Tom D02s13

TheTale: Day Two - Night.
TheTale: Late night in the Centreville.
TheTale: Crowds huddle under tents stoking sputtering fires. The wind that blows is cold, baying like a wolf.
TheTale: Carrying some late-night missive, the ropeways overhead sway with a messenger's passage.
Zen looks up as he waits for the rest of Team Aliens to bunch up, taking in the cold air of the night
Eris‘ is pretty sure she and Maria left ahead of Zen to meet back up with Charlotte and Linlea anyway!
Eris: "Well, I suppose this is as good a time as any to stop by the fiend institution."
Zen looks at Eris "What’s the plan?"
Charlotte: "Oh?"
Maria: "I'm sure someone's still around even this late."
Eris: "I doesn't strike me as the sort of place that ever closes, no." Eris rolls her hed around her houlders a bit, then nods to Zen. "I happened to get the seriel number off of that hound fiend from earlier. Curious as to whom it belonged to."
Zen: "Hrm… It was trying to get our help. It'd be a good idea to check that out, yes"
Eris: "Mmhm."
Eris‘ glances towards Maria. "Be a dear and lead the way, would you?"
Maria: "What, two days isn’t enough time to learn the layout? Fine, fine." She heads towards the Institute.
[OOC] Linlea: What
Eris: "I had thought you'd enjoy the chance to appear useful rather than simply being eye candy." Eris smiles.
Maria rolls her eyes.
Linlea stretches as she follows after the others. "Mostly loose ends before bed, huh? Guess the big question is what we're doing tomorrow."
TheTale: It's a big, old building, the Institute.
TheTale: …But there's never any light coming through its windows.
Eris: "Well, presumably killing something."
Zen: "Tomorrow i'd suggest we look around to see if there's anyone who ever did a geological survey of the Mana Tree"
Zen: "To see if anyone ever thought of getting under it for some reason"
Zen: "After that we can probably try to find one of those familiars and, as Eris said"
Eris‘ cranes her neck back to look at the building as they approach then… opens the door and walks in like she’s supposed to be there.
TheTale: Well, I mean, she is, right?
TheTale: A cozy, hearth-lit cobblestone-street, lined by tiny little buildings with frosted windows, lit by colored lights.
TheTale: It's like you walked into a Kinkade painting.
Eris: "Huh."
Eris: "What an odd place."
TheTale: There's more snow - lots more snow - and the sky is vaguely domed, with points of light unusually close in it, the constellations connecting them visible, pulsating -
TheTale: But it's warmer than it was outside.
Zen: "I don't like this place"
Eris: "What's not to like? It's like being in a snowglobe… inside of a snowglobe."
Eris‘ heads further inside, looking at things and inspecting them curiously as she walks.
Charlotte: "It’s definitely kind of creepy."
Zen: "It's like… This is definitely an artificial space"
TheTale: Crunch, crunch, crunch. A door is slightly ajar - the passage through it doesn't seem like it's the same shape as the building it fits into.
Maria: "It seems the same as ever, honestly."
Zen: "I've never been here before, so I can't tell"
Zen looks through the door "No signs about are there?"
TheTale: There's a tiny brass placard, snow-covered, easy to miss.
TheTale: It's embossed with some sort of code.
Eris: "There's something deeply hilarious and ironic about being weirded out by a artifical space, Zen." Eris laughs, giving a glance back between Linlea and Charlotte as she does.
Eris‘ heads on through the open doorway.
Zen lets Eris go ahead, then follows "Just feels like it’s a pocket winter in here" he looks at the placard
TheTale: "1222412" … As a dot pattern.
TheTale: …I wouldn't pay attention to it.
Eris‘ surely doesn’t, after filing the number away in her mind.
TheTale: Empty rooms on either side of the hallway. Eventually, you come to the cafeteria.
Linlea glances around. "Is there a guide or something? How do we find what we need?" She glances at Maria.
TheTale: It's pretty late, so there's a fiend on duty, a weird sort of oven-lucky-cat-figurine hybrid thing, serving the few sleepy researchers who are passing through.
TheTale: There's a couple chatting animatedly at one table, sipping from mugs of coffee.
Zen: "Well, we found some help, maybe"
Maria: "…I was usually tagging along when I was here before."
Linlea waves to the cat. "Heya! Can you help us find something?"
Eris‘ glances around…. shrugs before flagging down one of the reseachers that still looks more awake than asleep. "Where does one go to do a look up on whom a fiend is assigned to? I have a seriel number for it."
