP: 360/500, LP: 1/6, SoS: 150 - I: Next Shaken (U)
TheTale: Zeroday Gardenglad begins rumbling to pieces.
TheTale: Light spills out from within him.
TheTale: "That's you, isn't it…?"
TheTale: "Egehehehe…"
TheTale: "I thought it was better…"
TheTale: "…To act like it was any fight."
TheTale: And he explodes into a peal of shining light.
TheTale: Rainbow dust rains down, a debris ring slicing into the sky -
TheTale: Ebelemeti Vashfarim - Fiends are cast out, and the party is victorious.
Shinzou lets out a breath he's been holding in for years.
Dog‘ stumbles back with the force of the explosion, but they right themselves and wag their tail cautiously. "Is it over..?"
TheTale: Way to go!!
[OOC] TheTale: Got 15 EXP.
Lucnephwyr hops about in the snow and woops!
Shiba: "Admirable craftsmanship."
Shiba: "
Shinzou: "Now for the hard part. Making sure the monster army doesn’t overrun the city with Gardenglad out of the way."
Lucnephwyr: "Ahahahah! Yeah, we'll need some trickery for that part."
Shinzou: "It -was- built for a purpose, after all."
Dog: "Maybe it's finally time for me to go back…"
Shiba: "I'll have to make something that fills the void we just made. … Or at least, give it a memorial." [Art Rf: +1 Luck]
Lucnephwyr hugs Shiba! [+1 Luck] [Care]
Dog: "I don't know how much a dog can really help, but maybe they'll listen to a general?"
Lucnephwyr: "Layers upon layers!"
Lucnephwyr: "The day has begun, and the news is sure to spread fast!"
Lucnephwyr: "We'll have to be faster."
Lucnephwyr: "But, for now…"
Lucnephwyr: "For now, let's…"
Lucnephwyr: "This really happened."
Lucnephwyr comes down a bit, adrenaline fading, as he studies the platform the fiend once stood upon.
Dog‘ trots over to Lucnephwyr and bumps their head into his hand. "It really did happen."
Dog: "You’re very fierce, Luc!"
Lucnephwyr: "Aw, I just supported that time."
Lucnephwyr: "-Shiba's- the fierce!"
Dog: "We already knew Shiba was fierce!"
Dog: "She's been fierce this whole time."
Shiba: "Once I stopped pussyfooting around - "
Shiba leans down to pet Dog gently. "Yeah. Couldn't have put it better myself."
Lucnephwyr: "That burst of energy!"
Shinzou goes over to Luc and gives him a hug. He's trembling a little. Afterwards: "…Shiba, you were magnificent."
Lucnephwyr: "I've not seen anything like it, but…"
Lucnephwyr: "It made sense, immediately."
Dog‘ licks Shiba’s face! "I always believed in you!"
Lucnephwyr hugs Shinzou back! Sorry for breaking your toys. Not sorry.
Lucnephwyr: "Anyway… I have ideas on how we can halt, or at least delay a monster wave."
Lucnephwyr: "If anyone else does, please share!"
Lucnephwyr begins rummaging through the debris of Zeroday. Is that really safe?
Shiba … is licked for a few moments, then pulls away. "Hey, if anything, I should thank you, Shinzou."
Shiba: "In a roundabout way."
Shinzou raises an eyebrow.
Lucnephwyr peers around a plating, curious.
Dog‘ perks up their ears!
Shiba shies away. "We’ve got other stuff to do, I can get into it later."
Shiba: "Don't know how well I can explain it right now."
Shinzou: "I can respect that."
Dog: "Well… okay!"
Lucnephwyr giggles!
Shinzou: "As for stopping a monster invasion…" There's an awkwardly long pause. "…I feel like I'm the wrong person to ask."
Lucnephwyr: "Negotiation, bargaining… intimidation!"
Dog: "Well…" Dog pauses. "I'm thinking that if I go to the army and talk to them… either they'll listen to me, or they'll get distracted locking me up for treason, and either way that might help the rest of you."
Lucnephwyr hustles out of the debris and goes to hug Dog!
Dog: "Either I manage to convince them or I distract them, right?"
Dog‘ arfs! Wags tail.
Shinzou: "…" Frown.
Lucnephwyr: "I won’t tell you not to… but I care about you! Having you locked up would be no good!"
Lucnephwyr: "Even though you might just… bite off your tongue… but that would hurt a lot, for a long time!!"
Shinzou: "I'll think about it, though. Every time I've thought about it before… all I could think about is Gardenglad, standing here."
Shiba leans on her staff. "Well, we're apparently higher on the ladder of power than Zeroday was."
Lucnephwyr nods and points at Shiba. "Exactly!"
Shinzou: "It's amazing what happens when you work as a group."
Dog: "You were stronger than what you made, Shinzou. I think you should be proud of that." Tailwag.
Lucnephwyr: "I think… I think if the monsters knew it was us- or an appropriate symbol of power, /Shiba/- they'd be receptive to what they have to say and command."
Shiba: "Luckily, word can travel fast."
Lucnephwyr: "Can do something tricky like- 'I want any treasure of my choosing from the kingdom!' And then say 'peace' or whatever. Some 'gotcha' demand!"