TheTale: "Oh. Archives. Lemme-" He whistles, and a brass sphere with a single blood-shot eye rolls in through a duct on the floor.
TheTale: It blinks sleepily.
TheTale: "Take these guys to Archives, will you?"
TheTale: The sphere… nods.
Eris: "Thank you kindly."
TheTale: It gives Eris the only kind of look it can give, and rolls off.
TheTale: "Yeah, have fun."
Eris` nods, before trailing after the eye. Vaguely wonders if they keep eye drops around for those things as they walk.
TheTale: It rolls and rolls this way and that, and bounces down a flight of stairs with a clink, clink, clink.
Zen follows after quietly
Eris: "Don’t eyeball monsters usually float…? Maybe it's because fiends aren't monsters here."
Linlea: "I'm not quite sure that's why…"
Zen: "Maybe they just didn't make it so it can float"
Zen: "Or maybe it's too tired to float"
Eris: "Well no but I felt like if I didn't say as much someone would feel the need to technically correct me."
TheTale: The Archives.
TheTale: The walls are lined with innumerable identical iron books.
TheTale: They're pleated, like a bellows.
Eris: "Hmm."
TheTale: There's a slow, rumbling rush of air, on a period of about a minute - the room shrinking, then stretching outwards, twisting a little as it does so.
TheTale: It's breathing.
Eris: "Well that's not creepy at all."
Maria doesn't even notice. "What's not?"
TheTale: Brass arms extend from above, assembling, piecemeal, a statue of a mermaid - they hold the pieces loosely apart, leaving a gap in between them.
TheTale: "It is creepy." she says. "I know, I don't take offense."
TheTale: "Welcome to the Archives. How can I help you?"
Eris: "It's alive and we're inside it, and not in a sexy way."
TheTale: "Well, I find it mildly arousing, myself." The statue says.
Eris: "Ah! Hello. We're trying to figure out whom a particular hound fiend was assigned to."
Zen chuckles at the fiend
Eris: "The serial number on it was [the number]."
Charlotte shakes her head softly. "Classy, Eris."
TheTale: "That would be Hobes, a former long-patrolman. He deserted in his duty, taking the fiend with him…"
TheTale: "…But returned since, and was appointed captain of the guard under unusual circumstances."
Eris: "He… returned? When?"
TheTale: "Very. Very. Recently."
Charlotte: "Any idea where we could find him this late in the day?"
Eris: "Interesting. We watched a demon cause the earth to swallow him and the fiend up whole, near the mana tree, earlier today."
TheTale: "Of course, this one is not permitted to speculate or draw original conclusions from her information banks."
TheTale: "It possible he returned from being swallowed up by a demon into the earth no worse for wear."
Linlea shakes her head. "Guess it'd just be faster to ask him, then."
Eris: "It's possible it simply didn't stick, or he feel into a tunnel or… some such yes. But also…" She rocks her head from side to side, nodding to Linlea. "Did the fiend return as well?"
TheTale: "He did not have a dog with him."
Eris: "Mmm."
Eris: "I imagine… you would knwo where to find a captain of the guard would you not, Princess?"
Linlea glances at Charlotte. "I'm pretty sure that an information bank isn't going to know where the guy is at present time. We'd have to ask someone in town about that. Or Maria."
Charlotte shrugs. "It was worth a shot."
Maria: "Maybe the guard barracks?"
Eris: "Sound reasonable."
Zen: "Sounds like a good place"
TheTale: "Will that be all?"
Eris: "Mmm, yes I believe so." A glance to the others just in case.
Linlea salutes Eris. "I'm good!"
TheTale: The mermaid statue waves goodbye.
Zen: "Indeed, thank you"
Maria: "Thank you."
TheTale: "Knowledge is weakness. I wish you the best of luck."
TheTale: It disasembles itself, tucking its component parts away in separate drawers.
Eris‘ pauses, laughs before leaving the room.
Charlotte: "I thought it was ’Knowledge is power'?"
Zen: "Hence why Eris is laughing"
Eris: "S'how it usually goes, yes."
Zen heads out, looking around. Any sign of where the barracks may be? "
Eris: "But I mean, you can sort of imagine a world like this distorting the saying to get that…? It's funny. Anywho. I imagine the barracks is somewhat near the palace, Princess?"
Charlotte: "Please, lead the way."
Maria heads towards the barracks.
TheTale: There's a tiny little chain of "Oh, he went over here" - that you have to follow to find out where he is.
Eris‘ is good at this part of tracking people down! Even if it’s boring as sin.
TheTale: It's really boring.
TheTale: He's bodyguarding, right now, Queen Rarazza - they're together in one of the upper gardens, tropical, exposed to the moonlight underneath glass.
TheTale: And, I mean…
TheTale: He's a human. Mostly. Vanished underneath a tremendously wide hat, a military coat gigantic around his shoulders, his arm clarinet-textured, the valves in him exposed through the buttons.
Zen looks, from this distance alone he sighs
Zen looks at Eris, she knows what this means, right?
TheTale: That arm ends in a furnace-steel wolf-claw.
TheTale: "Ah," The Queen says.
TheTale: "Our foreigners. No luck finding the Prince, I expect."
TheTale: Hobes remains quiet.
Eris‘ rolls her head around enough to the point where it’s probably clear that she's just playing with her ponytail. When the Queen speaks up she stops and turns to her, expression a bit more serious than it's ever been.
Eris: "We have his wearabouts but not his location, actually."
Zen: "Indeed'
Linlea scratches at her head. "Last I heard wasn't he in Prospero?"
Eris: "He was last spoted with a mixed group of humans and monsters which have enlisted his aid in trying to stop the war."
TheTale: "Yes. And that mixed group were assaulting the Palace in the hopes of destroying the Fountain of Wishes, I recall."
TheTale: "My new captain of the guard managed to… lightly ventilate some of them, but they escaped."
TheTale: She sighs.
Zen crosses his arms, thinking, he lets Eris speak
Eris: "From what I gather, the Prince had ripped the heart out of the monster Princess and the Fountain is using it as a power source…?"
TheTale: "He is responsible for that crime, yes. But we've had the Fountain since before he was born - there's clearly no connection."
TheTale: "And that isn't the first time I've heard of that queer theory."
Eris: "There's a bit of nonsensicle time travel involved as your son is an Angel."
Zen: "Your new guard captain is well aware of why this story is true"
Zen: "And if he's not, the one that gave him that arm certainly is"
Eris: "Well, less time travel and more rewriting history, but." She shrugs.
Linlea: "Speaking of, we're actually here to see him. Sorry!" She scratches at her head before giving an apologetic smile.
Eris‘ sighs loudly.
TheTale: Hobes lifts an eyebrow. "They’re talking nonsense, as far as I gather."
TheTale: Rarazza waves a finger. "No sense does not, necessarily, mean nonsense."
Eris: "I was building up to that, people! I was just curious as to how much the Queen knew about the world."
Charlotte: "Stories are weird like that."
Zen: "I'd imagine not much, honestly"
Eris: "But yes, your new captain is possessed by a demon hellbent on the worlds destruction. You may want to step away, and I believe mentioning this is going to provoke him."
[OOC] Eris: -and +as
TheTale: "Well," the Queen says.
TheTale: "Are you possessed by a demon hellbent on the world's destruction?"
TheTale: Hobes shrugs. "I am."
Linlea glances at Eris before stage whispering. "(You're going to look really dumb in a second without evid-)" She pauses before leaving her mouth open.
Charlotte: "…Wow, blunt honesty."
Maria: "That's…almost refreshing."
Eris: "When has D2 ever been subtle or engaged in subterfuge? Honestly, it's like you people aren't even paying attention."
Zen: "I'm not sure why that worked… But, it worked"
TheTale: Hobes rocks his head to one side.
TheTale: "That said, I was created to be a hero for humanity…"
Zen: "She's never been too subtle, yes"
TheTale: "To destroy those that would challenge the will of the Palace."
TheTale: "You're… well, you're talking about fusing all humans with fiends, lately, aren't you?"
TheTale: "Turning them into monsters…?"
Zen: "Nope"
Eris‘ smiles. "No, that would be the other Angels."
Zen: "D2, on the other hand, wants to see everyone dead"
Eris: "I couldn’t care less how they ultimately solve their genetic issues."
Zen: "Wouldn't that be effectively against the will of the Palace?"
TheTale: Hobes chuckles.
TheTale: "Captain, what's the meaning of this?"
TheTale: "I traveled to the Mana Tree, and made a wish - I suppose they view that entity as a demon."
TheTale: "And they view 'trying to ensure that humans can still fight in the war' to be guaranteeing everyone's death."
TheTale: "Foreigners such as these saved my life once, so I'm going to be considerate, but…"
Eris: "For lack of a better, more apt term or descrption which wouldn't require a ten minute monologue to explain."
TheTale: "I can assure you, I have nothing more than victory for the humans in mind."
Zen: "At what cost, tell me"
Eris: "Oh Goddess, you're about to get Zen all riled up."