Lucnephwyr: "May or may not work."
Shinzou: "I like your style, though."
Dog: "Knowing the king… that might just work."
Lucnephwyr: "Theeeeeeeeeen… well we could always usurp the king. As directly or indirectly as possible."
Lucnephwyr: "Probably too risky and open to desperate counterattacks, which we're trying to avoid."
Dog: "Plus, the people of the army might choose to go ahead with the attack anyway, despite the wishes of the usurper."
Shinzou gives Luc the look he gives Luc when Luc says things like that.
Lucnephwyr: "Yeah…"
Lucnephwyr: "Best if we have all the highly-visible and popular people behind the idea!"
Lucnephwyr: "(Do you think Yesker would give the endorsement?!)"
Lucnephwyr flutters his wings!
Shiba: "He'd better."
Dog: "I think so!"
Lucnephwyr: "(Eeee!)" He orbits a small place in the snow.
Lucnephwyr: "And probably Ark Mien, and wonder if Marco's got some kind of old war story to also draw out of him to see if we can't get him to flip…."
Dog: "And we could get the neighbourhood society, too!"
Peter: (Hmm, thanks for the session.)
Peter: (…I won't interrupt, though.)
Peter: (…)
Lucnephwyr: "Yup yup!"
Shinzou: "Hah, Yesker's gonna flip his lid when he finds out about this. Yeah, I think this'll work."
Lucnephwyr: "Then! Then then! A backup!" He begins fiddling with some of the smaller debris he picked up, he packed it into some small, ball-like form, and has clawed some purposeful, small holes into it.
Lucnephwyr: "This will have to be kind of set up beforehand, maybe? And probably won't be that useful…"
Dog‘ tilts their head. Aroo?
Lucnephwyr: "Buuuuuuuuuut I thought, ’what's one of the scariest things I've ever heard'?"
Shinzou is curious.
Lucnephwyr: "Well… this idea also sort of puts us at ends with the monsters, if we have to reveal it."
Lucnephwyr: "It's multipart."
Lucnephwyr: "Really… who -really- knows what Zeroday Gardenglad was made out of. The eternal terror turret, raining chemical death upon Sycorax."
Lucnephwyr: "Not…" He raises his claws, defensively. "Not an actual question."
Lucnephwyr: "The point is, anyone who knows that is probably not a monster."
Shinzou: "True."
Lucnephwyr: "So like… we can make up some lies about what was actually inside. Like… ultraplague deathglobes."
Lucnephwyr: "Mix them up with some mana, a ritual or two. Give it some flashy, aurora-like effect."
Dog: "And those would keep the army from marching, right…?"
Lucnephwyr: "As a threat, yeah."
Lucnephwyr: "Here, listen-"
Shiba: "Deception. Deterrent."
Shiba: "I like it."
Lucnephwyr puts his mouth up to the debris ball and blows:
Shinzou grins widely. And then keeps grinning, although his eyebrows woogle.
Dog‘ jumps back and bark bark barks at the death whistle!
Dog: "… you’re right, that's pretty deterring."
Lucnephwyr: "Heheheehh, sorry! Sorry dog!"
Lucnephwyr: "Set them up like… a deterrent field. Walk around with one and toss it into the distance as a 'whoa that was scary'! Probably have to pack that one with actual mana to give it some sort of decaying effect."
Lucnephwyr: "-Force- peace, at least for a little while."
Dog: "A little while might be all we need… after all, the world's about to end."
Dog: "So we just have to keep everything together until we can solve that problem too!"
Shinzou: "…also, identifying what precisely within the monster ranks is urging for war. Since, you know something will be."
Shinzou: "And we can find that, and root it out, if we have to. That influence."
Lucnephwyr nods.
Dog: "Hmm…"
Lucnephwyr: "Likely, some aspect of D2."
Lucnephwyr: "We should also make the creature known to the monsters, as well."
Shinzou: "Precisely."
Dog: "I wouldn't be surprised." Dog whines. "Yeah, we should let everyone know D2's trying to pull the strings."
Shinzou: "There's at least a few monsters that won't sit well with, if we can provide proof."
Dog: "If we can find Nerswul, he'll tell everyone what happened to him, I'm sure!"
Lucnephwyr: "I'm not sure I'd want to out him without his consent… I was sort of thinking about what happened to him and the human, and then like… did they actually meet in secret, or were they just there and D2 took advantage of the situation?"
Dog: "Oh, that's true…" Dog scrunches up their nose, the equivalent of a doggy-frown.
Lucnephwyr: "If it's the former, that'd be…" His wings flutter, and he puts claws over his snout. "Personal!"
Lucnephwyr: "We can probably ask him in private."
Lucnephwyr: "I mean, we saved his soul! We're besties now."
Dog: "That's probably how it works!"
Lucnephwyr romps around in the snow a little bit more, gathering a bit more debris, a bit more debris.
Shiba: "Anyhow. We should … probably get breakfast somewhere. I'm not feeling hungry for fiend-debris."
Lucnephwyr: "Well… really, what we're gonna need next, is- yes!"
Shinzou: "Good plan."
Dog: "I like food!" Tailwag.
Shiba starts wandering back to - well, Prospero for now, probably.

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