Zen: "You're very set in making humans 'still fight' and 'win the war'"
Zen: "Nothing about surviving"
TheTale: "There's no 'cost'. As long as humans have the fountain, if they attain victory…"
TheTale: "Then, and only then, can the pain of so many years be erased."
Zen: "Either way, you're under D2's sway, you're not going to listen"
Zen: "It's no fun arguing with someone who won't listen"
Eris: "Right. For myself at least,"
Eris: "I have nothing against humanity being able to arm itself."
Eris: "D2, however, isn't keen on letting *my* people out of the world, and as long as you're drawing on her power… You're in our way."
Eris: "And blah blah blah leading humanity down a road of guranteed destruction, blah blah give peace a chance blah blah." She shrugs.
TheTale: Hobes nods.
Charlotte: "How… impassioned there."
TheTale: "Speaking of 'your people', I hope you don't intend on betraying the Palace while they are sheltered so closely to its breast."
Zen: "Well, no use performing the whole act when we know where it'll lead"
Eris: "Well like I said my primary concern is us, but I did tell the other angels I'd let them try and save everyone."
Eris: "Oh, of course not. You'll note we're here having a not-entirely-friendly-but-still civil discussion, rather than attacking you unprovoked."
Eris: "Especially when the Queen right there! Imagine how difficult explaining that after the face would have been!
Eris‘ spreads her arms wide, smiling.
Maria: "Why was he appointed Captain of the Guard, your Majesty? One minute he’s a deserter, the next he's the Captain?"
Linlea: "I was kind of wondering that as well."
Maria: "Especially after we saw him swalled up by a rent in the earth near the Mana Tree this morning."
[OOC] Maria: *swallowed
TheTale: "You saw no such thing," Hobes corrects.
TheTale: The Queen considers. "The attitude aside…"
Maria: "We saw your former hound swallowed up, at least."
Linlea: "Why were you even down there?"
TheTale: "A dog is much different from a man."
TheTale: "He's loyal, brave, and surprisingly competent. He came to the Palace's rescue at a time when it was sorely needed, and managed to repel a monstrous invasion."
Eris‘ thinks back to an hour ago, giggles to herself.
Zen: "Didn’t he just say he went there to make a wish, Linlea?"
Linlea: "I didn't see any evidence to suggest someone made it that far so I assumed that was a while ago not today."
Eris: "For what it's worth, those monsters are the ones ever-so-determined to end the war without bloodshead, peacefully and amicably. Committed to it to a naive degree, in fact."
Eris: "If I recall correctly one of them is even the guardian of the mana tree."
Eris: "The same ones who saved the live of Hobes here, before he was demonized."
TheTale: "And I trained my gun upon them to come to the assistance of our palace guard. If I had not intervened, they might well have been hurled to the rocks below."
Eris: "I'm not pointing any fingers! Simply informing the Queen of facts she might not be aware of."
TheTale: The Queen considers.
TheTale: "And, of course, to end this war without bloodshed… they would seek to destroy the fountain, yes?"
TheTale: "That's the utter same as signing all our death sentences."
Zen: "Not really"
Eris: "I think they've currently tabled that for now until they can find a replacement power source."
Zen: "But as Eris said"
TheTale: Hobes smiles from underneath his hat. "It's good that I managed to repel them, then, is it not?"
Zen: "Doesn't helps that the Plague only exists because of the thing that created him" he points to Hobes
Zen: "Also it's… Pretty useless, as they wouldn't have taken the fountain anyway. As far as I can see you only intervened where you knew you wouldn't risk anything to gather favor"
Zen: "It's very… Convenient that you're the guard captain now"
Linlea stays silent on this one. Most of them do find the sudden promotion to be weird though.
TheTale: "The post was vacant," the Queen explains.
TheTale: "Perhaps his predecessor was a little bit more… valiant, but his court defense failed."
TheTale: "In Prospero, one makes do."
TheTale: "Sometimes, with deserters."
Zen crosses his arms "It… Makes no sense. There certainly should have been anyone alive capable of taking the post"
Zen: "In fact why would such an important post ever be vacant longer than what's required to sign the paperwork for succession? I know you guys aren't bad with this"
TheTale: Hobes's fangs gleam. "I'm doing well enough so far, aren't I?"
Zen: "If a band of mercenaries has succession rules ready in case why wouldn't your castle guard have?"
Eris: "All the cards on the table, I'm definitely going to kill that man within the next eight days. That's the deadline the demon set for the end of the world, by the way. Eight days. I'd rather avoid angering the court in the process of doing that."
TheTale: Rarazza sighs.
Zen shakes his head "Eris is right, though"
TheTale: Hobes: "Are you going to let them…"
TheTale: "I believe they have just challenged you to a duel, Captain."
Zen: "We can postpone this if it's required, I guess"
TheTale: "…What? Your majesty-"
Maria: "That's about the right of it."
TheTale: "You're a make-do case. Certainly, very competent. But I can't overlook certain… unusual facts about you."
TheTale: "And yes, I can tell that you've been possessed. Took me hours to notice, so I'm certain there's magic of that, but I was not born yesterday."
TheTale: Hobes sputters.
Linlea: "All things considered, this is the optimal time to do this. I mean, we're sleeping right after so…"
TheTale: "Reasonably loyal. Certainly indispensable in the near future. But not… forever, and definitely about to explode on me soon, hm?"
TheTale: "You're practically sentencing a hero to dea-"
TheTale: "I am, Captain."
TheTale: "We shall retrieve you with great honors…"
TheTale: "…After the war."
TheTale: "That said." The Queen turns and smiles at Eris.
TheTale: "He is currently dispensable."
Eris‘ salutes the captain. "We appreciate your dedication to keeping humanity safe. Rest easy with the knowledge that your destruction will help ensure just that.
TheTale: "Indispensable. I meant to say."
TheTale: "Goodness me, how my tongue slips."
TheTale: "Find me a replacement. Dredge one up from the vault, I imagine. Make the defense. Bring them to me."
TheTale: "And then I cut loose Captain Hobes for your duel.
TheTale: Sound fair? "
Eris: "Hmm."
Maria: "That certainly does, your Majesty."
Zen: "Fair for me"
Linlea: "That’s going to be a tough one, Eris. We don't know much about the locals."
Eris: "Ugh this whole parley thing is such a hassel!" Eris sighs at Zen.
Charlotte: "Isn't that what Maria and Zen are for?"
Zen: "Mostly, but you fielded it perfectly, Eris"
Eris: "Oh! That's a good point. Our dear Princess is from some knightly house, no? Surely she knows a canidate or two!"
TheTale: Hobes turns to the queen, his cloak furling back - "You utter bitch!"
TheTale: "Caution, dear." She says, not looking at him.
TheTale: "Your nature's showing."
Eris‘ takes a step closer, eyeing Hobes.
Maria takes a step towards Hobes. "As the Queen said, careful now."
TheTale: "Now, then. You haven’t had much luck on your hunt for the Prince…"
TheTale: "Or, I expect, any luck in the future…" The queen smiles.
Maria: "It hardly matters if we do our search for a replacement Captain before or after you're put into the freezer."
Zen: "Unfortunately"
TheTale: "It does, Lady Maria." The Queen says.
Linlea: "Actually, the queen explicitly said it DID matter."
Linlea: "That's what we were just talking about!"
Maria: "If meant if he made a move right now!"
Zen: "Don't worry, your highness, she's just cautioning him about trying something harsh"
[OOC] Maria: *I meant
TheTale: "Ah, ah, I see."
Eris‘ turns her palms up towards the Queen with a small shrugs. "I sort of told them I wouldn’t interfer as long as they promise to keep the Prince alive, it's true."
TheTale: "No, no, I'm sure your little detente will hold well enough."
Maria just pouts a bit. "Hmph."
TheTale: "Yes, your majesty." Hobes fumes.
TheTale: "But, for your project in finding me a somewhat less volatile guard-captain… I shall happily continue feeding your caravan."
Linlea: "Oh. So we can still resupply here?"
Eris‘ blinks, then laughs a little bit to herself. "Oh? Well, that’s much appreciated and somewhat unexpected! Perhaps parley isn't so bad after all."
TheTale: "I'll open up the vaults a little. I don't imagine it'll be quite so dangerous as your usual fare."
[OOC] TheTale: Resupply… up to 15B. The Queen's a little tetchy right now.
Eris: "Are you adequently equipped to defend yourself if the demon loses patience?"
TheTale: "This isn't the first tiger I've ridden, Eris."
Eris‘ grins. "So noted."
Zen: "(I promise not to misundestand that)" he says to himself, hopefully nobody hears "Either way, then, we better get going" he looks at Maria "Do you have some starting ideas?"
Linlea glances at the others. "What about that commander that got rejected when we went to the court yesterday? They were trying to implicate him as a coward but he didn’t seem all that bad."
Maria: "Probably best to compare lists of exploits to soldiers who are near the top of the list to be revived. Easier to bump them up a shorter amount."
Maria: "…that commander was a long way down the list."
Zen nods "We should probably go do some research, honestly, Linlea"
Charlotte: "As annoying as that sounds, most likely, yes."
Linlea nods to Maria. "He's also the only commander I've heard of in your city, though!" She smiles.
Eris‘ considers for a moment, then turns to Hobes. "So… feel like giving up the location of the other two? Maybe we’ll pick a fight with them and lose before we find a replacement for you?" She's still grinning.
TheTale: "The familiar of Denmarche, and the familiar of Glozenfeld, I suppose."
TheTale: "…Though the latter won't be ready for a while."
TheTale: He talks in a strange voice, there.
TheTale: The Queen didn't hear it.
Linlea: "… where is Denmarche again?"
Eris‘ gives the Queen a slightly glance out of the corner of her eye, then nods. "So noted."
Charlotte: "It’s the place we invaded on the ship, Linlea."
Zen: "(Really…)" he sighs
Linlea blinks before nodding. "Right, right. I remember now. It's been a long day."
Eris: "Well! I suppose we've got a bit of research to do. Enjoy the rest of your evening!"
Maria: "Have a good night, your Majesty."
TheTale: "I certainly shall." the Queen says.
Eris‘ gives a curtsie to the Queen and Hobes.
Eris` then heads back down.
TheTale: "Aren’t they lovely?" Rarazza says to Hobes, as the party departs.
Zen just nods and walks away
Maria curtsies to the queen before departing.
Eris: "So I suppose none of your knight friends are looking to move up in the ranks, Maria?"
Charlotte curtsies as well before they leave.
Eris: "I imagine that would be a little easier than picking a dead person, at least."
Maria: "I should probably ask my brothers."
Maria: "They might have some suggestions."
Zen: "Well, then, lead the way"
Eris: "Hope they don't turn in early for the night!" Eris wraps her arms around one of Marias. "Take us home~"
Maria: "Hope someone's still up." She starts heading out of the palace, before leading them to the Altsie manor.
Linlea shakes her head before quietly muttering something about family as she follows along.
Eris‘ shaft-headtilts back towards Linlea questioningly.
TheTale: It’s dreadfully late. The call at the door is answered by Rebuchet, the manor's estate-maid - ivory-skinned, joints of black metal, a long, black apron dress, fingers silver-jointed. She smiles. "It's good to see you again, Lady Maria."
TheTale: "The house is mostly asleep. Your uncle's up, I think, in the reading room. Shall I prepare rooms for the guests?"
TheTale: Her eyes are absolute jet-black.
Maria: She glances at the others. "Staying here or back at the caravan?"
Eris: "Oh Maria, we don't need seperate rooms~"
Maria rolls her eyes.
Eris: "Actually I should probably stop joking if we're going to see your uncle about serious matters, huh?"
Maria: "Please prepare rooms for them, Rebuchet. Separate rooms."
Zen chuckles
TheTale: "Locks on the inside or the outside, Lady Maria?"
Maria: "Inside is fine."
Eris‘ gives the maid a look, then laughs.
Zen: "(Not like Eris wouldn’t leave through the wall otherwise)"
Eris: "Actually we'll be going back to the caravan anyway… but Zen might prefer to stay here?"
Fuepepe[Away] scratches at her head. "Going to have to pass on the offer for me. I still get uneasy about potential attacks."
TheTale: "Oh, I'd be happy to defend you on the field of battle. You're guests, after all."
TheTale: "I suspect they like their tea black?"
Maria glances towards Charlotte…?
Zen just… Uhn… goes along with it, yes. He's used to sleeping outside, not going to deny a chance for a good bed
Linlea: "No, no. I mean we've had a threat from an enemy that they'd do something to our caravan looming over our head for two days now."
Maria: "Alright, one room, please."
Linlea: "So I try to spend the night there at least."
Charlotte: "I'll take my tea with some honey, please."
Maria was more expecting Charlotte to answer how the others take their tea, as well.
TheTale: Rebuchet nods. Shows them to the reading room. She'll be back with tea soon.
Eris: "Hmhm I suppose calling you Princess wasn't *too* far off the mark." She takes a seat.
TheTale: Fiomont Altsie - Maria's uncle - reading a novel. A very large glass of brandy by his side.
TheTale: "Back from the dead, I see. I expected as much."
TheTale: "You're here because you need something, right?" A smile.
Maria: "Greeting, Uncle Fioment. Did someone mention my body was missing?"
TheTale: "I would never call you that."
TheTale: A grin. "Have a seat."
Zen bows quietly and takes a seat, as non-intrusively as his armor allows, he lets Maria speak
Maria nods and takes a seat. "I would have come back yesterday, but I got a bit distracted helping out with the war effort. These are my new friends, Eris, Zen, Linlea, and Charlotte."
Zen nods once she mentions him
Eris‘ gives a poliet wave as her name is called.
Linlea gives the man a friendly wave.
Charlotte curtsies politely.
Maria: "I was planning to stop by anyway to say that ’yes, I'm alive', but the Queen has asked us to find her a new Guard Captain."
TheTale: "Has she? Whatever's wrong with the current one…?"
TheTale: "Aside from the fact that he's been fused to his own hound."
Zen: "(Bit of a ticking time bomb…)"
Maria: "He's also possessed, it turns out, by a malevolent entity."
Maria: "But he's competent enough so the Queen would like a replacement lined up for him."
TheTale: "So, so…" He runs a finger through his moustache.
TheTale: "You break it, you buy it…?"
Maria: "Something like that."
TheTale: "So, hm, what's she looking for in a guard captain? All the good men are dead, I fear."
TheTale: "Which is why you're single, I suspect. And or running around with so many women."
Maria: "Uncle, please!"
Linlea quietly snickers.
Eris: "Oh that's not a new development?" Eris grins, giving Maria a look.
Zen: "Don't worry the girls in the team are already engaged"
TheTale: "Are they? Pity."
Eris: "I'm still single~"
Zen: "But of the dead, who would be a good replacement, that might be waiting for revival soon?"
Eris: "Goodness, that attempt to be serious didn't last very long now, did it…? Oh well."
Maria ignores Eris. "The Queen's noticed the lack, so she's asked us to find a suitable replacement, and argue for their revival."
TheTale: "It's far too late at night for being serious. So, hm, bringing someone back to life…"
Eris‘ gives him a wide grin.
Linlea glances at Zen. "Wait, Charlottes engaged?"
Zen: "To her job"
Eris: "I believe he was implying you and I were a couple and ignoring her."
Linlea: "Well, yes. I assumed that was the joke but I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing anything here!"
TheTale: "Reonold Cimer-Dupont, perhaps. He was the captain of the Svengelion, before it went missing. A high priority return… if you could manage to find him."
Eris: "Never made it back to the court?"
TheTale: "Never made it back. Otherwise sterling."
Maria: "Where did the Svengelion go missing?"
TheTale: "The Lost Quarter, on its maiden voyage. It crashed."
TheTale: "What a sight, too."
Eris: "I can only imagine."
TheTale: "Leves Chime, despite being low-born, died in a duel - only mark on her character. It's that, and Kline's personal grudge against her, that keeps her immersed."
TheTale: "Of course, we'd all like to see Plenes Altsie ride again."
Maria: "Of course."
Eris: "What's keeping him(?) down?"
TheTale: "Her. And scandal, mostly."
TheTale: "I think you'd like her."
Eris: "Oho?"
TheTale: "A royal musketeer, an infamous mooch, and, well, perhaps where our Maria get her team-allegiance from."
Maria just rolls her eyes.
TheTale: "She may have, ah, shot the Queen."
Zen: "Oh, wow"
Linlea: "Definitely prime queens bodyguard material."
TheTale: "Absolutely."
Eris: "I like your Uncle, Maria."
Maria giggles. "You would."
TheTale: "Are you engaged? Out of pure intellectual curiosity."
Eris: "I am not!"
TheTale: "How intellectually curious."
Eris: "Zen was simply being sassy, given how often I seem to find myself flirting."
Maria: "She's also planning on leaving after this is all wrapped up, though."
Zen giggles, putting a hand in front of his mouth
Zen: "Yes, yes"
TheTale: "Pity. I imagine I'd have to make a hell of a case for housewifedom."
Eris: "Mmhm."
Maria laughs.
TheTale: "Business aside, Maria, I think we can narrow your choices down to those three."
Eris: "What brought on the shooting anyway?
TheTale: "I mean, honestly, no we can't, but you sure do appreciate-"
TheTale: "The defense never managed to settle the affair to satisfaction. It happened late at night, and the only witness was in the park below, and sighted nothing but the flash of the shot through the window."
TheTale: "The Queen was asleep - she was shot in the shoulder, at distance."
Eris: "Hm."
TheTale: "A bugger of a strange case, but, after Plenes' execution, no one ever managed to explain it."
Eris: "She didn't have anything to say for herself?"
TheTale: "New to our legal system, are you?"
Linlea: "No, 'I didn't do it!' before she was killed?"
Maria: "They've seen one case, anyway."
Eris: "A bit, yes."
Eris: "…Wait do they simply kill first then ask questions later?"
TheTale: "We don't have any jails, no."
TheTale: "Nor manacles."
Eris: "I'm going to need a moment."
Linlea glances at Eris.
TheTale: "I find foreigners tend to respect the icy efficiency of it."
Maria: "They saw Lotrin's failed appeal earlier today."
Eris‘ places a hand over her mouth. Honest she looks more like she’s trying hard not to errupt into a giggle fit, as opposed to being shocked or offended.
TheTale: "Ah, yes. The look of someone respecting our icy efficiency."
Eris‘ coughs, removes her hand a minute later. "Okay, I’m good now."
Zen meanwhile has a distressed face for a while
TheTale: "So, missing, prosecution hates her, palace hates her."
TheTale: "Your pick!"
Linlea: "The first one probably has a monster in the body now and who knows where they are. Sycorax?"
Zen: "We may have some additional work at the Svengelion anyway"
Zen: "So we might haver to go look at that"
Eris: "I really want to go with option three but I'm not sure how much more we should really be pressing our luck with the Queen, I can't tell if she's amused by by antics or simply tolerating them."
Linlea: "The latter."
[OOC] Eris: by my^
Maria: "The latter two are mostly research-related."
Linlea: "I definitely got the impression of the latter."
TheTale: "I think that's how everyone feels around her, if it's any consolation."
Eris‘ shoots Linlea a smile.
Eris: "I supposed that’s an effective way of keeping your court under control."
TheTale: "A terrifying woman, isn't she? I'm proud to be a member of her court."
Eris: "I like her, yes."
Linlea gestures to Maria's uncle. "So what do you do exactly? You're still alive."
Maria rolls her eyes. That's tactful.
Eris: "Hmm. Well, we could probably persue the second and third options at once, and if option three didn't have a good reason, well. Option one seems like it would take a lot more time, and I'm not sure how long we want to leave Hobes in his position."
TheTale: "I believe you've just answered your own question."
TheTale: "That and brandy."
Eris‘ laughs.
Zen: "Hrm… I suppose we could start tonight with the research, then"
Maria: "It’s a little late for that."
Zen: "Well… Yes it is"
Eris: "It's never to late to harass the prosecution."
Linlea: "I feel like that's referencing something?"
Maria: "It is for me, I'm planning on enjoying sleeping in my bed again."
Eris: "Oh, no, I simply get the impression no one would mind if we did."
Maria: "Other than Kline, at any rate."
Eris: "Even Kline! I suspect she enjoys talking about people she hates."
TheTale: "Better that than the grave, after all."
Zen: "Know why Kline hates her, by the way?"
TheTale: "Nope."
Eris: "You're more than welcome to turn in at a reasonable hour though, Maria. We'll catch up with you in the morning since we won't be rooming together after all."
Zen: "That'd just be too easy I imagine"
Eris: "Tsk tsk. I feel confident in guarenteeing that if we simply asked Kline what her issue with the offending party was she'd be more than happy to elaborate."
Zen: "I'm absolutely certain of your capacity to get people rambling about why they hate others"
Maria: "I hope you have good luck with your talk, then."
Eris: "Hahah. Still feel bitter about something, Zen…?"
Zen: "Not really, not anymore at least"
Eris: "Mmm. Well, I suppose we got what we came here for, then? Ought not take up too much of your time this late."
TheTale: "It's a few more glasses before I can sleep, I think. But I appreciate the thought."
Zen nods "I'll be going with Eris and Lin but i'll be back before too late- I appreciate a bed, even if for a little bit"
Maria: "Rebuchet will show you too it if you come back too late."
Eris‘ nods to the … huh. Lord? Not sure if he has a more proper title.
TheTale: "She sleeps only a hair more than me, so I’m sure she will."
Eris: "Well, it was a pleasure meeting you, Sir. We'll try and visit again some time." She stands up and gives a brief curtsie, before blowing Maria a kiss and heading out.
TheTale: "The pleasure was all mine, Lady Eris."
Charlotte gives a polite curtsey. "Maybe next time at an hour where more of the house is awake."
TheTale: "I'm much less fun then, I fear."
Charlotte: "Oh, I see."
Charlotte: "That's a shame."
TheTale: "It truly is."
TheTale: And out into the night.
TheTale: Angels never sleep, huh?
Zen: Not ever
Eris: not if they can help it
TheTale: Well, not for eight days…

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